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    I love my annual eye checkup. Dialate my eyes, play the this-way or that-way, first way or second way test for 15 minutes then take me out and want me to pick out new frames. Seriously? I can't even SEE the frames. I'll be back later! Then I can read the small tag with the price on them and go back home. Such a scam. They jacked me around over 1/4 diopter for years just to get me to buy new lenses. Amazed at that when I picked up my file and looked at it while I was waiting.
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    You know your day’s not going well when you get stuck behind a price check at the Dollar Store.
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    I understand your need to vent. Glad you weren't injured. I hope this image on one level makes you smile and not angry. I apologize in advance if you don't see the humor.
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    is your last name Rockerfeller? They do have 99 cent stores now.
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    Your knees or the Super Heresys??
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    More work needed on the room, but the KPT speakers are doing an excellent job with the tunes.
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    So, i met with a surgeon at the hospital today to discuss whether i should get surgery on my ears. After watching the tv screen and watching her peel layers of skin out of my ear canal and off the eardrum (it only hurt once), we decided against surgery ... well, i decided that and she agreed. She said even with a “perfect” surgery, there is no way that i can get my hearing back to normal, so I had to weigh the risks of surgery against the limited benefits. I have both mechanical hearing loss and loss from nerve damage. She did order a CT scan to see if there is Otosceloris on the Cochlea. But even if that is confirmed, it won’t change anything we decided today. i’m stuck with hearing aids for the rest of my life and when the hearing gets to the point that the hearing aids aren’t cutting it, then we can revisit the surgery. i do find it amusing that the doctors take out my hearing aids and then talk to me. I just give them a blank stare and then say, “i can’t hear a thing.” It’s funny because they get this look on their face like “ok, that was dumb of me."
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    Something easy listening from a French conductor For our French member @mustang_flht 🤟 Artist - Paul Mauriat Title - Greatest Hits
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    } There are plenty of deer, tens of thousands, here in and around the Midwest and the most likely time to engage a deer is during the rut, breeding season. There ain’t nothing you can attach to a vehicle i.e. deer whistle, that will stop a male from pursuing a female across a road, highway.
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    No. Not at all like wheels and tires. Speaker wire has no air pressure, don't spin and have NONE of the components a wheel and tire set have. You made a nonsense statement right out of Jabberwocky!
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    that's about the size of our living room.... 12 X 25 Only prob with my space, I have to put everything on the long wall. Speakers are ~12' apart, pretty well centered, toed in a lot. 60` or so. Lines cross a foot in front of MLP Otherwise, you have a LaScala right in your face. I'd love to set up on the short wall. Doorways don't allow. I have to question my wife's sensibility [that foregone conclusion. she married me]. She put a bunch of oldT shirts on the clothesline to get "washed" in the rain. So far, so good. Except [knew that was coming], they were all on hangers and the wind was blowing 30MPH. I picked them off the ground twice. The second time to bring them inside. Wife was "But, but, but" asked her if she was wanting to make "mud duds". if the wind had been a little stronger, they would have made it to the JujubeTrees and I would not needed to pick 'em up.
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    Ah see.. those are merely little gateways opening up for me to fully express my snark and begin the long troll (I'm Robert Redford in the Sting).
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    Here is another easy listening LP by the same artist Great memories from these tunes Artist - Paul Mauriat Title - Blooming Hits
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    Well said Thad, I feel the same. THERE ARE DAYS! But just sharing my personal challenges doesn't seem to be wise or relevant. Peace all ☝️👏
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    Yea, but those are the cleanest type AL's I have ever seen. Nice speakers, throw in a decent set of Type A crossovers are you are good to go.
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    Your knees, the Super Heresys, or the doctors?
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    Yes, but has copper changed since cars came with 78 series tires? Copper is copper. It's been around for a little longer than you and I.
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    Hi, Just joined the Epic club. I scored a set of CF3 version 1. Thanks for this thread, excellent information here. These need to be completely refurbed, so I will post pics on their journey back to OEM. crunchman
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    True... the current owner holds all manner of functions and parties there. Supposedly does a great Halloween party. There are a lot of other beautiful houses on this Drive, but this is the one that gets all the pictures.
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    Those are cool looking dragons and a little castle as well.
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    It is what is known in the trade as a "folly."
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    Pretty sure they are bronze. They are easily 8 feet tall, not counting the bases. One on each side of one of the driveways. Thee house is pretty huge, currently owned my a doctor. There was a moat at one time, but it cost them too much to keep all the plumbing a pumps maintained. It was built in 1928.
