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    I didn't get candy for Halloween this year, but I did get something slightly better....
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    As I alluded to in CC and C thread yesterday these things are making sweet sounds in my man cave. Thanks to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, @Trentster5172, @Chris A everyone at Klipsch and Assoc. Hope AR and most especially to @Chief bonehead. I've got more fine tuning to do. Chris I have the UMIK and a microphone stand but still waiting for a laptop(guess I have to order one before it will show up). I will get back to you when I get it. But so far the settings for the TADs sound pretty darn good to me. Also I have some veneering to do. And cable routing and clean up etc...etc....Oh and listening. Forgot, thanks @cincymat for the XP 4080
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    I thought there might be a special section of this forum for new member introductions but a search revealed that the most likely place would be in this section. I'm sure I could lurk here indefinitely gleaning mass quantities of information about Klipsch speakers that I couldn't find anywhere else but I thought I should introduce myself anyway. I've already found quite a lot of information which has helped me figure out how to proceed with some cosmetic repair as well as performance updates to the new/used Heresy I speakers I recently purchased. Attached is a "before" photo of one of these speakers. They'll never be beauty contest winners but I think with some new grill cloth and a bit of cleaning and treatment of the finish they won't look embarrassing. In terms of sound the plan is to update and replace the crossover components too. I'm not a newcomer to Klipsch speakers however. My high school band director in the early 70s introduced us to Klipsch with a pair of corner horns in the band hall. I've been hooked ever since then. He also had taught band in Hope, Arkansas and used to recount stories of working at the plant during the summers and having discussion with Paul Klipsch about music and speaker design. I had always been intrigued by these stories - not all of them about audio necessarily. Both had a great sense of humor. He had a two track reel to reel tape deck (made by Bell) in a custom made wooden carrying box that PWK used to carry with him in his airplane when traveling to do audio demonstrations. He passed that tape deck onto me when I was in college and then sometime later - late 80s or 90s - I made a trip through Hope, stopped at the museum, and donated the machine to the museum. Of particular note about this tape deck was that the "Bell" in Bell Electronics had an extra "e" penciled in to the name making it "Belle". I"m not sure if the museum actually put it on display since I haven't been back since then to find out. The first Klipsch speakers I ever purchased were a set of KG4 that I bought new. It was all I could afford at the time. A few years later and back when I was in a house that had room for bigger speakers I ended up buying a pair of La Scalas (maybe two pair on two different occasions if I remember correctly), selling them, then buying two different pairs of Klipschorns (but not at the same time). The first pair were mismatched from different years and different finishes but the second pair (after I sold those) were matched and wonderful! A series of moves made it impossible to keep them however. After that the KG4s kept me in Klipsch sound until buying these Heresy speakers just a few weeks ago. I've always been intrigued with the design and have a set of technical papers that my former high school band director gave me. One of the things that I believe makes horn loaded speakers, and especially Klipsch because they do it well, so appealing to me is the reduction of intermodulation distortion caused by limiting the amount of diaphragm movement through coupling to a horn. It's strange but I rarely see this mentioned in defense of the design. Efficiency, sensitivity, and controlled directivity is mentioned but the lower distortion, especially from high volume and high level transients, is not talked about so much. I credit that aspect with being one of the reasons that I believe they reproduce brass music (I am a brass player, trombone specifically, as if you couldn't guess from my user name) so well. To me the brass section of orchestras doesn't sound realistic through most other speakers. The brass section my come through loud on other speakers but there's no power behind it. Not only did my band director influence me in my preference for Klipsch speakers, he also contributed to my decision to become a band and orchestra director 40 years ago - and now, after 35+ years of teaching, a professional trombonist. So, here's my latest project. The little Heresies are just about the perfect size for my small office/practice room. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's interest and experience with their Klipsch speakers and learning more about these great speakers! Ken
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    I've posted this before. You may remember it.
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    Maybe they though the comparing a Klipsch horn with the horny Bill Clinton was redundant?
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    Check out the fall colors with this view from my front door today.
