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    How much for the fig newtons?
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    Nice to see one of the best threads back at it. Busy again in and out! On the phone half the day! Now to feel 38 again would be better. A week of messing around outside when its 90 wasn't that bad days ago but with the 60% today it had me tired by 5. Live Clapton, good live REO, Scorpions, Lou Reed, BOC & Ted today. Buyer 1 got dismissed unfortunately, buyer 2 is out of the gate STRONG. * Now I've got a third wanting to get in here, dang... nice folks again but they might have been beat already. Phone has not stopped today after I let the still interested parties in on what was up. Then the iron skillet, evoo, butter, garlic clove, mushrooms, red wine with this strip in the middle Yup the grill is packed away too. I just love beef & mushrooms Put the shrooms in a little early but the carnalized flavor is so good I'll do it on purpose next time. Lifted it out a little to soon... and you see the blood? Arrroooo beerwolf. Well at least I've got some EC A121 left. Beat, and my belly's happy now, shot of EC with a shot of cold water was a nice finish to that all entree meal.
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    Don't worry Chuck got you covered ! Need some Lorna Doone's to ?
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    If you have to ask, you can't afford them.
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    Vitamin B keeps one from falling asleep? Not if taken with a slushie.
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    Fresh water, mostly farmed. True, not much water in the desert.
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    Played with `em at a particular creek here when I was a kid. Not sure if the eaten variety is fresh or salt water? Only place besides a good restaurant here called The Cajun Queen that I've had them at is Popeye's a decade back when they had them. Man that owned that place had the music store up on the blvd here, played a mean jazz clarinet and had some recordings plus his band entertained at the restaurant. Fleet Green RIP!
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    Just stir fried some cut up chicken, added a bag of broccoli and a bag of mixed vegies with some onion and garlic, salt and pepper. Easy quick and over with, for me it's harder to figure out what to cook that we hadn't had recently. Cooked at Rodney's when we were there, 7 x that etouffee recipe I posted a while back, it was a LARGE skillet. It was shrimp and crawfish etouffee, we added 10 pounds of shrimp and 4 pounds of crawfish, they loved it. The next night we baked potatoes and everyone covered it in leftover etouffee, they ate it up again, it's hard not to like with plenty of seafood in it.
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    nothing wrong with treating yourself to a good meal after a busy day..... it good even if you've been a slug, like me. I watered around the yard. Pushed the dust mop and ran the vac. I consider cooking breakfast for myself as busy lol
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    SO sorry to hear this, @teaman. Been there, done that, got a few T-shirts and it's just never an easy thing to do. It's like this line I have always lived by whenever I have lost a dog....or any pets... A dog is only with you a part of YOUR life but YOU are with them their entire life. And I leave you with this great quote...with tears in my own eyes now. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France
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    Man it does to me, maybe it's the bioavailability of the brand/formula I get. I can tell you it negates the lethargy induced by my time-released coreg that I have to take. Fighting with the two piece then one bar to make the big storm part covering the picture window. At least it's not heavy & I think I have the order figured out. Wind picked up like a storm was coming last evening and I pulled it inside so I would not have to clean it again.
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    I think the Elekit TU8100 would blow the Tubecube 7 away. Just look at the build quality. $265 https://getaudio.eu/en/elekit-tu-8100-pcl86-single-stereo-tube-amplifier-diy-kit/
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    This is the one, I think: https://6moons.com/audioreviews/synergy2/amp.html
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    Smokeable? You could be onto something yanno... 😂 😂 😎
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    At the school house a lot of folks thought they had to perform the calculation when using an extension between wrench and socket. Since this does not increase the 'arm' there is no difference in applied torque. Application is only needed when the arm is shortened or lengthened. For the most part the difference falls with the allowed range but we deal with some torques as low as 3 inch lbs.
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    B vitamins can do that.... Overcast this AM... and warmer than usual. 60` instead of 50`. My "squash" that came up in the compost appear to be melon of some sort. The blossoms are not squash, unless they are spaghetti squash... Never grown them, so, I don't know if they make a big flower. These are small and not the typical large squash blossom.
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    Got my coffee, Rx, forced some granola and a banana (don't like eating in the am... just coffee) so I can take my supplements and have them utilized. By the way if you ever miss your B-complex vitamin in the am? DO Not take it with dinner at 6pm, I was awake until 4 am that night searching for stuff to watch on the tv. Band of Brothers, Chernoybl, Game of Thrones, True Blood (cheesy sci-fi RULES) skimmed all of those that night a week ago. Since I detoxified in `01 with the new filter I'm a serious lightweight with "substances" * Offer 2 pdf's just came in, got to check dates, see if we can comply. Woo Hooo! This one is better/more!
