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  1. I've heard that the RC-7 is an excellent match with the RF-5's, but sources tell me the RC-35 is a great match as well. If you already own the RC-7, just lower the dB level on your receiver/preamp a bit so as to not overpower your RF-5's. No point selling it to "downgrade" to the RC-35.
  2. Well you can't even preorder it until the 15th of this month...so I'm pretty sure nobody has tried it yet.
  3. Oooh, I may just have to order one of these bad boys to replace my crappy Cerwin Vega 12" in my bedroom. Not to mention the fact that girls love subs...(Howard Stern's "Private Parts")
  4. ---------------- On 9/6/2004 10:55:13 PM colterphoto1 wrote: WHAT DOES IT TAKE?!?!?!?!? ---------------- Special favors.
  5. Haha, don't mean to be mean, but I think the dude who installed a 2.1 Promedia system in his car was pretty lame. I mean ok, he's got the installation skills, I'll give him that, but come on...computer speakers in your car? I'm sorry, but that just ain't gonna fly in the car audio world. As far as the notion of Klipsch enterting the car audio industry, that might be pretty sick. Although they'd probably have to change their whole design of mid-range and tweeter, since Klipsch's are known to be "in your face," but that's assuming you're listening to your speakers a good ways away. "In your face" sound probably wouldn't be so orgasm-inducing if they were 2 feet from your ears, and literally in your face.
  6. Hey Dave, it's been a while. Anyways, I know quite well that you're a real hands-on type of guy, being that you've tinkered with your promedia's extensively and whatnot. Since your sub is 10 years old and pretty much busted, not to mention about 8-9 years out of warranty, you could either send it back to Paradigm and have it fixed, or just toy around with it yourself and see what happens. Personally though, and this is assuming you have some cash on hand, maybe think about upgrading? Maybe this is a sign? An Omen? To upgrade?
  7. Whew, if ever I've seen a thunderous monologue, that was it! Just a friendly heads up -- separating that into a couple of paragraphs next time would be easier on the eyes. =) I myself own an RF-7 system, 2 pairs in fact, along with the other siblings in the family, but I don't have them paired with Rotel gear. I used to have them mated with a Pioneer Elite receiver (45TX), and then moved onto Parasound Halo's. In my opinion, the RF-7's sound excellent whether coupled with a receiver or a preamp/amp combo. I don't think you can go wrong on either end. Unless of course, you happen to find a receiver that is overly bright. But in case you want to ask around on the Rotel forums, here is the link: http://www.htguide.com/forum/forumdisplay.php4?f=20 It's quite an active forum (so I hear), and so I think you'd get a lot more relevant responses from people who own and love their Rotel seperates. Oh, and as for the Velodyne DD subs, I personally haven't ever heard them, but I'm a HUGE fan of velodyne, especially their SPL series. And since the DD series are a step above, I'd only assume they would be even more mind-blowing in terms of performance. Sorry I couldn't be of more help though.
  8. Try the forums at http://forum.bodybuilding.com/ that I sometimes visit. It just reinforces the stereotype of weight lifters being big, dumb meatheads. But at least they do have one interesting forum, the sex forum. some pretty wild stuff in there. (and it says you have to be over 21. Yeah right!)
  9. May I just say how refreshing it is to see how three-dimensional and intelligent this Klipsch community/family is? I'm a member of some other boards (not audio related), and let me say, my God, some people have NO idea how to spell for the life of them. They're also very close-minded, provincial, and the biggest imbeciles on earth.
  10. Yeah man, like Ken said, that stuff retails for over 7G's anywhere. ****** that up and sell it for 4.5 large, you come up a grand on top, and hey! You got your beer money!
  11. Bro, I hear you and it does suck whenever ish like that happens. But hey man, I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say even the best of us have been dumped or screwed-over at least once in our lives. I dunno if it makes you "stronger," but one thing's for damn sure, it's all part of growing up. Like I said, we all been through it. Kind of a right of passage or something. And dude, lemme tell you, in hindsight, A LOT of things can be looked at like a waste of time or money or effort or all three. Dinner dates. Clothes you buy in your different "phases." CD's that you'll never listen to next year. Hell, even high school calculus classes. But for reals? Without these seemingly meaningless experiences, your life is empty and without substance. Life is totally about the journey, not the destination, and any journey will inevitably have its good times, and those real sh!tty ones too. Just remember the good times you two had, and take whatever you do from it. Hopefully you learned a thing or two, and hopefully you two grew a little from each other as well. Dunno if you're a religious man or not, but sometimes it helps to think that bad times are blessings in disguise. Maybe it's something to prepare you for a bigger and better thing that's at the end of the tunnel, you just gotta be tough and stick it through to make it until that point. For now, I say take this opportunity to hang out with your mates more, spend a little more time with the folks, heck, maybe even pick up a new hobby? And a quick note about what you were saying about not being too secure about these kinda things? No worries dude. Nobody is at your age yet. We're still learning about ourselves and all. Security comes with confidence. And confidence will come with time, I guarantee you that. Some earlier than others, but hey, it'll come. But remember, like I said, life's about the journey, in time you'll feel better, don't spend too much $ (except on speakers!), and better days will come your way, and that's for damn sure bro.
