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    My little sister Marge lost her battle with Cancer Monday 💔
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    I ordered my first Heritage series pair of Klipsch's and went with the flagships. The wait is both the hardest part and most fun. I'm a little discouraged by how long it's taking to process everything, though. Order date was July 27. The Klipsch rep said they would be done with production by middle to 3rd week in August and could expect shipment at the end of the month. It's now September 25 and still no clear word from Klipsch on when they'll even be done with production, let alone a shipping and arrival date. For the owners that have waited on their custom build, is the wait time usually this long?
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    Another JT evening here with some very familiar tunes included! Bound like a book complete with several pages of pictures. @MicroMara It is hard for me to stop when I get started with particular groups
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    Like the face mask @Dave1290 Come to think of it, my copy of that fantastic record has Micks face behind a sheer curtain or veil thing like a mask! That head in the tomato sauce is just gross... bleeeeaaaa * oh and so is that guy in the g string kind of worse that than big-uns in leotards at the grocery store when I was in FL.
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    Last year i picked up some very beat up 1979 Heresy speakers from an Ebay seller. They were in bad shape but I was looking for a project to play with and try my hand at veneering. Early on I changed the woofers to Crites woofers and later I changed out the capacitors, stripped off the old messed up veneer and lined the speakers with acoustical foam. I then added some slant risers from Bob Crites. I set these up as my surround speakers and they were a major upgrade from the small speakers I had been using in that situation. Lately Ive been bored and decided to take the Heresys to another level. I decided to change out the klipsch tweeters and replace them with Dave As SMAHL tweeters. After texting with Claude I decided to take them all the way to the Super Heresys that Dave and Caude have been building for a number of years. Claude helped me by giving me a great deal on a pair of Klipsch K-42-KP. woofers. I added a rear 4" port to the back of the speakers and just fired them up and WOW!!!!! The bass is so much stronger - extremely more punchy and the midrange also has more oomph. Very clear now and quite impressive. Just finished them up a few minutes ago so I have not had a good listening session yet but they are obviously at another level. I must thank Dave A for his amazing Smahls and his assistance and Claude for spending years dialing in these Supers This forum has a lot of talented people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience and help out other fellow audio enthusiasts. Thanks Dave and Claude - ps - I knew that Daves Smahls would be great because I changed out my Klipsch tweeters for Dave A's Lmahl tweeters on my Forte Ones and that was an amazing upgrade. I wonder if anyone wants to buy my Crites woofers and my original Forte or heresy tweeters?
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    A B AB D T The world of trade offs on any engineering design With the Heritage - retro Klipsch the efficiency makes the A decision more affordable and a reasonable weight .5 watts on the LaScallas is screaming, 2 watts is unbearable in my space
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    Retiring next week, so I should have some time to think it over and get figured out.
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    All this streaming probably use CDs as a source. How can they claim they are better than CD? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have my Forte III's in a smaller-to medium sized office along with a smaller surround setup and I think they sound great. I know the room isn't the perfect listening room- but with a bit of room treatments it works well.
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    Goats Head Soup? Sure why not give it a spin? Clean as a whistle! New covid mask but still trying to decide whether to frame it or wear it to jam night tomorrow night.. lol Maybe some lil hottie or oh well never mind... 😂 😎
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    What I have are a pair of Klipschorns that I have painstaking modded with no expense spared below is a list up upgrades Volti 2” horns ALK-5800/ES400 crossovers with ES400 audience caps upgrades built by well know Mark from the forum BMS-4592nd midranges DE-120-8 tweeters with fastrac horns I ordered current model Klipsch badges ( Lascala II type) Western Electric approved 14ga wires I have owned many pairs of Klipschorns and these are by far the best sounding Klipschorns I have ever owned. I bought these from the estate of the original owner that listed them here .and they are a solid 8.5 condition with only very lite marks on the top that you have to look at with a light to see. I will post a picture of the fronts and if anyone wants more pictures I can email them. The sound of these speakers are crystal clear and solid deep bass.Sound great with single end triode,push pull tube amps and dynamic and lifelike with solid state.Must pick up in Sevierville,Tennessee
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    or ------same but more money on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Klipsch-Palladium-Tweeter-K-151-OB-129112-for-P37F-P38F-P39F-More/202778009925?hash=item2f3682e145:g:VQwAAOSwmzFde638
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    Hi @Erwinegal and welcome 👍 Read This nota : On the other hand, I do not know what this guy has taken apart: terminal block, woofer, ... to get there
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    Found this in a Radio Maintenance magazine from 1951. Maynard
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    This is a Youtube channel I subscribe to. These guys do kayak tours where they live and noticed all these seals entangled in fishing line and the like. Decided to free them and post daily vids of these little rescues.
