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    Well true to form, Texarkana Funeral Home screwed the audio pooch on Dave's funeral stream. Obviously, Dave was confused by the universe's largest mixer finally as his disposal and must have gotten the mute button and live to earth buttons crossed. Anyway, the service was typical Presby Mass with hardly a mention of our fair hero, so no great loss. What follows is his brother's heartfelt eulogy at the graveside services. Onward thru the Phogg my friends! Eulogy for David June 17, 2021 My brother, David, loved life fiercely. Life did not always return the favor, but he would bounce back with amazing resiliency from setbacks that would have crippled a lesser man. Perhaps the greatest love in David’s life was for his children, Jennings Elizabeth and Thomas McRae. His love of his first-born, Jennings, was boundless. All children are precious, but Jennings, she was a perfect angel. Her loss at age 13 was a crushing blow to David, and he lived the rest of his life with the confidence of seeing Jennings again on the other side. David was equally overjoyed with the birth of his son Thomas. Thomas was named after his great-grandfather who sired 10 children, including 7 boys. Out of that large family, our Thomas is one of the only two surviving great-grandsons with the Mallette surname. David was a proud U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War and was even prouder to learn recently that Thomas has followed his example of national service by enlisting in the U.S. Navy. Second only to his children was David’s love for music, especially organ music and the great pipe organs themselves. He collected over 1500 recordings of classical music and had a special listening room at home where he loved to sit for hours immersed in the music. David also loved, in no particular order, the Cossatot River, steamboats, steam locomotives, and UFO theories. He loved Roman history, Byzantine history, Civil War history, and Church history. He loved theology, genealogy, meteorology and cosmology. He loved player pianos, photography, and videography. He loved Bach, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff, Scott Joplin and Conlan Nancarrow, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and The Three Stooges, and he loved his old dog, Shadow. In addition to being the lover of many diverse interests, David was a great dreamer. He would often just sit, staring into the distance, lost in his own thoughts and oblivious to his surroundings. In elementary school, one of his teachers called our Mom in for a conference. “The problem is,” declared the teacher, “David is a dreamer!” Some problem!! Don’t you wonder, like me, if this old world might be a better place with a few more dreamers? Some of David’s dreams were, let’s just say, better than others. One of his best ideas was the local Regional Musical Heritage Center, which combined his love of music and of Texarkana. In the last few years of his life, he poured much of his remaining time and treasure into the RMHC. It was a noble effort and I hope it can find a way to carry his dream into the future. I know that David, like all of us, was far from perfect. But maybe we who are left behind can learn a few things from his example: to love our family and friends without reservation, to take time to enjoy the finer things in life, such as food, wine, art, and music; and finally, to be unafraid to dream big dreams. To paraphrase that little green poet, Kermit the Frog: “I hope we all find it, That Rainbow Connection, The lovers, the dreamers, and my little brother, David.”
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    Lazy afternoon jazz and whisky in the High Desert
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    Thank you! I used a wood rasp that is flat on one side and rounded on the other to rough it in, then used 80 grit to get it smoothed out to the point I could work my way up to about 220. Then I used Zinnser 123 primer to seal it and give me a sandable finish to prep for paint. I sanded it to about 220 or 60 micron whichever was in reach. The paint I used was Rustoleum rattle can “Appliance Epoxy”. It cures hard and provides a good finish. I sprayed them with one good coat and let it cure for a week. I then wet sanded them with 1000 grit paper to smooth out the first coat and remove one small sag I had and any jetsam or flotsam that was in the air when I sprayed the outdoors at home. I took them after wet sanding to a friends spray booth to spray the final coat. They aren’t perfect but they will likely exist behind grille cloth anyway.
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    Next time you think about doing something like that, stop, pull out your wallet and look at the date on your drivers license. If the birthdate is late 40's to late 50's think twice.
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    I have a 3 sided album of Diana Krall, Turn up the quiet. Side D is one long, empty track. I can't understand why they didn't put some bonus tracks there. An empty track is useful though, to test gear for instance... But I like Krall's voice better.
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    Agree on the rude. Thing is the guys working security weren't gonna tell him about it just because he was a baller. @grasshopper came across this idea today for ya...
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    Yep. I told my wife what Roy said, and her joking response was, "Fine! Let's remove the Klipsch labels and replace them with Thayer labels!" (My last name.) But, no. They're still Klipsch to me.
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    Another O’Keefe Music foundation cover by a young girl
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    Be back in about a week, work on museum a couple of days and visit Kevin in Ozark AR for a couple days then Craig in Conway AR for a day or so.
