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    Klipsch LaScala AL-5 ME. 🙂
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    I thought there might be a special section of this forum for new member introductions but a search revealed that the most likely place would be in this section. I'm sure I could lurk here indefinitely gleaning mass quantities of information about Klipsch speakers that I couldn't find anywhere else but I thought I should introduce myself anyway. I've already found quite a lot of information which has helped me figure out how to proceed with some cosmetic repair as well as performance updates to the new/used Heresy I speakers I recently purchased. Attached is a "before" photo of one of these speakers. They'll never be beauty contest winners but I think with some new grill cloth and a bit of cleaning and treatment of the finish they won't look embarrassing. In terms of sound the plan is to update and replace the crossover components too. I'm not a newcomer to Klipsch speakers however. My high school band director in the early 70s introduced us to Klipsch with a pair of corner horns in the band hall. I've been hooked ever since then. He also had taught band in Hope, Arkansas and used to recount stories of working at the plant during the summers and having discussion with Paul Klipsch about music and speaker design. I had always been intrigued by these stories - not all of them about audio necessarily. Both had a great sense of humor. He had a two track reel to reel tape deck (made by Bell) in a custom made wooden carrying box that PWK used to carry with him in his airplane when traveling to do audio demonstrations. He passed that tape deck onto me when I was in college and then sometime later - late 80s or 90s - I made a trip through Hope, stopped at the museum, and donated the machine to the museum. Of particular note about this tape deck was that the "Bell" in Bell Electronics had an extra "e" penciled in to the name making it "Belle". I"m not sure if the museum actually put it on display since I haven't been back since then to find out. The first Klipsch speakers I ever purchased were a set of KG4 that I bought new. It was all I could afford at the time. A few years later and back when I was in a house that had room for bigger speakers I ended up buying a pair of La Scalas (maybe two pair on two different occasions if I remember correctly), selling them, then buying two different pairs of Klipschorns (but not at the same time). The first pair were mismatched from different years and different finishes but the second pair (after I sold those) were matched and wonderful! A series of moves made it impossible to keep them however. After that the KG4s kept me in Klipsch sound until buying these Heresy speakers just a few weeks ago. I've always been intrigued with the design and have a set of technical papers that my former high school band director gave me. One of the things that I believe makes horn loaded speakers, and especially Klipsch because they do it well, so appealing to me is the reduction of intermodulation distortion caused by limiting the amount of diaphragm movement through coupling to a horn. It's strange but I rarely see this mentioned in defense of the design. Efficiency, sensitivity, and controlled directivity is mentioned but the lower distortion, especially from high volume and high level transients, is not talked about so much. I credit that aspect with being one of the reasons that I believe they reproduce brass music (I am a brass player, trombone specifically, as if you couldn't guess from my user name) so well. To me the brass section of orchestras doesn't sound realistic through most other speakers. The brass section my come through loud on other speakers but there's no power behind it. Not only did my band director influence me in my preference for Klipsch speakers, he also contributed to my decision to become a band and orchestra director 40 years ago - and now, after 35+ years of teaching, a professional trombonist. So, here's my latest project. The little Heresies are just about the perfect size for my small office/practice room. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's interest and experience with their Klipsch speakers and learning more about these great speakers! Ken
