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    🤗Placed an order today for a pair of Cornwall IVs in black ash, I have wanted a pair sense I first heard them in the early 80s! Retiring later this year and thought it would be a good way to start my new journey.
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    I'm going to be really honest and possibly ramble on so bear with me. Almost exactly a year ago I had what was diagnosed as a panic attack that sent me to the ER. I had never experienced anything like that before and I thought I was going to die. My body was shaking uncontrollably, I was having chills and my breathing was very shallow. I have a history of anxiety and depression but this was a whole new ballgame. I was prescribed a daily anti-anxiety drug and also Atavan as needed for severe cases. This last week and a half was really, really bad. Four days in a row with panic attacks with one where I made my wife drive me to the ER so I'd at least be in the parking lot if things got worse. It got so bad I was having muscle pains in the center of my chest from tensing up so much. I had a phone visit with my doctor today and it was good to talk to him about it. He made some adjustments to my meds and i already feel a lot better. Fortunately I already had a physical and med check scheduled for this Thursday also. Anyway, of all the forums I belong to this is the only one I actively check several times a day. It helps take my mind off of things and I really enjoy the discussions and camaraderie this forum provides. Hopefully at the next Pilgrimage I'll be able to meet some of you and thank you in person.
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    Was it worth taking the day off to wear the most uncomfortable clothes I own, driving an hour and a half through Dallas traffic, fighting my social anxiety to be part of a crowded room full of strangers? For this man and his family, most certainly yes. I am truly grateful to have been a small part of today's events, to meet Boxx's family, and to celebrate a life well lived. In overhearing conversations, his eulogy, and brief conversations with his family is was evident that Boxx was the same here as he was everywhere else. A wonderful husband, a doting father, a loyal friend .. he was goofy and loved to have a good time, always welcoming, intelligent, and most certainly a music lover. So the Boxx we knew was the Boxx everyone knew, and that warms my soul. Alex, the soundtrack you put together was a perfect amalgam of his favorite artists and it was as though he made it himself. Great selections that had me tapping my toes and recalling fond memories of late night jam sessions. His eulogy was presented by his best friend and also included a beautiful message by Boxx's daughter Genevieve. A few musical selections were played as well, including "Time" and "High Hopes" - I think Boxx would have loved these selections for not only the personal importance they have in his family's life, but also the fact that he got a full chapel of multi-generational people to sit through two very slow Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd songs. I cried the whole time. Dave and the PAW: you guys knocked it out of the park with the flowers. Thank you for taking that initiative and making it happen so quickly. Forum guys: It was both weird and humbling to represent a whole segment of people that could have easily doubled the number of people in attendance. I know this forum, and all of the love and support put forth by its members, means a great deal to the family. If any of you were there, my apologies for not seeking you out. So many people in such a tight space started to overwhelm me and I needed to duck out. Boxx family: Thank you for alerting us so quickly and allowing us to support you and grieve with you. It would have been just as easy to let us know retroactively, or not at all. It was indeed a privilege to to be there in honor of your husband and dad. Alex and Genevieve: I sincerely hope you guys stick around and interact from time to time, continuing your dad's legacy and leaving your own mark. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and I'd really like to get to know you more, here or "offline". I thoroughly enjoyed your dad and it's clear that his influence is found in you both, and that makes me think I'd enjoy you as well. Michele: Thank you for sharing your husband with us. He spent a ton of time here, but it should never be considered a wasted effort - our lives are enriched as a result of knowing him. I have no doubt your support network is vast, but please don't ever hesitate to reach out to the brothers of Klipsch if you need anything. Stay thirsty my friend. - Michael
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    Admins delete if you feel the need but I thought I'd share a few pics. Those of you who follow me elsewhere have seen this stuff but many on the forum have not. So anyway, long story short is that I have been overwhelmed for awhile and had to hire a full time personal assistant. Problem is, I've been operating out of my house for a long time. That's cool and all when it's just you or family working on the business but otherwise that's not a great situation for anybody when you have employees all up in your personal business at home. Also we have a soft spot for abandoned pets, have found several starving to death in the woods near our house plus we adopted a shelter dog who is getting old and is having health issues, and my business is at the level where these things are not compatible with a nice showroom. So, the hunt was on to find a place, quickly. I have a friend who had a nice place, basically it's four office spaces beside each other. One was my wife's old attorney office which used to be a recording studio, so I thought about it, but it was just too small. One next to it is a photography studio which is huge and beautiful and the business owner wanted to share the space due to it being expensive for her budget, but once I toured it I realized I needed my own space, there was literally no room except for one desk sized spot. On the other end of the building though there was a supposedly 2,200 square foot spot, retail in the front, small warehouse with an overhead door in the back, figured it would work great. Only problem is that there was a tenant in there already, who was having health problems, weird situation. Also there was questionable building maintenance practices, basic things like driveway maintenance and recurring major HVAC problems, which made me leery. I decided to risk it anyway due to this mostly being a base of operations for my online gig and said I would take it if he moved out. He was supposed to be on his way out so I kept checking, and checking, and checking, all to no avail. In the meantime, this other place opened up. I just liked it and I took it almost immediately. The good things are that it is extremely efficient in terms of heating and cooling, it is isolated so there's no neighbors to tick off, it's halfway affordable, it's beautiful as far as rented office space goes, and it was a total turn-key solution. The bad things are that 1/3 of it is upstairs, it's not huge at only maybe 1,700 square feet of retail and office space, and some of the rooms have funny shapes. Like I said tho, this is mainly to serve as a base of operations for my online business, plus to take pictures. If I can get enough local business to pay the rent that's great, otherwise that's not really the goal. Strange thing is that after I was done moving, I realized that this probably has more current Klipsch related stuff in it than anywhere else, plus my warehouse with nearly 7 digits worth of stuff is nearby, I could literally have most anything you want set up within a couple hours. If somebody has more current items on hand and on display I'd like to know who but that would be a little hard. Current speaker list: Jubilees with walnut beauty panels and Xilica DSP Klipschorn AK6 in walnut La Scala AL5 in walnut Cornwall IV, cherry Heresy IV, black Forte III, distressed oak HP3 headphones Theater room with: RF-7III, black RC-64III, back RP-502S side RP-500M rear random setups in cubby holes including custom KI-396-SMA-II pro cinema surrounds various bookshelves every Reference Premier tower and bookshelf almost have every residential standalone subwoofer, need to add the little 8" one and the C series Cary SLI-80HS with the matching side panels that Klipsch makes ToolShed PWK edition Euphoria amp most major Parasound Halo amps including the JC5 Klipsch KDA-1000 amp ridiculous amount of fairly high end Norstone racks and stands every subwoofer from that "other" 3 lettered company who shall not be named AudioQuest wiring will be used throughout EAT turntables, main one right now is a C-major Sony TV's several Cyrus amps such as the One Cast, One HD, streamers, etc., they are a British company who just got a new US distributor, I was the first dealer for them under this new setup multiple styles of the nicer Octane seating offerings en route Anyway, here's a few pics. Yeah I know I need acoustic panels. Yeah I'm still moving and rearranging and seeing what fits. Yeah I know it's a little packed... so is most every other showroom out there. A few have plenty of room, but to pull that off especially with this kind of equipment list you're looking at easily being into the 7 digit price tag range for something nice looking and I just can't pull that off right now. Let me know if you want to donate to the cause. Otherwise it is what it is. Enjoy, feel free to stop by sometime.
