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    The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee. The lake it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy. I have things to say; but they would blow your mind. So, I'll just say "Hey."
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    Buddy's been here and yup I knew we wouldn't get anything done. 😂 Tubes are pushin electrons. Just been unzippin and playin! Nope, no style change here... Ya do or ya don't 😂 Stone Crazy was Buddy Guy's 4th album but this version is a re-release in 180g... He runs the deck, as usual, but it's so clean. Couldn't believe someone actually rated it B+. Think it's a bit better than that imo. I mean it is Buddy Guy yanno! 😂 Jimmy Page had some fun w/this one. Great stuff right here. Pretty much sums it up! First Volume On Double LP! Live At The Club Palais Ballroom 1984! This special recording is a tribute to British blues musician Alexis Korner. Recorded live June 1984 featuring Jimmy Page and Alexis Light Orchestra. Paul Jones, Charlie Watts, Jack Bruce, Ian Stewart & Ruby Turner all comprise the "friends" Jimmy plays with on this record. Alexis Korner was a seminal blues musician, often called the "Father Of British Blues." Without him, we likely would not have The Stones. Korner passed away at the young age of 55 in 1984, the same year this concert was recorded. An absolute must-have. Yea, it's THAT good! 😎 Yup, I loved this one then someone borrowed it 😂 One great album by bunch of great Motor City guys. I'm thinkin they were one of 2 Barry Gordy signed to Motown. They just kill it with the 23.5 track of "Get Ready." Plenty of time to do whatever needed to be done. Now into a lil Jeff Beck... No smoke, sounds fantastic so we GO then hit jam night! Guest appearance, sign a few autographs and disappear into the bowels of the bar! Actually, we'll just walk in, grab something, flop at a table and eyeball the wimmen! Legends in our own minds... 😂 @MicroMara are you still wandering aimlessly in that new system or????? What's the story morning glory??? Time to check-in again... Asking for a friend! Next up a lil of this guy right here.
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    Infinity G-37 16K Mi, 350 HP Looks weird with the blades up, just washed it....
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    My favourite bit was always the one where he skates past the opposing bench and smacks them all with his stick.
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    Don’t know what you fellas are doing this weekend But in between a birthday party and a small repair to the amp I’m having a Marillion fest
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    Peace to you Bruce. Hey, my ex-wife just moved to Tennessee. if you run into her tell her that I'm doing fine ... no better than fine, I'm doing better than anyone's ever done before.
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    I  don't want to cause no fuss (Too much, Magic Bus) But can I buy your Magic Bus? (Too much, Magic Bus) Nooooooooo!  I don't care how much I pay (Too much, Magic Bus) I want to drive my bus to my baby each day (Too much, Magic Bus) I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it ... (You can’t have it!) Thruppence  and sixpence every day Just to drive to my baby Thruppence and sixpence each day Because I drive my baby every way Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus I said, now I've got my Magic Bus (Too much, Magic Bus) I said, now I've got my Magic Bus (Too much, Magic Bus) I drive my baby every way (Too much, Magic Bus) Each time I go a different way (Too much, Magic Bus) I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it
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    These are 10 miles from me Laguna Beach Ca will to pickup and hold and ship https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/msg/d/laguna-beach-klipsch-la-scala-speaker/7331452771.html
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    No one knows for sure. 3 lab workers had covid like symptoms prior to the break out but naturally no one is allowed to see any data.
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    Here is the placement I finally decided on....they still don’t appear perfectly symmetrical to my eyes but it’s close enough....for now lol. The more aggressive I got with toe-in, the more incredible they sounded. With this revelation in mind, eventually I may just place them on either side of my head and listen inbetween them lmao. Jk. They came from Amazon on a pallet wrapped up in black plastic. The speakers are impeccable, not a single scratch or cause for concern. Grills as well. Im also into high end headphone audio, and I always give people shit when they buy multi-thousand dollar headphones and then throw the boxes away! So with that in mind, I’ll be breaking the boxes down these Cornwalls came in and I’ll be keeping them forever!
