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  1. The Moderators group is set up for unlimited attachments. So that's not the issue
  2. Are either of you using any sort of ad-blocking browser extensions? Long-shot...
  3. Sorry, this kinda dropped off my radar. I've just been so busy with other work. I hope to look into this further soon.
  4. I agree 100% Also, I'm just going to lock this as all the issues pertained within have been resolved. No need to resurrect old threads just for the sake of doing so. Thanks!
  5. Available for preorder now in the US. $199. https://www.klipsch.com/products/t5-true-wireless-earphones
  6. If you have had dealings or communications with this user in the past, please halt. They are a known scammer and were banned a few weeks ago after I was alerted to it. They will claim to have a buddy in Texas and try to get you to pay for something with Western Union (which is just a good idea to avoid anyway). This scammer was actually from Nigeria and was phishing.
  7. Sorry it's still happening. I'll try to look at this again this week. In the meantime, a workaround would be to utilize any of the many free image hosting services out there on the web to host your pics.
  8. I just installed a forum update. Not sure if it'll fix this issue but please let me know if it pops back up. Thanks.
  9. Would you dust off the ol' checkbook if so?
  10. I haven't yet been able to find a cause for this. Still looking....
  11. Yeah it's really up to the person doing the quoting to be considerate when doing so. There is a function in place to limit the amount of "re-quotes" for quoting things that quote other posts though. I know that's not what you are talking about.
  12. Sorry for the delayed response on my part. You weren't able to edit your signature because you were still below a certain post count. Looks like you got it straightened out.
  13. Yes. We were getting DDoS'd from China here. So I blocked all Chinese IP addresses on this server ;-). (plus I upgraded some stuff)
  14. Hi all, Just an update here that we have successfully moved away from our previous ecommerce platform into a new one on klipsch.com. As a result, our online ordering experience should be MUCH better overall. Please let us know your thoughts! Chad
  15. Hi, We recently made some major changes to our online store, including how our pricing is displayed on products. For now, if we don't sell a product online on our website, the product's price will not be shown there. However, my suggestion would be to use the dealer locator and/or the "where to buy" button (if it is shown on the product page) to contact your local dealer(s) for pricing information. They'd love to hear from you!
  16. Just bumping this up and featuring it for a little while. Please have a look at your notification settings and turn off any email notifications you do not wish to get. It seems some email providers (like yahoo and hotmail) are flagging our email system as "annoying", which is just a tick down from "spam" (and causes emails from here to be suppressed), because apparently some email users have made complaints about emails they are getting from here. That could have been solved by just turning off email notifications AND/OR unfollowing content (which can be done in your account settings > https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/followed/). Just a friendly PSA. Thanks!
  17. Not from klipsch.com, unfortunately. If you are in Canada, our distributor there (Gentec) does sell many products on klipsch.ca. That said, our products are available in most countries outside the US at thousands of authorized dealers. Please visit https://www.klipsch.com/dealers and click "International" to search for Authorized Klipsch Dealers in your country.
  18. I don't think you are being a jerk I appreciate the feedback!
  19. There is also the "support" link right at the top of the forums.
  20. Valid point, but sometimes we can't display pricing on our site for certain products... for reasons. That said, maybe we can work with ranges. I'll note it. Thanks
  21. Hi all, I wanted you to have a look at something we've been working on (and are still working on) that just was made live today: https://www.klipsch.com/system-builder This is a tool to assist users in configuring their own Klipsch home theater within 1 of 4 product lines. It's not a "be-all end-all" tool, but merely a way to assist users in selecting all the Klipsch speakers needed for most common speaker configurations. You start by selecting a product category and speaker configuration, then you select the main (L & R) speakers. That main speaker selection determines the available choices for all the other components. When all components are selected, you'll get a SKU for that build, a list of your components, and either an add-to-cart button with price (if all the components are available to buy on klipsch.com) or a dealer locator to find your nearest dealer. Please check it out! I'd love to read anyone's feedback. We have plans to improve on this base feature. https://www.klipsch.com/system-builder Thanks!
  22. Chad

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Saw the movie in a Klipsch-equipped ATMOS theater on Saturday. Sounded amazing. Good movie too. Excellent casting and acting.
  23. This has been improved. Moderators now have their main group set as Moderators, which will show "Moderators" below their avatar.
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