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    My summer project is now complete. Moai made from a foam base/core, wrapped with chicken wire, then hypertufa. Layers of hypertufa sculpted, and then carved - but mostly sculpted with the tufa. Had a difficult time moving it, but got it moved from the garage and leveled out. Its about 5.5 ft tall. Thanks to plans posted on another forum by Wavy Davy.
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    This album came out in 1983 - one year after I was married 💎 An addictive album with a signature sound Artist - Huey Lewis And The News Title - Sports
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    Gave up LPs in ‘83 and switched to CDs for this and other hassles associated with analog (noise). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Eastanollee/30538/2329017 Klipschorns, Belle Klipsch, La Scalas, some good electronics.
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    Not my GT Mike. I did do a ceramic coating maintenance on the Z435is this morning. Wash, apply Modesta Smoke, dry, apply Modesta Blast. Going over the entire car 3 times left me a bit tired.
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    You left out hanging around Del Taco.
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    This album is timeless for its beauty Recorded when this artist was 20 years old, and first released in 1961 Artist - Joan Baez Title - Volume 2 ( Self Titled ) This album is a remastered reissue On Vanguard VSD-2097 US release 1987
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    ... o O (well, Happy National Coffee Day - Oct 1 2019)
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    I hope he (she?) bites you for that.
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    Well I was having a cocktail so I guess it counts: So I am sitting on the couch, watching TV, listening to our H.S. football game and attending to the puppy's belly rub when the back door is thrown open and my Aggie son appears unannounced. First visit since he departed in August. What a nice surprise!!!
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    Kinda nice when ya start and all of a sudden things just start falling into place like ya knew what you were doin! lol Well, kinda maybe!
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    Lol! Yep. That’s what I do. I troll to find ways to get ideas on the next klipsch speakers. That’s why I am the chief bonehead......
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    Ok, Ok i think im being "Hazed" into the current following, i can handle it, beats being "Jumped In".......
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    That sounds terrible. But what it actually was didn't sound bad, depending on the green sauce. The Cod traveled a good ways to get to the desert. Was at a restaurant in Arkansas once and someone with us asked if i was going to try raw oysters ? I said no, I never traveled over 8 hours from a coast to trust a raw oyster that traveled just as far.
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    Finally finished this project. I've posted on this in Tech Mod section on the build. I totally removed all finish on these, cut off the front 1/2" edge that surrounds the grill frame, installed neo magnet on the front to mate with the magnets I installed on the original grill frame (with new cane grill cloth), veneered the fronts, sides, and tops with aircraft grade quartered figured etimoe veneer. I applied 6 coats of wipe on poly satin then wet sanded and applied wax with 0000 steel wool for a very smooth finish. I installed a front to back brace with 3 screws on the back panel, installed new Bob Crites 1228 woofers, new Sonicap caps on the mids and tweets, new electrolytic parallel cap on the woofers, installed foam sealant tape on the back screw strips. I have two emblems that come with these which I haven't attached yet so the new owner can do so with his/her choice of glue/tape. Consecutive serial numbers 139X001 and 139X002 The grill frames automatically attach when you put them on the fronts. Components are Crites 1228 woofers, K52H mid drivers and square maGNET K-77 tweets. Someone needs to give these a new home!!! Perfect Christmas gift! Will post more photos after I resize them. $750.00. I'm located in Little Rock. Thanks. Longdrive03 Longdrive03
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    Steve - you asked about the humidity. It hasn't bothered me and my skin likes the moisture. The drier climates are starting to do me in. While in the Philippines at Christmas, we were with family in Palawan. It was about 75 at night and 85 during the day with a nice breeze off the ocean. Yes, got a little warm in the sun, but it was nice. Manila would suck... hot, crowded, too many people and dirty air.
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    Love the finish on that cabinet. The topless pic of the house looks like alot of work, and I don't just say that about anything. I thought the same thing, not me, I'm not scared of heights just scared of falling, well the stop anyway.
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    The doctor was trying to get me hooked on some meds as that is the answer for everything these days. I refused and started exercising. Lifting and walking. And eating better! As my ol buddy Hippocrates always told me. ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’
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    Spaghetti sandwiches here 😋 Okay I'm twisted...Cold Chili????? I love it
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    Just a handful of keepers at my 50th reunion. Ever notice how sometimes the lookers back then have faired the worse while some mousy ones blossomed? That seems fair. Ever think you would be checking out 70 year olds😑 Lunch out at a bar-b-q joint. Had fried chicken, taters with gravy, and collards. LF on the road again. Stopped and bought blue cheese stuffed olives for martini night. Still liking the Reyka okay.
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    Hey, in 1971, those first two did not even exist yet in my high school when I graduated! You need to take a time-out and re-figure this method to get our answers to the security questions for our bank accounts and such! You are leaving way too many of the forum members out of contention...do you realize how many of us are drawing Social Security retirement checks nowadays?? Maybe replace "stoner" with outdoorsman as into hunting and fishing and camping...and "nerd" can be replaced with studious and/or productive.
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    Not picking on you but, I had too much to dream last nite...Still have one LP of their...coolish man
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    suffocating real music lovers with genesis. Arrest and Treason?