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    Yamaha racing bikes used to come with Yokohama tires that were so useless that many riders called them "rim protectors", and swapped them out before even thinking of heading onto a racetrack. Stock or not, racebike owners fit what works to help them win races, whatever brand they might be. Here's one way to look at it. There's the desire to improve performance, which motivates owners to swap in what helps to improve performance. That's valid for daily use, or for track use. Then there's the custom bike show, or the Concours d'Elegance, which is mostly for cars. In the Vintage section of the bike show, the bikes must be as original as possible. In the bike show that I used to manage, there was a guy who had the most beautiful and original Indian you would ever see. However, he'd fitted clutch and brake cables with stainless steel covers (and maybe throttle cable too, but I've forgotten that detail. They may also have been improved cables, so maybe they made the bike operate better.). Every year, we'd take off points for those non-original cable covers, which you could spot from fifty feet away. He didn't want to fit the original parts, which would not have mattered in any other section of the show, since it was a custom bike show, after all. For our uses, why worry about our speakers' "degree of originality"? It's how they sound, and maybe look, that matters. 100% original matters only if they'll be on display in a museum. Is your house a museum? No? Well, then, do what you like to make your speakers please your ears, and maybe eyes. Why split hairs over what makes a Klipsch speaker a Klipsch speaker? We're here to have fun. Let's remember that.
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    "Find your inner calm with the iFi ZEN phono" That's what is referred to on the box of what I got in the mail today. I'd been sitting on the fence for this budget audiophile grade phono stage, and last week I found one in the open box section of a European shop, grade A, so I bought it. These are my first impressions. I'm comparing with built in phono stages of my vintage Onkyo amp, a H/K 430 and a brandless, China made phono stage of 44 euro. That last one I used with my Leben CS300, which must have been insulted by it - if it were a person - and it also had a hiss in left hand channel, which annoyed me, and was the reason for having it replaced. For those who are less familiar with iFi: they are a British company, producing high end audio gear (mostly DACs and in-betweens). They also sell small but pricy high end phono preamps. iFi's ZEN series is their budget tier, which offers a lot of value for money because some of the high-end technology has trickled down to the ZEN level... So... my first reactions. Well, I had prepared a stack of my favourite vinyl albums, and while listening to those, I thought, okay, well perhaps the reviewers are right: the staging is nice and wide, even 3d, and there is 'total darkness' when no music is playing, and the lows and highs are well ballanced. But my cheap China phono stage does that too, mostly, for a quarter of the price, if you forget about the hiss in the left channel for a moment. So did I make a mistake buying this? It was only when I listened to my second stack of albums I had prepared, that the iFi started shining and making a difference. This stack contains 'difficult' albums, some iconic, but for some reason, they never really sounded good on my system. Just to name one, Bruce Springsteen's Burn to Run. I've had this album for a very long time, and love all the songs on it, but somehow, it never sounded 'right' on my Leben CS300 + Heresy combination. Now it does. The same with vintage vinyl classical music albums (from the pre-barcode era): gone is the grainy sound, now they sound just right, and clean. At the moment I'm grading exams (!), so there's still many hours of music I will be listening too while doing that. Listing to vinyl records is great when grading, because it forces you out of your chair every 25 minutes or so (better for my back...) 😉
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    You would think so, but nearly all LPs are shaped so that they're thicker at the edge and under the label, in order to prevent damage to the musical part of the record when another one is dropped onto it. Unless there's a fairly large lump stuck to one of the discs, the grooves should not be harmed by changers. That said, I haven't bought a changer since 1977. It would be nice to have auto-lift at the end of the side, so I may look for one of those little gadgets for my Technics deck at some point, but no more dropping records onto each other for me.
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    Mine sorry for the bad photo
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    Does anyone remember when double albums were pressed so that Side A was backed with Side D, and Side B was backed with Side C? This was so that when you put them on a record changer, the B side could drop down and play right after the A side. Then you could flip them over, and Side C would be followed by Side D. Later, after record changers became less popular, double albums were pressed so that A was backed with B, and C was backed with D. Some old double albums eventually came in both versions. I was long used to the original (changer) version of Electric Ladyland, so when I was at a party and saw the new version, I was pretty amazed to see Side A on the back of Side B, since this was never announced anywhere that I read, it was just something that I noticed one day. I recall that I could hardly believe what I was looking at, but I was in a party state of mind at the time, so...
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    Got the bike home today. After two years of storage I replaced the battery, a little Marvel oil down the cylinders, some injector cleaner in the fuel and Walla fired right up.
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    In MINT condition! 1A stampers too. A thrift store find in the 1980s - the vinyl was sealed in the inner “baggie” when I bought it for $1. best score EVER!
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    Bye Dave. You will be missed.
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    Emerald hummingbird, one of pair. I think 3rd or more generation living near our house. When the sun hits it just right emerald turns bright red. I tried for several hours for this shot, it was a fluke. It just took off from the branch and I had autofocus on and clicked without seeing what I was getting. Hope to get a shot of the pair together or one hovering vertically. That will be nice.
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    I purchased a Citation II. The important bits and pieces are there and it sounds good but it needs a good going thru. The chassis is in good shape and the transformers are fine. Every other piece, including the boards will be replaced. I'll restore the entire thing to museum quality and when I die leave it to one of my kids.