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    Careful this is a very slippery slope. If you are wanting to stay with the consumer line then I would look for some Chorus 1's or 2's next would be the Epic series either the "3" or "4" or the La Scala if you have the floor space for them. If you want to leave the lush gardens of the consumer side and jump over to the "dark side" then you should jump on either pair of KI-396's or 362's in the garage sale section and be done......at least done until you hear that sweet 402 horn on the jubs.
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    Lol, I guess you guys are unfamiliar with Wim Hof, The Iceman.
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    Just checked ... sold already
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    Progress! All hooked up and running. No critical listening yet, low volume at work for now. Grills next.
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    Check out blue jean cable ,great product and very reasonable .
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    them gals been eatin' too much spinach We have weather! Started right on cue. 11AM/ Light rain and thunder. Had me scrambling to get the wood ricked up and covered. Gathered a nice load w/o leaving "town". Wife doesn't like me going cutting solo. If something would happen, it would be BorderPatrol or smugglers to find me no cell coverage where I normally go. Wind is huffing and puffing.... from the south. Still warm/ish 55`. That's as good as it gets today. Cold front blowing thru today. All the curtain/plastic on the windows made a difference in the sound. Almost wanna bump the treble up. just checking cl. A pair of LS $1800 local. Wife and I are getting along good ... maybe a good time to test the waters? She'd shoot me
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    It’s not illegal to take a bubble bath.
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    ask and ye shall receive. Heresy IV - Spec Sheet - v01 (1).pdf
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    I don't believe they've been designed to do that for a long time. Each iteration has been designed to be Klipsch's best for the given size. And for sure the new one is better than the previous model... more even frequency response, better polars, lower distortion and better phase response. While we can blah, blah, blah about incorporating the diy crowds innovations, they are , in fact, a totally engineered solution by Klipsch.
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    Deer, ugh! Glad you're ok. Definitely did a number on that ride but you walked away from it, which is a good thing. Years ago a friend clubbed one and after sliding up the hood went thru the windshield and bled out all over him and the interior of his car. He said he was buckled up and couldn't get away from it. Talk about gross. Yuk! It'll sort out in time. Stand fast w/the adjuster and good luck!
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    I was going to say I had a slow leak in one of my truck tires, until I saw this. Sorry about your bad luck! My problem isn't bothering me as much now.
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    ^ Glad you are OK @Rivernuggets. Lobby hard for that being totaled. It will never be the same IMHO. Get a new one out of the deal.
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    Briefly... years ago I bought a pair of kp-301's (original EV-style squak/tweet) for a very good price, new, at a music store that didnt know what they were. Used them for years and then one of them slipped fell straight down while loading them, to the concrete and shifted the magnet on the woofer. later a wonderful benefactor offered a pair of LaScala woofers which I grabbed. They are apparently 8ohm drivers while the original 301 woofs were 4 ohm... so, a VERY thin sound. As an answer I chose to biamp since the crossovers are good with that. woofers on one channel of [power and the internal passive mid/hi on another. Marvelous. recently got them out of storage and have spent a few weeks tuning them up and balancing them. I had forgotten... ! The room they are in is not large but sounds very good and the lo end extends father than teh specs say teh 301's should with the original 15's (which were tuned for more power handling at the expense of deep lo end) What I think I would like to do is in some way slightly reduce the tweeter level relative to the midrange ... suggestions? These have the tweeter-protection thing on them
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    Exactly how DID you hold in the patient's flatulence? Enquiring minds want to know as one handed surgery can be tricky however another eh, appendage (don't think that terminology actually applies to what might have been used) could have possibly been used as a seal to prevent an olfactory annoyance while leaving two hands free.
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    You will be waiting a long time for further changes. I can't think of what else there is to change after this. The straight wall in the clamp plate was the only suggestion to change something and I really think this will be it. I have to laugh about mind sets over this whole episode. I designed something and it worked very well and so there I stayed with the first design. When this modification was suggested they asked why the bolt on clamp plate and not just bolting the driver to the horn lens. Of course this is impossible to do but I thought OK if I make the clamp plate the bottom 1/2" of the horn lens body the clamp plate can become a part of the horn lens cavity itself and I can do away with the straight wall in the clamp plate. It never occurred to me to do this from the beginning so here we are after I was prodded into rethinking what I had started with.
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    You guys are getting a bit silly here with this kinda stuff. What kind of GLUE have you been using? LOL.
