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  1. Hi all, Turned the speakers on in the morning and control pod + headphones work, but no sound from speakers or sub. I know this is not the most uncommon issue and others had similar problem, so hoping to hear if anyone did a DIY repair or at least knows which components to check in this situation. Always hope in the community Thanks Yura
  2. Although this is an old topic - it helped me a lot and I want to thank everyone who contributed. My Ultra 5.1 are going strong and now sound clean again with no hum.
  3. Thank you all. So far I've had several inquiries, but for some reason people schedule the time to meet or pick it up and then just don't show up. I have enough interest where I think it will sell and I'm in no huge rush to drop the price quickly, but can always knock off another $20 for forum member.
  4. Mains and sub are good, but I would replace the center. You may want to think about replacing with bookshelfs from Reference series if space is a concern.
  5. Hi all, Due to recent medical bills that have drained us financially i need to sell my Marantz 2238 receiver. I've bought it a while back and used it only occasionally to listen to my music collection. It's in great condition - clean, lights work, sounds good. Wood case has a few small imperfections (rear corner had chipped veneer and was repaired). I would really like to sell it locally if at all possible (San Diego, California) as shipping this guy is just asking for trouble. I may still ship, but you will need to cover packaging/shipping costs - fedex, insured for full value and understand the danger of shipping. Should be around $50 or so in my estimate. You are welcome to come to my place and check it out or listen while hooked up to RF-7s. By the way - looks great next to Cherry RF7s. Would like to get $350 for it.
  6. Hi, the item has been sold, thank you for interest.
  7. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/4796170765.html Seems like a nice deal.. was thinking of getting it for my garage system, but it's way too big. I should probably get bookshelf sized ones.
  8. Price has been lowered again, any takers?
  9. Update: the item has been sold, thank you all for interest. Hey all, This is a beast of a home theater receiver - top of the line Onlyo model with 9.2 145w THX Ultra2 Plus with many really cool features, ton of connection options and some serious power. It is very heavy (55lbs) and has a very respectable toroidal power supply that you can see through the top. Original price: $2,500 Special Features Apple iOS remote control app THX Ultra2 Plus certified HDMI V1.3a repeater (8in (1 front)/2out (simultaneous), 1080p compatible) Massive Toroidal transformer for High current drive 4 Independent Power Supply for clearner sound Finest 192kHz/32bit Burr-Brown DACs isf Video Calibration Internet Radio Streaming (Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius Internet Radio, vTuner) HDMI 1080p upscaling powered by HQV Reon-VX Dolby PLIIz Processing Dolby Volume Audyssey DSX Surround processing Component Video Upscaling (up to 1080i) Front and rear USB inputs http://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=TX-NR5007&class=Receiver Comes with: - original box - original lighted remote - original power cable audyssey microphone is not included (can't find it), but they are available on ebay inexpensively. Asking $650 OBO SOLD Shipping via FedEx (should be around $50-70) Also for sale: Klipsch RC-64 Cherry
  10. San Diego, CA. I'll work on deal with a serious buyer - will get actual shipping charges based on ZIP, etc. Had they been in Cherry, i would keep them and sell my RF-7s.
  11. UPDATE: Speakers have been sold, pending shipping. Klipsch RF-83 in excellent condition. As you know, these are no longer manufactured, but have a wonderful warm sound that I prefer even over my RF-7s. - black - excellent condition - with original manual, brochure, feet, grills - original boxes and packing material There is one odd thing about this set - they don't have original Klipsch stickers on the back. They are definitely not refinished in any way and are in factory condition. Boxes have serials and manufacturing date. Called Klipsch, they found it unusual, but didn't think there was an issue with the speakers. These were purchased as a set with the rest of the high-end components I've been putting up for sale and were shipped as a group to the same address. I can combine shipping on these with my other items: Onkyo TX-NR5007 THX2 Ultra Plus 9.2 145w Klipsch RC-64 Cherry Klispch KS-525-THX Ultra2 THX surrounds Sold Klipsch 2 THX Ultra 2 subs and amp Sold Asking $1600 $1400 $1300 (make offer?) UPDATE: Price lowered, need space in my garage! Shipping: probably around 200-250 depending on destination (keep in mind, these are 100lbs each) . Local pickup and inspections are welcome. Sorry for crappy cellphone pictures, i was in a hurry to take them as I was watching our 3 year old .
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