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    The Little Joy mono SEP and separate power supply. Maynard
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    I know nothing about guitars, but can replay them. The first thing to go in the shop, sound, the electrical inspection is not far off so no power besides extension cords. laptop, HDMI to receiver, streaming music.
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    RandyH, this is the place for a party waiting to happen. Jeeper: dtel, that will be a great place to hang out. Good looking XJ you have, Well it will be a good place for me to hang out but other people would rather about 100' away, just to the left behind the jeep the garden starts, in the garden is the bar. A much better place for others to hang out, and me. It's what I am best at hanging out, it's what old people do.
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    Medicine Rocks - eastern Montana (almost S. Dakota)
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    Welcome to the forum @TnGuy, and congratulations on your purchase. I can see how the terminals on your main speakers will confuse you, but luckily there's an easy explanation... 🙂 Let's take the bottom set of terminals first: those are the terminals for the main speaker, and if you look carefully, you will see that the two sets of terminals are actually bridged together with metal straps. You can connect your front left and right channels on your receiver to either of these sets of terminals. I normally just connect to the bottom pair. So for the left Front channel, connect black from your receiver Front Left channel to black on the bottom terminal and red to the red, etc. Don't remove the metal straps, as these are bridging the tweeter and woofers together. If you wanted to power the tweeter and woofers separately, you could remove the bridging straps and connect an output from an amp/receiver to the tweeter terminal and then another output to the woofer terminal... but this is definitely not needed or recommended, and you don't have enough channels on your receiver to do this anyway. So leave the straps in place and just connect to one of the terminals. Now that you have your mains connected, let's look at the top set of terminals. These are for your Dolby Atmos height channels. The speakers are located on the top of the speaker box and are designed to fire up towards your ceiling and then reflect back down to your listening position, attempting to simulate overhead height speakers. This gets a little tricky, and I had to look it up in your owners manual to ensure I'm giving you accurate instructions. You need to connect the top terminals on your front (main) speakers to the terminals labeled "Surround Back" on your receiver. You will then go into the receiver settings and Set “Assign Mode” to “Front Dolby” in the menu for a 7.1-channel (front Dolby Atmos Enabled speaker) system. I hope this isn't too confusing, but here are some pictures from your owners manual to help explain the Atmos speaker setup: Example connections when using front Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers This 7.1-channel surround system is the same as a basic 5.1-channel system but with front Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers. Set “Assign Mode” to “Front Dolby” in the menu. link
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    Finally. Proud new owner of Cornwall IV's in American Walnut. I should have done this a long time ago. Purchased from local dealer, ListenUp. Though ListenUp is not a Certified Heritage Dealer, they sell the whole line and had them in stock. Some 30 years ago I purchased a pair of Forte II's from this dealer, from a salesman named Gary. Why I remember that, I don't know. So I called them up, on a Thursday, asked for Gary (he's still there, though higher up in the food chain, I'm sure!). "Can you have them at my house tomorrow, cuz I'm going out of town Saturday?" He told me that he had to get them from the warehouse in Denver (I'm in Colorado Springs). He guaranteed me he would get them to my house if he had to deliver them himself. Next day he shows up in he own car, a Nissan Cube or something like that. He laughed and said his car is apparently designed to perfectly fit a pair of Cornwalls. These things are truly glorious! My hopes/expectations were sky high. They have been met. This is the best sound I have ever had. Ever.
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    I got these in a trade a few months back when I sold a larger set of speakers. They were used by my dad in house shop for about 6mths. He did not want to give these back to me but needed extra room for other equipment (he has KP-301's) . These are currently sitting in storage and it's time to move them on to someone who will enjoy them (I have split La Scala's) . So that covers the "why are you selling question". Now to the details. This is a very nice pair of industrials that have been gone through by a forum member who does good work! They have Dave A’s smahl tweeter with the de-120 driver. The woofers were also replaced with Eminence Kappa 15c. Rebuilt AA crossovers. The Dog houses are braced and are panted with Duratex. These speakers sound fantastic. I really hate to let them go but it time to fund other projects. These are currently in storage so the pics I have are the ones from when I got them, they look the same! I'm located in Bentonville Arkansas and will not ship, local pickup only. $1750 gets em. Don't bother with low ball offers or negotiations the price is what the price is if you like Pro La Scala's these won't disappoint.
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    The building was up for a year, I got bored took down those boards and put them on a table and did that. I tried a dremel first and it was very slow. So I took the bottom plate off the router and put a bit in it kind of shaped like a V and just held it in my hand like a dremel, this was much faster. Safe, probably not but as long as I didn't drop it in my lap it was fine. Then on the edge of the pond on the bar side is red cedar boards, there is a different design on each one. I asked someone since I can't draw how can I get designs on the boards to carve, they had a very simple idea. Find designs you want and print them, use carbon paper and draw over the design and the carbon paper will mark the wood. It worked great and was easy. Sone a just drawn some are with the stencil, just odd designs.
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    Small group listening session last evening. 😂 3 friends I know and a couple fems came over. It was rough! Killed a half gallon of Fireball not to mention the beer. They called and asked so that was cool. Nice when they walk in w/the drinks too. 😂 2nd Covid shot today so taking it easy. Feeling pretty good so far.