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    I’d like to share a recent transaction I had with forum member jimjimbo. I bought a set of La Scala’s from Jim about 3 months ago on the intentions of picking them up in late April. He let me configure them exactly how I wanted them. He also let me pay with PayPal even though his preferred payment was cash when I picked them up. Last week, another set of La Scala’s were posted in the “garage sale” section. They happened to be my old industrials that I sold last year and have regretted ever since. I noticed Jimbo had made a couple comments about them in the for sale thread, so I sent him a PM letting him know those were my old speakers and answered a question he had about them. Jim sent me a message back and offered to refund my money so I could purchase my old industrials back. Well, while all of this was going on, I was informed that my hours at work would be significantly increasing and would be unable to make a trip out of town for an unknown amount time. I let Jim know my situation and that I probably wouldn’t be able to pick either set of La Scala’s up. He still offered to refund my purchase. I agreed that a refund would be the best option. He refunded my money that day. I offered to pay him for the inconvenience I caused, but he declined. Moral of the story. Jim went above and beyond what he was required to do. He answered numerous questions I’ve had over the last 3 months without any hesitation. He’s been a pleasure to deal with, and most of all, just treated me like a friend. It’s good to know there are still good people out there, and Jim is one of them. Jim, I owe you an apology for tying up a beautiful set of La Scala’s for so long. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for being so understanding. I owe you one, bud.
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    Silly, I know... first wife passed away from malignant melanoma. Second wife is a wonderful Filipina. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Enjoying weekend away in a cheap motel and having fun. It doesn't matter much what goes right or wrong, we are together. Blessings to all!
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    These are one of a kind! A very special custom finish using only top quality products. I enjoy doing this kind of work, and want to share this set with you. Dyed in layers using Yellow, Amber, Orange, Cinnamon. Multiple shellac wash coats were applied at various stages. Java stain provided the depth needed to make the grain really express itself. Top coated with 3 coats of satin lacquer. The grills have been washed clean. The backs and fronts have been cleaned. You will not find this level of quality anywhere in a used speaker. If you like I could even include my signature on them, but that is not necessary. More photos down in the thread below. Any forum members (post count >10) who want the original hi-rez photos sent via email, send me a PM. Link to Klipsch Epic series brochure Serial # 342598164 Serial # 342598165 Born on Friday December 8, 1995 V3 All stock, except for the custom finish, and in 99% perfect condition. One owner before me. If you want to mod these in any way, I can provide assistance, or just mod them for you If you just want some Dynamat, I have enough on hand to do that. Details on the sale are as follows: Exclusive sale to the Klipsch Community. Forum members only with a minimum of 10 posts at the time of offer please. I will deliver the pair myself directly to the address of your choosing once the sale is finalized.* *Locations where I will deliver to are as follows Alabama Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Michigan Minnesota Missouri (Northern) Nebraska (Eastern) North Carolina (Western) North Dakota South Dakota Ohio South Carolina (Western) Tennessee Virginia (Western) West Virginia Wisconsin I put over a week of work into these and all you have to do is sit in your chair and smile when they show up. No Trades. No discounts. No haggle. ** Terms will apply until June 1st, 2020 or later. Don't forget to hit the like button😁
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    Thank you all! Greatly appreciate the thoughts.
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    I finally said good bye to General Motors after 24 years. I've had 5 surgeries in the last 8 years, and my body just can't take building trucks anymore. Probably the scariest thing I've ever done, but I did it. I'm 63, so with my pension and SS, I should be fine. Besides, my wife works full time also. I'll probably have to cut back on buying vintage tubes and speakers.....
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    Been waiting a while now to choose the room
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    Steve Guttenberg posted this interview of Roy Delgado of Klipsch this morning. It’s a great watch.
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    I woke up in the middle of the night last evening realizing I need more "Likes" in my profile. Please "Like" me so I'll feel better about myself. LIKE ME! LIKE ME!
