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    I finally said good bye to General Motors after 24 years. I've had 5 surgeries in the last 8 years, and my body just can't take building trucks anymore. Probably the scariest thing I've ever done, but I did it. I'm 63, so with my pension and SS, I should be fine. Besides, my wife works full time also. I'll probably have to cut back on buying vintage tubes and speakers.....
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    Baseball is what I photograph the most. I am a photographer for the Miracle League.
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    Wife took this of my daughter this morning. I thought her choice of background was, well, interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congrats to you! If you can bottle your secret on how you get to retire and keep your pretty Mrs working full time... Id bet there'd be a bunch here willing to buy a bottle! I spend my time here in TN getting people (state employees) INTO their pension/401K system. Then I spend one day a week at our downtown office, meeting with about 7 people on that one day. Those folks are eyeballing their way out so I get to review their entire situation with them. Sometimes I get to be depressed by how little they've saved (in their 401K) and over the years, have an idea of what kind of struggle might be ahead of them.... then....I hit the other extreme.... just last week, a guy came in. Basically clueless about everything. Years ago, he picked 3-4 different funds in his 401K plan. As it happened, he (in hind sight) picked pretty much four out of four, the highest performers available in his plan.....and he's sitting on $900,000 in his 401K. He had no clue he had amassed that much and was pleasantly surprised. (yeah, those are fun conversations to have) I got to watch him as he almost literally floated out of the office with rays of sunshine beaming all around him.
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    This is the approach I took to make it more WAF-friendly. Obviously there are a number variations that could be implemented. Incidentally, the width of this room is only 11 feet. Yes, Jubilees can fit just about anywhere!
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    Today I was able to put a check mark next to another pair of Klipsch speakers I’ve wanted to own for some time, RB-75s in Cherry. I have them on LaScalla IIs I bought last Aug but didn’t get hooked up until January. Ironically both sets of speakers came from vegas, RB-75s from Travis5454 and LaScallas from Schu. Both transactions were as smooth as could be. powering them with a NAD 390(bought in Dec) with Tidal HiFi playing through a Apple TV via HDMI(using QuietHollow’s recommendation). Also using a RT-10D sub. Very happy with the cost vs performance of my setup.
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    Traded the C-Sharp and tossed in a little cash to trade for the TNT with JMW memorial 10 inch arm with SDS speed control......................Easily worth the effort / cost. Finally a vinyl rig close to what I was forced to give up years ago color me happy..........................added Bonus is on the fly VTA (OH YEA!!!!!) and removable armwand for MUCH easier cartridge mounting with my hand tremmors
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    I turned 64 today... thought this was appropriate lol …
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    This thread almost makes me want to go dig out those coat hangers again. Bob Crites
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    Minnehana falls in Georgia. This one is HDR. I went for a subtle approach here.
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    Picked up the latest Paul Simon album. Well recorded. Sounds great. Most of his albums do.
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    It's been warmer than normal here, plants think it's spring, azaleas are blooming and even one of the Japanese maples are getting leaves.
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    picked this stack up from the original owner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What I made today. Four additional 2' X 4' acoustic insulation panels. I am using Owens Corning 703, plywood rips for framing, and Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric. I flipped one around for you to see how I make the backsides and hardware. I needed additional panels to support the two speakers I installed this week in my dedicated room, which were placed in a Dolby Atmos configuration.
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    Whether the KV3 will stay or be swapped is still a question. Haven’t been able to watch a movie, but listening to music and just enjoying the KLF30s. I should have more time over the weekend, so I’m pretty excited!
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    Obviously not the children of any senator (pure disgust smiley) That Miracle League......... bringing joy to those that bring it to all around them every day!
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    Pretty much. Daughter and son in law surprised me yesterday afternoon. They showed up at 2 o'clock and came over to help me. What a difference the second set of hands makes. You get done more than twice as much as one person in the same ammount of time. We're going to try and finish the ceiling today.
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    That's re-repurposed packing material. It originally came in a box that @Budman sent me when I purchased crossovers from him.
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    For those who doesn't know
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    A backlit pelican. Now if I can catch one like this with a fish, that would be cool.
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    A new keypad was purchased and installed. Apparently it had the same problem as the original, the 1 and the 4 would not beep! After all the talks with my son, this recent revelation was the first I had heard of this! He is going to send the new keypad back to the company that made it, which they said in advance he could do if it didn't work. He finally drilled out the old lock mechanism and used a sawzall to cut the metal away. He said it was not a tough as it appeared. The bottom line is he has his duty weapon back. The safe is now trashed and unusable. Many thanks to all who helped with suggestions. I really appreciate it. -Dave
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