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    I'll get bags that say cedar, pear, rhubarb and just like other connoisseurs of stuff, I can concentrate and not taste most any of it. Speaker adverbs and adjectives are easier! If I like the taste or not is easy, blends are great sometimes single origin more. Going back to a med roast after this I can make only 20 oz and get by with the amount of pep that has in it usually. I've used chocolate ice cream to make mochas before too. Stale is hard to fix, weak I can modify with more grinds or brown sugar, maple syrup or a Werther's caramel. Plain is the best for breakfast, I'll make coffee-milk with the leftovers if there is any, this is good with the expresso.
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    My vote goes to engineered with intent. https://www.theweek.in/news/health/2021/05/31/china-engineered-covid-19-then-modified-strains-to-make-it-natural-new-study.html
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    If you are going for a chocolatey finish, why fool around, get a nice hard chocolate and grate a bit onto the morning grind in the filter basket, then brew. One can add a hit of cinnamon if desired as well. Taste and see if its hitting the right notes for ya. Of course, some give a hit after the brew too. Experimentation is the key. This is the coffee I've been using for years, from Costco. Though I did not notice it before, it says it has "dark chocolate notes"
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    that looks like the Utica Auditorium I know this is.... the stage is at the left... Seen more concerts there !
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    Dunkin Donut whole bean. Dont laugh. It's awesome. Original blend.
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    I think it's proper and accurate to say that there are a lot of aspects of brand new, latest engineered Cornwall IV's that are very much desirable. But the statement/idea that refreshed Cornwall I or II aren't "In the same area code" is WAYYYYYYYYYYY over the top, and is an engagement of sales puffery that belies evidence. If you want the latest, new offering from Klipsch in Cornwall, there's the Cornwall IV. If you want to save some money, this forum is loaded with people and records of how we improve these or simply refresh these speakers for long term ownership and use. One can do that very effectively (it is a longer road, and to some, time is money), and for a much reduced cost, if one is willing to travel the road to do it. I've been traveling that road for two decades, from back when Klipsch didn't even build Cornwalls (they were on that well known hiatus in production) and can say that there's certainly more than one way to get from point A to point B. It's still the same area code, in fact, same church even - just down the same pew a few seats. You just might travel a different road to get there.
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    Common sense tells me lab. Just coincidence the lab was located where virus started? Accident, not so sure myself. Last administration was hurting China's economy. Last I heard Fauci questions whether communist China would kill it's own citizens. No question in my mind they would if it benefited party. Stalin killed millions when he got in power before WW11. When it comes to what any party in any country would do to stay in power there is no limit for what they would do or say. Lose some people, peasants will just make more attitude. No proof or evidence in above statement. Just something to think about if not censored here. Get in trouble everywhere these days for not jumping off cliff with rest of herd.
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    let's call up the Hanson Brothers
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    I was more afraid of Mr. Bubbles than I was getting the Pfizer shots. If Bill Gates has me microchipped now ... then he's in for a very boring time "tracking": me. Bottom line ... we all have to be comfortable with the decisions we make. I'm fine with my decision to be vaccinated. Funny how debating this vaccine is very similar to debating politics ... I don't think any of us will change anyone else's mind.
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    Your nearby USPS hub... 😂
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    this is a single switch.... pour in water activation... switch for warming plate..
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    This is not meant to sound heretical. If the second system is to require less large investment for an amplifier, then perhaps I would consider a completely different approach. I have had a bluesound node 2i as a digital source for two years and have been very happy with it. Friends have the powernode 2i and are also very impressed. Now there is the new powernode (without additional letters) with 80 watts per channel. it should sound according to first reviews very excellent and it has a new digital generation of converter chips without becoming more expensive. If this combination router, converter, amplifier meets the need, I think it is worth a try. One can of course feed a turntable as well into the input. On the one hand we are talking about several 1000 dollars for tube amps. But on the other hand, this new generation of class D amplifiers is now quite mature and technically it has some similarities with SET amps. Personally, I will try this alternative next time I need it out of curiosity, even more as Heritage Klipsch speakers did not need so much power at all and the powernode seems to play quite well at low volumes also after what I have read. https://theaudiophileman.com/powernode-the-next-generation-news-bluesound/
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    No, they won't. Even if you replace everything it still won't work well because of the difference in cabinet size, ports, etc. As a current model speaker, you can't just order all the parts from an RF-7 III either.
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    Pork Loins back on sale, with dry rub...BBQ
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    Thanks Mike! I just learned something new. : )
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    Just by happenstance, I've never seen/heard of any of his offers..... that is very generous and clearly going out of his way to be a helpful nice guy. Am I allowed to call him a guy? I mean, he types like a guy (he used the index finger method, don't ask how I know) his syntax is like a guy.... OMG I'm so confused with pronouns.....I'm starting to feel cancell....