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    Caution: Longish review. If you fancy a read, grab your favorite cocktail and enjoy. If you don’t drink, this might be significantly more painful for you. A little bit of background about listening preferences: My reference system consists of a pair of all-original 1978 Altec 19 with 416-8B woofers and 802-8g tweeters, both with the AlNiCo magnets. I mostly stream lossless audio from my Mac to a Maverick Audio D1 DAC. The speakers are driven from a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II tube integrated amp. I enjoy a balanced sound that leans toward warm and lush. If given the choice, I prefer to sacrifice the edge of detail to have a more musical experience. I don’t need to hear if Mark Knopfler has a booger hanging out of his nose or not; I want to enjoy music. I tried the three sets of speakers with two setups, the Maverick DAC with tube out to an NAD D 3020 integrated, and the Maverick with SS out to a Denon 2808ci receiver working as a preamp to a B&K Video-5 amp. The Quartets have been updated with Crites’ titanium tweeters and new crossovers. RP-280F First, anyone concerned about efficiency on these - stop worrying. These play at almost the same exact level as the other two. They are rated at 98db, the Heresy 99db, and Quartet 97.5db. Perhaps they are not exactly 98, but they are so close it doesn’t matter. I didn’t bother using my SPL meter – it wasn’t worth testing what was clearly a very close race. Shoving a flashlight into the rear tractrix port, and getting my nose in there, I could see bracing that I assume extends the height of the speaker. I wasn’t about to take apart brand-new speakers to see what else may be going on in there. While music is playing, the cabinet has just a small amount of vibration and feels solid. It’s not a bank vault, but it’s not the singing box of years past, either. This new design and bracing gets the cabinet out of the way of the sound, which leaves no trace of “boxiness” in the RP-280F’s listening profile. I have begun calling the RP-280F “the Skinnies.” At 43” tall, they make the Quartets look short, and the Heresy III positively dumpy. It’s no surprise that the Skinnies have the most modern look of the three, and may actually be accepted by your spouse – the one who may have thought once or eighteen times about setting ablaze your 1970s boxes. I gave the Skinnies 25-30 hours of break-in before making final judgments. Out of the box, they had plenty of highs and lows, but they had a leanness in the midrange. At first, listening to them felt like enjoying a pile of nachos without the meat, cheese, or sour cream. After letting them play awhile, more meat appeared in the midrange. You might be thinking, “Nope, your ears got used to it.” False. I did an A/B vs the Quartets within the first couple hours of hooking the Skinnies up, and then 30 hours in. At first, the Skinnies sounded lean, and were lacking warmth. I was ready to dismiss them and deal with the expletive-laden process of packing them up and sending them in for return. Thirty hours in, the tonality became sweeter, and lusher like their distant cousins, the Quartets. This was verified with an A/B switch. What was initially a lean sound became more rounded, but with layers of detail. The voices have left the box. The Skinnies’ cabinet design produces a clean, open sound that is free from the confines of its dimensions. I challenge any “golden ear” audiophile, in a blind test, to tell me these are horns. Thanks to the new hybrid tractrix horn , there are no horn colorations on these guys,. With an updated crossover design, these speakers create an incredibly smooth sound. They also have enough detail to satisfy, but they’re not the last word in transparency. And I don’t care. They’re that satisfying. Depending on your source equipment, some glassiness will rear its ugly head in the upper registers (8khz+). This wasn’t apparent when using the setup mentioned for review, but when using a Schiit DAC and some terrible cables, there was a need to reduce 8khz and 16khz by ~1db. Distortion? None. I’m sure there will be people that will crank these a lot louder than I am willing to go. But at the borderline scream-to-the-person-next-to-you level at which I played them, I heard no distortion. The bass stayed clean and all parts of the mix stayed together without any compression. Speaking of bass, that’s incredible. They dig deep and clean. Very clean. No bazooka-tube subwoofer here. Efficiency and speed are virtues of the updated woofers. There was power and texture to some drums that I have not heard since a couple years ago when I heard a set of GamuT RS9. I bought these knowing they are not hand-built and that they have vinyl veneer. The veneer is actually pretty neat looking, with deep and dramatic vertical grains, but it isn’t actually wood. Sitting next to the Quartet and Heresy, which are both veneered in real oak, there is an obvious difference. Since I don’t generally stare at the sides of them or touch them, I don’t particularly care about that. Generally, I’d much rather pay for drivers and engineering than a beautiful cabinet with cheap parts, and to that end, the RP-280F delivers exactly what I expected. However, if I could, I’d pay for both the cabinet and parts, which basically means I’d be paying for their big brother, the RF-7ii. Cheap veneer is one thing, but the detail that makes me want to throw a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store is the final fit of the parts. The rubber horns are easily peeled back to reveal double-stick tape to hold them down onto the baffle. The horn does fit snugly into holes like a traditional speaker grill and they aren’t going anywhere, but I don’t want to see double stick tape on these - anywhere. Verdict: Put extra holes to place them in, charge me an extra $50, I don’t care. Get rid of the tape. In the end, the Skinnies are like a fine martini; they’re sophisticated, clean, and slightly sharp. They remind me of a blend of the airy precision of the Martin Logan ESLs, and the bass power of the Magico Q7 Mkii. The RP-280Fs are also finicky like a martini. If you use bottom-shelf booze, you get a drink that will get you where you need to go, but you probably won’t enjoy it very much; there will be harshness and regret. Use something more full-bodied and clean, and you’ve got yourself a pleasant evening. There are speakers with more detail, and those that are warmer, but overall, the sound of the RP-280F is balanced and pleasant. Quartet Why are you in a box? Come out of the box. Seriously, why must the sound be coming from a box? OK, we’ll go with it. Switching from the 280 to these, the sound felt like it was being thrown at you from directly inside the box. You can hear the box, you can hear the horns, but if you leave them playing for a minute or two, you do forget about that. They have a sweetness to their sound that is like being sung to sleep by your favorite aunt. They approach the detail of the 280, but cannot match it. Some portions of the music are smoothed over, blended up, and played back with a cream cheese coating. The Quartets only had the slightest bit more warmth in voices than the 280, but lack the air and detail. With their airless cream cheese, it would suggest much more warmth than the 280, but an A/B switch reveals the biggest differences are detail and extension. Playing louder, I sensed the tiniest hint of harshness to the sound as compared to the 280. Without the 280 in the room, this goes completely unnoticed. Neither of these will have a problem destroying your ears at concert-level volumes, if that’s what you’re into. Rather than a sharp martini, the Quartets are a creamy cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day. They are enjoyable to listen to, and it’s only with an A/B test that you can really hear their faults. Heresy III These guys are squatty, ugly, they image too low, and don’t have as much detail as either of the other two. Voices from the Heresies still come from a box, but just like the Quartet, you quickly forget about the boxy sound. As the Heresies played, I felt as though they were wearing velvet while a monk played panpipes and stroked my hair. Their sound is purely relaxing. Voices are slightly recessed, and lack some air, but have a richness to their tone. Both the Heresy and Quartet can throw a wider soundstage than the 280, but lack the pinpoint imaging. Wider baffles seem to be able to create a wider stage much more easily. Regarding the Heresy, the velvety sound, with a wider soundstage, creates a more intimate experience. There is most definitely a Heritage sound, and I like it. The 280 are close when you really focus, but you won’t mistake them for any Heritage model, even if you’re drunk on that martini. Conclusion If I had to choose just one set to live with, it would be the Heresy. They are angled up, looking at you like eager puppies, and are ready to play. They put a smile on my face whenever I see or hear them. Filled with soul and emotion, they are special in a way the new 280s can’t touch. These will be sticking with me, for a good, long time. But let’s say I get to keep two pairs. If that were the case, I’d be keeping the Heresy and the 280. Their tonality is very close, and I get to experience more detail with the 280. It is important not to mistake this detail for brightness. Yes, the Heresies are a tick warmer, but the 280 are not lacking. For their location (my family room, in the heart of my house), the 280 are more visually acceptable, and as an added bonus, are mind-blowing for movies. If I had another room that needed speakers, I’d keep all three.
