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    I didn't know that need was to be considered. I have been fortunate in that there is no such thing as too loud while I am jamming inside. The neighbors would be able to hear the LaScalas played outside, but the neighbors can go inside. They can enjoy it or be pithed, there choice.
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    World record? They can plop a C-130 on a moving carrier without a hook. Someone needs to go back to misinforming people about crossovers and the value of LaScalas.
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    Thank you for the advice - it is very appreciated -
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    I've tried to preach this but people still want to mix and match. Like you said, that's on them. But some of the people who want to mix and match are the same ones who don't want to measure anything. Also I've seen situations where people actually do set up two identical amps but the gain wasn't set so it was all wonky and I had to explain all that. I keep half expecting some people to set things up and not realize that the gain isn't set up right. It already happens today. Just wondering how they're going to try to avoid this is all.
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    He was doing recording when he was younger, learning, always learning. He had made a 4 channel recording system, that worked spectacularly well for live events, using his own recorder, the MBS4. (Did you know you can record a 4 channel wav file?) The MBS was for Mallette Bicycle Shop, as I recall, what his father had. I think Ron (Lonelobo) could probably fill you in on more of his background. Travis could also tell you about work he did (or didn't do) on helping out with PWK's audio recordings.
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    https://www.klipsch.com/refurbished I just ordered my wife the Cinema 400 soundbar/sub combo for our anniversary at the end of the month. We've been using our One as a soundbar but she mentioned wanting to change to an actual soundbar. Some really good deals on there!
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    Just arrived but won’t spin till this or next weekend Pink Floyd PULSE - did not pay the $345 AU sticker price for record store day
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    McIntosh cabinets.com makes some real nice ones, but they aren't cheap.
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    There is still an existing RMHC board as far as I know, but their main emphasis is on an annual festival and local performances. They mostly refer to it as the Regional Music Heritage Festival now.
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    Me too. He was one of the good ones. He gave one of the best Piano Recording's I've ever heard. He did some good work.
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    I'm about a hour away. If she needs help when she relist's I'll try to lend a hand.
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    I have not heard the chorus I yet but I can guarantee you everybody on here is going to tell you to keep them…. I’m sure the heresy are good, but if I’m not mistaken the courses are on another level…
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    I think it’s about the most underrated thing McIntosh makes. I’ve heard just about any McIntosh separate you can think of at my dealer’s showroom. (They don’t have the 901s or the 2KWs and I wouldn’t spend that much anyway). If the separates sounded better I would have purchased them. I swear “separates-or-bust” people either sell stereo equipment or already own separates 🤣. That being said, I really want an MP1100, a Transrotor Zet3, and a Kiseki Purple Heart. But I’m not going to do it. I’m about $13K into gear, $2K into cables, and $6K into the speakers. It’s time to stop and enjoy. If it’s considered a bagging groceries until I get a real job type of stereo to audiophiles I’m okay with that. I’d love to hear their system, I suppose. (I bet mine sounds as good or better 😜)
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    People always hating on receivers 😜. I’ve heard plenty of nice systems with separates and, IMO, my stereo receiver to Cornwall IV system sounds as good or better 🤷‍♂️. It’s just an integrated amp w/a tuner attached
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    The HDMI port on The Fives is an HDMI-ARC port which has to be connected to another HDMI-ARC port. I've never seen an HDMI-ARC port on a PC but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I'm guessing that's what your problem is. ARC is "Audio Return Channel" and HDMI-ARC ports on powered speakers and soundbars are meant to connect to your TV's HDMI-ARC port to send the audio from your TV to the speakers. Check the specs for your Win10 PC to see if it has an HDMI-ARC port or HDMI only. -Skip
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    I'm 99% satisfied with my HT but glad my wife mentioned she'd like an upgrade for the living room. 🙂
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    There you go. I don't really need anything anyway. As I posted elsewhere in the Forum, I'm presently on a plateau of great satisfaction, with nothing crying out to be replaced or upgraded, and I'm loving the sound of my system. Actually, the next upgrade would be very expensive: a more isolated home, so that I could listen to my music loudly at any time of day or night without disturbing my neighbours. As it is, I do nearly all of my loud listening in the afternoons, when most of my neighbours are likely at work. There's more than one reason that I'll be glad to see the last of the pandemic.
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    Well I guess the hundreds or maby thousands of pictures of jets very close to the water are all photoshopped, the videos also. Not even counting me seeing them myself, that was just an illusion, more than once. Anyone "almost" who has been to the gulf coast has seen military jets and the Blue Angles doing this just for fun, not counting the airshows. A distraction then a sneak pass just to scare everyone.
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    Well, I appreciate a US (Likely) military plane ensuring the safety of a Canadian National Railway bridge. Bill is in the mail I'm sure.
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    Yes please note “PRELIMINARY “. 🙂
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    That would be easier on me but I kind of like it. Pondering wood in general and I have a couple of pieces coming in soon. There is such variety and beauty and while I can't make a lot of matching or nearly matching SMAHL's I can make near matching pairs. Out of wood like this. Northern Black Walnut and supposed to be much denser. This pair 2" x 27" x 48" so a fair number of tweeters in there.
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    Stunning news! Had the opportunity to meet Dave at the 2018 Pilgrimage.
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    A tribute to Dave; some will get it
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    Hated to hear this, it was suprising to say the least. RIP Dave I like how they described him “wonderfully eccentric”, that's dave. He would have loved that. .
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    WHAT?????? OMG!
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    Use a heat gun to loosen up the areas where the glue is still holding well, while gently prying the back panel off. Scrape the old glue off as much as possible on the panel and the inside of the cabinet where they meet. Check the front panel as well, it's not uncommon these both need to be done. When it's all set, use liquid nail for adhesive. Put a bead of liquid nail on the inside of the cabinet where the panel meets. I liked to go in the inside of the cabinet and run my finger on the squeeze out to make a nice seal. Clamp the panel down for 24-48 hours. Liquid nail takes 7 days too fully cure.
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    you could buy your forever amplifier and actually save money and enjoy more for longer. Buy a Benchmark AHB2 amplifier. It is the most low noise amplifier in the world and it also sounds amazing. On the weekend I took one of mine over to a buddy who has a pair of Kef Blades running on the big Pass Mono blocks 50 watts class A 600 watts class AB into 2 ohms. After just three hours he decided to buy an AHB2 and sell the Pass Mono Blocks. Its my forever amplifier.
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    It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Dave Mallette. I’m so saddened by his loss. Will post link to obituary shortly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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