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  1. Thanks. I'll get a k-33e and new tweeter. I don't need the extra power handling. I can't stand it above 10 or 12 watts anyway.
  2. After recently buying a pair of industrial la scala speakers on ebay, I finally got them home. I hooked them up. I turn it up a little. One sounded different from the other. So...I opened them up, and to my suprise, I find that one is stock the other has been, shall we say - modified. Speaker A has the original K-43 woofer and alnico tweeter with the round back. This one sounds louder over all. It has more solid bass, but slightly less high end punch. Speaker B has a k-33 woofer and more modern square back tweeter. It seems to have less bass punch, but nicer high end response. My dilemma is what to fix. I think I should get another K-43, if I can find one, and the square back tweeter and put the woofer in speaker B and the tweeter in speaker A. Is my thinking correct, or am I way off base here? Thanks!! By the way, does anybody know where I can GET a K-43 woofer. I have a k-33 and an alnico tweeter to trade...
  3. I recently purchased a pair of industrial la Scala speakers on ebay. I am interested to know if anyone tell me when they were made. I have included a photo of the back plate. The serial numbers are 1649 and 1651. I have the serial number chart from elsewhere on the forum, but according to that, they should have been made between 1948 and 1961. I thought the La Scala series began in 1963. Can someone enlighten me? Also, does anyone know where I can find those heavy duty capacitors from the type aa crossover? Or should I just get them from Bob Crites? Thanks much. Dylsda798
  4. Can anyone tell me the values/specs of the k 33 e woofer used in the Klipschhorns/la scalas? I am trying to find something similar for my project. Thanks!!
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