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  1. Hard to find and guaranteed to work for years to come.
  2. Thanks all, speakers have been sold!
  3. Grills are fine - nothing broken as far as I know. Pins are there and work fine. No guns please - have a kid at home... he is way too smart.
  4. I'm trying to downsize here ... as in - no more bulky cabinets in a small living room kind of way so my kid has space to play. Otherwise would have kept them forever.
  5. I'm quite surprised there are no takers for the set. These sound so good and no new home....😵 By the way - found Klipsch marketing and spec brochures/papers that came with some of the speakers. Also will be included in the sale bundle.
  6. $200 - local sale only. Selling at what it cost me to upgrade the AMP alone.
  7. $1000 for everything.
  8. Lowered some more
  9. Selling my PC setup - Promedia Ultra 5.1 Set is in good condition and works fine. Mid 2019 the amp went out during a hot summer day in California, so I contact a local member and eBay seller who specializes in Klipsch Promedia repairs. I've purchased a new amp board from him with all of the important components upgraded, BASH boards put into user serviceable slots (instead of being soldered) and active cooling added to the inside of the subwoofer (paid $200 for the new amp). The set has been working great since then. Control pod's silver pain is wearing a bit on and around the volume knob, sub has a few scuffs here and there, but all works. I'm redoing my computer setup and no longer need the 5.1 setup. Price: $250 $200 Location: San Diego, CA No shipping (just too expensive for such a heavy and bulky set. I don't think anyone wants to pay $100+ to ship these). PM works best, I'm not on the forum often.
  10. $1100 for everything.
  11. Bueller, Bueller....?
  12. Price lowered on RF7.
  13. Can confirm - looks like R-115sw by the shape of the base plate.
  14. My very humble setup (now for sale ) RF-7 RC-7 LG 70" TV Denon AVR-1910
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