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    * He’s is a sarong for Gawds sake. At that point, color is irrelevant — . Hopefully he didn’t outshine the bride 👰—
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    What a great collection Yes you must find it to complete it I have been doing that in my collection for a few years now Filling in holes in the collection can be hazardous to my wallet as well 😃
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    Popping in to say "hi" and thanks for still remembering me! Happy late birthday, dtel And yikes, I need to change my avatar. I do not look that young anymore. lol
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    Quik break from work. This was water pipe elixir back in the day, 40+ years?
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    @dirtmudd My best to both of them.
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    I remember it and a lot of other tunes of his played on the pseudo jazz station. At the time it seemed like great chick music for dates but I could never lower myself in reality to spin it.
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    @billybob & @Dave1290 some good crooning and picking the last few posts. "Brand New Key" darn near forgotten that one, fun stuff! Blues Magoo version started out with Doors-like keyboards! You say Tobacco Road I say Smith, Valvano & Krzyzewski 🤘 🤘 The order isn't important anymore they are legendary!
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    That's what I like best about winter in Arkansas, and the south,.....it's still easy to smoke/grill stuff.
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    Retired from the military then from the county government. i play the guitar and make interesting comments on the klipsch forum.
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    Hi guys I’m sure this is the wrong place to ask this question I have a new pro-ject essentials 3 table Want I do t understand is this On the anti skating weight and wire that hooks onto the tonearm. Why is it behind the Pivot point and not in front of it To me, I would think that if it’s behind where it swings from let to right. That it should make it pull to the right! Not to the left As the LP spins and the needle is in the LP The anti skate should help it to be more on the center of the grove. Here’s a pic of the table and hopefully someone can educate me on this and tell me if I’m thinking backwards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ... stationed somewhere in Germany in the 1970s. I know the chances are slim you'll read this. But I want to let you know your Heresy I speakers have found a warm home and I'm not a collector, but a music lover, like yourself, I guess. I'm enjoying listening to them as I'm typing this, and they sound fantastic! I recently bought this pair of nice Klipsch Heresy I speakers in Brussels, Belgium. The seller, a collector, told me he bought them in an audiophile shop in Germany 4 years ago. According to him, they were previously owned by an American military person stationed in Germany. They were sold to the shop when the soldier returned to the US. Apparently, quite a few Klipsch speakers arrived in Europe like that. If this is true, I would like to greet you through this forum and let you know how much I enjoy listening to them. I can tell you took good care of them and I will do the same. They just needed some dusting off and walnut oil to make them shiny again. Now they are good for another 47 years, I guess!
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    I agree with this. OSHA standards have been lowered from a 90 db max. down to 85 foro 8 hour exposure. When the amplitude goes up by 3 db, you have to cut the time in half. Otherwise, there WILL BE HEARING DAMAGE. Much like PWK, who lived to be almost 100, I want to keep my hearing as long as I can. I only crank it up for short demos, because I can. Besides. keeping things at about 83 db, the modern standard, will give you plenty of enjoyment, lower distortion, and no fatigue.
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    Funny you say that. The bigger my speakers get the more I find my level at 80 to 85db since I want to hear all the detail I can. Poor recordings or lesser speakers and turn it up was the rule for a long time here. Now I do still turn some things up but rarely past 95db. With metal walls and large flat hard surfaces everywhere loud is the enemy of fidelity in my shop.
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    The first gen horns have metal throats/flanges and have dull mat finishes (and crack/warp easily if exposed to direct, hot sunlight, etc.) the second gen horns are 25 pounds weight and are darker and shinier looking the 3rd gen horns weigh 15 pounds and are grayer looking with a mat finish
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    KMAH is negotiating the purchase of a house in downtown Hope for use as a multi-purpose venue. Since a final agreement is not yet signed, I'll post few specifics that would identify the building. Listening areas for setting up gear are abundant, and close proximity to motels make it an ideal spot for Pilgrimage use. The plan is to have the venue available for next year's Pilgrimage. A formal donation campaign may be several weeks away, but I want to initiate donations specifically in memory of Forum members no longer with us. There are too many, and doubtless, some immediately come to mind to each of us. They can be memorialized at this venue; my idea is to have a memorial wall, but there are other ideas, too. If you want to donate in memory of someone, post in this thread simply, "I'm donating in memory of____________." and send your donation. Seti posted the link. This thread will be a record of memorial names. I'm donating in memory of Scott Yocum/Pappy III. SSH
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    I’m still working on a bottle of Weller Antique -- been spending more time with the Fortaleza Tequila.
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    https://youtu.be/QCksgN7kiv4 The video explains why NOS tubes are the only way to go! For the past 60 years I have used NOS (of course, most were new stock back in the day!) exclusively and the reliability has been outstanding. This includes my years doing TV, radio, and audio equipment repairs on units which were often very poorly ventilated. Maynard
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    If your living on Social Security it is. JJK
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    i’d get the audiologist to write a letter stating what they discovered, and then i’d demand that my warranty period start anew.
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    Turn your hands so they oppose each other at 90 degrees, put them together, put the "outside" of your thumbs together. Blow between the gaps of your thumbs and raise/lower the fingers of one hand to make the unique whistling noise that was used for this music The trumpet part finishes it off very nicely and gravel-ly!
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    Pot and boobs. What's not to like?
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