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  1. Added a link to the bottom of the page on the Board Index page.
  2. The mobile layout is a little buggy. Some theme images (such as that button) are not displaying correctly. I'm working on a fix. that is fixed.
  3. THE FORUM QUEEN HAS SPOKEN!!!1! THY WILL BE DONE!! (See what I did there?)
  4. Spell check is built in to most web browsers these days, therefore negating the need for a plugin on the forums. I have spell check on almost everything but not here in the new forum. I agree spell check would be a good addition and is something that I have missed on the new forum. PM sent.
  5. That is called a CAPTCHA, and yes sometimes it can be a pain (believe me, I hate the things), but a necessary evil to help keep out spammers. The good news is you should only see it when you are registering for an account or have forgotten your password.
  6. Admins and mods can as well, natch.
  7. But I will turn that setting off, and trust the Spam Patrol. Whippersnapper..... oh my.... (lol) This ain't my first forum admin rodeo, don't worry... ;-)
  8. It's designed to keep people from posting threads with titles like "PLEASE READ THIS HOLY CRAP!!!!111!!!11" But I will turn that setting off, and trust the Spam Patrol. (The setting preventing multiple exclamation points in the thread title will still be enabled)
  9. I've enabled a feature that allows you to sign in using your Twitter account, if you have one, and want to use it. You can also associate your Twitter account with your current Forums member account, if you so desire, by signing out here and then viewing the sign in form, where you'll see a button for signing in with Twitter. Doing so allows you to sync your Twitter avatar and profile background with your forums avatar & background, and to share your forum posts on your Twitter feed as you post them (optional).
  10. You can also access them when you are writing a post by clicking on the "my media" button in the editor.
  11. The problem was those messages have the images directly linked, rather than attached to the posts. Because they were linking to the old files on the old community server, the links were broken. As a fix, I've moved those files over to the new server so they should now work. Note: There may be other posts elsewhere in the forums that have this issue.
  12. The mobile layout is a little buggy. Some theme images (such as that button) are not displaying correctly. I'm working on a fix.
  13. Nope. Can't get to it. Could possibly put it all together using multi-quote, but that would be work. This should now be fixed.
  14. Unfortunately, there's not a per-member option to show threads in date descending order. It's either on or off for everybody. I'll look to see if anyone has written a plugin that lets us do this. You can get to the last post in a thread by clicking the date of the latest post info on a topic: System profiles didn't get moved over. That was one of the things that didn't have a home on the new forums. BUT, I've just added a custom profile field called "My System", so feel free to use that!
  15. hehe.... I actually did lock the thread for about 5 minutes yesterday, just to mess with him. ;-) We'll let this one slide. This one.
  16. I'm considering renegotiating for some RF-7's
  17. For those interested, here are the current member ranks. This is subject to change.
  18. I added a bunch of new ranks. Boxx likely had a member title already before the migration, which takes the place of a member rank.
  19. I've temporarily removed the max private message inbox restriction. Someday we will re-enable the restriction. There will be plenty of notice before that day. Everyone has the same size avatars. This is by design and will not change. Thanks!
  20. There is a "change theme" link at the very bottom of each page that lets you select from a list of forum themes. However the options are currently limited. I'd like to create at least one more Klipsch theme (maybe a dark-flavored theme, and a Klipsch theme for mobile), when I have time.
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