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    Been Lurking for some time now. I had a lower end system that I bought about 13 years ago. And because of this forum I decided it’s time for a new system. I keep hearing (reading) all great things about the Forte III. Earlier this week I made a 6 hour round trip to listen and possibly buy some Forte III. After just a few minutes of listening I knew these were the ones. Even my wife was impressed and she usually doesn’t care about stuff like this. Then of course i had to get a new receiver so I decided on a Denon AVR X3500H (plenty of a receiver for me). This system will hopefully last me a very long time. Next will be a new tv. My tv is about 15 years old but we don’t watch enough tv to justify getting one any time soon. We have never had cable or satellite. We do occasionally rent a movie. We just have music as background noise 24/7. Anyways thanks to this forum for leading me in the right direction. I’m giving my old system to my son. He just got his first apartment and is very excited. 😜 Old system: Pioneer 5960, Synergy F2’s, RC52 and a couple of Klipsch 12”sub.
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    This is an open letter I sent to the company today...I wanted to share here too. Happy Birthday Paul W. Klipsch! I would love to tell the old man that a few more times. I have been to a few of his birthday parties. I think my favorite one was his 96th. My wife at the time and myself were invited to visit them at a friend of theirs home in Hot Springs. We met with Steve and Becky Phillips there. They had just been to Hope for the first Pilgrimage and received the invite from Mrs. Valerie. Once we all were there, we ate, talked and listened. That’s right, we set and listened to Khorns with PWK on his birthday. In my book that has a supper high cool factor. Not long after that, Klipsch offered Steve a job and he and family moved up to Indy and I made a new best friend. I would like everyone to take a min. to think about their job and that PWK made that posable. We owe a ton to that man and I for one am very thankful. When Paul passed, I told Valerie that Gabriel needed help with his horn so they called Paul up to help. I look forward to hearing that horn someday. Trey Cannon – Systems Engineer
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    No matter your political leanings/beliefs, John McCain deserves our respect and admiration. He is a hero, someone who put his service to this country above himself. I am compelled to start another thread because I feel so strongly with respect for this great man. Courage, integrity and passion are but a few words to describe him. You all know the rules. Please do not cause this thread to be locked. Thank you.
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    Hey Steve....chew your food and take your medicine.
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    My wife's birthday is Friday. She has wanted a gazebo for some time. I saw this kit at Costco and decided this was the time to get it done. My 12 year old son Auston and I built this done over about 3 days. We didn't work at it too hard and just took our time. Anyway, my wife Michelle seems to love it. What do you think?
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    Hey folks ...back again after an extended absence. Had some medical stuff (kidneys) to take care of and may have some more. BUT ...no excuses. Been negligent in staying in touch. Thank you again - so very much - to Tarheel (Chuck) and MKP (Mark) for getting in touch and expressing concern. I owe ya. Feeling pretty chipper these days and even cranking up the 'ol B-3 again. Good to be back!! Chuck
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    I guess I see it a little different. People come and people go. I don't remember Cigarbum having a riff with anybody for example? Also, sometimes people just need to get their priorities back in order? I haven't had cross words with anybody but I certainly might find something more constructive to do as soon as tomorrow. If I disappear, don't take it the wrong way. I just need to get off the computer and actually DO something!!!
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    You are correct. Time is money and very few shops are going to troubleshoot to component level. I spent over 20 year in electronics from audio to satellite tracking. I have worked on through hole parts and surface mount. With surface mount good magnification is a must and while you can use a solder iron, hot air is the way to go. Here is a picture of my work bench at home. My trusty Leica microscope serves me well, especially as I get older and my eyes aren't what they used to be. It's all about the tools, if you want the job to be easier.
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    Morning yet again gang Wife up and assisting with killing the pot of coffee. Taking a breather from project parts sourcing. Buggin the wife for Bacon, stated it's Vet week you should shower me with all things that have not killed me Yet. Weather Drama Queens keep breaking into the local programming stating rain is coming, like a tornado warning back east. Hope everyones Monday is easy.
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    Wish I had me a mustard biscuit, uh huh.