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    A new pair from MetropolisLakeOutfitters! I started with "Caballo Diablo" and finished "Fire On The Mountain" and now I'm up to "The Allman Brothers Band" and "Dreams". D C A D C A D C A ....... pickin' and grinnin' in 3/4 time! Yummy. I think the woofer is waking up!
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    Sooooo about the same time, and one year ago I joined this Klipsch forum thing.... From my very 1st post I was made to feel welcome. There was some fun poked at me for some laughs. But it was all good. I was on the site a few times before I joined just poking around. So I decided to give it a shot. What a place.....there were people hear that owned more Klipsch speakers than me.....and just had more gear than I did. I quickly told my wife....."see I don't have a problem".... Then my kids find out that I joined a forum to talk about speakers and audio gear...they were laughing at me.....then they find out that there are women on this forum that I have spoken with.....They were asking my wife "do you know daddy is talking to women on his forum".... It's like I was a criminal... They just don't understand this audio thing......Most of the time it's parents telling there kids to turn that dam music down......not at our house.....my kids are like..."dad my walls are shaking can you turn it down some"? lol lol.. Well in this year I have seen some stuff.....some really funny shitt, some form member's getting pissed off with each other, some saying there leaving, watched some threads get locked up.. yea I read them but didn't say a word.... and Iv'e watched other forum members giving some help to other forum members.....But the saddest was the passing of Boxx...I was just starting to know his witt.. Yes that was a sad day.....I asked my wife how could I be so sad and so upset over a man I never meet??? Talking with some of my friends I was not the only one who shed a tear...and then the night we all got together and played Pink Floyd for Boxx. I was at the shop working...pumping out the watts to the KP-362's...yea I had a big lump in my throat.... Well what I want to do here is to thank all my friends and all the great people that come to this site to help and teach others. Cuz I sure need it...I may have a good bit of audio gear but I'm no "audiofile"... On my 1st post I stated I want to learn....and I have from so so many that really know there shitt....so yea thank you... So to all my klipsch peeps...it's been a great 1st year and I look forward to many more....and one day I hope I get a chance to meet some of you... Take care all.. In the words of Boxx...I will "come often, post often" MKP :-) Oh yea one more thing...Tarheel you are the one that "coined" me MKP...thanks I liked it...
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    None of the statements below constitute an official Klipsch statement. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. Please treat them as such... I don't post a lot here (always lurking, though), so I'm not going to pretend like everyone here knows me. In short, I'm the guy who runs social media for Klipsch. I have been the voice of the Klipsch Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Google+, etc accounts for almost three years now. Anyway, in the thread about the big launch we're having at CES 2015, things got a little heated. I don't like to run social media way the traditional way - kissing every customers butt no matter what they say. BUT I do take great pride in being a far more transparent and open representative than you would find at other consumer-oriented brands. In that spirit, I would like to tackle a few subjects and many more in order to continue this transparency and openness. This is gonna be quite rambling and incoherent, but I just want to get a few things out there. I LOVE Klipsch...This is my life. This is how I feed myself (sometimes) and put clothes on my back. I spend way too much time thinking about all of this stuff and that is the same thing for 90% of the people who work there. I love coming into work and it's not like I'm getting rich off this job. I love what the company stood for and what it stands for now. We Love You...From my readings here, I think people are feeling detached from the company here - that we don't care about out. This couldn't be further from the truth. We always ask "Well, what are the forums guys gonna think about X?" Did our marketing drift away from you guys? YES. We admitted that and have taken the necessary steps to appeal both to YOU and the grander audience that we need in order to survive and thrive. We Need You...You want Klipsch to make certain products? You want Klipsch to make more stuff in the United States? TELL YOUR DEALERS! Screaming about it on the forums does almost nothing. We have to make a business case to make a new speaker and that means dealer buy-in. The fact about Klipsch business is that so little of it is done directly. We rely heavily on our dealers to move product because we simply do not have the advertising or marketing budgets to move tons of product on our own. Paul W. Klipsch...Not a single day goes by, where someone does not mention him or his audio principles. When Mark Casavant introduced the latest line to the entire company, PWK was in his very first sentence. His audio principles are literally drilled into us every single. The engineers and product managers are absolutely instructed to make products that stick to these principles. Heck, I even have four photos of him in my so-much-better-than-Chad's cube. PLUS, many of our new marketing initiatives are centered around him aka "Good Poop" blog posts, our CES 2015 audio museum, brand video, etc. As a marketing department, we are working closer than ever with Jim Hunter whose wealth of PWK knowledge is ridiculous. Jim takes almost every single visitor/guest on a tour of Klipsch HQ in which he provides in-depth commentary of PWK and his speakers. All of this is why I take great offense at some posters here who act like we have forgotten him or don't care about his legacy. That is utter horse manure through and through. Heritage Sales...Certain people seem to take great offense still that we make products that aren't Heritage. Come on, guys! If we didn't make Reference, we would have to lay off everyone. It's really that simple. No one, past or present, would/should/could want that. The ugly truth is that many/most companies would just shut down the line and move on. I know a lot of you guys recognize this already, so I apologize if it seems condescending. We would love to expand on the Heritage line but there needs to be a business case. It doesn't matter if someone from the past would be in charge. The situation would be the same. We can't just make every awesome speaker we think of, unfortunately. Made in America...Reading the above paragraph, one might think "Oh, Alex is a young punk who hates Heritage and just buys a bunch of Chinese-made crap." Deep breath! I love, love, love our Heritage line and Made in America products. I am actually saving up for Heresy speakers that I will surely pass down to my kids (if that ever happens). Oh and right now I am wearing a Gitman shirt, Flint & Tinder denim, Flint + Tinder underwear, and Chippewa Boots - all products made in America. The initiative with the Made in America blog series and partnerships with companies like Tanner Goods, Woodchuck USA, Imogene + Willie, etc is my baby and it's an initiative that has backing from everyone. We want to make more stuff in America. Even Vlad and the headphone team are looking for creative ways to get Hope involved. We'll see what happens. Heritage Opportunity...We have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a growing consumer segment - the hipster with disposable income. A popular trend right now is buying handmade and American-made products that, yes, are a little more expensive than the comparable made in China product. Our friends Tanner Goods charge $450 for their Portland-made backpack and they sell quite a few of them! It's quite remarkable. With our current Heritage lineup, we have a unique opportunity to target these consumers. We are looking for unique channels of distribution for Heritage that goes beyond audio-specific dealers. Heritage Marketing...There is a ridiculous misconception that we haven't marketed Heritage products at all and that's why they're not selling. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I don't know how many of you follow our social media channels or blog, but we talk about our Heritage speakers a ton. Also, be sure to check out the relatively new video we made for the line. Plus, our partnership with Classic Album Sundays is centered around the Heritage Series. If you don't know what it is, CAS is special listening sessions in certain parts of the world where you listen to an album all the way through with Klipschorns or La Scalas and a speaker guest speaker explaining the album. These events are great, but they are expensive, so we can't do it in as many places as we'd like. Klipsch Professional...We are making a new push with Klipsch Professional. We have great opportunities to grow here. You should see a lot of cool stuff coming through this department in the next few years. A lot of the growth will also be done behind the scenes. Concepts...Sometimes we make concepts that we aren't allowed to talk about with you guys. These can be Hope-built products that would certainly peak a lot of your interests. Sometimes, these get canned for lack of dealer support. Watch both our own and third party of the Klipsch at CES carefully! Chad and I are asking for permission to show you guys stuff, so we can drum up support for certain things, but no promises. Website Homepage...Our website currently features a bunch of products that aren't favorites here. That's because they are on discount and we have rarely ever done discounts directly through our website. It is an experiment. In any case, website hero slides will go back to our more heritage-y marketing that we all prefer on 1/1/2015. This industry is tough for high-end...Here's a little taste of the market for you. The average selling price for soundbars + bluetooth speakers dropped over 40% in only year! Isn't that crazy? We don't do the low-end market particularly well and we recognize that. In fact, we have recommitted to the high-end market. See this recent article from the Indiana Business Journal. Mistakes...We have made mistakes both in products and in marketing. There is absolutely not denying it. BUT I think everyone here is really going to like the direction we're going in both these departments going forward. Things have change SIGNIFICANTLY in the three years I've been here and I think, now, it's finally for the better. Soundbars...If you read the article above, you will know that CEO Paul Jacobs said "You can’t replace the experience of a premium home theater system with a sound bar.” Everyone here should be VERY happy about that statement and it's absolutely true. We are committed to superior home theater and two channel solutions. That's our bread and butter. That being said, our soundbars do sound great. I know from personal experience that people on these very forums thought they were hearing professional Klipsch speakers but it was actually a R-20B soundbar. So, with that in mind, let's not always scream and shout that these products can't possibly sound any good, please. No Voxx, No Klipsch...I can't go into too much detail but the reality is that when Fred Klipsch (who PWK sold the company to) decided to sell Klipsch, there were two choices - Klipsch lives through Voxx or it dies an unrecognizable death. I know many of you have fears they will run us into the ground, but, at this point, it is what it is and we ALL need to make the best about it. It's been what - 4 years? Time to move on. Criticism...Parts of this post probably come off as me being quite butt hurt and unable to take any criticism. Part of that is true haha! I should let more things go, but I think that also does show how much I care about this place. Anyway, criticism does make us better. It definitely does. That being said, sometimes this place can be brutally negative even when it doesn't make any sense. We need you guys to be part of the solution. Anyway, I hope this was worth reading in some way. I really hope it didn't come off as dick-ish or condescending. I know a lot of you recognize already what I just typed out. I am just trying to be open and honest. If you have any questions, fire them over. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Again, none of the statements above constitute an official Klipsch statement. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. Please treat them as such.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that we are concerned about the problems with customer service. Here is the response I got from the head guy..... “we’re dealing with unprecedented traffic and are drastically increasing the size of the team to get back to world class service asap.“ We have more than doubled the customer service reps as of last week. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.
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    Sold my Khorns 13 years ago but now I have some again thanks to the “alert” thread here in the Garage Sale section. They are KBR 1979 vintage.
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    I didn't get candy for Halloween this year, but I did get something slightly better....
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    A couple years ago when I bought my KG 4s through Craigslist the guy gave me a nice pair of Yamaha bookshelf speakers for free with them. They sound really nice but they had been sitting around for a while collecting dust. So, I decided to throw them on Craigslist. Listed them this morning for $25 or best offer. Got a call a couple hours later from a guy who was interested in them. I called him back and told him he could have the speakers for free. I didn't want to list them for free since I figured I'd get tons of responses from people just looking for a freebie. He was very surprised to hear that. He stopped over a few hours later and it turns out he's disabled in a wheelchair and wasn't able to text me (like I listed in the ad as a preferred contact method) because he can't afford a cell phone. He thanked me over and over again for giving him the speakers. Made me feel good.
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    So, I'm sitting here sipping on a glass of Colonel E. H. Taylor bourbon ... a gift from forum friend @jimjimbo-- thank you Jim. this never would have happened if not for this forum. Sometimes this place seems like it's in turmoil; but let's take the advice from that Styx song ... "We'll take the best, forget the rest." Life is too short to spend in conflict. I like to live by that verse in the Bible that says "as much as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Being cool to others is something in my control. So, here's to being cool to people.
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    Here is a picture of some speakers that I just completed. You could call them Cornwall III clones or Cornwall inspired, but they are DIY scratch built speakers. The cabinets are Baltic birch covered in South African waterfall bubinga. They are filled with factory drivers and crossovers, so of course, they sound amazing. I'm trying them in different rooms with different amplification to determine where they are going to stay. I Love this hobby!
