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    I've been busy during COVID working on my small listening space. It is in a building out behind my house with 240V power, heat & a/c, internet and phone. I will probably post more photos if there is interest, but thought y'all might like a couple of teasers. There is supposed to be a large TV on the bracket (you probably guessed that) but I don't have one yet. Ceiling detail: The foreground center ceiling panel is attic access.
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    Here is mine, Rogue Audio RP-7 preamp, Atlas Magnum II amp, Rogue Audio Pharoah, Elekit TU-8800, and Tavish Adagio Phono pre with tube rectified power supply.
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    I gave up on Ebay bidding even with bid snipping. One time and one time only have I won a bid that I benefited from. Most of the time it was buy it now. That one time I won was with my 79 Cornwalls that I still own today. Luckily they were local, the description read Klipsch speakers with blown twitters. I offered him $650.00 to cancel auction, he declined and I ended up winning them for around $575.00.
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    Well, two of them have stories for sure, thanks for asking. The radio was built by my grandfather, so my grandmother told me. I never knew him, and she's been gone 41 years. She knew how much I loved stuff like that, and even though I was a just a boy she knew I'd hang on to it. The headphones came with it. It has a single 4-pin tube in it. The terminals on the left are ANT and GND, and the terminals on the top right are for headphones, and the remaining four on the right are for A and B battery connections. The leftmost knob is a giant variable capacitor, the middle one is a rheostat, and the rightmost knob is a giant coil-within-a-coil mechanism. The tube has what appears to be a tubular diode or something attached, perhaps as a detector? I dunno. I've never powered it up, though I have the supplies to do so. The whiskey bottle was the "medicinal whiskey" from my parents kitchen cabinet in the house where I grew up. When mom died in 2018, we were cleaning out the house and I found the bottle. It was empty, lol. I kept it. In this photo there isn't, but now there is a protective pad (doily?) on top of the KHorn that this stuff is resting on. The coffee cup speaks for itself. Stolen from PWK. I'm not much of a decorator, but these things remind me of family and of home. The floor is concrete with a rug on it, but I'm seriously considering a laminate wood floor with the rug on THAT, just to give it a more comfy feel. Still working on the other two walls - more lights to hang and foam to put up.
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    The last bunch of jokes have sucked.
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    I have a dedicated room for all my upper end gear, here is a picture of the front end and home theater system. I have spent many years configuring my system and as it is now I can play any source on any amp via balanced matrix switches. La Scala AL5, RC-64 III, RB-61 II, RS-62 II, RS-52 II, DIY Rythmik Audio 1510 subs. Tubes only play to the La Scala.
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    I have a nice set of industrial La Scala’s for sale. I bought these from a forum member less than a year ago. I love them, but don’t have room to keep them. They have Dave A’s smahl tweeter with the de-120 driver. The woofers were also replaced with Eminence Kappa 15c. Rebuilt AA crossovers. The Dog houses are braced and are panted with Duratex. These speakers sound fantastic. I really hate to let them go. I can send better pictures if anyone is interested. $1,500 located close to Evansville, IN.
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    From the vault LP # 34 An oldie but a goodie - Latin fusion Yea baby Artist - Santana Title - Santana 3
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    @dirtmudd KRAUTROCK Unlimited Edition is a compilation album by the band Can. Released in 1976 as a double album, it was an expanded version of the 1974 LP Limited Edition on United Artists Records which, as the name suggests, was a limited release of 15,000 copies (tracks 14–19 were added). The album collects unreleased music from throughout the band's history from 1968 until 1976, and both the band's major singers (Damo Suzuki and Malcolm Mooney) are featured. The cover photos were taken among the Elgin Marbles in the Duveen Gallery of the British Museum.
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    Things are a bit slow on the forums so thought you might want to watch me swap tubes. Out with the EL-34s and in with the KT-120s. A little more horse power😉
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    No. I too was making light of the photo, not criticizing your funny remark. As you know, nuance available through spoken words is lost in the keyboard.
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    I was prompted to play an album that is not in the vault Now spinning Peter Gabriel - So My album is the first press UK release from 1986 Sounds superb and is a must listen to album 👌 Artist - Peter Gabriel Title - So Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Peter-Gabriel-So/release/379036
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    These are headed north of me. Going to a good home to be enjoyed like they should.
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    The first day we hooked them up, the director played Back In The USSR at 100+ dB and went to the farthest corner of the school to see if he could hear it; he could. Here one is facing the music. Would you believe this is how we delivered them to the school? I thought not. We used a van, a white van.