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    Select 0.25 Playback Speed in settings for video and expand screen and you can visualize the movement easier. You can also pause the video and scroll for movement details. miketn
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    As far as party killing citizens. I am sorta a history buff. When Stalin came to power Russia was way behind other countries when it came to industry. The only real commodity the Country had that was in demand was food. Ukraine is the bread basket for Russia. Stalin starved the Ukrainians to death taking most everything they produced to sell on the open market to finance his industrialization of Russia. Millions died but the reality is it worked and enabled Russia to produce the war materials needed to defeat Germany decades later. But at what cost. Maybe it was the right thing to do unless you were one of the unfortunate Ukrainians that died. Trust China, or any one party Country, never. As far as lab origin of virus one only needs to use common sense. In the 70's I asked an employee what the difference was between being drunk or high on pot. One can read books on the effects of pot from the so called experts. His common sense response was "when your drunk your drunk and when you are high your high." At times the intellectuals are so intelligent that they become just fools and cannot see the snake on the ground without books to read about snakes on ground. I just see China as a snake.
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    I'm going to be really honest and possibly ramble on so bear with me. Almost exactly a year ago I had what was diagnosed as a panic attack that sent me to the ER. I had never experienced anything like that before and I thought I was going to die. My body was shaking uncontrollably, I was having chills and my breathing was very shallow. I have a history of anxiety and depression but this was a whole new ballgame. I was prescribed a daily anti-anxiety drug and also Atavan as needed for severe cases. This last week and a half was really, really bad. Four days in a row with panic attacks with one where I made my wife drive me to the ER so I'd at least be in the parking lot if things got worse. It got so bad I was having muscle pains in the center of my chest from tensing up so much. I had a phone visit with my doctor today and it was good to talk to him about it. He made some adjustments to my meds and i already feel a lot better. Fortunately I already had a physical and med check scheduled for this Thursday also. Anyway, of all the forums I belong to this is the only one I actively check several times a day. It helps take my mind off of things and I really enjoy the discussions and camaraderie this forum provides. Hopefully at the next Pilgrimage I'll be able to meet some of you and thank you in person.
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    And it starts. Bro, hate to tell you but you might not find that coffee nirvana ever again. I have not found that great Colombian flavor in several years. Too much has changed with the micro environments where they grow it. And the processes of drying then roasting.... If you get a hold of some good honey processed beans let us know. No sticky stuff involved, just that the mucilage isn't completely hulled from the beans and they do not get washed like other methods. Ahh... The scourge in HI then the volcanos a few years ago, I quit buying from there last year was the last time. Buying from Jamaica is hit or miss since the Marley kids screwed up their good thing there and $60/lb isn't for me. I went with harbucks for $10 a lb for a decade then theirs started having a taste that I... F'em wouldn't touch `em with a ten foot pole now. Past couple of years Volcanica or Belux both in Atl get it to me very fast and I stick with the $ varieties not the $$ or the $$$ for fu fu beans in a ten or twelve ounce bag. It used to be the blue can or the red can. For about seven dollars. I was for the red then it changed in the early 90s. Ten years ago I'd bag my own at whole foods and other places then every flavor started to taste the same musty yuck that harbucks had started with earlier. Like the air tastes in the dark corner of a cold damp dirty old basement. Came to figure that's a bean from a certain continent that I just don't care for. Juan Valdez did good for a few years until they opened up shop in the USA and you order through a company in CT. You could try your luck with them, I don't recommend it. Buy at amazon and you could get stale beans that's hit or miss too. That chocolaty flavor that you can kinda sense after you swallow it? Just finishing up a single origin expresso that I dialed the grinder down fine so it has gone through the two lb bag in two weeks and gives me a pretty close resemblance to the real thing. It's ten until 5am right now woke early gotta go and make some myself.
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    Just came across this artist and it’s just fantastic music Genre - jazz fusion Prog Enjoy
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    That's funny, but yes it's what I would do, I do have a torque wrench, it's dusty, never get's used. I never commented in this thread for 2 reasons, a torque wrench even with a 4' cheater bar is still a torque wrench and will work the same way. And because your not blueprinting an engine or working on an aircraft, tighten it and move on, it's a gearbox for heavens sake. If nothing else try 220V, it will then go to 11. Yes I fix things.........or break them trying, but it's ok because there broke when I try. Good to see you BSM
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    I tried to use bitcoin at the local market and It didn't work.