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    Note (24 April 2021): This thread has been overcome by events (OBE). I do not currently recommend spending much time in this thread (created by myself), as the supply of the loudspeakers found here has been discontinued by Klipsch. I have elected to leave the information in this thread intact for the benefit of those looking to buy used models of the Klipsch Professional version (two-way) for home hi-fi use. The information here may be useful to those individuals, but there are apparently no "new" Jubilees of the version discussed here that are being manufactured by Klipsch, and those holding stock quantities of these loudspeakers have apparently sharply increased their prices of late. This is unfortunate, but as they say, "all good things must pass", seems to apply in this case. Please PM me if you have any questions. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Some frequently-asked potential buyer questions (FAQs) for the home version Klipsch Jubilee: 1) What is a Jubilee? The Klipsch Jubilee consists of a redesigned dual-mouth ("W" section) bass bin having horn expansion path in one axis (versus both the horizontal and vertical in the original Khorn bass bin), and the K-402 high frequency horn on top that uses a full-range 2" compression driver, thus bringing the Klipschorn design back to its original two-way design of the 1940s and '50s that its inventor wished it to be. The crossover point is nominally 450-500 Hz. As sold by Klipsch, the two-way home version Jubilee was intended to be bi-amped using a DSP crossover, i.e., a "loudspeaker processor", for crossover and EQ balancing--the thin dark gray box on top of preamplifier in the photo below is one DSP crossover that is used with the Klipsch Jubilee. Third party passive crossovers are not supported by Klipsch, although there are passive schematics for the K-69-A compression driver and TAD TD-4002 compression driver (both drivers now discontinued). 2) What's so special about the Jubilee? Why should I consider buying them? The Klipsch Jubilee was originally developed to be the replacement for the Klipschorn (corner horn). Paul Klipsch intended to call it a "Klipschorn II", but its performance so exceeded the expectations of its inventor that the decision was made to call it the "Jubilee" in commemoration of the 50th year of the Klipschorn introduction to the marketplace in the mid-late 1940s. The Klipschorn is the only known loudspeaker to be in continuous production for all of those 50 years. Many that have heard Klipsch Jubilees consider them to be the finest loudspeaker that Klipsch produces. If you hear them, you'll understand why. The advantages of the Jubilee design over the original Klipschorn are: time alignment of the entire loudspeaker, leading to more neutral sounding loudspeakers overall without crossover interference band-induced timbre changes much better directivity vs. frequency of its acoustic output, leading to a huge soundstage image and very smooth sounding performance overall higher efficiency of both the bass bin and hf horn/driver due to the elimination of the passive crossover extremely low reactance load--direct connect to drivers to maximize driver damping much better frequency response flatness using the built-in equalizing filters in the DSP crossover to correct for the controlled directivity K-402 horn/driver and room response variances, especially in the midbass and below frequency bands Some history of the Klipsch Jubilee design, its bass bin, and K-402 horn can also be found here: 3) How much does a Klipsch Jubilee cost? The two-way Jubilees cost somewhat less than new Klipschorns. 4) What product ordering options are available? Klipsch provides a bass bin front panel veneer in a number of veneer choices. The K-691 compression driver (rebranded B&C DE75) is the standard driver bundled with the two-way home version Jubilee. 5) Where can I hear a pair of Jubilees? See the following thread: 6) Where can I buy a Jubilee? The two-way (home hi-fi version) Jubilee can be ordered in the U.S. through @MetropolisLakeOutfitters --a Klipsch dealer. Other dealers can be found through contacting Roy Delgado (roy.delgado@klipsch.com). 7) Does Klipsch provide setup support? If not, where can I get help? Klipsch does not provide setup support for these loudspeakers. Additional help can be obtained through Jubilee owners here on the Klipsch Forum. Free help with getting them dialed-in using DSP crossover can be obtained through @Chris A via email support using Room EQ Wizard (REW) and your chosen DSP crossover. It is recommended that you first consider using a Xilica crossover (XP or XD series) to facilitate the dialing-in tasks, although other DSP crossover types can also be used. It is also recommended that you use a better quality DSP crossover than a miniDSP, Behringer, and the entry-level dbx Driverack. 8 ) What active crossovers are used? What's recommended ? How do I program it? Several types of DSP crossovers have been used with the two-way home version Jubilee, including the older ElectroVoice Dx38 and its successor DC-One, Yamaha SP2060, Ashly Protea, Xilica XP series, and miniDSP 2x4 HD. If buying through MetropolisLakeOutfitters, preloading of Xilica XP processor settings developed by Roy Delgado of Klipsch is an option supported by the dealer. 9) How do I buy a Jubilee if I don't live in the U.S.? What are my options? Contact Roy Delgado (roy.delgado@klipsch.com) to discuss your options for international sales. Note that most Klipsch dealers do not often handle Klipsch Professional products (i.e., cinema). Based on the history of difficulties getting the correct configuration for two-way home hi-fi operation, it is recommended to email Roy Delgado before contacting your local Klipsch dealer if you do not live and ship to the U.S. Chris
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    Finally good weather to get these out and breathing.....wow. Thanks to Derek @Fleawatt for helping out with the crossovers. These are seriously badass....
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    Look at the tops on these, just ridiculously pretty. Beasley picked out a good pair for me, I think he did a good job at least. Ordered these to use in a video but yeah I'm not shipping these anywhere, ordered some other black ones to use, doubt I'll ever see another pair like this again.
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    I am new to the forums so I thought I’d share my set up Klipsch KLF 30 Klipsch KSW 15 Carver A-500X Carver CT-25.1 If you have any questions About the set up or tips let me know from Ontario 🇨🇦🇨🇦
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    Msde it back home. It's a mess but nothing broken or damaged.
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    Klipsch LaScala AL-5 ME. 🙂
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    @Chief bonehead gave dtel and I his prototype 1502 sub and came down this weekend to help with the install. While he was here he made some other adjustments to our system. I want to give Roy a big thank you for the sub woofer, help with the install and adjustments to our system. More importantly I want to thank him for the new found love I have for our gear. I am so impressed with the performance of this sub woofer. The only way to describe it is "musical". It takes bass to a whole new level. We put the sub through its paces by watching X-Men Apocalypse. The sofa was literally vibrating! We walked outside to take a break and the exterior walls were shaking.