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    I had been struggling for years to get a good sound in my two channel set up. Every time I thought I had it sorted out, I would listen a different type of music (or movie) and I would be up and adjusting something again. My living room is my listening space, and it is asymmetrical. Many years ago I had acquired a pair of speakers from a friend who considered himself an “Audiophile” who suddenly needed cash more than speakers. These speakers were Vero Research (no longer in business) Soundwaves Point Source 3.0 Towers (vintage 1992). I had seen the original invoice and knew I was getting these speakers for a fraction of their new cost. The Soundwaves are an unusual 2 way polygonal design that can create a very open sound. Unfortunately for me, the design does not seem to work well in my living room. Over the years I have added acoustic absorption to key points of the room and changed electronics and still I could not find a sound to make me happy. Late last year my wife are at some outdoor venue and I hear something that makes me smile. Fifty yards away are some JBL professional speakers running background music (before a festival) at a low volume that sounded clear and powerful, even from a distance. As I get closer to these speakers I realize they are a horn driven design! This is the sound I was looking for! OK, so at some point here I have a flashback and remember back in the late 80's or early 90's (yeah I am an old man) I was in a hi-fi shop sampling some speakers and they demonstrated some large Klipsch speakers tucked into the corners of the high-end room. To be honest I don't remember if they were Klipschorns, La Scala's or what. What I do remember was the clear powerful, lifelike live sound they produced! Unfortunately the price and size of these speakers didn't match my budget or listening space then or now. Last December, the frustration of not knowing if my 'audiophile' speakers were at the root of my sound issues became higher when I discovered that the closest Klipsch Heritage dealer was 300 miles away! I was thinking of getting a pair of Heresy III's, but I still had a hard time in my mind spending this amount of money until I knew where my sound issues really were. I debated taking this trip to this dealer, but I was exploring other options. The week before Christmas, I am checking out E-Bay for used Heresy II's, and I find a pair of Forte II's in good shape for $600. They were black (which matches our decor), and while the pictures showed the wear and tear of the years, all the corners and drivers looks good in the pictures. The only downside was a 1200 mile round trip to get them! This is the pair I bought! So my wife and I take a three day road trip during a cold and rainy weekend before Christmas to meet a very nice man and his family who was the original owner (vintage 1995). His reason for parting with the Forte II's was that he finally upgraded to a multi-channel system and no longer felt the need for a large speaker. He even had the original boxes! I believe he really did me a favor! Once we get home, I plug the Forte II's up to my amplifier and whoa! My wife, who is rarely interested in music is floored, as am I. The character our our listening experience improved so dramatically in such a short period, I know now the root cause of my previous frustration was speakers! In early January I ordered a pair of new crossovers and the titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites. In late January I disassembled the speakers, gave them a light sanding, did the rattle can paint job, and reassembled them with the upgrades (the Crites crossovers are a work of art themselves) adding in a bit of rockwool dampening. I figured we have $1500 invested in the speakers, from the cost of speakers, electronics and cost of the round trip. The speaker grills are a bit faded by time, so I removed them, and painted the speaker mounting screws red for contrast and added a Klipsch logo I found on E-Bay for a Industrial look. I currently have our rebuilt Forte II's paired with some old Sub-10 Klipsch sub-woofers I had, connected on the high side with a 40hz crossover point. I cleaned out some old electronics and bought in the Yamaha WXC-50 Streamer/DAC/Preamp connected to a new Emotiva A-150 amplifier. This simple system now sounds glorious with any music played or any movie watched. It is interesting to see now that the hi-fi reviewers such as Steve Guttenberg, Andrew Robinson and John Darko have also found their way to the Klipsch Heritage line. This journey has been a fun one with us being rewarded with a new appreciation for well record music. For under $3K for everything (except the TV), this budget system sounds better than I could have imagined, and continues to impress new guests to our home. Sorry for the long post but I have read many posts in the Klipsch two channel forums concerning the Heritage speakers and I wanted to share my experience as well.
