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    • Has anyone done a plywood comparison between Klipsch's stock Georgia-Pacific furniture/cabinet 7-ply and other brands?
    • Have you heard one with a horn loaded sub? They work great for two-channel. No rumble just clean natural sounding musical bass.

      Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk

    • Tony said: Looking back at the period where I implemented triamping, time and phase adjustments, swapped out drivers, amps, etc. the only thing that really shook my world was when I had extremely steep crossover slopes.  That seemed to provide numerous sonic benefits.  In the end I dumped all that electronic wizardry and went back to a tube amp and ALK's first run of crossovers.  I am happy with the music my system makes.  But I still think about implementing a steep slope crossover again (without all the electronics, just a nice, analog steep slope xover). Warm regards, Tony        I am right in the middle of this myself right now.  My MCM and all digital setup with all the bells and whistles and time alignment simply does have the "life, front to back 3D soundstage and dynamics" of my most recent passive system with steep slope passives, analog EQ, tube pre and amps.  Having the ability to do virtually instantaneous comparisons between both sharing common sources brought me back to all this that I had and traded for the technically correct digital world.   Fr those interested I posted a picture of this setup in the "show your cornscalas" thread.  Yeah, not even bass horns.     What I found over time is that just because a system is "technically correct"...........that is something totally separate from the actual quality of the sound.  A simpler, less technically correct setup can be more pleasing to listen to.  Wow..........I really said that.     I really enjoy having both since the big digital setup also has some pleasing characteristics that the simpler passive system does not.   But in the end, eyes shut..........I am really enjoying my trip back to simple with tubes.   While I am not using AA networks right now, I do have one in a lascala we took out over Memorial weekend and enjoyed for several hours in mono.  I do share the appreciation for the simple now and again.
    • two Y splitters should suffice until other options become become available (i.e. 2 sets of preouts). If I am understanding your predicament correctly?   Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
    • That's going to hurt, right in your back yard. Nice score!   Mark
    • ^hmmm... I think I need something along those lines. Without being able to scrounge around in the lower registers, I can not feel the music as well.   I know I can still use my preouts, as I do now, but I wanted to try and avoid the receiver all together to see what kind of sound I get.
    • Right/left preouts from my Yamaha A-S1000 integrated to right/left inputs on my RSW-10d.  Low pass filter on RSW-10d set to 50Hz and EQ set to "Flat".  Subwoofer completely disappears and system sounds like I moved the RF-63's in place of the RB-75's/RSW-10d combo.  Smooth and seamless.   Bill
    • Morning gang... Yesterday was spent in the yard and so will today..... The main goal is to take care of the fire wood....  Started off moving the old stack left over from last year and cleaning up the "stack site"...... uncovered a wasp nest in a old rail road tie.... that slowed me down a bit.....they were no match for a can of brake cleaner.... I only got stung once Then it was sorting the wood that has to be split from the wood I can just throw in the fire.....I'm thinking once I split all the wood it'll be enough for the year... So yesterday was just me..... my yard and the trusty Wheel Horse and cart..... was a good day   Later....   MKP :-)

      A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a 
      word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of 
      them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of 
      mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives 
      of yours?" "Yep," the wife replied , "in-laws
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