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    My advice: Given the choice of the above or nothing: “Stay thirsty my friend” (the most interesting man in the world). 🥃🍺🍸 Wb
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    the reference to fingers is not new to me. More familiar with the term used to measure mj in the old days. It's still used in bar lingo... cool
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    When I was on active duty, we had to take turns doing public events. One event, it was HOT and the ceremony was LONG. I was holding the American Flag and my buddy next to me has a rifle. He whispers that he’s going to pass out. I tell him to bend his knees and hang in there, that the ceremony has to be almost over. He didn’t last much longer. he broke rank and went and sat down, opting to do that rather than pass out. This old man, WWII era, comes out of the audience, grabs the rifle and joins our formation. That was so cool. To see someone with so much pride that he’s motivated to do that was really cool to experience. People can do some really neat things when they accept that there are things bigger than themselves.
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    Here's an early Fuel Injected Corvette from the car show earlier here today. Probably interesting to work on. Wb
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    http://vinyljunkies.co/vinyl-101-original-vs-reissue/ https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/503285 https://lp.reverb.com/articles/what-to-know-about-japanese-pressings https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/70s-us-vinyl-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly.693837/
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    My friends and I used to pay more for the UK imports because the pressings were better---quieter, and therefore small details could be heard. Then I discovered the Japanese pressings and they were even better. The returns are greatest with mass produced readily accessible music. By the early 80's, US pressings got better again, thanks in part to the Talking Heads and the B 52's, because they cared.
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    My late-Uncle was at Normady in WWII. He told of the landing craft doors opening and immediate enemy fire. When i saw Saving Private Ryan and the same thing happened as he had described, it was chilling. He had basically described the beginning of that movie to me back in the early-mid 70s. When i was a kid his stories were so exciting that i remember saying, “I hope there is a war when i turn 18.” At about age 15 or 16 his stories changed and i remember saying, “I sure hope that i never have to go to war.” Some of the things he went through and witnessed are simply mind-boggling. I remember sitting in his living room asking him how close was he to an enemy shooting at him. He said, “maybe here to across the street,” which was probably about 50 feet away. Look out your front window ... i Can’t imagine being on one side of the street and having an army on the other side shooting at me. I told him that i’d just walk alongside a tank and he said that they avoided the tanks as much as possible because they drew the heavy artillery fire. He’d rather take his chances against a man with a rifle.
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    You cannot, should not, must not, try to use mounting hardware on the back of a Heresy to wall mount.
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    My father was drafted out of Johns Hopkins and made into a 90 day wonder officer in Army Corps of Engineers. He served in France and the Philippines. After the war her returned to Hopkins and then married my mother who was a war widow with an infant daughter. At 24 he was married with an almost two-year-old daughter and had helped win the war. He and his brother and sister vets were forced to grow up fast. At 24, I was 24 going on 18. Thank you to all vets, to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and to those who returned. We need to demonstrate our gratitude by doing more to heal those damaged by their service.
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    Tired of Margarita's, so I found this today. Made from just real Alberta grown Rye, no corn or barley in this Whisky. Don't know if it's going to help the wife sleep but it can't hurt. Wb
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    I think it's appropriate to put an almost Klipsch badge on an almost Klipsch speaker.
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    Made a big effort to see this. Between travel, DC hotel prices, food/drinks, etc. I bet I have the better part of $1k in it. Long but in a good way. More relationship driven than violence like Casino or Goodfellas. Cool art house type theater with good sound. Well acted and we'll shot. Lots of good Michigan references (Red Fox @DizRotus) so that was cool. Pachino maybe the weak spot as Hoffa. Great costumes and old cars. Great dinner and fun Friday away from the house with my wife. Worth every penny and the effort to see it. I couldn't imagine streaming it on a tablet. This movie deserves a big screen. Go see it while at the theaters.
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    I guess me telling you we're getting 60` low and 80` highs will not make you feel better It is cloudy.. That's a treat for us
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    https://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/ele/d/dade-city-klipsch-chorus-15-speakers/7012412247.html No Affi...:
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    It's observations like that which made me question why Matt Leinart was highly rated. I thought his passes lacked touch. He had no finesse no display of real skill. Well, he didn't last long in the pros. Sometimes I think we are smarter than the scouts. It's like when Yogi Berra said, "you can observe a lot just by watching."
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    Okay I finished the last of 3 bottles of small batch bourbons. My favorite was Elijah Craig Small Batch. 1.5 fingers left in my glass now.
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    This is a great pair, with Dean G Super AA networks. I love them but need more room in the shop so a few things gotta go. I built one false corner that can go with these. $2750
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    I have purchased several items from out of state sellers, and I always use paypal. Even when disputes, such as damaged goods from shipping, I've always gotten my money back. I'm sure I'll get burned someday, but I've been good so far.
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    @JohnJ Really can't remember. In relation to what, exactly. I did ad layout for a small weekly paper in Monona, WI, from '80-'88, almost exclusively with PM. I named our Apple Laserwriter Godot, in refernce to the story, as we were always waiting for Godot.
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    Lol, all you cranky old guys waxing poetic about the good ol days. I guess I'm just DWAC you loathe so deeply?
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    They just don't make roofs like that anymore.
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    Yes, the 6xx are the HD650 for a lot less and have great reviews. Lots of good report on the oval shape of the Sennheiser fitting better. From what I have read, I believe the HD600 might be what I would like for the sound. Nothing wrong with that. It's like having a motorcycle in that you don't have to have the fastest one to still have fun (the words motorcycle and fastest can be substituted Ex: Klipsch/biggest or girlfriend/prettiest, etc... 🤸‍♂️).