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    Did the same thing last year but in Aug,(not as colorful) try to go check out the waterfall close to the end of the Skyway it's easy to get to and pretty big. I can't remember the name but there is a sign it's on the Tellico side of the parkway. We spent one Saturday just parked on the Dragon watching cars and bikes pass buy, our daughter and husband rode there bikes a few times on the tail. I've ridden that area quite a bit, but I haven't scratched the surface of all the great scenery. I'm thinking about retiring around there. I wouldn't blame you at all, it's a great looking area. We have been there a lot but like you there is much more we haven't seen, my favorite time of the year is fall with the colors. Since you will be in the area Fontana dam is nice and a very curvy road to get there. https://www.tva.gov/Energy/Our-Power-System/Hydroelectric/Fontana-Reservoir
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    Happy Thursday, gang. Just got word that we're grandparents again! Grandson William was born a few hours ago to my beautiful daughter and wonderful son-in-law. Healthy (7lbs 9oz) and happy. Have a great day. Pretty sure that I will!! Cheers.
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    Just went to my profile to edit my current set up and noticed it's been 14 years today since I joined the forum. While some of you gents have aged I look remarkably the same😉 Funny when I joined Carl had a full head of hair and richieb was still handsome! Oh well...........
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    Well, it's been well over 2 years since I've shared in this thread what my home theater looks like. It has certainly changed a lot. If a picture is worth a thousand words...well, hope you enjoy the video.
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    After 6 years in the band. Senior night.
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    My new Heresy III's in East Indian Rosewood arrived today, part of a system for my office. This is my first pair of horn loaded speakers... my assumption is they need some decent run-in time. I've got them running-in all night tonight. So far I prefer them bi-wired with basic 12 gauge wire. I've got a pair of Canari speaker cables on order and will install next week. Amp is a Yamaha 501SL and MacBook Pro as a streaming source. Any set-up advice is welcome.
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    HA! Could not resist, so just fired up the little point and shoot, zoomed in and this is one of the MANY on the maple as mentioned.. Enjoy
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    Hello, I've been a Klipsch enthusiast for many years. My humble setup.
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    Good Monday Morning gang I know it's been a day or two when i come on here and spend 20Min reading/Likes. We have FINLEY had some rain. 2" in the last two day's, yesterday it rained 7hrs straight. Spent the last three day's amassing a broad spectrum of HD/UHF Antennas, all were assembled and waiting for and A/B test to see just what they could drag in. Pic's later today, i tested from pricey to cheap, Amp and NoNAmp, looking for the most mileage and channels. Results : Will save you a bundle, the "Pricey" one's lost out.
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    I made contact through FB with the wife of a friend who passed away in March. I told her that her late husband and I hung out together during college days and shared music/equipment as a hobby. She replied that he still pursued that hobby and was constantly upgrading his gear. She further revealed that she had just sold his 5000+LPs to a gentleman and will sell his equipment "cheap" if someone will come pack it up and take it away. I asked her to take pictures and forward them to me when she gets a chance. The names she could recall included Conrad Johnson mono amps and preamp, and Martin Logan Arias speakers. She said he had a turntable and a phono preamp, racks, patch cords, and original boxes. Knowing Dwayne he most likely had some top notch gear. I don't need more gear. That said I would like to have at least some of it for sentimental reasons. So if the price is right I may be taking a 14 hour road trip before spring when she will put the house up for sale.
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    Got me a motor home for the next pilgrimage!
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    Just got back from pigging out on crawfish, it was the 13th annual crawfish cookoff to raise money for Hospice house in Slidell Louisiana. Over 45,000 pounds of crawfish cooked by 60 different teams and I have say, It's a great deal. It is $35 to get in and all the crawfish you can eat plus 3 bands that played from 11-6. It's the second year we have gone and have no plans to miss any more if at all possible.
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    It's normally a family discussion for us. The Rottie that my daughter has now had an artificial hip installed when he was about 10 months old. He's 4 now and you'd never know it. At the time, my adult daughter, my wife and I had a long talk about it as the surgery wasn't cheap. I think each issue should be looked at individually on a case by case basis considering all factors including the age and health of your pet, your financial situation, odds of success, etc.