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    My orphaned family... 😛
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    As I alluded to in CC and C thread yesterday these things are making sweet sounds in my man cave. Thanks to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, @Trentster5172, @Chris A everyone at Klipsch and Assoc. Hope AR and most especially to @Chief bonehead. I've got more fine tuning to do. Chris I have the UMIK and a microphone stand but still waiting for a laptop(guess I have to order one before it will show up). I will get back to you when I get it. But so far the settings for the TADs sound pretty darn good to me. Also I have some veneering to do. And cable routing and clean up etc...etc....Oh and listening. Forgot, thanks @cincymat for the XP 4080
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    tell me, if you were mentored, taught, hanging out and were loved by a person that you would have considered a father figure in your life, would you insult him? its become obvious that you have not read or understand my relationship with paul......so once again i put this out there. paul's real heritage speakers are what paul built the company on. paul and i had many discussions on his speakers and every time i got the honor of working on them, i did so with the utmost respect. while he was alive, i always got his approval for things. tractrix was the toughest but thru the help of a mutual friend, he accepted it, which further widen my admiration for paul. think about it....at his age (late 80's), to still have an open mind to make changes and advance amazed me. but paul is not alive anymore.....and we never discussed updating his speakers from a horn perspective. the jub was the first one he wanted to do with a tractrix horn along with his mods to the horn. with the forte ii, i had started to play with tractrix, paul was there to advise and encourage me with his rebuttal questions. that is why the forte ii and quartet and chorus ii used my first generation tractrix. to get the chance to reintroduce and update the forte, and adding some of things i was taught and learned, yes i added all i could....because i know paul would wanted it that way and would have approved. but it is my intention of honoring paul is why i will not update his speakers. i will never say never....but right now, i would not do that to pauls speakers or his legacy. paul just means alot to me. and i would have to do alot of remembering and meditation to make sure that paul would want that. now do you understand?
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    small bite. from the beginning product by product. as i have told some close friends of mine, i had never heard of klipsch much less heard from klipsch. i just a fresh engineer guy out of college, called by klipsch to interview. i got to spend about 45 minutes with paul and in those 45 minutes, i came out of his office thoroughly convinced that the only way to design speakers was to use horns. one of the first projects i worked with paul on was the midbass horn and woofer horn of the kp-600. i know that some people ***** about the way i answer a question with a question (deano?) but that is how paul taught me. it was quite cool and frustrating working with him. but i am sure glad he pushed. paul fingerprints are all over the 600. the network that crosses over from the mids to highs was basically pauls idea. at the time i came to work for klipsch, paul was constantly playing with networks. he was really intrigued by steep slope networks. m derived. the manifold to put two 2" diap drivers together was totally designed by him. i asked him if he would design and of course, he was holding class and i never realized it. that manifold worked perfectly and provided addition up to the freq i asked. it was in these details....this projects within projects......macro details today..........and nuances tomorrow....these nuances that paul would later remind ,me that i just needed, to concentrate on the 20%......
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    I ran across this and it seemed appropriate to post here: RIP Sancho. https://www.ngams.org/retirees/fallen-hero/capt-ret-kendall-payne/?fbclid=IwAR1FxQQiv3_y0y7_xNTgh85oMZLHTfhBTZC3kSQ87rGBWv0NXchG0PnfvCQ
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    Finally. Proud new owner of Cornwall IV's in American Walnut. I should have done this a long time ago. Purchased from local dealer, ListenUp. Though ListenUp is not a Certified Heritage Dealer, they sell the whole line and had them in stock. Some 30 years ago I purchased a pair of Forte II's from this dealer, from a salesman named Gary. Why I remember that, I don't know. So I called them up, on a Thursday, asked for Gary (he's still there, though higher up in the food chain, I'm sure!). "Can you have them at my house tomorrow, cuz I'm going out of town Saturday?" He told me that he had to get them from the warehouse in Denver (I'm in Colorado Springs). He guaranteed me he would get them to my house if he had to deliver them himself. Next day he shows up in he own car, a Nissan Cube or something like that. He laughed and said his car is apparently designed to perfectly fit a pair of Cornwalls. These things are truly glorious! My hopes/expectations were sky high. They have been met. This is the best sound I have ever had. Ever.
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    It’s pretty simple and it’s not very complicated. It’s just not “Roy” endorsing JEM, it Klipsch. And for the umpteen time, crites and alk or anyone else and the products they sell, are not Klipsch approved. Most people who modify a part on their network have no idea how it might affect the overall voltage transfer, which affects the spectral balance of the speaker. But it’s your speaker....do what you want. If you want the original intent, then replace with original specified parts.
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    This section is NOT for your controversial BS, it is NOT the old BS section. Find somewhere else online to do your thing if controversy is your thing. The lounge is for subjects that do not fit in audio sections but not to argue/ debate in. The BS section does not exist anymore, it's not the lounge. If this is a problem you are on the wrong forum, this forum is not for your political or current social views. No your not smarter than everyone else here and can sneak it through, anything seen as not fitting will be erased. Starting new threads with the same function will also be erased, if someone continues to try to keep starting subjects like this they will not be allowed to post. You have NO idea how many complaints threads like this get, the majority of people here do not like the subjects or the arguing.
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    Since weather was kind of crappy and muggy, my wife and I worked upstairs some today. I decided to put the Belle clones on the 15' wide "short wall" and I feel they sound better this way. I ran them on the VTA ST-70 for a little while but it's just too damn warm this time of year. I hooked up my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t which, rebuilt, is right at 140 wpc and it honestly sounds a little better on the Belles. Obviously its 4x the power, too, so it's coasting along pretty good. Moved some other things around but will post those later. But progress. With the tambor doors shut on the Barzillay cabinet. I love this thing and bought it maybe 13 years ago from the same retired Delta airlines pilot I bought the $500 1978 Walnut Klipschorns (that I had to unfortunately sell).
