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    I’m pick up a new car tomorrow. It’s a Toyota Avalon. The is the part your not going to like. I’m getting the premium stereo and the brand is JBL! Don’t be to hard on me. It has 14 speakers and 1200 watts. I played white the one in the car I test drove and it sounds pretty mean. Even has a sub. The wife bribed me with the stereo to get the car😎! Peace
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    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL We hold these truths to be self evident............We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.
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    @MicroMara nice rockin' and funky-rock and the pre-disco Atlantis I'm hearing! & here I go with the other from that deal I got most recently. It's a rehashed and thrashed quickly pressing of an old recording that is just..... Just as good as someone here said it was a couple months ago! Quiet with resounding bass, clear highs and "aeroplanes up in the sky" Literally shames my early 90s cd of this recording but can't play Mother & Goodbye Blue Sky all together. Easy trade-off, this sounds terrific!
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    WooHoo 🥳 well things are beginning to come back together. So nice to have a pair of Scala's in my life again. Had certainly forgot what was missing. Dancing circles around 'em ol RF-7's LOL A huge Thank You to our very special friend out of StL, @MookieStl! Sir Mookie helped me score a very nice, pristine condition vintage Onkyo TX-SV90PRO. Paired with the Scala's, I am at a loss for words... Grateful & Blessed
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    Yep, a 3 x 5 daily - . And I’ve noticed since the America haters are making the news, more flags are being flown.
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    Happy Birthday 'Murica. And to my mom, who turns 60 today. Love you guys - stay safe and have a fun day of celebration!
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    Mine, on a 20' pole, flies every day in my front yard. SSH
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    🎆Happy Birthday America!🎇
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    I love this album The girl that sang on the track exposure is part of a 3 sister band called the Roches Robert Fripp produced the Roches album ( I have it in the collection as well ) No don’t have that album I love me a little Zappa Magic
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    Bad as my vision has always been the corrective lenses I need currently use can be bought over the counter. Yep, standard reading glasses are my lens prescription. I just vary the strength according to the task. I have different glasses for reading, puzzle making, up-close work and for long distance. Can’t do bifocals, etc.
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    I've noticed that as well. There's a silent majority composed of all races out there for sure but you wouldn't know it watching the "news"
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    Why, she's a yankee doodle dandy!
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    Happy 4th of July -Independence Day -
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    We'd hide with a small transistor radio and use this
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    I listened to sports radio, as a child. The games went past my bedtime so I had to sneak it in.
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    We, Americans, generally take life too seriously
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    Local update: I was out at the local Kroger grocery store this morning, in Ohio. Nobody wore gloves but for the first time in my experience I bet 90% wore masks. They were everywhere. That's a big change from a couple of months ago where maybe 10% wore masks.
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    If you're still driving, you have nothing to worry about.
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    Well it is Mexico...you do not expect Mexicans? My wife calls it Adult Disneyland because there are always parties, and celebrations almost 365 days a year. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Halftime @ the Ohio State/Air Force Liberty Bowl game in Memphis standin on the 50 tellin jokes w/this lil guy in a suit. I was shooting the game and takin a break. No idea who he was but we were both laffin then they announced this Lee Greenwood dude. He said back in a bit and walked out there, took a mic and sang this. Talk about a WTF moment? I was waiting w/my hand out. Told him what a great song, shook his hand and he was gone. Yup, just like that. Hahahaha Enjoy the 4th and be safe out there!!
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    Well, since we are talking C,C, and C plus C (Cannons), here are a few of mine (Super Rare Winchester Model 1892 Takedown Short Rifle, M1, and Trapdoor Springfield.
