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    Too dark to take a picture tonight, but I received a wool army blanket that was owned/used by my great grandfather in Europe during World War I. I don't believe in having shelf trophies, so I'll be using it regularly to honor his memory and service.
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    Got a late start but the Christmas spaghetti sauce is on. Home made meatballs and Italian sausage in the mix. Well eat in about 3 or 4 hours.
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    OK it's official.... All digital.
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    Thank You so much Delicious2 , ...for the kind words ! Both of my main MUSIC systems (Theater Surround + the JUBILEE Rooms) are 18ft x 15ft rooms. But, the Jubilee Room has 11 foot ceilings with 6 Clouds (10ft x 18"...4" thick) , ...filled with Rockwool 'SAFE 'n SOUND' Acoustical Soundproofing Insulation. https://www.rockwool.com/products/safensound/ The CLOUDS are pictured above, in my downstairs RF7-iii Surround System, before they were wrapped with FLEECE Fabric. Again, The Jube room upstairs is the exact size and directly above this pictured downstairs living room ! The 6 CLOUDs are hung upstairs by hooks and chain ! The 11ft ceiling is angled, as seen in this OLD foto of the room, pictured below ! The reflective Couch and Metal table were the first thing I removed from the room ! All ' 5 milliseconds ' reflective surfaces, were addressed and label'd as ' PRIORITY ' in getting this room acoustically treated ! The acoustic Stage Curtains were purchased from the ROSE BRAND ( www.RoseBrand.com ), a professional Theater supply company in the New York City area ! After I removed that long reflective couch, I acquired a LOW SHOULDER Fabric 'CLUB' seat for my listening position. (pictured below) My Danley TH-50 SUB Woofer cabinet is barely seen in the right side of the picture above. ...a massive 24” Tall x 34” Wide x 25.5” Deep flawless speaker, true down to 21hz. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/subwoofers/tapped-horns/th50/ Since that pic was taken, it has been moved directly behind my listening seat, within inches of the back of that new fabric Club Seat ! Also, i must mention that moving the seating position off the Back of the Wall , was a game changer sonic'ly. *A serious recommendation to anyone sitting directly next to a WALL : Move your listening position at least 4-5 feet off the Wall, if your closest wall is acoustically treated ! Or, move at least 6 feet off the wall, ... if it is NOT acoustically treated ! (The golden '5 millisecond Reflection rule' is around the 6 feet mark, ...which I truly now believe) Our brotha ChrisA, can verify for us, if I am not close to that estimation. Trust me, THAT made a HUGE difference in the systems fidelity. -Tightening everything ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My room's SIDE 15ft walls, are my 'SHORT WALLS' ! I built 4 Curved-Diffussors, for the 1st and 2nd order side-wall reflection points ! They cost me about $10 each, to make . (If anyone is curious how to build those, just ask) Below are some pics of the side walls ! So to conclude, ...this is my 2-Channel listening Jube L/C/R system, for 2018 . All equipment used in of all my Klipsch systems are listed below, in my signature ! For 2019 , I want to expand to 5.1 Audio. In 2020, I will add a 125" screen + Projector ! Thanx for lookin' , Any questions ...? HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ~ Craig LeMay 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
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    My JUBE ROOM ! Fully treated with Theater Curtains, all 4 corner Bass Traps, and Curved-Diffusers for the side walls ! My Left/Center/Right Klipsch Jubilees are set in a 2.1 setup right now. Using my Xilica xp-4080 (4 ch IN / 8 ch OUT) the center Jubilee is just a MONO MIX , combining both L+R input signals. ...since each of the Jubilees are Bi-amped it takes 6 channels for the L/C/R's here, plus add another output channel for my Danley TH-50 sub , So for this 2.1 setup I am using 7 OUTPUT channels ! BUT this coming 2019, ...I am moving into a 5.1 setup. If all goes as imagined, all I will need is another Xilica and 2 more Jubilee K-402 Horns, ...which I will just place on top of my Klipsch KHorn from downstairs. I will be using a Marantz AV7703 Processor for all the audio duties, ...10 Carver Pro ZR1600 Mono Blocks ( a Phoenix Gold product, not Bob Carver) for the Bi-Amped Jubilees, ...and a Crown Macro-Tech MA3600vz Bridged in Mono, for the Danley TH-50 SUB. So, as you can see in the attached picture ...3 Jubilees down, 2 Jublees to go...for a 5.1 Jubilee setup ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While Im here, I'd like to give a huge shout-out to @Chris A for all he does for our Klipsch Community here, ...and especially for his incredible Bessel-Crossover tuning he did personally for these 2018 Klipsch Jubilees ! I could not have reached AUDIO NIRVANA with out you CHRIS ! You certainly ROCKED MY WORLD ! ~Thank You, a million-times-over ! ~Craig LeMay (1) 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
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    Merry Christmas to you, each and every one!