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    Pair in Tampa, 1500...black as sin.
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    From the vault LP # 39 from over 40 and getting close to the end Another brilliant jazz fusion album that “many say“ along with the last album is “Musically “ at the peak of perfection It’s a must listen to album but it must be more than once @MicroMara Artist - Return To Forever Featuring Chick Corea ‎ Title - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Return-To-Forever-Featuring-Chick-Corea-Hymn-Of-The-Seventh-Galaxy/release/1002060 Its a German release and the cover art differs from the normal release
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    One of my favorite NFL players. He was so smooth on the field, that full speed change of direction was a pleasure to watch. Him and Butkus were first team All Pro as rookies, that only happened twice, and 54 years apart. RIP, reunited with Brian Piccolo.
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    Yes, and for sure, if you can get away you should come down. The place is huge. I can attest to that, but a friend would have carefully calculated the route and mileage, told me which side of the road it was on, look for the sign that isn't lighted, it's not on a red dirt road, you know, some useful information. Full disclosure, this has been the road trip from hell, which usually doesn't happen to me, so, here's how it went. Altered plans due to Beta and left a day later than expected, forgot to pick up @MookieStl and about 10 miles into Kentucky, pulled over in the rest area and started the bourbon search, called ahead and was told they had everything, including Weller 12 and it was only 5 miles away, but I had to exit off and head back North a few miles to get to the liquor store, no problem, except I'm dragging a trailer and thought I was going to rip the jack off (yes, I said jack off), because the parking lot was tiny and pretty big grade changes, but hell, they have Weller 12........................not, lying bastard$. Get back on the interstate, no big deal, but in the 15 minutes it took me, there was a major accident, just past the rest area I stopped at, 3 tractor trailers and 1.5 hrs later and I'm on the road again, but not going to make it to Memphis, so I'll push and at least make it to Nashville. I stopped at no less than 5 other liquor stores only to confirm that those bastard$ in KY that own the stores don't have actual bourbons that I'm looking for, and if they did, they charge 2,3, even 4x's the normal price................but one nice fellow let me know that the pappy and weller release was postponed until October and I could come back then, right, bastard$. It's all good, don't care and onto Nashville, where I try to rip the jack off a few more times because it's a poor design with horrible clearance, but they gave me a great deal, since mine hasn't been built yet and it's a rental, so, "drag it like you stole it". Get to the West side of Nashville, so I don't have to fight traffic in the morning and check into a Hampton, cause you know, if you stay there 100 times you get a free night stay next to a liquor store that might get the bourbon you're looking for and only charge you 4x's the price, anyway, I had pulled up the rate on my phone, $87, fine, same rate I'm paying in Hope but the girl behind the desk, must be related to the people that own KY liquor stores and lets me know, because I'm an honors member that she can get me a room, in the her fine hotel, that is 20% full, for a great rate of of $129, bitc*, out to get my phone because I had to show her the rate I pulled up minutes before, I did and she told me to get that rate, I need to book it on my phone and pay for it that way..........................bitc*, I said, "that's pretty stupid and I know you can do an exception and change it yourself" so $97 it was. LOL Yes, another paragraph, but I have to get all of this out now, although it's going to be better after bourbon for sure. I go to park "the rig", and of course, out of all the Hampton's I've stayed at over the years in 10 or more states, you can't pull around this one................the bastard$ put trees on the rear of the hotel instead and now, if not for my trailering prowess, a hole lot of swearing I get to back the thing out around corners because there was no other way. I'm out, great, then realizing I just over payed for a room that I might have to park 500 yards away and walk. I did get it maneuvered around and put it in so that nobody could be a dumb *** and park me in. ( one small success) Realize, I forgot my My Pillow, I'm really hungry so Waffle House and coffee sounded great................................didn't really sleep all that much, should have done Waffle House and bourbon. We're not done yet. Pulled up the weather this morning and found out that Beta decided to move a bit North than had been projected and seemed to put I-40 in the center of the rain from Hope to Nashville, great, I really wanted to go to Dave's and check out his gear (not junk), but this could be a long drive and if the rain gets to heavy, I'll just stop and get a room I thought, so back in the truck, and I'll check out a few liquor stores in the area and look for a specific Belle Meade that Carl sent me a picture of. I first went to Publix, right across the street, pretty flat and a big parking lot, great, except it's not a liquor store, just beer and wine......................yes, lying bastard$, but they did send me to a great store about a mile away that the prices were amazing, huge selection, except for anything that's made at Buffalo Trace, including Weller, but there it is, the Belle Meade that Carl said I should look for. Today, was going to be a great day indeed. Snapped a pic, sent it to Carl to show him the my score, and his text back, well it's close, fuc&! I should have looked a little closer at the picture, but hey, he also said it should be good, so still a decent day, and on the road I go. That's all for tonight, but there's more, much more. I'll finalize the adventure tomorrow when I realize someone stole the trailer with my gear in it.