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    After a little tuning, the 1st song I listened to was Southern Cross by Crosby Stills & Nash. The hair stood on the back of my neck as I was swept away in the pure warmth and thunder of me new 2-channel rig 🥰
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    Doors - I have LA Woman Morrison Hotel Soft Parade Best Of Jim Morrison - An American Prayer A special thanks to Mike @dirtmudd for sourcing a few of those for me
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    and I'm here right now @dirtmudd...the Fripp Virus has infected me as well ...Cheeeeeeeerrrrrsssss with Vodka to everybody ...see ya later LLLLOOOOOLLLLL
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    — and his statues are being pulled, torn down too — so much for “safety and happinesses”
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    Yep, that was me...as evidenced here: I've never put them up for sale though, they're still here in my basement waiting to go into my office once the construction is done. I think they need a crossover refresh and maybe some new diaphragms, because (and don't hate me) I've never liked the way they sound. I've tried all kinds of amps but they haven't measured up to my CF-3's and CF-4's. I'm not giving up though, they look amazing thanks to the work that you and MookieStl put into them. The build for them is documented here, if anyone is interested:
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    Put the tools down and put your wallet back in your pocket. The bass should be fine on a Cornwall ( unless you are trying to do Home Theater stuff and really need a subwoofer). You mentioned that you have them tight in the corners. That is a good stating point (and please do not put them on stands or overly tall risers). Take a recording that is known to have a sufficient and well defined bass (I use Tracy Chapman, others can chime in). In a systematic and tedious fashion (same few tracks over and over again) try moving the speakers around a bit (and also changing the toe-in, but not at the same time). Try moving the listening chair around (you are manipulating the angle and the relative distance form the walls). You will quickly discover certain placements work better than others. Use those as the references and then further refine the positioning. Again, this is a slow process and not done while having a couple of beers (that comes later). Good Luck, -Tom
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    Amazing Shu -------Let them come ---
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    Happy Fourth of July! to all of you on this Forum
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    From the title I really thought you were talking about the base partof the box rather than the low frequency bass. Gentle grammer correction and welcome to this happy place. Some will help you. In my view, it is better to use a bit of equalization rather than modifying the speaker. WMcD Long ago I saw a guy on the bus reading a magazine call Bass Master and actually thought it might be about speakers. Hmm, maybe Roy reads it. Smile.
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    I retired a little over a year ago. I live in Michigan. So the first thing a Michigander thinks about upon retiring is moving to FLA, or somewhere else warm. But here is the thing: living in MI, you get 4 distinct seasons. Don't like the weather, wait a week. We are now in a heat wave, mid ninety's all week long. In January I pray for this kind of weather. In July, I can't stand it. Too hot to do anything. Makes me rethink moving to FLA, and having to deal with this with no relief in sight. But it's cold and snowy half the year! So what! If you are retired, you don't have to go out in it. Project time! Spin records, build speakers. Enjoy not having to mow the lawn every 5 days. I guess I'm too used to having different seasons to do different things in. The weather aligns nicely with my ADHD, so I don't have to stay focused on one thing for too long!
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    Yep have a good Independence day.
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    Dodge - Harmon Kardon w/16 speakers, twin 10’s in the trunk. Fantastic sound -
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    That's a lot of sodium, and aspartame...
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    Can´t get enough tonight .... Atlantis was founded in late summer 1972 by Inga Rumpf (vocals), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (keyboard) and Karl-Heinz Schott (bass). These musicians had previously played with the band Frumpy. The founding line-up also included guitarist Frank Diez and drummer Curt Cress (formerly with the band Emergency). After a few live gigs in Germany, the first LP was produced in the studios of Island Records in London, which was especially well received in the USA, where Rumpf's blues-oriented voice was appreciated. Diez and Cress left the band after the recordings. For a four week tour through England with Procol Harum and Traffic, George Meier joined Atlantis as guitarist and Udo Lindenberg as drummer. After the tour they were replaced by Dieter Bornschlegel (formerly with the band Traumtorte) and Ringo Funk (formerly with Jeronimo), with whom the second LP It's Getting Better (1973) was recorded.
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    Remember that one. Have posted my Other Voices here. Another post Morrison lp. Super and both underrated...
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