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  1. I say either go with RF-35s or RF-7s.
  2. I remember going to a showroom where the dealers had 2 B&W speakers (I don't recall their model number, but they are HUGE, with very large horns enclosed in those bowling-ball type things at the top) that retailed for $20,000 a pair. They were connected to what, from what I remember, looked like a Rotel amp. It was a beast of an amp. They did not sound spectacular. Good, yes. But $20,000? Oh HELL NO.
  3. Haha this thread is hilarious! I brought a new girlfriend home the other day and she wanted to listen to her favorite CD since she saw my system. I played it, and she was like wow, it sounds pretty good. So it's the CD that makes it sound so good huh? i almost died. With all the equipment I had and she still thought it was the $10 CD that produced the great sound.
  4. Could some of you"no lifers" shed some light to us "cool/fast newbies" as to what the heck mondial is?
  5. I agree..."Rush of Blood to the Head" is a terrific album, Clocks is a great song...try tracks #2 and #4 (scientist is really good!). Chris Martin has the kind of voice that, on a good system, really shows off what your sounds can do.
  6. I respectfully disagree there...moving to an AVM-20 I feel would be more of a horizontal move, and to the B&K 50 from what I have read/learned/talked/heard would be a downgrade...not by much, but by some nevertheless. Quick question since you brought up a cool point tho...tube amps..."hideously expensive?" Are tube amps better than "regular" amps? And just for my knowledge bank, how on earth do glass bottles ontop of a metal slate amplify the sound??? They look ridiculous IMO, but I guess to true audiophiles they look like...eh...well I'll leave that to your imagination.
  7. www.soundpros.com are awesome...they don't rip anything off the boxes, everything brand new and shipped next day. www.acousticsounddesign.com is also a very well respected site with very low prices.
  8. Klipsch needs to get us some more icons...everyone is starting to look the same.
  9. Reno, Nevada eh? Cool! I have several friends that just graduated from there 2 months ago...myself from USC. They loved it, so I'm sure you'll have a blast. Just remember what they say, in college, 50% of what you learn is outside of the classroom. You live at home and that's good (no rent, no beer on your speakers etc), but be sure to take advantage of all the extracurricular activites, clubs, maybe even a fraternity like i was in. Friends you make in college are your lifelong friends.
  10. Anybody writing a review who spells "bass" as "base" obviously isn't all that educated, and for that reason, probably doesn't know his left from right when it comes to clarity, imaging, dynamics, and so forth.
  11. Ok well there's something I did not know...mondial? never heard of them..i assume they are a higher end company? are they the ones the make the aragon electronics, and klipsch uses their name for recognition?
  12. Tell her to focus her curiousity in touching things elsewhere...
  13. If you have the means to purchase the RB-75's, I would pick those up without a doubt. i don't think the rc-7 could produce the mids that the rb-75 would be capable of.
  14. Can someone give us some price tags on aragon electronics? i'm wanna know if it's in the price range of meridan and lexicon, or are we talking mark levinson, tag mclaren, and gryphon?
  15. ---------------- On 8/2/2003 3:19:05 AM pinipig523 wrote: there are two camps regarding speaker wire - some would only use monster - and others (like me) dont really care for it... ---------------- There's also the camp that swears against monster, but goes into brands such as PS audio or anaconda, which are, what, anywhere from $1000 to severl thousand per pair of cabling. I personally use monster. i'll admit it aint worth what they charge, but it sure as hell is better than home depot.
  16. Dude, your first ever home theater setup and already you've got an SVS sub and RB-75 mains, looking into another or an RC-7 for your center. That's the level at which most people strive to attain many years after their first home theater...you're very, very lucky. that's a killer "intro" setup. as for which to go with, the RC-7 is your choice. center channels are more than simply bookshelves on their sides.
  17. Very true guys...infact, even the fastest G4's were never quite as fast as their pentium counterparts. Weird then, is it that in all the ads and spec sheets, for photoshop, quake arena, and all those tests, that the dual processor G4's seemed to best the fastest pentium 4's at the time (2.6 ghz or something). wonder how that is? once the G5 is released late august...we shall see...
  18. I was asking that exact same thing in another forum. Aragon. Nobody ever mentions them, yet some members say they are very expensive and that is the reason...most cannot afford them. They don't seem to be more expensive than most higher end seperates I've heard of. I'd love to listen to them, but as far as I know, Klipsch doesn't have much of a stance in terms of components.
  19. ---------------- On 8/1/2003 2:37:14 PM STL wrote: For that very reason, I rarely believe anything a salesmen tell me... ---------------- Eh?
  20. I am in NO WAY trying to sound braggardly or like money is no object, but while $10,000 in seperates and a dvd player is high, it isn't astoundingly high. I mean, my parasound C2, A51, A21, and denon 3800 cost a retail of about $11,200 (not how much I actually paid though). So along those lines, and at that price level, my point remains...aragon is never discussed nor recommended, nor is it priced higher than most who can afford to venture into seperates can shell out.
  21. Wow, the water separates the scotch? Now THAT is a true afficionado. Personally, I just keep the rocks glasses in the freezer and pout the scotch straight (maybe with a cube or two) and enjoy it that way. But wait! What are good amp/klipsch combos?
  22. Have you guys seen the power cables from www.psaudio.com? Those seem like the real thing, and if it's just marketing...well...then that's a whole lot of research and data for a scam. I think cables like ps audio's would bring a system alive.
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