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    That sounds terrible. But what it actually was didn't sound bad, depending on the green sauce. The Cod traveled a good ways to get to the desert. Was at a restaurant in Arkansas once and someone with us asked if i was going to try raw oysters ? I said no, I never traveled over 8 hours from a coast to trust a raw oyster that traveled just as far.
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    https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Eastanollee/30538/2329017 Klipschorns, Belle Klipsch, La Scalas, some good electronics.
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    As soon as you mentioned the lil' old lady I knew where you were headed, and it wasn't the Rose Bowl Parade😆 The Thorens? Yea we need pics, but I'm thinking those old Heritage might clean up nicely Sounds like the shipping could have been the bigger expense in your latest hunt!
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    Weigh everything for consistency. Most will recommend starting with a 1:15 (coffee to water ratio) I prefer closer to 1:10-12 ratio. Weigh the water at heated temperature (200 deg F). Fresh ground as course of a grind as my burr grinder goes. I use a kitchen scale and electric kettle with temperature setting to keep things consistent. Start with enough water to just wet the grounds and stir, let sit for 30sec to bloom. Stir again, add the rest of the water, stir again, put the top on. let sit for 10 mins. Press and enjoy! If your looking for a great french press the Frieling double wall stainless press is impressive, keeps coffee warm for at least two albums. As with changing audio gear, when experimenting to find your own ideal taste, only change one aspect of brewing process at a time, otherwise you never know what actually "changed" the taste. This might sound excessive just for coffee, but if I don't get a good cup, I don't hear the music right... then the real problems start ha! Good luck!
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    Diverse I'd say but with a love of Klipsch horn loaded loudspeaker systems.
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    I feel the same way. It not fresh unless it squirms on the pan. we have to settle for "fresh frozen". About the only fresh fish we can get, is to go to PuertoPenasco. Just a 4hr drive each way. Of all the things... wife wants sardines, when I go there. Aren't hard to catch. The trick is talking the "capt" of the panga that that is what I want. They do cook up nice, if you like oily type fish. I did some shrimp in the green chile sauce, too. That was tasty. Could have used a little more zip. The sauce was mild.
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    Just wanted to thank all who had responded to my question earlier on color options for CW III. I’ve just received my set yesterday. Went for Natural Cherry and lambs wool linen grill cloth. Likely one of the last sets of CW III rolling out of the factory. A pic it still sitting in the foam packaging.
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    Currently spinning and enjoying this super album It came in the mail yesterday I was surprised that it wasn’t in my collection - so I corrected the situation Artist - Boz Scaggs Title - Silk Degrees ID - SBP 234809 Australian release 1976
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    swordfish. You would have an arm like Popeye to use a manual reel. Electric all the way
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    plenty of "contestants" get the "quick trim" on beards and eyebrows. The guy in the sarong isn't forging. OSHA would have gone crazy on us at the bowling alley. We wore sneakers and seasonally, shorts and coats. Heating/cooling? Oh yeah.... heating in the summer and cooling in the winter.
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    . Call me crazy but standing in front of a forge wearing a sarong seems iffy at best —. OSHA must not be involved in the show ?
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    Don't get in your car with short pants and sit on vinyl seats.
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    WOW - I have the MA252 and it sounds amazing thru my modified Fortes but this 352 looks fantastic with the blue meters and tone controls. the MA252 was about $3500 and this 352 is $6500 so its a lot more $$$ obviously but if I needed more power this could be a winner. It also has HT pass thru which is nice. I won't be upgrading but would love the MA352 to be in my system
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    You’re going to get a big spectrum of attributes. I use medium fine grind of a mixture of Kona and dark espresso beans, well stirred initially and 12 minutes of steep time. But I take mine with whipping cream and coconut palm raw sugar, so there goes all the effort to taste the coffee!
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    The 2013 show was available on Blu Ray, and it was well done. Can't wait, gonna be a great time.
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    do you even need to ask? actually, i’m out of the good red vitamin stuff and out of Molson too. Going dry for a couple of days since i fly back to California tomorrow and i know that the place i’m going to stay has alcohol and it’s a celebratory atmosphere.
