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  1. No, your DVD player doesn't have to upconvert if your receiver is already handling the task. I have the Denon 3800 (post-September aka no chroma-bug) and it's still one of the best players out there.
  2. Whoops, my bad, the unit is called the 3910, not 3901. Denon has released their 3910 DVD player, and judging from the specs, it seems like it can output images at 480p/780i/1080i! I thought only the blu-ray DVD players (which this is not) could output in Hi-def? Does anybody know what's up with this? http://www.usa.denon.com/catalog/products.asp?l=1&c=4 for the specs
  3. Very true, dude. I just graduated from USC, and lemme tell ya...did we all have systems! Heck, here in LA especially, everyone and their momma drives around bumping something, whether it's rap, rock, or marilyn manson goth. However, that being said, a lot - and I DO MEAN A LOT - of people's auto systems are the equivalent of HTIB setups. They buy very cheap components, subs, 3rd or 4th hand underpowered amps, hook it all up with the cheapest wire the installer offers, connect it all to their stock head unit, and voila! A "sound system." So all in all, while more people probably have car systems than home systems, I'd say 80% of the car systems (out here in LA, or Cali, for that matter) kinda suck.
  4. nicholtl


    It's guts are spilling out.
  5. To my ears, Denon is warmer. Fuller, with less distinct highs and lows, like a Yamaha (which could be interpreted as bright). Harmon Kardon is quite neutral IMO, much like Pioneer Elite. That's probably what you mean by "clean sounding." Neutral. In that it doesn't color the source. As for Onkyo, I've never listened to their products, but they are a formiddable company, and I'm sure it's not without reason. My brother owns and loves his Onkyo receiver, but since he's not exactly a home theater freak who has experimented with systems, that doesn't mean a great deal.
  6. Examine your connections again. Maybe there's a loose connection, between the speakers, or perhaps the wiring into your sub/amp. Often times this causes static, much like when you turn the earphone plug in a Discman. For better help, try posting your question in the Promedia section, if you haven't already done so.
  7. Michael - hahaha, "for motivation." yeah, i'm sure she'd appreciate it greatly, and show you her appreciation in a VERY nice way that evening. Frzinvt - if that's what you call a "modest" system, then whoa...stop the presses...I wanna know what you used to have when you competed! But I hear you about needing a nice audio system in the ride...makes the drive in the car (where we spend about 30% of our lives) soooo much more enjoyable. It's like pringles chips. Once you have a nice system, you simply can't go back. And every car you buy from now on MUST have a sound system. Savatage - interesting that you point out the car audio industry is bigger than the home/computer audio insdustry? I've never given that any thought. Wonder if it's true?
  8. Everyone's gonna kill me for this, but there is an unspoken and general "rule" that your interconnects should be roughly 10% of your budget. I use Monster Cable, among several others, but Monster is widely acknowledged that they're overpriced. That said, they're still excellent. Better Cables ( www.bettercables.com ) and bluejeans cables ( www.bluejeanscables.com )are good too.
  9. Well since we're on the subject, does anybody here have a nice auto sound system? If so, please list it so that we may all enjoy. I'll begin, and hopefully I'm on the only one! Alpine IVA-C800 LCD headunit Alpine DVD navigation unit Audio Control Three.1 Equalizer 4 Boston Acoustics Pro Series 6.5 component mids and tweeters 2 Aluminum 15" Eclipse Subwoofers in a sealed enclosure Xtant 1001dx Amp, putting 500 watts x 2 Xtant 604dx Amp, putting 75 watts x 4 2 Scoche Lightning stiffening capacitators Pheonix Gold wiring all the way around Optima Deep Cycle Yellow Top battery
  10. Throw in every DTS encoded DVD possible and play it. Although I'm sure you know, make sure you select DTS in the audio setup menu. I don't think the 3801 requires this, but if it does, manually engage the DTS surround mode via remote or front panel (I only say this because for DTS ES soundtracks on my Pioneer Elite 45TX, you have to manually engage it). If you try these two different methods, and STILL no sound emits, it's your receiver. After all, if your receiver is working properly, the DVD player won't have to use it's own proprietary and built-in DTS decoder. And if not a single DVD works, then your receiver has been singled out.
  11. Well "multi-channel" is technically what optical (toslink) or coaxial digital connections provide - a 5.1 or more signal. But I'm assuming by multi-channel, you mean using independant RCA's for each channel? That's usually only done for SACD or DVD-A playback. And it's also considered analog. But I think DD or DTS would still pass through. Anyhow, to make a long story short, for movies, I'd suggest either an optical or coaxial connection.
  12. ---------------- On 9/8/2004 6:43:38 PM Marvel wrote: Clu, I know someone who did that once, except it was an electric fence. Can't imagine how much that would have hurt. Marvel ---------------- I watched an episode on the Discovery Channel a month or so back with those guys who have the show about trying to discredit all urban myths and legends? Anyway, one of them was about the pissing on the railroad tracks then, and it was concluded that the only way you'd get electrocuted (completing the circuit) is by having one hand on the rails, and peeing about an inch away from the rails, because any further than that and the stream would separate into droplets before hitting the metal, thus, breaking the electrical circuit. Just a little trivia in case any of you guys decide to try it drunk one day.
  13. 130lbs! Holy moly, that's insane. That's how much my PB2+ weighs!
  14. Though Ear will disagree with me on this, there IS a point at which there is just "too much bass." When it becomes ridiculously unnatural, AND, not to mention, grossly distorted from what the original sound designers intended. No 9mm gunshot is supposed to slam you back into your recliner.
  15. Me as well. I use RF-7's and RF-5's as my rear and center surrounds, respectively. Not at all wasted. And if you like your surround effects more noticeable, nobody said you can't turn up the surround effects level on your receiver up a bit!
  16. Pretty artistic. Too bad the carpenter didn't account for any wire management system though. =(
  17. Yeah, sometimes auto setups make each speaker a different decibel level. And even though it's supposed to make all channels relatively the same level, I find that I often have to go in and manually tweak a channel here or there to my liking. I usually turn the surrounds up a few notches, and the center channel I turn up a lot, since i like the dialogue crisp and popping from the music.
  18. The original Matrix film has the best 5.1 surround test. The scene called "Dodge This," where Neo performs the limbo and the camera rotates 360 degrees around him while armor piercing rounds whiz by him in bullet time, leaving ripples in the punctured air. If your surrounds are calibrated correctly, you will hear/feel the bullets zipping across your room and ears in blistering 3D sound! Gladiator's opening fight sequence is excellent as well.
  19. Heh. 140 views and no responses. I guess not?
  20. He's going to need an external amp, which would go in between the receiver and the sub, connected on each end with speaker wire. Amps such as these: http://svsubwoofers.com/ampeq.htm
  21. All I know/care about is that you had a 442 Olds! That car is DOOOOOOOOOPE!!! Wonder how it would keep up with a 71 Mach 1 Mustang though...
  22. How about making them collared, like polo shirts?
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