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    So, I took advantage of the big discounts on Palladiums and ordered a set of P-37’s, along with the center and surrounds in Merlot. I did not order the sub as it is just too big for me and I already had the RT-10D, which is excellent and compact. The Palladiums replace KLF-20s/C7 and KSP-S6 surrounds. They arrived roughly a couple weeks ago. I am driving them with a Denon AVR-X6200W, and I use Audessey room correction. After many years of tinkering, I had my KLF-20’s really, really dialed into my room and they sounded beyond excellent. My expectations for the Palladiums were better looks, slightly better mids/highs, slightly better imaging, and significantly better center integration/matching. I had my doubts about bass, but given I am running a good sub, I was confident I could get the bass dialed in and would be at least as good. In short, my hope was that these would provide the best sound I have ever heard. (No pressure, haha). The first thing to happen was that my RT-10D subwoofer inexplicably died right at the beginning, so it is in the shop, and I am without sub. When I first turned them on (no sub, no Audessey), I immediately noticed that the P’s had potential, mids/highs were smoother and clearer, and I was very surprised by the quality of the bass. But I knew I had some work to do to get the P’s dialed into my room. Now, I have to say again, the previous KLF-20s were really dialed in, so I had a good idea of the sound I was expecting. After two weeks and probably 20 hours of adjusting speaker positions, running Audessey, dozens of times, with multiple Audessey mic patterns, multiple speaker positions, and driving my wife crazy, last night it finally clicked. And Oh. My. God. It was goose-bump-city all evening. Yes, this is the best sound I have ever achieved in my house. Here are my a few tracks that I use to know if I am dialed in: Blue Ray: I use the movie “Battleship”. This movie has tremendous sound effects. When the alien ship breaks up and slams into earth, the explosion effects are supreme. When a piece of the alien ship slams into a glass skyscraper the explosions and smashing glass is incredible. I expect this to improve when I get my sub back, but I am pleasantly surprised how good the P’s perform without the sub. Music: Mark Knopfler – Album: Golden Heart, Track: Golden Heart. This song has some delicate guitar, delicate vocals, along with bass note that has always been a challenge to get sounding perfect in my room. Greg Brown – Album: Down In There, Track: Hillbilly Girl. This song has acoustic guitar, a delicate deep simple drum beat, and vocals that that will sound grating/awful if my midrange is not dialed in. Yarn – Album: Yarn, Track: Listen Up Sweetheart. This song has acoustic bass, steel guitar, mandolin, gentle snare drum and a certain spaciousness that I look for. Many others, but I use the above ones because I am very familiar with them and they tell me when something ain’t right. Overall happy camper here! Pics:
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    Several months ago, my 14yr old daughter mentioned she would like to have a stereo for her bedroom. So of course I immediately headed to Craigslist to look for some Klipsch. I found a pair of RF-5, RC-7 and RB-5 for $600. I figured at that price, I could keep a pair of the speakers and sell the rest. I brought them home and asked my daughter if she would rather have the towers or bookshelf speakers in her bedroom and she said the bookshelf (I would have picked the RF-5's but hey....it's her room). I didn't have a need for the RF-5 or RC-7 so I ended up selling them and ended up with the RB-5 for free. A few weeks later, I found an Onkyo TX-SR602 for $30 and then several weeks after that, I found a small entertainment center for $20. I figured it would make a nice birthday gift for her so I stored the entertainment center at the church and the speakers and receiver in the HT. Not a bad first system for $50. So tomorrow is her 15th birthday and she's spending the night at a friend's so I brought home the entertainment center and hooked up her first system. I think she is going to be thoroughly impressed. I couldn't believe how terrible her TV sound was. I mean really awful. I think she will be pleasantly surprised.
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    Good news everyone! I have just come from visiting Dee in the hospital. He is doing much better. The doctor wants to treat his condition with drugs... no invasive procedures at this time. Also, he was about to be moved from CCU to a regular room. I'll be visiting him again tomorrow and will keep everyone updated. Keep those prayers going. Tony
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    Two days ago, at 36 years old, my best friend Wakejunkie had two strokes. For the most part he's doing fine. Has some balance issues and cannot walk without assistance. Dr said its a miracle he is alive. Only 10% survive from a stroke like he had and he had two making it around 1% of people that survive. Here is the latest update from his wife Update: the doctor has confirmed that it is a tear in his vertebral artery alone causing the strokes. It is a life changing event. The doctor said it is a miracle that he didn't die and to count this as a second chance. He will not be able to play sports anymore, go to the chiropractor, or pop his neck without risk of causing another tear. He should heal from his present symptoms over the next three months but doctor says risk of re-injury is great. It is a weakness of connective tissue and not from previous surgery. Treatment for this event is major blood thinners until the tear heals and then an aspirin type regiment. Please keep him in prayer as he adjusts to these changes.
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    I just discovered these pictures taken in the 70s when my wife and I lived in Hope, Ar. I was the purchasing manager for a local manufacturer and my wife taught high school art. I rented a space at the airport hangar (where Paul kept his Beech Baron) to restore an MG-TD. He could usually be found there on sunny Saturday mornings, engaged in hangar-flying with the local aero-club (who had a beautifully restored Aeronca Champ). We of course all called him Mr. Klipsch and held him in a little awe. The first picture is taken just outside the airport, and the second one is taken inside, with Mr. Klipsch, myself, and a young architectural student, Tom Tolleson. Tom was attending the Univ. of Ark studying with the famed architect Fay Jones, an acolyte of Frank Lloyd Wright. My wife taught with Valerie Booles before she and Mr. Klipsch got married, so the third picture is at the end-of-school teacher’s cookout. I think they were newly-weds. The last picture is Paul looking pensive, probably calculating a way to reduce distortion even more.
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    I've posted this before. You may remember it.
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    To my little family! I am proud to present Samantha Mae! Born 10/21/15 at 1:57pm 6lbs 11oz. We were about to head to the hospital, and while my wife was taking a shower to get ready, she yelled my name and said the baby was coming. A few pushes later this little bundle was born...... in our bathroom Fun story to tell when she's older.
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    But in a good way. Thank you all so much for the beautiful flowers....as you can see, I didn't have a vase large enough to hold them, and I was overwhelmed by the gesture. My gratitude for your friendship is unmeasurable... through all the moaning and groaning of rules, warnings and locked threads, I've always felt appreciated and respected here. I won't forget it. Thank you all for your contributions to this most special of internet corners, to the amazing Klipsch brand, and to me personally and professionally. I will definitely keep in touch. With love, Queen Emeritus
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