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    Also, giving away a brand new pair of Cornwall IV's. (Wouldn't that be nice...) Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    SOLD I will let this go here for 1150 plus the ride and fees. Has the JMW 9" Tonearm and includes the Delrin Clamp as seen in the pic. I can not see a mark on it. Platter is the much desired Aluminum. Also includes the tools setup jig etc... Also includes the Counter Intuitive Weight that makes setup of Cart track force easier. Super nice TT Easily an end game for some. Have the original box and packing so safe arrival is not an issue. Will ship via UPS Ground or 3 day select Buyers choice........................................Selling for the same reason I always do I am on the upgrade bugs merry gear round Can be picked up or meet within reason. Location is 28351 North Carolina Joe
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    I dare them to put that warranty on subwoofers.
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    Just got back home, glad to be back.
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    This young lad now only 11 years old is an Australian guitar progeny Has played with Santana on stage Search for more videos of Taj Ferrant
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    Yep a real nice day here in the Carolina's. My time of the year. Spent most of the day in a concealed carry class though. Thursday they see if I can shoot straight😑
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    I don't want to bring the discussion down, but my favorite PF song is now "Wish You Were Here". Lost my best friend to cancer last year, a close friend for over 50 years. He had a place way out in the wood that we would go to and listen to music at sometimes very loud levels (4 LSI can do that especially outdoors). We had many favorites and that was one. Our old group still goes out to his place and crank the stereo while sitting by a bonfire. This song for obvious reasons bring us all to tears as we will raise a glass. No one speaks (probably because we can't) Goose bumps just typing this. Great song.
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    When I showed one of my “Minis” to a nephew, he described the appearance as Georgia O’Keefe-like. I said the form goes back to the 30’s. His deadpan reply, “It’s older than that.”
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    From the vault LP #35 from close to 40 This is an Australia only compilation release from 1984 Blues rock is at another level and an amazing version of Hey Joe from the master guitarist ( you must listen to it in it’s entirety) Artist - Roy Buchanan Title - The Best Of Roy Buchanan Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/master/view/1033418
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    Thanks, Whoa, such a large stash,
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    @dirtmudd @Full Range Ready for the Show .......
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    That's kind of what I said @MicroMara!
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    The Animals, House of the Rising Sun.
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    The wide trucks on his board are better for stability but even if those pants are Kevlar I don't think his life expectancy is very long!
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    From the vault LP # 33 of close to 40 I think I mentioned on my earlier posts that I like Alice Cooper ( I mean who doesn’t) Have just about all the early years albums on vinyl but not this one ( However I have the whole catalogue on digital media ) Reviewers don’t give this album much love - but this album contains one of my favourite tracks that he sings Some great ballads on this album Artist - Alice Cooper Title - Lace And Whiskey Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Alice-Cooper-Lace-And-Whiskey/release/2207041
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    Really wasn't feeling it for the feat tonight but I just had to. Now for the one record I have by a band I dig... brings back memories of a spectacular friendship that will rekindle someday! Jeeze the cover looks like my patio, except for the urethane caulk leftover I put in it twenty years ago when the chipmunks f'd up a lot here
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    Alright @Dave1290 And you know that you're over the hill When your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill Doin' the old folks boogie And boogie we will 'Cause to us the thought's as good as a thrill
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    I'm sorry to say but it takes me back 40 years looking for things you can only find only on the Darkness on the Edge of Town, on suicide machines. If anyone every ask if you have ever smoked a joint you can always just say I went to college back in the 60's, 70's. Now over 70 don't even drink regular coffee, decafe.
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    Who knew?! Spock was the first one to record The Logical Song.
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    Mmmmmmm Beer 🍺 Had a home brewing kit back in the day - and made some nice tasting beer 🍺 Now I’m into coffee and going all the way and roasting my own coffee
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    Any Questions anybody in here ???????????????
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    Got them in the house, pulled out the carver TFM-35x
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    SOLD to the man in Effingham Congratulations, Randy 😀
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    no plans on veneering them. They will get a complete sanding down to the wood. There are a few minor repairs to make. Ultimately, they are slated for Plum Mahogany (version II). I liked the 1st pair so well, gonna do it again. That was the only pair I really had a hard time letting go. Keepers this time! I plan on updating the AA crossovers with the Crites kit. They have 77 square, 55 spring lug. I haven't pulled the dog house cover yet to reveal square or round K33. Pretty simple restoration, just time consuming.
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