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  1. Here are some better pictures of the fronts and the label. One thing I noticed is that it looks like there was a label placed on the speakers then another one was added on top. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8ETjdkcbH1NZuwOD2 Thanks for looking, Ron
  2. Well I bought them from the guy that purchased them new and he sure as hell didn't do anything to them. Are you sure? 30X363 is one of the serial numbers. 1982?
  3. It seems that all the Cornwall's I see are not finished behind the grill, when did Klipsch start/stop this. Mine are lacquered oak and they are veneered on the sound board. Just wondering....
  4. I picked up a pair of KP-250's the other day and I too want to see what can be done to make them more like Hersey's. I got them to use in the garage so the box is perfect for that application, closing up the ports would be easy enough but is there anything else inside I should change? Can the crossover be modified or should I just replace it, if so, which would be the best choice?
  5. image hosting 10mb limit I thought these were walnut but after cleaning ten years of dirt off them I'm not so sure, can anyone weigh in?
  6. Grettings all, I have two pair of K-horns and I need to decided which pair to part with. I have the first pair I purchased in the 80's that matched my Cornwalls, white oak lacquer, so I have a matching set, although the Cornwalls haven't viberated in ten years I have hopes of someday having them all in the same room. The other pair of K-horns are oiled walnut with serial numbers 2C006 and 2C009. Is there anything special about these or just a run of the mill K-horns from the 60's. Both sets of K-horns are in nice shape with the plus going to the walnuts, the oak pair have some problems with the tops but are perfect everywhere else.. I'm leaning towards keeping the four white oak set and moving the walnut pair, convince me otherwise or not. Just to throw something else into the mix I believe the walnut horns are from my birth year,1964. Thank you in advance, Ron
  7. What part confused you?
  8. Oh my God, I can't begin to explain the difference. After much trial and error , I finally got things up and running. I guess my problem was that the only set-up I've had for 20 years has been what's in my sig. A mac 2120, c26 and a mr71. Anyway, the C26 has you connect the amp to the pre and then you connect the speaker wires to the pre. I sat there and looked at the c2200 and looked at those new xlr connections and just scratched my head. Bad news was the Mc75's didn't work out. after going though the power up process with the viriac only one seemed to respond and then wheneven you touched anything on it, it crackled. The garbage man happened to be around and he offered me $20.00 bucks for the pair, seemed like a good price based on the weight. So anyway, the C2200 is hooked up to the Mc 2120 and it sounds so wonderful I really can't believe it. I thought the amp was a weak link in my system, so wrong. It was totally the pre. Before I trash my c26 to death we need to put things into perspective. For the price difference, it is hard to berate the c26. After 20 years or so of listening I can't complain, if I was to recommend a starter pre, the c26 would be the fist on my list. But what the hell do I know. So in conclusion, I think the C2200 is just amazing, I have little experience so take my impression with a grain of salt. Well now I need to figure out what to do with the Mc 75's . From a little reading I did some say the tube amp makes the big difference so I wonder if I get the 75's fixed will I see the same change? Any advice on getting them fixed? and will I need to power them up for hours on the "V" if I don't turn them on for a few months? Now, I have 4 k-horns and 2 MR 71's, is there any difference in the MR 71's anything to look for? Ok, back to listening, let me know what I should do with the 75's Thank you guys, Ron
  9. Ok thanks, I was using a c26 which had a place for the speakers and the amp was connected to the pre. Music is playing
  10. I guess I'm having brain fade but I can't seem to figure out how to hook up a C2200. Where do you put the amp output wires? Thank you
  11. Hello all, I just got a pair of MC75's that were overhauled about 5 years ago. They have been sitting for 3 years now and I was wondering if I need to do the variac thing or not before using them. If so, I'll use the light bulbs. Does anyone know what watt bulb to start with and how long do you have to power the amp with each different bulb? Thanks, Ron
  12. I was working on one of my K-horns the other day, it has a blown tweeter, and I was looking at all the wiring that connects the tweeter and mid range and I got to thinking. People talk about monster cable the size of a pencil, pure silver wire, maybe even gold wire but I look at the fuse that all these wires run to and from and I wonder what is the need for all this huge wire when the wire inside the fuse is about the size of a human hair? Because the fuse is only an inch long that tiny strand of wire is fine or would it be better to ditch the fuse?
