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  1. The problem with Sony's low end is that most of it is rebadged. Sony doesn't even touch it. Their reputation has always been for rugged, well built TV's. They parlayed that into a whole world of crap electronics, junk speakers, and mucho other garbage that wore their brand but was built in their factories...
  2. Just because you live in AU, doesn't mean you can't ship him the crossover and have him mod it. And the RF-7 is definitely NOT Klipsch's flagship speaker, nor was it ever. The mighty Klipschorn is their flagship, and always will be, whether they continue making them or not.
  3. My guess is she's got the HT bug and wants a second pair for rears, as was recommended to her on the forum...
  4. I use the Planet Waves 1/4" stereo to RCA plug adapter. Works great, no worries about cable breaking, can be purchased at any friggin' music shop for about 7 bucks. Expensive? Maybe, compared to the rat shack cables, but a hella lot better built.
  5. Correct. No other Klipsch speakers will match timbre to La's or K-horns. It's a completely different animal, from a pure timbre perspective. Personally, I don't think Heresy's match timbre with the big boys either. K's, La's, Belles, and Corns all have the distinctive tone that no other speaker in the Klipsch lineup can match.
  6. You would do that to a poor bastard like me, wouldn't you? []
  7. Hell, if I'm at home, I'm listening to one of my two 2-channel packages. It's just a given that I listen to music whatever I'm doing at home, unless I'm watching TV, which is pretty rare...
  8. In fact, as I further peruse their site, I see they sell the entire Klipsch Heritage lineup on their website...
  9. Was under the impression this was taboo... http://www.onecall.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=30043&PMNID=1309 Heresy III's on an internet shop?
  10. The old SF-1's weren't bad - but they definitely didn't have the punch of the larger SF-3's or anything in the Ref series. For an entry-level setup, you could certainly do worse - plus they'll make nice rears when you upgrade to something more beefy in the mains.
  11. No reserve on this one - I went ahead and bid $0.99 on it lol - even with shipping and insurance, that puts me into a decent sub for less than $50....
  12. See, I just leave my conditioner (and my amps and what not) running all the time anyhow. Easier on the caps to let the thing run rather than turning it on and off all the time
  13. Trust him, guys. DrWho knows his stuff about transmission theory - far more than I ever will....
  14. No need. For basic surge and conditioning I use the little PL-8 models on my audio rig - 2 of them - one for my computer, mixer and DAC, and another for the amp, preamp, CD player, and TT. You can pick them up for around $100 apiece at most local music stores.
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