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    https://www.expedia.com/Hope-Hotels-Super-8-By-Wyndham-Hope.h50696.Hotel-Information?MDPCID=US.META.TRIVAGO.MOBILEHOTELSCORESEARCH.HOTEL&MDPDTL=HTL.50696.HOPE.los%3D1.losb%3D1.ttt%3D7.tttb%3D5.trv_bm%3D-1&chkin=4%2F2%2F2020&chkout=4%2F5%2F2020&daysInFuture=&destType=MARKET&destination=Hope%2C Arkansas%2C United States of America&group=&guestRating=&hotelName=&latLong=&mctc=5&misId=&neighborhoodId=null&poi=&pwa_ts=1579743518627&referrerUrl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZXhwZWRpYS5jb20vSG90ZWwtU2VhcmNo&regionId=8151&rm1=a2&roomIndex=&selected=50696&sort=recommended&stayLength=&swpToggleOn=true&theme=&useRewards=true&userIntent=&x_pwa=1 4 rooms left at $52/night.
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    So I just booked my room at the Super 8 checking in Thursday. Not sure if there is a plan to try to book rooms in one area of the Super 8, but I included the following request with my booking: "Coming in with a group of audio folks for that weekend (Southwest Audio Get-Together). A room downstairs facing the pool area would be preferred, near other audio guests if these rooms can be located more or less together."
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    Damn right. Let's get our priorities straight.[emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    We still need a babes in thongs thread.
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    Woofers are definitely not original. Check eBay or post a wanted to buy ad in here for the parts you need.
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    Groucho Marx “Why should I care about future generations – what have they ever done for me?” (Take with a grain of salt)
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    I wrapped my Cornwall metal horns in this flexible rope caulking. It's also good for sealing drivers and backs. It's super heavy and dense and cheap as well.
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    Hey! This is the member that I have ordered from in the past: MetropolisLakeOutfitters
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    Hi there! Just for future reference, who are these klipsch dealers? Have come across some names plenty of times but when it actually matters, I always forget them...
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    Not to confuse things but... I would go with the 6000’s, 600c and a subwoofer to start. I used to run RF-62’s with a RC-62 and felt the $/performance was a sweet spot in the Klipsch lineup. I have also owned a few RP series speakers and I preferred them over the RF II’s I just mentioned so I am sure you’d be happy. Since you would be saving money on the towers and the center, you could put that money into a 12” or 15” sub;) There are some great form members here that are also Klipsch dealers, so you can save money if you know who to ask.
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    A little soulful music this morning and just love the title track written / composed by Duke Ellington around 1928 Not much information on this jazz band that does a great job on this record Artist - The Maryville Jazz Band Title - Creole Love Call From 1973 - ID VS 1157 ( but can’t be found on Discogs)
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    Some Newfoundlanders making the best of 'what is locally available'.
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    Well I was doing a sound check today as Claude is going to appear on my doorstep Tuesday. I had some bubble wrap next to the mouth of one of the bass bins and it was flapping around like those deep bass hair flying videos on Youtube. Really gratifying to see and my wife mentioned things were vibrating in the house.
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    Can't believe I have this on cd. Such a great cd too. Just wish it was on vinyl!
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    So plans got changed, some LPs will be here Saturday when the previously scheduled trip happens. Doesn't sound like it will even be a whole crate, but I'm going to ask if he's just planning on putting a stack in the front seat just to put a crate upright open to the back and put the seat belt on it! The spinner got here from Baton Rouge this morn, just need the tub and the tergikleen to arrive!
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    It was 54 degrees warmer today than last week. The sad thing is it was only two degrees above freezing today.
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