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    He and Brian, playing together again.
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    I was not entirely correct about A/B after some thought. The best analogy I have ever heard was by Nelson Pass. He compares it to two runners in a baton race. In class A one runner takes the baton and runs as fast as he can and never passes the baton. In class B the runner runs as fast as he can then stops then passes the baton and the other runner then he takes off. In other words the transistors cut on and off depending on when they have to go to work. In class A/B the runner with the baton runs as fast as he can then slows down and passes the baton at say a trot to the other runner at a trot and he takes off. Both the positive working transistor and the negative working transistor are biased some from complete off before running as fast as possible, at least at the operating function built into the design. In other words they never completely cut off when transferring the current or voltage. The speed at transfer of the baton is what is called bias of a transistor at idle. Below that point both transistors are working in Class A below that point. I hope this clarifies my understanding of the difference between A/AB/ and B. There are better descriptions on the web from people that have a much better understanding of the classes then I do. Wonderful we have youtube with very knowledgeable people describing the operation of electronic circuits. Great teachers.
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    best deal is to buy a used amp at low prices , as a non operative , and repair it -- the repairs can be , in most cases , quite trivial and simpler than other amps -
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    I have built all that have been published and many of the Zen versions as well. Recently had 7 complete ones running. Not at the same time of course.
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    I guess it was somewhat of a risk, but after reading all about them on this site and the reputation of Klipsch in general, I wasn't too worried. I did get a huge eyebrow raise from the wife, but once she heard them, she got it. I am sure that will apply to anyone else who hears them as well!
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    Look at this collective...
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    Fortunately, the rest of the world will continue to turn. There are always things that can be done, both small and large. I have no personal desire to stop learning via any self imposed stop-work orders. Interestingly, I'm not really a "driller" by nature (as the truly obsessive-compulsive fanatics used to be called during my sailboat racing days), but I always seem to find new things to do to improve the results...like anything else. I've found that when I learn about how to deal with little nagging issues that I hear, those little things often turn out to be big things, e.g., K-402-MEH, demastering music, phase-flattening crossovers and Jub configuration to achieve lower phase growth, controlling early reflections... ...and a myriad of other things not yet discussed. These make a big difference in sound when summed together, in my experience. And that's just over the past 5 years or so. What I listen to now has little resemblance (in terms of sound quality) to what I started with ~12 years ago with the arrival of the Jubs. Each time my wife mentions that she didn't think that the sound could get better, it gets better. There's no reason to believe this is going to stop in the near future. Perhaps the focus will shift to other subjects than just loudspeakers, room acoustics, and enjoying listening to music, etc. My own journey has been continuously disrupted by learning new things (whatever the subject). I hope to continue as long as possible. Chris
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    I recently found that out with a newer Yamaha HT receiver I bought used. Couldn't believe there were thousands of stations for just the Ambient genre. I have nothing right now to contribute except my jaw dropping.
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    Tampa is on fire ------Tonight ---Stamkos is not 100% , but he's playing great -
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