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  1. Mark, Thank you as well for sharing your experience. Also, for Kudret, et al-I had an exchange w/ Eric regarding the orientation and decided on the wide side. Here's what he had to say: "Regarding the driver > mounting, if we do the driver on the wide panel, > there is a very slight 1db bump in output between > 600Hz-1200Hz (basically mid-range)." Hope this helps, Paul
  2. DizTotus, Nice job on the speakers. I just purchased a pair of these (4.5") speakers from Eric and have a question: He offered to orientate the driver on either the narrow or wide side of the cabinet. Any thoughts as to which would be preferably sonically? My thanks, Paul
  3. Neil, Thanks for your reply. Not sure if this is in sequence or not. No doubt, my question on Orientation messed everything up! [] Best, Paul
  4. This is a nice tonearm. The two weights allow for a range of cartridges to be used and the VTA adjuster is a clear advantage over the stock Rega/Moth arms. Paul
  5. I agree. FOAM is the way to go. You can buy 4x8 sheets of varying thickness and make up a nice crate for whatever you are shipping.
  6. Jay, I've used 2 different aids with good results: 1. Dawn dish washing liquid. Good old soap and (warm) water. Remove the faceplate and soak/wipe with a clean rag. 2. For tougher stuff, not removed by #1, "Krud Kutter". Use the same way as above. Like I said this has provided me good results. ***Please try a small corner or spot on your faceplate before going "whole hog". Hate to have you wipe away lettering, etc.. Good luck! Paul
  7. Joe, As others have noted-they look good! You can check them out in person before buying-listen to them and inpect cosmetic condition. Saving at least $100 in potential shipping costs. Nice deal. Good luck! Paul
  8. Robert, Very nice presentation-thanks for sharing![] Congratulations on your successful build and enjoy!! Paul
  9. Didn't know the Nitty Gritty was selling for that much! A couple less expensive alternatives: Generic Nitty Gritty: http://www.audioadvisor.com/store/productdetail.asp?sku=NGRD3&product_name=Record%20Doctor%20Model%20III%20Record%20Cleaning%20Machine Supply your own shop vac: http://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/index.htm Good luck! Paul
  10. I think if you are using a stock vacuum and fluid, the VPI is a good choice. If you are using the Disc Doctor brushes and fluid(highly recommended!), the Nitty Gritty 1.0 is all you need-you're just using the vac. Tried to search and find Allan S.'s record cleaning regimen. If someone or Allan could post it here that would be worth considering. 2 different paths. Both have yeilded good results. Keep on it. Record cleaning is HIGHLY rewarding! Paul
  11. I have some 12AU7a tubes for sale-RCA cleartops and Sylvania(labeled Baldwin) on Audiogon: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?accstube&1164064784 Tubes are matched, tested, and guarenteed by me. 10% off total to Klipsch forum members. Thanks for looking, Paul
  12. Jay, If you're thinking Grado these guys have the Gold on sale for $129. http://echohifi.com/ Kurt is a super guy and will treat you well. Good luck in your search, and please post what you end up with and thoughts. Paul
  13. Not digital tuning, but I have a Pioneer SX-535 that I'd let go for $40 + shipping. Nice shape and fits the CHEAP part.[] Paul
  14. The Sovtek 12AX7LPS is a very quiet tube. Cheap too. Good luck! Paul
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