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    It wasn't meant in a negative light.
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    Yep. They already have jobs after they graduate.
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    Sorry it took me so long to update this thread. There are so many small steps, and this diy project is taking up most of my free time. Took a couple of days off to avoid burn out. Ok, the wood finish is complete. I was not completly satisfied with the sheen of the General Finishes Satin. After some thought I decided to switch to General Finishes Flat. My theater room this rack will be used in is bat cave black so shiny sparkly things do not fit the mold. Just remember it is the final top coat that determines the sheen. The first topcoats applied should always be gloss (no flatteners). The flattening agents (which create the sheen) contained in all of the other sheens not labeled gloss will obscure the wood grain and color detail so use as few coats of those as possible to avoid a muddy looking topcoat. Next stage is installing the shelving. Wait till you see the complicated engineering I designed into that! Stay tuned. With flash on
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    Fake story. What it failed to mention was that shed Cap was breaking into was a secret entrance to a Hydra installation. That homeowner, a former Marine with a gun just put the world at risk.
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    My friendly suggestion is first to honestly asses the strengths and weaknesses of your set up. If you feel there is a deficit in the two higher octaves, then by all means go ahead and consider the new tweeters. The refreshed capacitors are a different story since they are relatively inexpensive and can be done by you or a friend with a soldering pencil. Please keep in mind that there is not much energy coming out of the tweeter to begin with. If you are inclined, disconnect the woofer and midrange and listen to what remains. You might be surprised. Good luck, -Tom
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    The Klipsch forum is such a good influence on me that I just might get Jubilees someday and find out for myself.
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    That is the same one that I broke a couple of years ago! Check out the eva solo, the surface area of the more fine screen is larger and conical. Different than a press, I use a process I read about at amazon or somewhere else to preheat it - then put that hot water in the thermal carafe - dump grinds in the maker..after new water has boiled - pour water into maker gently - let bloom happen - wait then get my mug and put the rest in the glass thermos. The Bunn has been heating water for nothing the last few days. Pickier with this than I am the condition of my LPs before going under my stylus!!
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    Welcome! they will be good until.... I bought a pair of entry level bookshelf speakers. R15Ms Liked 'em so much, I decided to upgrade ..... to LaScalas and an H/K630 in one jump. And not horrible expensive. I set a budget and came in under. Must of done something wrong next upgrade might as well be pro gear... Don't hang around with these guys. They are a bad influence.A lot of fun, though
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    not trying to give you a hard time but if the manufacturer says that it is fine in the owners manual and you still have doubts why would the comments of folks you don't even know make you feel any better? Why would their opinion carry a greater weight than that of the manufacturer? I have never owned a HK930, I have had other HK models though. The 930 has dual supplies and can output 50 watts per channel which is a lot more than you will ever play in to the KG2 you are considering so I fail to see why amplifier stability should be an issue you will have much reserve nothing will ever be stressed. My concern would not be one of stability but rather exploding decades old electrolytic capacitors. A re cap would be a wise investment for this nice receiver.
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    I estimate 28 between 1966 and 1971. Note that the records are hand-written, and that the runt was occasionally interspersed with the regular LaScala's. I think I saw all of the references.
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    Visiting New York in the Wallkill, Patterson and Warwick areas this week and the weather is gorgeous! Low to mid 70s, cool nights, low humidity and the fall colors are just starting to show.