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    Darnit @BigStewMan You've got it bad tonight. It's felt like Monday here since two days ago and the folks at my former storage facility -icked with me again today so I'm moving that stuff a third time now... OUT OF THERE. @Tarheel Know it's hard but if the shots made him more comfortable they were well worth it. Good Job. If my memory serves me he was a rescue-pet a while back? I'm aware that can be a two-way street often. Ya'll are in my thoughts.
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    Sunrise kayaking on Little Square Pond in the Adirondack Mountains.
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    From time to time I like to provoque my American friends with European socialist trash. Here's Billy Bragg with Workers' Playtime, 1988. Capitalism is killing music! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
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    I've done some direct scans of 3D items, like coins and "flat" flowers, also used it as a surrogate microscope; scan at highest res and them use Zoom feature in my photo app de jure. By this method, I was able to show an engineer some galling on a fastener. He suspected it but we had no microscopes over 10X around. Here's a Bird of Paradise with some black cloth behind it (lid of scanner up)
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    Funny story about Emerson. Did not have much as a kid but my Parents surprised me one Christmas with an Emerson all in one stereo from Ames department store which included an Am Fm tuner an 8-track player and a record player with two speakers. I was happy beyond belief. One of my fondest memories. As crazy as it sounds, it was my gateway into this life long love of music and all things audio.
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    I can see how there might be a little reverberation going on in there @dtel! Did y'all use LocTite on all the bolts & screws? That is not bookshelf class equipment
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    Yeah , finally , a place to trip , when you want to play it loud ----looks like a party just waiting to happen -
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    I have just updated the Firmware on the Puffin and just playing a recent record addition to the collection A very good recording that in my opinion can be used as a test record Had a great time listening to this album Artist - Enoch Light And The Light Brigade ‎ Title - Provocative Percussion Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Enoch-Light-And-The-Light-Brigade-Provocative-Percussion/release/11115271
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    Sunset on my last fishing outing last fall.
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    Thanks guys......he's on the screened in porch covered up. I check on him every ten minutes. Going to stay inside in the master bath tonight. Hope he eats tomorrow. He is a great dog and cooperates with everything. If I could give him a couple of my years...........
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    And... It can be played with a lightweight tone arm and pickup too!!!! Good to know!
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    Ahhhh Wife is off to work and get to play "her" stereo --- the H/K and LaScalas. Fired up the turntable, feeling mellow... Stevie Wonder - Fullfillingness First Finale While I was pawing thru the stack, Ziggy Stardust came into hand.... Noticed it had one of those "Play at maximum volume" recommendations.. [they weren't talking to us, were they?]. Are they still putting those on recorded music. I know several LPs of that era came with...
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    when I was a kid , I stayed with a bunch of friends , there was a beer factory 1 street over , you'd bring a case of 24 empties and 10$ , for a refill , right out of the machines , the kids would all go and get the beer , for their folks - nobody ever bothered anybody , there was no ID needed for Cigarettes , Beer , or Booze - the neighborhood was Irish
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    Samsung S21 Ultra has an amazing camera!
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    Yeah Gary....how far we have fallen talking about dish washers! At least it's not speakers being broken in or broken down😉 If I ever get another camera I'll join you gents over at Right This Minute. Though I do go to bed before most of you guys get started.
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    Cary Audio Designs CAD45-SE single ended triode monoblocks (45 tube). Photos are from a previous owner.
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    A Blistery Cold Christmas Morning in Odessa TX.
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    I like the way the Nikon D700 renders colors. I know it is ancient in terms of digital technology (2008) and only 12 MB, but I like the images it produces. These shots were taken in various places around Vancouver while on a family vacation in 2018.
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    Actually Barney was trying to set Andy up with a date. Lydia says her name means "a native of Lydia but I'm not from Lydia I'm from Greensboro". Barney tells Lydia that Andy plays the guitar and she makes her statement. She also says she hates the outdoors "it give me the herpes". Gomer's date was Thelma Lou's cousin (different girl) and the 6 of them were going to a dance when Gomer bolts from the house starting a big fight. Gomer saw the other girls had a corsage and he left to get his date one.
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    I like some stuff that others don't. I like these cats. maybe @Full Range and @Thaddeus Smith have heard of them ... Perpetual Change.
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    I remembered what she looked like but had forgotten what made Ella famous. Good Golly, What a Voice!
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    Dang, that scary mfr was in a movie playing the all time #1 villain too! Cohen comes across with an almost Vincent Price kind of narration there.
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    Commercial dishwasher? Make mine a HOBART 45 second cycle. At home? Economy model Whirlpool (complete with NOISE ...)
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    With a nice glass of vino, I am enjoying this on the alternate movie audio system here in Longfellow Music Hall this evening. The Marantz 6011 in discrete 2 CH mode through the newer Klipsch PR-600M standmounts and of course, my old Dual 506 TT from the late 70ies. Under amber spotlighting, here is a photo......
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    Good evening / good morning my vinyl spinning friends. As always, I try to get some vinyl on the turntables around here on the weekends. So, tonight I dug this eBay auction winning from some time back, it was sealed. Here is the front cover artwork...
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