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    Close ... my first was a Fender Telecaster though (not counting the toy guitar that I got at age five). I actually just bought my first Gibson a couple of months ago ... a Les Paul nonetheless ... the guitar that I said I'd never buy and now I own a very beautiful one. Go figure. Stupid heavy; but sounds really nice and has incredible sustain.
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    I have seen you make these many generous offers before and people have acted like you are the seller instead of just a nice person. Just wanted you to know someone, me, has noticed your kind offers.
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    You may be right about the cause, but it is possible that the replacement diaphragm was at fault. There was a several year period when the K77 tweeter was unrepairable according to my conversation with Bob Crites. He was one of the most knowledgable Klipsch guys on the planet, now his son runs things and is doing a great job. I mentioned the K77 diaphragm replacement available from Simply Speakers to Bob and he told me he tried several of them and they were inconsistent Chinese junk. Not that this proves everything from Simply Speakers is junk - but those diaphragms were. Like an idiot, I through away my K77's thinking they were history and now you can get the proper diaphragm replacements from Crites and others! : ) You really are going to need to make frequency response measurements of the voltage being supplied to the drivers. Do you know anyone that can do that for you? Welcome BTW! I'm a newbie too. Edit: I realize a K77 isn't involved here, it's just an anecdotal data point to illustrate that the problem might not be the crossover. I'm an idiot regardless! : )
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    Fitty dolla marantz 8b, now that's impressive...........
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    You're going to enjoy them. Listened to a pair purchased a few months ago, about two weeks ago, so broken in, and in my ftiends home. I loved them. However, the sound shades more towards the old LaScalas than the old Cornwalls, so not as much of the old "phat' sound, far more accurate and altogether enjoyable. Oh yeah, owned a pair of '74 Cornwalls until 3/4 years ago when, thanks to this Forum, I ended up with a $500 pair of Khorns. (which I drive mostly with my $50 Marantz8b, same as with the Cornwalls).
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    Well my fellow vinyl lovers, this will be it for this evening. Side TWO with a variation on the center label, and about to move the cue lever 🍷 Goodnight for now until the next visit, enjoy your music ...
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    We made the drive up to the top of Mauna Kea for the sunset. Around 13,800 ft elevation. Maui is on the right horizon in the photo above and below stars just becoming visible
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    All cued up on the 960, and currently enjoying the music of Side ONE... Side TWO up shortly. With this, I am going to call it an evening here and again, I am going to keep coming back with more vinyl spins to enjoy with you all. Have a good evening my friends 🌙, enjoy your music
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    .......Meanwhile, my final spin for this evening.....this beautful re-issue I purchased in 2018. Front cover artwork that we are all familiar with and sounding VERY good on the vintage table!
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    Well my friends, looks like a quite week here in vinyl spinning dept. Let me help . Normally, Friday night's are another movie night, but I want to enjoy the restored B.I.C. 960 a bit. So, for the first orchestral listen on this table, here we go. From the gift of Warren Amerman and his memorial library, an RCA Victor recording from 1968. Bruckner with the BSO! Here is some front cover artwork for you all.....
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    It’s time for some Frank and the Mothers A great album that you can also laugh with as you listen Artist - Frank Zappa and the Mother's Title - Just Another Band from LA Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/The-Mothers-Just-Another-Band-From-LA/release/5167340
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    I would say 69 The 68 model has a sharper arc in the back But it’s hard to judge without a side view
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    Here we go: They are all kind of finicky in my neck of the woods, so we'll see how they do this year. Probably have the healthiest seedlings ever, so hope that's a sign of good things to come. @oldtimer @BigStewMan White Moruga (new this year) Padron Lava Red (new this year) Brain Strain (new this year) Genghis Khan's Brain (new this year) Yellow 7 Pot Yellow Reaper (new this year) Death Spiral Skunk Chocolate (new this year) Orange Habanero Thai Dragon (new this year) Aji Chirrapita (very difficult) Dragon's Breath Yellow Fever (new this year) Primo 7 Pot (new this year)
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