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    I have replaced my Polk Monitor 70's (whose tweeters I've blown ten years in; that's a hint) with these speakers, courtesy of an attractive Amazon offer likely related to their supercession by the newer RP-6000F. These are my impressions of the Klipsch after a week (it seems longer than that) of ownership: My listening space is small (200sf); the speakers are used in an essentially nearfield application. Pointed straight at my back, 8 feet away. I'm powering them with an Onkyo receiver of sufficient output to properly exercise a speaker. By comparison to the Polks, these things are not worth much at low power levels. No delicacy in their response; no real definition or separation of individual instruments/vocals.They're actually kind of muddy and lacking in that sense. They seem like the lower drivers and the horn don't really communicate, and there's a hard divide between what the two subsystems offer, I won't be playing them as background music while I'm sleeping. OK, so let's drive them a bit harder. O gawd, now I get it. I don't know, and can't measure, whether their efficiency is equal to the published figures, but one does not tout - or build towards - "efficiency" in speakers unless one desires their evaluation to be informed by how loud they can play music correctly. It's my impression that they can play pretty_damn_loud. The quality of these speakers is directly related to how hard you push them, and having flogged them like a rented mule for the last week I feel I can safely say that this is what they like. The harder you push them, the better they are. They're at their best at "I'm gonna get evicted" levels. The transient midrange lack vanishes, and bass is strong and tight down to the 40-50Hz level one should expect of such small drivers. I'm disconnecting my subwoofer just for the pleasure of listening to them; I'm gonna have to build a better sub than I already have to appropriately augment this setup for what I play through it. There's a pair of JBL LSR-305's in front of me for the low-volume, delicate work I sometimes desire from speakers, and they're damn good at it. I don't want that from my "main" speakers; I want them to potentially get me in trouble. In terms of "potential for trouble," the previous Polks can't hold a candle to these Klipsch. I'm so_damn_happy I bought these. I considered Elac alternatives, but they felt like bigger versions of the JBL's which I don't need. These Klipsch are for turning my amp over "40" indicated (and they're ten digits lower than the Polks for the same SPL). Don't buy these if your sensibilities are delicate, you love tube amplifiers, and you want to discern the subtleties of the individual instruments of soft jazz. They're not for you. If your tastes are more towards "crank them, up, d00d," well, you haven't heard your Holy Grail until you've heard Klipsch. I'm gonna get evicted. It'll be worth it.
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    Yours look very nice, my personal preference is a nice veneer.
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    Thats Bad A$$ I made something similar a few years ago without the grid I will be building this one Thank you very much
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    Anyone interested? The museum, maybe? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/393366414632082/
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    The coaches blew that. There’s no excuse for having too many men on the field. The play calling was unimaginative. Apparently, shuffling the same assistant coaches to different assignments in a game of musical chairs is not working.
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    === I do believe you have answered your own question - ? The ice cold Modelo must be considered the icing on the cake - 🍻
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    Crossover with adjustment... ALK Cornscalawal. Adding a cross brace will stiffen the cab and tighten your bass. Also you could consider removing the woofer, drilling the holes out to 1/4"-20 and use nuts and bolts... I personally thing thats a huge step forward.
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    Price is net to me. Emotiva USP-1 line stage preamplifier with amazing MM/MC phono stages. This was surprisingly one of the better preamps I’ve used under 1,000.00 dollars with so many features. I have the original very nice solid steel remote also and I might have the original box. Everything is spotless. It was used in a low hour second system very briefly. 300.00 shipped in the lower 48
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    Lol, that is the same one am using with amp just described...small world, and antenna...
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    All original packaging and paperwork included. Even the white gloves! and black bag it comes inside of when you open the box for the first time! $375 It is mint condition, so check the links for the best photos https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=24456 https://downloads.monoprice.com/files/manuals/24456_Manual_190121.pdf
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    Sound is subjective and you should never make a purchasing decision based on someone else's ears. I like them both BUT they're different. For quieter listening I like the Lascalas, when I want to get stupid loud I prefer the 396's. I can't really ever envision getting rid of either pair.
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    Saw Eddie back in the early 90's, put on a pretty good show.
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    The passive will move either way unless there is a gaping hole, the passive will move back to its normal position slowly if there is a leak. Sometimes i forget some have no experience but it seemed pretty self explanatory.
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    I can't let go of my anger......hope that's not considered "political". I did not say hate.
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    @Aymen007 awesome system.. best crossover ..I am reading and watching a tone videos, and all people vote .80hz or 60 hz ..
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    This group should've, could've been BIG. Overproduced maybe in this release, their earlier work was not. Theatrical hard rock? maybe. Opera singer that couldn't cut it on Broadway still sings better than 99 out of a hundred of us regular folks.
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    The crossovers themselves don't need to be replaced, just the capacitors as they do go out of specification over time. Minimal cost to reap rewards of quality lasting sound for a couple of decades.
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