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    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all and your families. Working today? Me too, good times indeed. Free meal though, hope it's tasty.
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    Merry Christmas to all, Christs blessing is for ALL of us Happiest of Birthdays to Christy Elis Lunquist, Love you bunches lady, but I am in Facebook Prison and this is the best way to wish you a blessed Birthday Dtel's Wife Rog
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    Merry Christmas to all my C C & C friends.
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    Ok, so I might have a problem, step 1 1. Admitting I have a problem 2. Convincing my wife that I don't have a problem. 3. Hiding my problem from others 4. Being at peace with my problem 5. Understanding that others have the same problem 6. Not buying any more equipment until my projects are complete 7. Ignoring #6, because it was on sale 8. Hating this and other audio forums 9. Secretly, staying on the forums 10. Telling m.y wife and others that I don't do audio forums anymore 11. Hiding a laptop in the closet 12. Not caring if I have a problem or if my wife is mad about my non problem and cranking the tunes up I had no clue how much crap (stuff) I had, until I started putting my test room back together. All of you are a bad influence, and the picture captures about 50% of the pieces and parts I have laying around that have been purchased for various projects. This all started about 10 years ago when I decided to get back into music and purchased a used set of RF7's, joined this forum, went to Hope, met Carl, drank martinis and here I am. Tell your story, you are not alone.
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    Merry Christmas from Clarksville TN. May your next audio purchase be a major upgrade into the new year ☺️
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    Merry Christmas from St. Louis, Missouri.
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    Merry Christmas from the Philippines!
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    If anyone fails to see the irony of me being the next post after this....well.... all I gotta say is Hope you & yours had a fantastic day and of course, a great upcoming year!
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    Merry Christmas to all from Calgary. Thanks for all the contributions to the forums and helping me to learn and enjoy this hobby.
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    Have a Blessed Christmas season, everyone!
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    Here they are [emoji16] Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
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    Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, it sure sounds like you all did. Long day here for the most part. Did my annual thing helping with dinner for the less fortunate and clean up after. Got-r-Done! Then out to see my mom w/my two daughters and oldest's grands at the assisted living complex. Mom wasn't saying much but smiling a lot which is a good thing. She's almost 95 and wheel-chair bound now. Youngest actually slipped back here to pick up a couple pair of banana plugs for her speaker wires. Seems as though Dad forgot to ship them to Phoenix. Ha. She said, "Where is that rack of stuff you had?" I pointed to the corner, then I got a "Where's the music coming from now?" Showed her the PL and the tubes and got an "Oh wow! I want that!" Then proceeded to tell me someone she's in classes w/@ ASU called her an audiophile because her little system sounded so good... I didn't laff too hard. Then she said, "Oh wait you're the audiophile!" Me? Oh heck no... Just an old guy who enjoys his tunes. She did like Mannheim Steamroller's Xmas LP though! Verbose I know, but it was a good day! Merry Christmas to you all !
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    We just destroyed 2 lbs of pasta and have about a half of a pot of sauce and meat left. I'll see you guys when I awake from my food coma.
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    Today's smoked ham after applying the pineapple / brown sugar / honey / sriracha glaze. Another 20 degrees or so to go.
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    Merry Christmas from the SW suburbs of Chicago.
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