  13. He's got a pair of Mac 75's to drive them, but with tube amps would you ever get near 35w? This whole tube watt thing confuses me, I hear some say I have a 6w amp and never turn it up and others want the scott mk something because it has more balls?
  14. My brother is putting together a system and he needs some advice. He turned me on to Klipsch back in '84 when I bought my cornwalls, any way, I was talking to him last night and he said he was looking at a set of k-horns from the '50s. I'm not sure what year they are but I said, "what are you nuts? why get a pair so old". So am I the one that is nuts or does it not really matter what year they are. I understand the newer ones are mdf but other then a driver change here and a crossover there, is there much difference? Mine are from the early 80's with AK2 crossovers and I'm happy with mine, is there any year better then the others? Thanks guys! Ron
  15. I've made quite a few purchases on ebay and I have just a few simple rules. Never send a money order for more then $50.00, I figure if I get screwed out of 50, thats enough. That figure is just a personal choice. Actually read the feed back on the seller, sometimes they have good feedback but show slow to ship or bad on e-mail, you know what you're up against. Call your credit card company and find out their policy on internet/mail order purchases. Most will not expect you to pay if there is fraud involved or non delivery. Get a paypal account and use that credit card, don't use the checking account option. I purchased a $2000.00 dollar item and didn't get prompt e-mails or when I did get them, they were useless. I contacted ebay and paypal and was told to wait something like 60 days, screw that. Give the guy until the charge appears on your CC statement and that payement is due. Call the CC company and dispute the charge, this is the most important action you take. Once the charge is stopped file all the online forms with paypal and ebay if you haven't already done so. Now you're all set, the credit card company will look into the matter and once the seller can not supply a delivery recipt the charge will be credited back to you and you're ready to make your next ebay purchase.
  16. Thank you for your replys, I'll have to check this out futher when I get home. "If you're worried about cost, you can't afford it." People that don't worry about cost either didn't earn their money or are stupid. Good Day,
  17. Hello all, I have a Mac 2120 ss amp and it has developed a hum in one of the channels. I tried switching all the wires from left to right on the pre-amp and then discovered that even with the volume turned off on the pre, if I turn up the amp output control the hum is there. This is how I determined it has to be the amp, correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone know what would cause this and if its possible to fix this myself or could recomend some place to send it. I've had the amp for 20 years and have never had anything done to it, any idea what something like this would cost to fix? I paid less then $200.00 bucks for the amp will it be possible its not worth fixing? thanks,
  18. Hey, thanks for the reply. The speakers are in storage but I think I need one driver, each has two. I think I also need two tweeters and one mid, but let me get back to you after I take another look.
  19. I have a pair of 910's that have been in storage for awhile. They need some work and I was wondering if they were worth fixing? Anyone know anything about them?
  20. My sister is looking for a pair of speakers, her ADS 910s have about had it. She loves the cornwalls but they are to big for her place, does anyone know how Vandersteen 2 would compare to a cornwall or chours, chorus II or whats the other one that replaced them? I gave her a Mac 1700 so thats the power source. By the way, are the ADS 910s worth anything? anyone know anything about them? Thanks!
  21. I don't listen to them much other then the TV lately. I have the digital cable so I'll turn on the music channel but haven't had much time lately. The room I'm in now is 13X17'6 just the k-horns are in there and on the short wall to boot, the corn walls are just sitting in my bed room not even hooked up. I used to have a bigger room with all 4 at once but I built a new house and don't want them taking up the whole living room. Every once in awhile I hear a pop noise or more like one channel is dropping out for a split second. I cleaned all the contacts and I think its in the preamp. So I was either thinking about replacing it or sending it off somewhere to be tuned up. I wonder what audio classic would charge for such a service, perhaps its better to up grade, thats why I asked the question. If I won't hear the difference why bother with replacing it. What do you mean to much power?
  22. I guess it didn't show up in my sig when you posted I have some k-horns, cornwalls and Mac 2120 amp, C26 preamp, MR 71 Turner, some other crap..can't even remember the name of the CD and a proton tuner
  23. Hello all, Just discoverd this forum the other day, I've been kinda out of the whole hi-fi scene for awhile.I guess I just have a few questions to start with. I have a Mac C26 preamp and was wondering if I were to up grade would it make a big difference? And if so what would be a good choice? Thanks!
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