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    I do, and I use a medium grind and steep about 10-12 minutes. I enjoy very strong coffee. However, lately I have been doing the cold brew thing, with a device called "The Toddy Coffee Maker". Cold brew tastes head and shoulders better than hot brew coffee, and packs a serious caffeine kick, depending on how you end up diluting the end product. Very, very smooth, hardly any acid taste and very full bodied. Highly recommended.
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    At the risk of totally embarrassing myself, I'll post this antenna I made over 10 years ago to experiment with. It's in daily use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Saw this and looked, only 1 1/2 hrs south of me and great price. Look at the lower 3 or 4 inches. It's flooded down there in the last couple of years pretty bad, my uncle has a place there.
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    I don’t have any experience with either models but I have quite a bit of experience with both sub brands. I’d go REL all day. Build and sound quality is much higher with the REL. Klipsch does make great subwoofers but the past two Reference subs I have owned, left much to be desired. They do thump away but I miss the build quality of the RT/RSW lines. I am still hoping for a 15” sub with a build quality in line with the RF-7 iii.
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    @Dave1290 Shipping the Thorens TD160 The Thorens arm is in two pieces First remove front section with cartridge and place safely in a box and wrapped in foam Use an elastic band on the rear part of the arm that is connected to the bearing to the arm rest Remove lid and box seperate Remove the loose platter and box seperate Lift the bearing platter and place foam or styrofoam under it so the bearing sits above the seated position Then you tighten the two transport screws on the bottom of the plinth FR
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    From when I was 11yo until I thought I was ready for my own bills, I grew up in an ol farm house. One night, while listening to some, probably pothead, music, I heard a hum / buzzing noise similar to a transformer. I finally found that the noise preceded a puff of smoke from under some crown moulding in the dining room. The paramount excitement was red trucks with flashing light, power turned off, battle axes and chainsaws to dig into where it was smoldering. Similar to yours: there was a nail and a hot wire that did the hot dance. When my dad would tell the story, he would chuckle at what I said when I woke him up: "Dad, you might want to get up, the house is on fire." Glad you were so lucky. Like Dave said: ^^
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    No no, that takes all the fun out of it, watching them wiggle is fun.
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    He might have got lucky but it was really you who got lucky, no fire and the problem is fixed or will be now that you know where it's at.
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    I've had KG2's I bought new in 1986. For years, I ran them with a HK330i and thought it was a nice match. For the price you mention, the KG2 would be a nice grab. Recently ---- I thought the KG2's sounded a bit muddy/flat. So I modified them with titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites, and can say that it was well worth the money, at least for me. I didn't realize the KG2's were 4 ohm speakers, so not sure about your other questions with the 930.
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    I would think it will work well Joe! Like the other guy said let us know what you think. If anyone needs a real long distance antenna these are suppose to be very good.It has vhf also but it can work well for FM. https://www.dennystvantennare.com/hd-stacker-antenna-vhf-uhf-fm-digital-hdtv
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    Mike would know @dirtmudd By the look of them I would say Cornwall or Forte Now - do you know if the TD 160 is the updated model with the 10mm bearing and chassis treatment?
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    What grows in them, which send you on a trip without leaving the farm.
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    I thought about putting them in my Ks or my cornies but i have too many projects at this time.
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    Thanks. I wish I had thought of using door slabs before making my first corner "adjustment", but it was a good experience to learn how to stack and mortar some blocks to make a level, plumb and square corner.
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    Yes, and for this application, I prefer the 45mm thick solid core commercial door slabs, rather than the 35mm solid core residential doors.
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    I though that this was going to be 7 Belles. 💪
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    I make my corners by screwing a piece of angle iron to the edge of two door slabs. Then attached the slabs on a base or a cross brace to form a rigid triangle. Easier than building a stick frame and covering that with plywood. The door knob holes are in the right spot for feeding the wires through.
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    https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Eastanollee/30538/2329017 Klipschorns, Belle Klipsch, La Scalas, some good electronics.
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    ESR is the measurement of everything bad about a capacitor like poor connections inside between the wire lead and the foil or contaminated dielectric material. There is never a time you should want high ESR. You could taylor the sound using poor quality caps, but why do that? You want pure capacitance inside crossover caps and nothing else. If you want to EQ the sound, do it purely with an equalizer or a tone control, not with bad, and uncontrollable qualities of a cap. Bob Crites
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