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    Have you had it in Canada? You know the stuff they save for themselves, not the stuff they export to us heathens.
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    That what it started out at, and then to 10K, according to the Historian, it was supposed to be supposed to be somewhere between 10 to 20K, but I guess it kept growing and I supposed just not deemed feasible. Those prototypes were all hand made in Hope, all wood, piano lacquer finish, some were much more Heritage looking. Travis
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    That's how he responded, with generic references but never called the Yamaha 5000S by that name. Scam. +++ UPDATE: Buyer/scammer has not contacted me in two days. All contact stopped when I demanded cash and to meet at the local police store.
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    Having gone down this path and also an owner, there is a reason everyone is running active. Probably near 1000 pages of info at this point. Subscribing though because I’d like to see this ones journey. Also another can of worms... start reading audio science review (ASR) forum if you really want your analog perceptions challenged or rather measured 😁
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    It "could" be factory. Klipsch offered (for a very short time) an "economy" K-Horn using the Cobraflex. This is probably why He considered reflex horns "irritating". I'm sure JRH can supply more info.
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    Dont discourage him. His stories are too funny.
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    No definitely I'm not looking for simpler project. This weekend I was attending Audio Show in Warsaw. For the first time had opportunity to listen to KHorns. They are way better than La Scalas in "basement department". I was really impressed. And if Jubs are even better then this is my way. But I need to be able to move them through narrow stairs case. So that is why splits idea came to my mind.
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    Had a great time last night with Greg @Davis at the Joe Bonamassa show last night at the Morris Performing Arts Center here in South Bend. Had fantastic 10th row center seats, and Joe and his band put on a memorable performance. I would have to say that Joe played at least 8-10 different guitars during the show. Greg came to my place for a while before the show to listen to my modest setup, had some good bourbon, then went downtown. Amazing how many of the world's leading guitar players Greg and I have seen in the last two months together..... Was only able to take some photos with my cell, not to my normal standards, but just OK.
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    ^^^ Above brings back memories of my childhood^^^. I had a friend who was a neighbor and friend of my parents two doors down from their first home. As dad was always working 6 days a week and Jerry had no boys of his own, he kind of adopted me and he being a machinist was into automobile engines. Especially small block Chevy's. He taught me a lot of things by allowing me to come to his machine shop and work on stuff. I never touched the Rochester FI system shown but knew how to rebuild for performance pretty much everything else with an engine and carb by the time I was 15 or 16. I really liked the Rochester Quadrajet which Jerry called the most FI like carb on the market. I also got into Mopars and could rebuild their Thermoquads which were also easily modified for performance. The weak link on the old Carter Thermoquads was the plastic main body which tended to warp with time and heat. Wb
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    Yes, It does work. I made the frequency response measures and impedance plots and they look like the factory "monolithic versions". These were built about 13 years ago. By doing the half-height versions, you can also stack them for a "WTW" configuration. This minimizes some of the ceiling reflections, since the Tweeter ( the big K-402) is now away rom the ceiling and at ear height. For 7.5 - 8ft ceilings, this configuration also flattens some of the room problems with low bass. Also there seems to be an "added coherence" to the sound (difficult to explain, but easy to hear). There are pictures around somewhere that I have posted. Good Luck, -Tom
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    Because I already own the JBLs and want to use the JBL speakers.
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    move along, nothin' to see here Fake Rankings No weak teams in the sec? EVER? Ha! same as every conference https://www.tigernet.com/story/Swinney-calls-out-difference-in-ACC-and-SEC-schedule-rhetoric-18298 See ya in two months!
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    @jwc James has/has had some of their speakers.
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    Both Marantz and Denon are known to work well with Klipsch. I own the Marantz SR6011. It works well with both music and movies. I run a 5.1 setup. If I might suggest a change to your setup, go with the best center you can afford. In the RP line the 504C has been getting rave reviews and four 5" woofers are much stronger than four 4" woofers. Owners are comparing it favorably to the flagship RC-64 III. The big limitation is it won't go as loud as the RC-64 III. I own the RC-64 III, I've not heard the 504C. +++ There is a "local" member who posts here that a lot of us have bought from. Give @MetropolisLakeOutfitters (Cory) or @Scrappydue (Steve) a PM, they work together. Prices are the best anywhere and they offer great service. They will both give you excellent advice on how to prioritize your speaker budget to get the best bang for your buck. Be sure to ask about "B stock" prices, it can save you a bundle. I've bought B-stock RP-600M's from Cory. I couldn't be more pleased with the price and service I got. Welcome to the forums, @Eivind!
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    I think James Franklin would be a fool to leave PSU. They like him, he is comfortable there, and personally I think he's a very good coach. Rumour mill also has it that Lane Kiffin is interested in the FSU job. As far as I'm concerned, they can have him, he's a jerk and has no sense of loyalty. And, guess what...USC also has Urban "Don't mind at all if you beat your wife, and I'll be sure to look the other way and then lie about it..." Meyer on their radar. Good, then he will leave TV as a supposed analyst at which he really sucks at.
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    Yeah Just confirming sale includes the NTT IndyCar series. Good riddens to Tony George who screwed up Indy car racing multiple times
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    a couple more from Bruce https://www.transcendentsound.com/bruiser.html https://www.transcendentsound.com/beast-jr.html
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    Being a Moderator is a thank-less job. Thank you, all the same!
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    I wonder how many bought the vinyl? .
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