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    I really need to stop buying these things
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    The 36th (really) movement of Dr. John Tennison's "Texarkanon: Symphony for Single Unprepared Piano" premiered last night at the Regional Music Heritage Center to a standing ovation last night. It took four Roland piano synthesizers handling 22 keys each due to MIDI having too much latency to maintain the 4400 notes per second reached in this monumental work. There is incredible thinking behind this piece that advances music into an are on timbre exploration and temporal relationships no one has dealt with before. The result engages the psyche in incredible ways. Frequency response goes to A0, 27.5 Hz. Last night, the performance was made perfect by two KI-396 speakers and an 1802 subwoofer set up by Jim Hunter in person. The presence of the sub, though completely out of sight, was palpable but blended seamless with the KIs. Only "mercilessly transparent" horns built with PWKs 8 Cardinal Points can resolve music this complex. Thanks to Jim Hunter and KGI for their support! Texarkanon_36.wav
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    I have the 691s on my Jubs and I have been enjoying. I can hear their limitations when it comes to clarity when comparing against my TAD 4002s across the room. They are not as clear nor as smooth as the TADs. But still, they are fine and I think they are the best 2" Klipsch driver I have heard in my systems. I can listen to them all night long and they sound great with any type of music. I am funny about drivers on Klipsch horns. You can surely find what you may say is a better sounding driver, and a driver that measures better. Yes you can. I have tried several. I have rejected a few because to me (my opinion), they stray from what I consider to be the "Klipsch sound", or the "right" sound. What is the "Klipsch sound"? I have no idea how to describe it. But I know when I hear it and when I don't. You can't go wrong with 691s and they are inexpensive.
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    LINKS: This section includes links to specifications, reviews and upgrades to the CF-3 and CF-4. Links last updated 06/01/2019 Added CF-4 v3 Schematic in .pdf format: CF-4 v3 schematic Klipsch CF-4 Schematic(1)(1).pdf Advertisement 1995 for all Epic Models including specs and color options. CF-3 CF-4 and EPIC Series Klipsch Forum 01/22/01 Epic CF Series. "OK -Everything you ever wanted to know about EPIC but were afraid to ask." This is a must read which details the differences between Epic CF-3/4 Versions 1, 2, and 3 as posted in Post 13 by Klipsch employee Guest_JimG_* CF-3 Speakerasylum.com 03/18/08 "REVIEW Klipsch CF-3 Speakers." Owner review. The CF-3 v1 is a good rock speaker with excellent mid range but lacks the extreme highs compared to the B&W Matrix 801. The CF-3 is "powerful, efficient, musical, has great imaging with low distortion. Can be easily adjusted to be forgiving/Detailed/Transparent/Musical." ka7niq CF-3 Klipsch Forum 03/25/13 "Epic CF-3 Bracing and Damping." Also applies to CF-4. Extensive specific and detailed discussion on bracing the CF-3 cabinet with pictures. kapsnb01 CF-3 Klipsch Forum 06/12/14 Crossover schematic for the CF-3 ( rev b ) Moray James CF-3 CF-4 Klipsch Forum 0/24/14 Details the two changes needed to retrofit a CF-3 or CF-4 version 2 back to the specifications of the version 1, that being the length of the port tube and a resistor. avguytx, Moray James CF-3 Klipsch Forum 09/28/14 "CF-3 Crossovers updated, much better." These are version 3, with many pictures of the crossover using Solen caps, Dayton Audio caps, Mills resisters. avguytx CF-4 Audioasylum.com 05/23/03 Excellent review of the CF-4, with some history of the series. Crossover point is listed as 1500. "These do not sound like audiophile speakers, they sound like live music." ka7niq CF-4 Klipsch Forum 02/23/04 Crossover point for the CF-4 at 1,600 Hz (incorrectly) claimed. The actual XO point is 1500 Hz. Plugging the port tube with a swimming noodle. MrMcGoo, Ray Garrison CF-4 and RF-83 Klipsch Forum 01/26/13 "RF-83 vs CF-4 Comparison." Owner review. The conclusion is "...the RF-83's have a much more refined sound to them but the CF-4 seems to have much more impact in the low region." Excellent photography, CF-4 version 1. @Youthman CF-4 Klipsch Forum 04/04/14 "Epic CF-4 Needs Overhaul." Detailed post on the CF-4 v1 on how to remove stains, applying Minwax Golden Oak stain, which type of polyurethane finish to use. Extensive pictures include 5" long v1 port tube, crossover boards, clear monster wires, replacement binding