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    Hello my new friends! I just made the leap into Klipsch after demoing many different speakers including Paradigm Prestige (am I allowed to say the P word on this forum?!). Anyway I couldn't be happier and look forward to learning more and participating in this community. The speakers are single owner Klipsch Forte II from 1985 that have been cared for very well. They came up for sale at my local Hi-Fi store not too long ago and coincided with the timing for when I was in the market for speakers. The store owner was very patient with me and helped me demo and compare several speaker combinations. Oddly enough I listed to the brand new Forte's side by side to the vintage ones and preferred the sound from the old! Turned out to be cheaper than the new, and that was an added bonus (I would have bought these over the new even if they were more expensive). My turntable is a 1200 Technics and amplifier is a Marantz PM 5005. I am in the market for a tube amp as I am curious to know what the Klipsch's sound like with that type of an amp. Biggest hurdle in this purchase was convincing my wife that the speakers weren't too 'big' and wouldn't ruin the look of the room. They are relegated in my office / study room for now, but my grand plan is to slowly but surely move them into our large living room. Once I am successful with that then I can think of further upgrading to some of the more impressive Klipsch speakers! Thanks! Bharat
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    Yes, this is an audiophile forum. Spend time digging into the subforums and you'll find plenty of people have plenty of expensive gear. And we do our fair share of humble bragging, but we also spend time talking about music theory, source material quality, room treatment, etc. The nature of Klipsch speakers tends to attract people who seek accuracy, transparency, and the optimization of their entire sound reproduction system - precisely because the speakers are so unforgiving. And then there's the people. A great many people that hang around here have decades of experience in the music industry, engineering, exposure to a great many system configurations, and truly eclectic listening preferences. And we're interesting people, too, with a great many side hobbies besides audio and the forum leadership is generous in allowing those "off-topic" discussions to flourish for the sake of building community ties. It's the reason I hang out here and not any other forums.
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    Love the size of the Heresy, and my wife wanted my small Cornscalas smaller. I give you the CornHeresy. The design goal was for the same midrange horn, driver and crossover I use in my cornscala but smaller. It doesn't dig as deeply as my cornscala, not by a long shot but the bass is still fantastic. The sound stage is wide and Deep. 2way Eminence LFA12 Faital LTH142 (The big one) for the horn. Faital HF140 for 500-18K. I know some cross it as low as 500hz... Driver has been shown to be safe that low. The horn reports its freq response from 500hz to 18K, but suggests crossing at 800hz with a 12db filter. This is prob meant at full power, but I decided to use the recommendation and went with a 12DB. I asked AL to design a AP12-800 setup for this application. He had previously measured a 12LFA went I sent it to his for the Jub Clone crossovers. I believe Al describes it as a AP12 + a Zoble network.
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    A soon to be emptied bedroom.
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    So... I finally got these in my house last weekend after buying them 10 months ago. I am pretty happy with them as they are in decent shape. I will refinish them soon, but I already ordered A/4500 XO's and CT-120's. I will likely get the A-55's and replace the bass driver with a new K-33 (one of them has a noise, but I haven't opened it up yet as I could only hear it on once song). My sub is keeping up with these better than I thought.
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    When you sit in the tub and your balls float to the surface. 😀
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    Hello all! This is my first setup have pair of Forte's paired with ToolShed amp from Matt which he has been tremendous help in this process/build, Lounge Audio LCRlll with Morrow cables. Look forward learning from you guys/gals. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
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    Introducing the "KLF-510" DIY build. A mumps K510/K691 horn on top of a custom 2x12 sealed bass bin with Eminence KappaLite Neo 3012LF drivers. Active crossover with miniDSP OpenDRC 2x8. Four channels of home built IcePower amplification, one stereo at 90w/channel for the K510s and one dual mono at 400w/channel for the bass bins. I've been wanting a K510 "miniJube" horn setup since first reading about them way back in this thread from 2006. Finally bit the bullet and bought the 904-HF bundle which includes the horns, drivers and stands. My dad is in town so we spent the weekend building the cabinets. First air moving last night, and DSP tuning today. Below is a REW plot with bass extension filters active vs flat (other than Roy's 904 horn CD PEQs). Thanks to all the forum members for the inspiration, but especially @ClaudeJ1 and @Chris A from whom I've learned a ton just reading the forums over the years.
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    Enough veggies from de garden to build Mr. Pepperhead, 2019. Hot Santa Fe Grande, mild Poblano (green), tasty black cherry tomatoes, and plum tomatoes for sauce. Yum.