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    For some kicks & grins.....who needs a vice I ask!!!!? Needed some leverage to hold it while I tried to loosen the bolt so tried in vain to leverage it against front tire.... didn't work, then my light bulb went off. Edit to add: I don't know why the pictures don't show in the same order I posted them.
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    I made my own center and used tbe 70th Anniversary fabric. It's actually a bit bigger than an RC-64. My grille is made of 1/4" plywood and I used 1/8 staples to wrap it. I then followed with a heat gun and the fabric shrunk down nicely to make it really tight.
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    can't say I have eaten crawfish. We don't get many down here.
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    Mine: Tubecube > Cornwalls. / Sovtek EL84M's and a Sovtek 12AX7LPS. (spoiler alert: 2 thumbs up) My previous (and first) tube amp was a Japanese SEP manufactured in the 1960's (6BM8 power tubes--alternating between Matsushita and Sovtek; 2 12ax7's; 1 Sylvania 6x4 rectifier). This had been my best amp for 2 channel music; the separation, depth of sound-stage was noticeably better than my SS amps... One day, I bought the Tubecube on a whim... and powering it up for the first time, I was struck by improved bass in the first few seconds of the first track. No hyperbole--I wasn't "blown away" or anything like that... but, immediately and without any hesitation I could sense this little amp was the clear winner of the two amps. It was obvious. Time passed, and I sold the Japanese amp... . So, for anyone wanting to try tubes for the first time, or those on a budget... I can think of no reservations. The previous post @AndreG. about combining a TubeCube with a Schiit pre sounds like a great idea (room-correction? why, yes, thank you!). [Re: power - even on rare occasions when I've got it playing loud--the volume pot is not over 50%; for normal listening it stays between 15–30%. If you need to be heard through hearing protection at the Canadian lumberjack nationals, obviously, this isn't the amp; but if you're playing music at home with anything Heritage--I would not expect power issues of any kind. Added bonus: for owners of 4 ohm Heritage... we've got 4, 6 and 8 ohm taps.] I'm pressing myself to come up with some negatives... Here's a big one: Its made in China. Can't think of anything else. I wonder what Schiit would need to charge to make their own version of this? The original design is from England, if I recall; MiniwattN2, or something?. I would easily pay much more for one of these, if made here in the U.S--or, somewhere in Europe. But it isn't.
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    So I set up a little photography studio at the house. This one I took of my kid. Gonna have him shave and do it again, but I'm happy with it overall.
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    Hello, I am swapping my Crites 125s for 120s and I can't figure out how to install them. The 125s had the horn that you can unscrew from the driver but the 120s seem to have the thread of the horn glued to a circular plate that unbolts from the driver but won't fit through the tweeter port. Is it possible to install them? Thank you. edit: I should have mentioned I have the horns front mounted through the tweeter port with the driver on the inside. I preferred the sound with the 125s.
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    I can make a list but not really invited to the store, I tend to want everything I see thinking what I can cook with it. Kind of like walking around a home depot or lowes, I can find many things I need/want.
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    Many thanks for the feedback, have wiped the Forte's down and re-oiled them. And listened to them a bunch. They won't be going anywhere.....just need to re-arrange a few things. Also, will be hosing down the covers to see how they will clean up. Many thanks for the feedback!
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    I haven't either, don't know why since I love them. Need to put some on the list.
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    Double check your fire insurance policy and get that Phase Linear gear.
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    I am seriously considering the Elekit for the future. I like kits and it´s more affordable here in Europe. I would really like to try the Tubecube, alas...
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    T35/K-77 discussion should maybe just be in this thread, not the Heresy II titanium diaphragm thread. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm losing track of what's being said where. I fall into the camp with those who don't think there is anything of significance going on with AlNiCo. What I do know is that those old drivers measure terrible - Beryllium leads non-withstanding.
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    those "squash" have a special place....
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    I just listed what I’ve seen as a low and a high and I am willing to negotiate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Coytee, it looks like you can get to 4 of the bolts straight on with the torque wrench? That's where you get your education. Then tighten all else with the combination wrench only. Use that calibrated brain for those.
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    The mounting bolts for driver/horn are inaccessible unless the top panel is off the La Scala. You could mount while assembling a cabinet easily.
