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  1. I think some of you guys simply need to experiment by moving your RF towers all over the room. If placed properly, you shouldn't suddenly be losing detail with something as minor as moving your head to the side. BTW - Unimorpheus, from your signature, are you saying that having Klipsch is the road less travelled? Interesting. Oh, I like that Frost poem as well.
  2. Cjgeraci - Yup, same goes for my bedroom too. It's the result of all my old equipment that was relegated out of my living room. RadioB - haha, you're REALLY into acoustical treatments aren't ya?
  3. It sucks that I live in LA, cause despite people saying my rig kicks serious a$$, nobody has ever said it sounds better than the local theater, because when the local theaters are The Arclight, Mann's Chinese, and the Kodak Theater (where they hold the Oscars), you don't stand a chance in hell.
  4. Rdmarsiii, he's been busy building a monstrocity of a sub, he tells me. Hits down to 11hz or something, and will probably tip the scale at around 140lbs.
  5. Damn, that's a NICE rig your got there, Cjgeraci!
  6. ---------------- On 9/15/2004 4:51:36 PM radiob wrote: ---------------- On 9/14/2004 6:32:55 PM J.4knee wrote: 10% so if a person were to buy a set of K-horns, A Belle Klipsch Center, and two sets of Heresy II's for surrounds, a good SS HT Receiver or separates, A decent DVD player with DVD A and SACD capability and a reasonable wide screen HDTV for about say $16-$19000 retail you recommend $1900 on cables?!?!?!?!?!? ---------------- At the minimum, if you have 19000 in your home stereo, you will have probobly went through 4000 in cables before you have found the ones that work. I have 2,000 in cables, and have about 13000 in stereo and 6500 in a tv. ---------------- Yup, and ain't that the truth. If I've spent $1300 on a JUST a DVD player, $10,000 on a preamp/amp combo, and thousands more on the speakers alone (all of which I have), I'd want a good quality, well constructed digital coaxial cable that ran at least $100-$200. Is it pragmatic? Heck no, but you wouldn't bring a Ferrari Enzo to Jiffy Lube either. I've spent about $5000 in cabling alone. And if you really wanna go nuts, hows about these beauties? Only $11,800 for a 5m pair! http://www.stereotimes.com/cables062301.shtm
  7. Dean, I too would like to hear about your crossovers. Heard a lot of good things about them, but not sure how exactly they work, or how they're supposed to be installed (professionally etc.?)
  8. Just a heads up - next time it would have helped if you stated your setup from the get-go. Why not just start from the very lowest hz frequency on your sub, sit back and listen, and then proceed to up it in 10hz intervals until you find one to your liking?
  9. THX recommends setting the crossover frequency at 80hz, but I like to keep the cutoff at 100hz. Allows for the sub to play more "musically," in my opinion. Everyone has a different flavor...some go as high as 120hz. Quick question - does your receiver/preamp have an electronic cutoff frequency option? If so, you are going to want to utilize THAT instead of your RSW-15's cutoff switch. Granted, the RF-7's hit down to the mid-40's, but that doesn't mean they necessarily should. Especially since you own a fine sub...might as well let your sub handle the LFE duty, which is solely what it was designed for. Furthermore, setting the sub between 80hz-120hz relieves a lion's share of the stress placed on your amplifiers (the ones driving your RF-7's), and some even contend that it allows for the RF-7's to play clearer and smoother, as they are not having to struggle as much. After setting your desired LFE crossover via your receiver/preamp, bring the frequency all the way up on the RSW-15. Because the crossover somewhat 'blends" in with where your mains will leave off, as opposed to cutting it off sharply like a butcher knife, you're going to want to allow as much headroom as possible for the mix, so as to not allow for any hollow spots in the LFE spectrum.
  10. I think the Premier series is mighty nice, but I've promised myself I'll keep my RF-7's for another 10 years or until I can afford B&W Nautilus 800 speakers. Whichever comes first. I think in this price range, give or take several thousand, Klipsch stands alone. But after that, I'm forever going with B&W all the way.