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    A new Server/streamer... Wyred4sound MS I wanted this because of the ability to use an i2s interconnect to my DAC.
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    My wife surprised me with an early Father's Day present!
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    While some "audiophiles" do spend a lot of money on their system, spending a lot of money does not make someone an audiophile. To me, an audiophile loves and appreciates music. The gear is a means to an end. So as long as the system delivers live realism and has you get taken away emotionally in the music, that is all that is required, regardless of the cost. I feel many Klipsch speakers fly under the audiophile radar. Sad really because they are a great bang for your buck. The speed, dynamics, realism and ability to articulate a whisper are what I like about my Jubilee and Cornwall III speakers. YMMV
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    Sound almost catching up to the transducers.
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    Bah hah hah hah
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    I think I’ve told my story before, but here goes anyway. I had a friend who’s dad died and left him some money. Not a lot of money, but when you’re 20, it doesn’t take much to seem like a lot. He went right down to Flip’s Stereo in St. Louis and ordered a set of Klipschorns. I had never heard of them. It seemed like it took forever for them to arrive, but one day he invited me over to hear them. He played Tricycle by Flim and the BB’s. I know that because it just knocked my head off. I remember that moment in time like it was earlier today. The album has a little tricycle on the cover and it stuck in my head. Anyway, I realized at that moment that I had been lied to my entire life. These speakers were DIFFERENT. I never forgot. Couldn’t afford them, but never forgot. About a year later, a female friend (now my wife) and I went to an outdoor party given by the same friend. The music sounded fantastic, and I couldn’t identify the speaker model and didn’t ask. They had a V-shaped front and I never forgot that. 30 years later, I finally found a used set of Klipschorns near me, a negotiable price, and had the money to do something about it. There was one weird requirement, though. The couple that had them didn’t want anyone visiting, for fear of their own safety (I know you’re thinking St. Louis, but it isn’t that bad here) so they wanted references. The woman mentioned that she retired from a local sheriff’s office, and so I started naming law enforcement friends. She knew the second guy I mentioned, who is the local town Marshall and a guy I’ve known since I was a teenager. She said she’d call him. I got a call a day or two later and they gave me the address and invited me over. When I arrived they told me they had checked me out and I thought they were just kidding. They were in great shape, original owners, etc. and we worked out a fair price. It took me three trips, but I got them home. They are stellar. I finally got my own pair of Klipschorns! A while later, I was in a local supermarket, turned the corner and there was the Marshall. We talked for a bit and he said, “hey, how are the speakers?” Huh? Turns out they really did call him. He said it was the strangest call he’d ever taken, but vouched for me. Maybe you’ve followed my “La Scala Splits Project” thread, but if you haven’t, I found a pair of beat up cabinets, converted them to splits, and built a THTLP sub to go with them. They are incredible. I finally got my La Scalas too! I put GIANT Klipsch logos on the sides so that when someone at a party hears them and has their world changed, they will KNOW the brand and dream of owning a pair like I did. I didn’t want the same thing happening to someone else, I wanted them to have no doubt that it is Klipsch that changes lives.
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    It’s a beautiful morning in Ludington, MI overlooking Lake Michigan. Now, how to work the Keurig?
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    I've been following the thread strictly for its entertainment value. I quit taking Jeff seriously when he described the effect my zip ties were having on my capacitors. I'm also pretty sure he's using a flame thrower to make those solder joints. It is nice to learn that "EEs are unconscious" -- something I've always suspected, lol.
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    When you're the first one into a one-owner collection, looking at the condition and he says, "No need to look only played a couple times. I recorded on cassettes and listened to those." Mmmmm, NEVER enough cash in your pocket BUT I got a NICE tub full @ a great price! Whoda thunk it?