posts, 3/4" foam sheets, and horns damped with silicon seal. There is a single post on how to re-glue a loose dust cap. @wvu80 CF-4 CF-3 Klipsch Forum 10/06/14 "FYI on Adding Port Length to the Epic Series." Using cardboard tubes from a carpet store to add variable length to the CF-3 and CF-4 ports. @avguytx CF-4 Audiokarma.com 04/26/13 What to look for when buying. @moray james CF-4 Audiokarma.com 02/11/13 Modifications are discussed, raising the speaker to ear level. @moray james CF-4 Klipsch Forum 12/04/14 Picture of the Klipsch K-63-KN four-pound compression driver next to the massive 24-pound EV DH1A. The four-bolt DH1A with 2" exit throat does not match up well to the one-inch screw-on type CF-4 horn lens without significant modifications and adapters. @wvu80 CF-4 Klipsch Forum 01/27/14 Opinions on Epic CF-4, L pads, EV DH-1506 mods, @klipschfancf4 CF-4 CF-3 AVSForum.com 04/13/14 Compare and contrast the K-63-KN compression driver of the CF-4/CF-3 to the Denovo DNA-360 compression driver. The DNA-360 would make a sonically identical replacement for the K-63-KN. @wvu80 CF-4 Klipsch Forum 07/09/14 Definitive thread on mods including adding the DH-1506 Compression Driver, applying Dynamat to the horn, F-11 acoustical felt damping, bracing the cabinet. Modifications made by @alexg5775 CF-4 and Klipschorn 04/03/15 "CF-4 vs Khorn Review." Owner review. Compare and contrast between a highly modified CF-4 and a lightly modified Klipschorn. Review is done with Marantz 2252B bi-amped with a Crest ca6 for the LF, Bushmaster MKII DAC, and Fisher 500c. @alexg5775 CF-3 "Back Panel on CF-3 Rattling like a ****" 08/10/2014 Detailed thread w/ pics for fixing a CF-3 v3 which had rattling due to a lack of proper gluing on the back. @avguytx Edit: Specs removed by Klipsch 03/13/16 CF-4 Official Klipsch listing - From Klipsch.com, specs and pictures CF-3 Official Klipsch listing - From Klipsch.com, specs and pictures CF-2 Official Klipsch listing - From Klipsch.com, specs and pictures CF-1 Official Klipsch listing - From Klipsch.com, specs and pictures Klipsch 1995 Brochure with specifications for all Epic models, includes pictures, PDF file +++++++++++++++++++++ EDIT: 06/26/17 Link to CF-3 rattling and fixed added I have now posted all the links I have. There are user reviews but no periodical reviews. There is CF-3b crossover schematic, but I'd like to add more models and versions. Please PM me with other links you think that might be relevant here and I'll update this post. -Dave +++++++++++++++++++++
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    After a couple of months now with them into position on the short wall with a Klipsch 15" sub I thought they sounded great. A couple of weeks ago I moved them to the long wall in the same room and couldnt believe the difference. I do not use a sub anymore as the bass is just overwhelming. No matter which tube amps I use they sound is fantastic. It took a little time to get used to the 2" drivers with the 510 horn. I have an audiophile friend who does not really like any of my systems but he admits he likes the 510 horn with B&C 2' driver better than anything he has ever heard ! ( Go Figure ! )
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    Yesterday we had a second meeting with a contractor about adding room onto the media/music room. The room is 14'x13.5' now with thoughts of making it 24'x13.5'. I had been figuring no more than $250 per square foot for the additional 135 sq.ft. He on the other hand said a ball park figure was $50,000! Brick or stone is expensive he says. Damn that's $375/sq.ft. May have to get another price........
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    My daughter rear ended someone and she is ok thank goodness. 3 days away from the very last bank payment
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    Hit a deer this past Saturday. Today is the first day being pissed off about it. New 2019 Subaru Forester I bought late June, put only 8500 miles on it, then why not, let's hit a buck. When it happened I was fine, no bad mood. My thoughts that day were, "I'm not hurt, my family wasn't in the car when it happened, I have insurance". All positive thoughts. Insurance has been great to deal with. It's Comprehensive which will not incur higher rates going forward. What pisses me off today are what kind of car related issues will I have down the road? And can those issues be attributed to this accident and covered by their as-long-as-you-own-the-car repair warranty? I'm hoping the repairs will be too costly and the vehicle will be replaced. Unlikely, I'm told. Will know in a few days.
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