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  1. I think one of the best tests for your 5.1 setup is the scene called, in the chapter selection, "dodge this" in the matrix dvd. it's the very famous scene where Neo does the limbo while dodging bullets fired by one of the agents (not agent smith). The camera spins around 360 as the bullets whiz by in bullet-time...and the bullets zing by in 3-D sound, right past your ears, if your 5.1 is set up correctly. Try it out. It's awesome.
  2. I think they sound much better. The sound fills the room with much richer and fuller sound. I hesitate to use the word "warm," although I felt they sounded warmer upon switching between the RF-3II and RF-35's at my dealer showroom.
  3. Geez, sorry I didn't mean it that way. I just meant that bestbuy carries lines of products that are more within the mainstream consumer's reach. You shouldn't accuse me of provoking people. Damn.
  4. Companies must do what they must to increase their presence in the marketplace, I suppose. I don't quite understand the move though, since it isn't like Klipsch is a start-up company that isn't well known. After all, how many mass consumers have heard of sunfire, svs, krell, nad, tag mclauren, or velodyne? True, I don't like seeing our beloved Klipsch in worst...ahem....best buy, but atleast it's just the synergy series, which are not THAT great. I would die if the reference series found their way into that speaker showroom.
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