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    Thing is.... if you look at the bolts under the flange, there's no room to get the torque wrench along with the drive socket in there. It has to be short. In fact, you can see two bolts that are hanging upside down. They're a real rubik's cube.... Though you CAN get those hanging (and the ones under them) out, you have to get everything in precisely the exact location and then you have to twist your head 39 degrees from due north, less a 3 degree twist east.....and THEN you MIGHT be able to get them out. I finally just left them in (all four, the uppers and lower). No way the torque wrench will fit in there. The box end barely fits and I'm using the open end to do the general tightening of them then changing over to the box end to snug them up as they now await being torqued down. As an update, I've ordered the Snapon version of this tool. Ebay guy corrected his listing and was asking $50. Snapon themselves were asking $60 so I figured for the extra $10 I'll be sure to get new.... they wanted $15.00 for shipping, then sales tax... it was pushing $85 out the door so I cancelled that and paid the $4.00 shipping from Ebay. Just hope it doesn't break on me. Signed, The Tool Some people think they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clever....
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    From what I've read, covid itself (and the possible psychological ramifications from it) can possibly cause ED, not the vaccine.
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    Are you calling Coytee a tool, lol? Apart from that, the method sounds sensible.
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    Here's what you do. Using a regular combination wrench and your torque wrench, teach yourself how much pressure to apply to the wrench for proper tightening. So torque a bolt to 110 lbs and finish it off to what you think is needed with the combination wrench to 115 lbs. Check it with the torque wrench. You'll be surprised at how close you can get with the feel. Install and torque all bolts possible this way. Then finish off those few bolts with just the combination wrench and your newly calibrated brain. Job done. Remember, the most amazing tool you will ever own is you.
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    There is slightly more diffraction when mounted behind the baffle, and they recommended routing the opening to a 1/4 inch thickness. Even if not on a baffle, it is still a diffraction horn. A greater reason to mount on the back was you would have to take it apart and reassemble to front mount. Very difficult to do, as a member here did so and wrote of the difficulty he had.
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    Thanks! Here are a couple of "before" pictures after some simple clean up with orange oil. I do like the existing color and general look of the finish. I'm leaning towards the neutral Watco Danish Oil. I understand it will darken the finish a little bit, but am OK with that. I'm thinking of avoiding the restoration type products unless the Danish Oil doesn't work out.
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    Love that anecdotal evidence.
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    @dtel Thinking he's on the link checking that "Sawshank" prison out in Mansfield. 😂 😂 If you saw the movie that big old solitary tree in the country? It got hit by lightening last summer or the year before. Sad day for many people when that happened. Family picnics and just visitors hit that spot any time they could. I'm not a movie freak by any means but "Sawshank Redemption" is right up there in my top 5.
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    Wait a minute Elden, he looks older than he is! Only 17.
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    It's been years since we did anything but drive past Houston but last time we had to make an extra loop or get off another exit, can't remember except it was not worth dying for to make our exit. Last time we were going to San Antonio I was shocked how far Houston went past what we remember was the city. The other thing was how fast once you past Houston the landscape changes to a West Texas looking landscape. And then there's Buc-ee's, now that's different, the one we stopped at had over 100 gas pumps and 95% of them were being used. .
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    All of the replacement tweeters have a sensitivity 6dB higher than the K-76. You can’t use any of them without rebuilding the network. You can’t use the A-55-G because your horn may be a bolt on, and the A-55-G screws on. I believe there is also a sensitivity mismatch. Double check your work to the schematic on your recap job. As for the frequency response of the tweeters - could you hear 13kHz on your headphones? 6.9 ohms sounds about right for an 8 ohm driver.
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    Less than 50% of eligible adults have been vaccinated. There are 10 states where less than 40% have been vaccinated, and cases are climbing in every one of them. Lifting the mask "mandate" was a huge mistake, IMO. This is not over.
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    LF purchased 4 bags of Mayorga beans on sale for $9 at Costco! Shouldn't run low on coffee for a bit.
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    Lots of VW Beetles Jettas, and Rabbits. A Triumph TR-3. Couple of Wagoneers. Two Porsche 914s (first one a great car, second one a dog). Woman ran into the back of the first one totaling it, the second I traded in as quickly as I could after replacing everything twice😑 A Honda S2000 and two Z4s.......a sprinkling of nondescript American cars. My father's Rambler did have fold down seats though.
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    Wonder what happened to jacksonbart.? Hasn't posted in over 2 years. May have moved to Pluto full time.
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