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    NIN: "Cars" with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09 [HD] - YouTube You gotta crank this or it won't sound right
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    This was filling the block (not like Klipsch but it carries when backed up to something solid) from the boom-box earlier and man I was taken by the simple beauty of a couple of them.
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    Rain is gone, 80s are gone, y'all have been busy huh? I got mail for four houses across the street in my mailbox had to go play the mailman without any funky music in the background.
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    Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around And Fell In Love • TopPop - YouTube
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    Side ABCD??? ADBC???? Why keep it that simple? Radiohead's OK Computer brings this to a whole other level, and making sure the print on the record label is illegibly small too. (for the uninformed, it's a tripple album)
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    @Shiva He only got an A because he used quotation marks to highlight his topic. Guess that's why teachers make the big bucks. 😂 😂 😂
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    Been raining here off and on for over two weeks. Nice and green! Off to the chiropractor for the third visit (lower back pain). Kills me getting in and out of the Bubble so I'm taking LF's SUV. Usually one visit and rest takes care of the problem but not this time. Maybe third time is the charm!
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    Langston...,,ever try fishing?
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    I have the QOTSA Villains album with 3 sides. Be careful there are drawings on the D side, so above all, do not put a high-end, fragile cartridge on this kind of engraving, you risk breaking the point. And in addition there are several versions.
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    Cantaloupe Island featuring Herbie Hancock / Blue Note Concert Live - HD - YouTube
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    THE WHO Eminence Front (Toronto 17th dec 1982) - YouTube David Bowie - This Is Not America - YouTube
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    Welllllll, the thing that set off, lol, the rant is that one of the new Yes lps stamped their logo all over the 4th side. Zero on it. Today I went to play "side 4" of an lp, which was stated to be a double lp and there was another blank side? Sure I really did get TWO lp's BUT??? WHY master a side 4 if we can get away with it to cut costs? WE make more money! Well, WE ALL KNOW they have something laying around they save for later. Different versions, etc, they could stick in there. Ya really want some food for thought? Mick is a business wizard! Everyone knows that. See what the Stones are doing now? Releasing different versions of their great old stuff. Ohhhh, a new tweek for an old crowd who loves us. They're all gonna get this new version now too. Gimme,, gimme! Next time you're on the road listen for it w/all their new "old" versions. You're head will do a double-take for sure. THAT I guarantee!
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    The only 3-sided album I’m familiar with is the old Johnny Winter one. The explanation for that album being 3-sided was that there weren’t enough songs for a double album, but if they crammed them all onto a single disc, they would have to compromise the recording level, and the volume would be too low as a result. Is that why this album of yours is like this?
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    This guy? Tommy Bolin's "Energy II" isn't really a bad album but so many don't take into consideration the way things were in the late 60's and early 70's. Sounds were sounds it was how they could improvise and not only sound good but become a God. Started with his group Zephyr, continued workin with The James Gang and even a stint with Deep Purple. Some good stuff with a 15 minute solo burning up all of side 2. A "different" kinda Canned Heat. Some sweet bluesy versions of their stuff. JIMMY ROGERS ALL STARS BLUES BAND - Chicago totally jams the only down side is the fact that it's ANOTHER 3-sided record package! This becomes the norm Imma gonna start a revolution! It's a great album w/appearances by: EC,Fulson, Healey, Mick, Taj Mahal, Page, Plant, Keef and Stephen Stills. I didn't pay too much attention to that until I started listening. I think they did it to play a lil game with us. Who's that in this cut? You been there I'm sure. Does what it's supposed to do though! Of course I saved this til last. Willie Dixon's "I AM THE BLUES" is pretty amazing and one I'd grab again. Yup, it's him. ALL him!
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    Brandy is for sipping Whisky is for drinking Music is for listening
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    We used to carry plastic items to put under the sidestand. One was called a Cycle Foot, and was shaped like a wide 4” long foot. One from Yamaha was a strong round one that still works well as a coaster. It wasn’t just asphalt. Gravel or grass could be just as bad. There’s one thing that I envy about Harleys: their sidestands. Those great long stands that lock into position are the best, even if they add a certain amount of weight.
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    don't park your motorcycle on asphalt. The kickstand will sink into it and the bike will lay down. If you have your windows down in the car, you can hear the tires sticking to the tar...
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    Why do people delete the ad and/ or the price when an item is sold? This can be helpful when someone peruses the archives. Please don’t turn this section into Audiogon……..
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    Tell us how you really feel, Roger, lol.
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    The Little amp that could !!!!!!!!!!!!! So browsing over on AK I came across this little amp for sale. Its a modified Magnavox 8600 design runs in pure Class A, Is tube rectified and sounds simply amazing, this thing has detail, clarity, resolution, and believe it or not it has great bass. I dare say you will have to spend 1K+ from the normal manufacturers to even get close to the sound this amp produces.
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