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    We got to go fishing this morning and had a blast catching Striped Bass on spoons at a lake near the house. Pictured are me and my son Auston with two of the fish we caught. The largest being about 15 lbs. Who loves to fish here?
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    Greetings! Been getting emails and messages from both forum members and people in real life checking on me. Seems that my self-imposed exile from society has been noticed. Figured I should force myself to break out of this melancholy and say something. I’m alive and secluded in an undisclosed location. Finally picked up a guitar on Saturday and again yesterday. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year is off to a great start. May be back later … I’m getting tired of talking to myself. Regards, Steve
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    Good monday afternoon gang Wife woke me from a great monday morning Nap and said if i want cookies for the month. it's a Costco run for the fixins. Cool, Polish Dog breakfast, Pub chaser, im enjoying a nice IPA wile snickerdoodles are in the oven. Wondering just what the hell to do with the leftover 8Lbs of candy?
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    Happy Halloween gang Wife picked me up a fresh bottle of the Duggans on her downtown run. Coffee tasting mighty fine this morning. It appears Joe will be the next up for the BS cult membership, good luck with that Joe. 81, Dry, projected here today. they say rain sun/mon, we shall see. Going for the third cup, have a safe trick or treat evening
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    Morning gang Friday, pre-Halloween day eh ? Looking at 80s, and feeling "Moist". Nothing really planned, more coffee and think about that one. 10+ Lbs of candy stock, could run out, never know, and noway to predict.
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    Good evening everyone.............just went through TWO days of postings!! Mark, you are funny as always, try not to over work that body! (for it needs to mainly nap - 'specially after a jaunt on a mini bike!) Ceptor, great on the fall tour..............here in New England, we are reaching peak season and it is beautiful right in my own back 40! HOWEVER, to let you all know, we are leaving for our usual and annual trip to Ogunquit MAINE in the later morning, but will have the laptop and iPad for staying in touch with you all Keep you updated from up north with photos etc... Have a good evening my friends... ............Gary......................
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    Well it sounds good now.....oh yea..... MKP :-) That's an album I will never get tired of listening too. I know DSOTM gets most of the attention, The Wall and Wish You Were Here are both just as good. Actually….I think Wish You Were Here is the best album they did. (okay….let me have it)
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    As Marvin Gaye said, "What's Going On?" Today, not much. Just do some work, go home and repeat the same tomorrow.
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    Jackson is home; they reattached his cecostomy tube. They are going to study his bowel further before doing a resection.
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    Ok, just a few for now. This is the downstairs of the lake house, someone was hired to do the painting, the ceiling and walls, trim is the only thing left to be painted. Also a pic of the outside, the lake (78 acres) is being lowered for work on the back shoreline, it was about 24" down in this pic.
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    Hello ladies Just got home tonight, it was fun but glad to be back home.
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    Hey guys ... busy morning so I missed you earlier. Tried to catch up on 'likes' and sorry if I missed any. Other than that (?), I don't have a damn thing to add!! Gonna try to play some tunes this afternoon. Actually been working on an old (1920's) tune by Jelly Roll Morton of all things. Fun stuff. Later .....
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    Wow, do tell! This is my half brother. We were not raised together, but I've always known he was my brother. However, he didn't even know I existed until six or seven years ago we made contact via Facebook. He has been living in Alaska for quite a while. He and his wife sold everything they own and hit the road to travel the US about a month or so ago. He finally made it to our home yesterday evening. What a great story. Thank you for sharing it and please keep us posted as it unfolds. So nice to hear about a family coming together for a change. Not much to report out here except better half got tickets to see Diana Krall at Red Rocks (Morrison, CO) this evening. It's quite an outdoor venue. The weather looks a little iffy but I'm sure we'll perservere! hang in there guys and cheers.
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    We get the ones that say how much to fix my check engine light? They've already replaced every part under the sun to the tune of several hundred dollars yet only come here as a last resort because we're "too expensive". They'd rather throw parts at something than pay for someone competent to actually diagnose their problem.
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