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  1. Hello A local audio/electronics parts center http://www.addison-electronique.com stocks a Klipsch 10" woofer that looks like it is from the Reference line. It has a copper coloured cone and black dustcap just like the real thing. I asked to take a look and the only marking on it was 511TM. No marking on the box either. Can this be for real? Does anyone know if this part number is real or if there are fake replacement drivers out there. Why would Klipsch sell surplus parts thru a large volume low price parts depot? I am considering a pair for a custom center speaker using Heresy mid and tweeter. Edmond Montreal
  2. You are welcome! I believe that the overall sensitivity is an average sensitivity. There is no specific frequency mentioned. If the mid and the tweeter is is 96dB between 2-10KHz, and the woofer is 3db lower, then you still fall withing the overall frequency response curve of 50-17KHz +/- 5 db. For an interesting look at sensitivity, go to http://www.eminence-speaker.com and pick any woofer and click on the sensitivity chart. You will see that they vary widely accross the frequency band. why do you want the T/S parameters? Are you modifying it or building a custom enclosure. I would be interested in exploring together. I ran a couple of trials with WinISD just for fun. The Heresy II K24K woofer goes a bit lower in frequency but not much... -3dB at 54Hz vs 61Hz for the K22K. I also just purchased a set of Heresies that where modified by the owner. He added a port and did some Xover mods. He also put plumbers putty on the horns. This was 3 years ago and the putty is still very soft. I expected it to dry out. (from my Home DIY experience) You do notice lower base comming out of the rear firing port. I will ask him for the technical details of his mod. He is quite an audiophile and am sure he did a good job. Edmond Montreal
  3. hello These where provided by Klipsch a few years ago: K22-K ceramic magnet circa 1984 till end of Heresy I Production NomZ=8 Ohm Re=6.9 Ohm Le=1 mH Qms=5.3 Qes=0.446 Qts=0.411 Fres=35 Hz Cms=359 uM/N Mms=57.6 Grams BL= 14 TM Sd=.053 square meters = 62 Sq Inches Vas= 143 Liters = 5.05 CuFt Xmax= 4mm Pmax= 100Watts SPL=93 dB @ 2.83V Courtesy Sylvain Gagne, whose beautiful custom modified vented heresies I just purchased this morning! Hope this Helps Edmond Zauner Montreal
  4. Hey I don't think that any speaker has fans like us! I drove 11 hours to pick up my LaScalas too!. But no wife, she is pregnant about to drop. Does you wife know the real reason you asked her to come along for the ride: To help you cary them out of the basement, up the stairs out into you van! Does she know they weight 167lbs each? Have fun! It will be worth it! Edmond Montreal
  5. Hello I would be interested in a K400/K401 horn lens only. (no driver). Should not be too expensive to post a package by mail from Europe. I am in no hurry, I dont need airfreight! What is the difference between the K400 and K401. Would they both accept a K55V driver? Edmond Montreal
  6. I suggest you get an inexpensive set instead of one at a time. Then you will be equiped for any future need! Lots of appliances and other electronic gear use them That is how you build up a tool chest! Edmond Montreal
  7. I have LaScala's mains and Heresy Surrounds. I am looking for parts to make a custom center. There are a pair of Tangent 40 (2 way horn tweeter with dual 8inch woofer and PR) for sale on Ebay. How would this sound? Are the Tangent's sufficently close to the Heritage line in sound to make a good center? EFZAUNER Lascala mains Heresy surround HK AVR500 HT receiver
  8. Hey Dodger! What gives! We coulda made a deal for your whole kit! I just got a pair of Heresy rears off of ebay and also a Harman Kardon AVR500 HT receiver! I now need a center. Could done it all in one trip! Any one want to split Dodger's Pair of Cornwalls for use as a center? Edmond Montreal
  9. John! So you are the one that he sold the other pair to! I picked up his other pair of LaScalas last weekend! Drove 10 hours round drip from Montreal!.... I wanted his Heresys too.. but he would not sell!. I just won some Heresys on Ebay... Now I need a Center! Edmond Zauner Montreal
  10. The silly question is: why the drivers and no lenses? Where did they get lost? I dont know what you want to do with them, but you may be able to use them with new lenses/horns from Eminence or Selenium. They also have them at www.partsexpress.com or other. Edmond Zauner Montreal
  11. To SSeymour I am looking at the Shiva as well. What kind of box did you make and what amp are you using to drive it? I was thinking of a Carver magnetic field amp in bridged mode. The result I would call the Shiva Field Generator! efzauner
  12. Try www.woodhorn.com they have a number of models and can do custom work. Just found using google, have no exprience with them . Edmond Montreal newbie LaScalas Heathkit w5ms
  13. Hello Dee Don't dispair, it is not as hard as it sounds. If you have CD burning software like Roxio, it probably has the ability to record from LP and then burn a CD. I use Roxio Platinum. Of course the ultimate quality will depend on your sound card's Analog to Digital converter! Also, some notebook computers do not have line inputs, only a mono microphone input which is useless. It is a bit of work, count on taking twice as long as the LP itself. You have to first record both sides, and then split the recording into tracks. Some software have automatic track splitting abilty that detects the silence. But I find that these don't work well, particularly with classical music that may have quiet spots. You basically start the recording and then start the LP. Once a side is recorded you literaly can listen to the digital recording while viewing the sound (literally voltage vs time). You then cut out what you dont want, cut and past the individual tracks to a new window and then save it as a new .wav file. When it is all done you burn the CD as usual from the wav files. I recorded a few albums, but in general I find it is not worth the effort if the CD is available, since most of my favorite LPs have been played to death already. What I do find usefull is copying new CDs for car use because they get so scratched so fast in the car environment. Especially when my wife tosses my CDs 70s disco CDs on the floormat in order to put in her Celine Dion! You will need a set of RCA to laptop adaptors/cables (left and right RCA male to 1/8th inch stereo phone male) most computer stores or Radio will have them (always overpriced-I get mine at a local electronic hobby parts store) Good luck! Edmond
  14. Hello All I can now delurk! I set my alarm for 12:45 am May 3rd to drive 5 hours from Montreal to Rochester NY to pick up Dodger's LaScalas. Got back at noon in time for my 4 year old daughter's Ballet show. Hooked them up after supper and they sounded great and felt like I was back in high school where they had a pair for dances. Kids danced with me to my old 70's favorite rock and disco. They love em too!. Just starting to get into this. I plan on using them with a pair of Heathkit W-5Ms.
  15. Do you still have them for sale? I could pick them up if the price is right Edmond Montreal efzauner@yahoo.ca reply on yahoo email please, I read it every day!
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