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  1. I can also vouch for PS Audio products. My amps and preamp are plugged into a P1000 Power Plant, while the remainder of my gear runs through their Ultimate Outlets or UPC-200's. None of which are current-limiting, or dynamics-robbing. In fact, the only case power conditioners do the evil aformentioned deeds, are when you connect them to high-powered devices, such as amps. Source components or preamps should work just fine.
  2. Black 60GB iPod Video, USB travel adapter, and docking cradle... Also, for my right ear to start working again. And for my Bell's Palsy to heal already.
  3. I tried stirring the pot once, but it only after it had been soaking in chocolate brownie mix.
  4. nicholtl

    Buying SACDs

    acousticsounds.com musicdirect.com elusivedisc.com are all good hi-rez sources.
  5. nicholtl


    The film - NARNIA -was pure, pure crap. Spend 2.5 hours of your life elsewhere.
  6. I personally own the MMF-5 and couldn't be happier.
  7. I think Scenes From A Memory, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and Octavarium (their latest) are some of their best works, that only happen to be their more recent releases.
  8. Good lord, Mike, you're nearly at 7000 posts!!!
  9. Describing coca-cola is just as difficult, I hear...
  10. Congrats, Jim. Still got a while before you catch up to me though!
  11. Congratulations on the purchase. RB-75's kick major arse. And compared to the F3's? Dude, come on now! The F3's ain't no slouch, but that's like pitting a Cocker Spaniel against a Doberman. Or George Bush against Arnold. Regarding the jumpers, as mentioned above, leave them on, unless you plan to bi-wire your speakers (not recommended), or bi-amp them (recommended, but $$$ if done correctly). As for break-in, try playing a variety of music through your new speakers, and give them a good 100 hours or so before you seriously sit down and listen. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them right now, straight outta the box. Because you can! And...you will.
  12. I too, have heard of Gemstone. And very positive things too, at that. I don't know of any folks on this here forum that own any Gemstone equipment though, so after you give it a good, honest, lengthy listen, please do post your thoughts.
  13. I simply call my home theater what it ended up being dubbed by all my friends. It's simply known as... The System.
  14. Tom, as luck would have it, my father bought, and still owns, that EXACT same Sansui component stack from back in the 80's!! It wasn't "ultra" high-end, but it certainly wasn't for cheapskakes either. Every time I go home to Hawaii to visit my folks, I listen to the system and enjoy it thoroughly. It's just unfortunate that on top of it sits a Bose Lifestyle system... But that's a can of worms I'll leave sealed. I've never tried the Sansui components with Klipsch speakers, but with the RF-35's (you were considering those, right?) sensitivity, I highly doubt there will be any problem with the Sansui amplifier section driving them. As far as I can tell, the components produce a rich, sweet, and fairly warm sound. I think they would mate quite well with the Reference series.
  15. Are we talking $350 shipped? If so, I'm 100% interested.
  16. NICE ROOM, JAMES!!! That's some seriously pristine looking gear you got in there! Hell yeah! And those tube amps...damn, I'm jealous as hell. PS - like I was saying, just give it time.
  17. Gorgeous pics, Max. As always, the Focal Grand Utopia's have me drooling.
  18. ...the "was I entertained or not" scale... Hahaha! That's a cool scale, I'll have to use it some time!
  19. Well, it's not so much going in looking for flaws, it's more understanding the ways films are made and the proper structure stories should be told, and noticing when the film deviates in a way detremintal to the desired, and more emotionally-involving, effect.
  20. I've spoken with him quite a bit over email and the phone earlier this year. Win is really a neat guy. Very caring, selfless, generous, intelligent, great sense of humor, and always puts others before himself. My best thoughts are with him as well.
  21. What's actually funny is that we're asked to list our "all-time best rock CD's," and yet most of what we're listing originally debuted as LP's or cassettes. Meaning it's oooold skoo.
  22. Hahaha, Toddvj, that may be true. I didn't much like the movie, but I do tend to see things in films most casual moviegoers don't.
  23. After thinking LONG and HARD, the closest shortlist of 3 I could come up with was a list of 6. And here they are, in no particular order... 1) Guns n' Roses - Use Your Illusion I 2) Metallica - Metallica 3) Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion 4) Muse - Absolution 5) Radiohead - Ok Computer 6) Pearl Jam - Ten
  24. True... Perhaps they suck live. That would be unfortunate, but if I got a penny for every band I've seen live that ended up blowing hardcore, I'd kick Donald Trump's hiney.
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