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  1. I have not tried defeating Audessey yet, just no time to sit down and play more and listen to music. But when the reference is made that people boost up the bass after running Audessey, are they boosting it at the subwoofer, or within the Marantz (preamp) itself?
  2. Many good ideas here. The room is a large family room in a basement with some windows. I will try to upload some photos soon (Ive always had a hard time uploading them here). #1 I would really rather NOT swap the receiver due to the complexity of the wiring. However, if I can find a spare receiver from a friend I can try it by hooking up the RF7 to that receiver and see how it sounds. #2 I had a mid 80s NAD preamp (55 wpc) connected to the turntable and a set of Klipsch 1.5 (I believe that is the model, small bookshelfs) and set the speakers on top of the RF7s. Listening to LPs, the music was pretty damn good. I mean, REALLY GOOD! #3 Not that I am a big John Mayer fan, but I do have his Blu Ray "Where the light is" and the sound is STELLAR! I use that disc often to show how awesome my set up is. When I pop that in, my friends are in absolute shock how good my system sounds. #4 I believe I am running the RF7 at full range, and have the Outlaw sub running with the cut off set at about 70 hz. The reason I have the RF7s running wide open is because they can handle and thrive on the massive power (so I've been lead to believe) from the Outlaw amp. #5 I ran Audessy, several times, and as far as I know the settings are saved and in action regardless if it 7 channel or 2 channel. I guess to me, 2 channel music sounds "okay", just not as good as what I think it should sound like considering how awesome movies, and 5.1 or 7.1 music DVDs (or Blu Rays) sound. I also have a Springsteen DVD, Blue Man Group DVD, and they sound pretty good too (not as god as John Mayer) I will also try what Garyrc said and I will check out the Audessy link he provided.
  3. I had asked this years ago on AVS but never really got much of a response. My Home Theatre system has the RF7 system (RF7 (2), RC7 (1), RS7 (2) and CDT5800 (2) in the ceiling for rear surround) with L/C/R speakers having the DeanG modded crossovers, a Marantz 8801 preamp and an Outlaw 7200 (200 wpc 7 ch amp). I also have the Outlaw LFM 1 EX subwoofer. I use either an Oppo 103 or a Sony CD changer for CDs. In the living room I have an older basic Denon 3803 receiver driving 30 year old Kg4s (New titanium tweeter and Crites rebuilt crossovers). Listening to music (CDs or records) the Kg4s sound much better to me. I have a newer Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable that I have used in both systems. The 8801 has the Multi EQ 32 XT I believe, while the Denon has basically nothing. For movies, the 8801/RF7 speaker set up sounds ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! But 2 ch music just does not seem to be the same quality. Any suggestions?
  4. Time to downsize a bit, so I am selling a beautiful combo AV Pre/Pro; Marantz 8801; http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=avseparates&ProductId=AV8801 This has it all (except ATMOS)! a beautiful piece of deco. Outlaw 7700 Amplifier; http://outlawaudio.com/products/7700.html This ATI built amp is a awesome, rated at 200 wpc at the same time. Weighs about 100 pounds. This is a balanced amp. I have all boxes, remotes, etc......I will also include 7 Outlaw balanced cables. Looking to get $3000 for the combo, and I don't really want to ship. I live in the Minneapolis MN metro area. Photos coming soon.......
  5. I believe the sub is not going on due to the Audyssey being activated. I looked in settings on the 8801 but couldnt find a way to get the sub going in 2 ch mode. I have an Oppo BDP 93 Blu Ray player that I use for CD playback, but I also have a Sony 400 disc jukebox. I do have a large room, but I am powering my system with an Outlaw 200 WPC amp. I have tried using analog connections from the Oppo to the 8801 but that sounded even worse than the HDMI connections. The HDMI provided more punch, but still not as filling as what I would expect. I will try to get a photo uploaded here soon to show the layout. I know that has an impact too.
  6. I have posted this in the avs site but not much for a response. My system is in my sig.... Listening to movies, especially Blu Rays, sound phenomenal. However, listeing to CDs and even phono albums lack punch. Music concerts on Blu Rays are incredible, as is Pink Floyds DSOM on SACD, but regular 2 ch music not so much. I have run Auddysey XT32 on the '8801, and I know the sub does not go on in 2 ch. I have tried using pure mode as well, but I cant really tell much of a difference. After running XT, it did set the mains to large. Any help or suggestions much appreciated!
  7. Lots of good replies. I like the idea of having the PWK blasted into the glss, although that may be spendy. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. I have a set of Kg4s and RF7s and am looking to get glass tops for both. Do people just go to a hardware store with the measurements of the tops and order a glass pane to use? And do people but the little rubber feet under the glass to keep them from moving? Anything else special for the install? It seems like a pretty easy project.
  9. Amy Unger, What would be really cool is to get some old heritage and reference line posters available. I would love to have the Johnny Lang ad on a poster. I can't remember who else made it into the magazine ads, but those would be neat. There are lots of good suggestions to the OP in this thread!
  10. Saw it in the theater and thought it was very good. I really enjoy the roles that Depp plays, and he is real good in this. Very Jack Sparrow-ish but as an Indian, not a pirate.
  11. Received it a few days ago (from Canada) in brand new pristine condition! I will be installing it tonight. I am sure it will fit. If not, I will repost. Otherwise I am a happy man....
  12. Just to clarify; I LOVE my RF7 setup, and am very happy with the mod that Dean provided. For movies and concerts (Blu Ray and DVDs), it is mind blowing. That system is in my Home Theatre room. Whether its room acoustics or whatever, the Kg4s just sound better to me for music. This set up is in my living room. My brother with the Chorus IIs only had a 2 ch setup, and CDs were incredible. Maybe someday I will lug the Kg4s downstairs to see how they sound with a 200 WPC amp, and bring the RF7s up to see how they sound.......
  13. Just my $0.02; Bought my first Klipsch speakers in the mid 1980s. I still have them (Kg4) and love them. I did replace the horn diaphragm with the Crites Titaniums and and also had him rebuild he crossovers. I would recommend both upgrades, they sound fantastic. I also have RF7s, and DeanG did the rebuilds on those. They also sound good. I personally like the sound of the heritage line much better than the RF7s for 2 ch music. My brother had Chorus IIs and those ROCKED! I think my KG4s sound better with music than the RFs.
  14. The measurement seemed to be right on, so I ordered it last week via the ebay link. Hope to have it late this week! I will folks posted.
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