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    Well, would you believe it's been 6 months since my last post on this and we just got our septic system installed last weekend and driveway 5 weeks earlier? Needless to say, the continual rain since November did not help things whatsoever. Just about the time it would be kind of dry to do some work outside, we would get another frog floater and nothing outside could be done....so we finished the inside. We will close in maybe a week but we are clear to go ahead and move in finally! (and the crowd roars...) This weekend is supposed to be sunny and hot, 90 degrees or so, and we will get everything move from the ($hitty) rent house to the new house. We had already cleared out the two 10 x 20 storage buildings a few weeks ago, after the driveway, of course. Now, it's just down to getting the rest out and then I can bring the Belles and my remaining gear (stored at my best friends house) to their new final resting place and have them hooked up again after a 15 month hiatus. Pretty exciting. One crappy part will be that there's no internet connection where we are at in the neighborhood and doubtful that either of the two prividers (Cablelynx and AT&T) will bring them on down for one house; I'd have to pay for their trenching and that's not going to happen. Hopefully AT&T will have their Fixed Internet Wifi stuff done soon and we'll have a connection. But I thought I'd come back and update.
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    neighbor was grilling burgers and dogs and ran out of mustard. knocks on my door and wants to borrow some. never having met him, i figured this was a good chance to make a good first impression, you know, let him know i’m dignified. so i gave him a bottle of this ... i think he was impressed.
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    i finally got this ...............................a photo of some guy and a Bugatti.
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    Welcome to the forum. If she thinks that they're to big, just wait until you've had a chance to do some reading on this forum.
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    You know you're getting old when.... What were we talking about?
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    The Ad says Klipschorns! - $5000 They look nice. Some of the features from the ad with my edits: These are the legendary Klipschorns! If you know what these are about then no description is necessary. [ Details are not my strength. ] These bad boys will bring a tear to your eye, crank your receiver or amp up to 100 and prepare for the loudest, cleanest sound you have ever heard from a speaker in your life. [ never pushed too hard ] I got these from the heavy metal band Savatage almost 20 years ago and they still pound like they did from day one. [ Adult owned in a smoke free and pet free home. Never stored outside. ] They were used as concert speakers so they are a little rough on the outside but they have the heart of a lion. [ Optional 'rustic touring' finish! ] Serious inquiries only please, come by and take a listen, and then take these awesome speakers home. 5000 or best! [ Priced to move quickly ] We need these gone asap. [ I have three more propane containers that I want to store in this spot. ]
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    Well Hello Folks, It has been a while, In fact... it's taken years to finally wrap up our four LaScala projects. It really helped that I retired last October (43 years) and became a volunteer with just a few projects to focus on (the sweet life!). Things couldn't have gone better... a beautiful pair now sit on the stage in our newly remodeled games room. The second pair we made to sell and pay for the parts for all four... so a bit more attention to detail, i.e. the walnut bead molding toe kick and grills held in place with magnets hidden behind the veneer. I just have the one photo now but will post more photos with details soon. Thanks again, you guys got us off on the right foot! -Mark
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    She said we met at a ‘vegetarian’ meeting but to the best of my recollection I had never met herbivore - 🤪.
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    A view from a park. Dana Point Harbor off to the right.
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    Heres the in room photo I screwed up in my previous post.
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    After 3 years of procrastinating, they're here!
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    Nice! I have to open the pool tomorrow. The temps here just decided to go up, so Denise want's it done and my granddaughter asked me on Wednesday "GDaddy, Maylie go in the pool" She's a hair over 2 years, so no correction on sentence structure. LOL
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    Happy memorial day all! Conflicted as to post here or 3MtoMTime.
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    Company for a few days so late breakfast. More in the oven.
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    I enjoy that is just doesn't sit in the museum waiting for race day.
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    Haha ... sold again This time to a REAL buyer ... he already PayPaled me the money and is picking them up Saturday. Whoopie
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    Here is something you may like but never heard before
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    Yup, saw this and thought of @JohnJ and @dirtmudd so yea, had to! lol
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    thought i had to go grocery shopping, so checked the fridge ... nope, i have the essentials.
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