  11. Jeff, those 2 SVS cylinders in the corner of your pad look positively righteous.
  12. You sold your RB-35's? How come? Well at least somebody else is a happy camper. I have a pair of the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones. They're the best noise cancelling headphones I've ever tried, and music is quite sweet sounding to boot. However, they go for $300, and nowhere online have I found them cheaper. Kinda sucks. Not sure if that's within your budget, but they are very, very good. Coolest thing is when you're not listening to music, you can just wear the headphones without a cord and just switch it on. http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-8900_7-5024562.html http://reviews.cnet.com/Bose_QuietComfort_2/4505-6462_7-21165521.html I also have a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones (they go for about $100), like Frank Speaker, and they sound excellent as well. However, when I A/B demoed the Sony's and the Bose side by side, the Sony's offered little to noise noise cancellation. Any aforementioned effect was only a result of the padding against my ear. That said however, the Sony's do sound fuller and richer in their musical reproduction. I guess it just comes down to what is more important to you.
  13. ---------------- On 9/13/2004 3:34:29 PM jeffgeorge wrote: Now he comes into work today and says that they (the Bose) don't sound very loud in his 24'X24' room. Duh! ---------------- Well I give him props. Takes a big man to admit he made the wrong purchase.
  14. Fooey. While I don't have full fledged parties like you guys do (but I might if and when I get my mansion one day), my apartment was (and still is) very much a "lounge" where all my college friends come by and hang out, invited or not. Think of my place as Seinfeld's crib. Day or night, it matters not. Raid my fridge, ransack my cabinets, hey, sharing is caring. Just don't use my bed. Besides, the fellas usually bring goodies in the form of females. =P The system is always fired up, whether it's from my roommate playing one of his five game systems, my "intellectual" friends playing a game of chess while bumping some 50 cent (don't ask), or somebody cranking the latest DVD. We have a table with 4 chairs in the corner where everyone plays cards or dominos, and three couches surrounding a coffee table in the living room where everyone sets their cocktails that they make themselves from my full bar (like you Picky!). And since I've programmed one single remote to operate all the components of my system, everyone now knows how to operate my system like nobody's business. So yeah, one big happy drunk family we are...
  15. Now start bringing cake over to the neighbors.
  16. Yeah...I was somewhat tempted, then thought to myself I can afford to shell out a little more and just get the 5900, but then really really thought about it and figured it's better to just wait until Blu-Ray players come out in full force.
  17. I wonder if the reference premier series will be larger and heavier than their RF-7 counterparts?
  18. The port on the RF-35's, just like the RF-5's and RF-7's are all rear ported in design. Thus, if you flush them I don't think your LFE will be audible. However, aren't you going to have a sub? If so, you probably want to set your mains to "small" anyway, to leave the LFE duty for the sub. The only issue would be if you like to listen to pure 2-channel stereo without the use of 2.1. Then THAT would pose a slight dilemma.
  19. Yup, that's why I bought dual 15-inch subs. Cause I was one of those kids who liked to show off down the road, making everyone 3 blocks down feel the earth move. But eventually it gets old, and you realize your ears are precious, and so I began to listen to my music in the car at normal, which became much more pleasing, levels.
  20. Yup, Moon's right. The only 3 reasons, IMO, to get 2 rear surrounds as opposed to 1, assuming money is not tight, are: 1) If you have a larger living area, you can create a more expansive sound field. 2) Even if you don't have a larger living area, you may one day... 3) Coolness factor aka bragging rights to say you have 7.1.
  21. Yeah, like the other's have described, 2 rears will give you more of an enveloping effect than 1 will. Besides, if your receiver can handle 7.1, you'd might as well take full advantage, right? I say get the RB-35's for your fronts and move your RB-25's to the rear, since you already have a 3-series center. I assume you're moving the Bose to do center surround duty?
  22. 2005 Corvette Z06 with 5% limo tint all the way around, gunmetal rims, and chrome tipped quadruple exhaust. Thanks Santa! You're the best!
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