  12. ---------------- On 9/3/2004 4:04:42 PM mbajner wrote: high price DVD player = no chroma bug? not true Denon was noted for this chroma bug in their players ---------------- Well yeah, it goes without saying that high priced DVD players doesn't equate to no chroma bug across the board, come on now. True, a lot of Denon's did have the problem, and they were the first to admit to having them, and fixed the problem in some of their models shortly thereafter. Such as the post-September 2003 models, which are all chroma bug free.
  13. ---------------- On 9/1/2004 11:25:04 PM DeanG wrote: Well... ...even though I owe Deneen the full balance on my Peach, I just couldn't help myself. I went and ordered three of those Kimber power cords at $899 each for a 1/2 meter, and moved all of my gear right in front of the receptacles. I brought up my old 70's Sansui receiver and hard wired one of the new cords into it. The result was so overwhelming, so astounding that I immediately broke down and wept like a Girlyman. I never would have thought for an instant that the quality of a power cord bring more improvement to the sound of my system than the gear itself. I'm in the process of upgrading all of the wire inside of the receiver with the 4 gauge Kimber cord, and though it's getting a bit tight in there, I smell success on the way. I look forward to more cleasning moments, as I pour out tears of joy. ---------------- I couldn't tell if this was for real or not? If it's for real, that's awesome! If it's not, well it was friggin hilarious! I especially like the "girlieman" touch...thank Arnie for that the other night. =) I myself have 3 PS Audio Xstream Prelude powercables I use for my 2 amps and my preamp, and they made no audible difference, I'm sorry to say. Yes, that's like $600 down the drain. But they sure look cool, with their thick mesh jacket and snake-like weave...
  14. My psychic powers tell me he is going to buy 2 pairs of RF-7's... ...let's wait and see.
  15. Well the RF7's will certainly be timbre/aesthetically matched to the rest of their series.
  16. Of course! Changing speaker positioning is not only one of the most effective "upgrades" you can make, but the cheapest as well!
  17. Well, for one thing if your DVD player is $200, paying twice as much wouldn't get you that high quality a DVD player, still. I would consider my DVD player "above average," but not "superior," and it ran $1200. The only DVD players that can upconvert to 1080i, or hi def, are the blu-ray DVD players, and I think only Samsung currently has one out. Everyone else has yet to catch up. And besides, until they saturate the market, they cost $$$.
  18. nicholtl


    I just snagged a pair of RF5's. Couldn't resist, at that deal. Thank God I'm in LA.
  19. ---------------- On 8/29/2004 11:43:04 PM Ray Garrison wrote: Nicholti, Interesting point. If you have a Porche 911 Carrera AWD Cabriolet, you can't just use a wrench you bought at Walmart to loosen the oil pan plug, you need a SnapOn! wrench. If you're hanging an original Escher lithograph in the playroom, you can't just use a Walgreen's picture hanging hook, you need one of the certified Museum quality wall display mounting kits you bought at the MOMA. If you're cooking a 75$/Lb Kobe beef strip steak for dinner (presumeably on the Vulcan range or the stainless steel grill) you can't put it on the Pfaltzgraff stoneware, you need the Mikasa Bone China. I guess of you have the 150$K speakers with the 100$K amps and the 40$K dCS front end in the custom built 250$K listening room, the $7,500 power cords for the transport, D/A, preamp, amp(s) and subwoofer(s) are not really out of line. ---------------- EXACTLY.
  20. I bought Monster Power's two top-of-the-line products - the HTPS 7000 power conditioner, and the avs 2000 voltage stabilizer, both claiming to improve every single component in the chain. Well, no difference to my eyes or ears did they cause. If nothing else, peace of mind in the rare case of a surge spike, which, in downtown LA, is near non-existent. But I don't think they make too much of a difference, to be honest with you.
  21. I wonder if anyone has tried a pair of their new Quiet Comfort 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones? Despite their mediocrity in almost all their products, this one is worth the $300. I bought it a few weeks ago and I've never experienced anything like it. I guess cotton earplugs would do the same trick for sleeping, but the music these puppies produce are pretty sweet, I must say. Sickeningly sweet.
  22. Just off the top of my head, a few benefits higher end DVD players might have are: 1) Higher quality/bit rate DAC's 2) Heavier construction quality 3) Silicon or Faroudja deinterlacer 4) *NO CHROMA BUG* 5) No Y-Channel delay adjustment needed 6) Coaxial AND toslink inputs 7) DVD-Audio/MP3/SACD/HDCD/VCD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW playback capability 8) More bass management controls 9) Larger memory buffer (to eliminate disc layer-changes)
  23. Geez Louis, even for someone as tech-minded as an audio engineer or designer, you'd think the word "aesthetic" would come in somewhere.
  24. But while we can all laugh and giggle about such ridiculously high-priced power cords, we have to take into account the fact that few of us, if any at all, own equipment that totals in the 6-7 digit range. If any of us actually DID own components that did cost that much, like Krell Master Series amps or a pair of Wilson Alexandria X2's, I don't think we'd settle for cables or wiring that "only" costs $500. Right?
  25. I like Verizon best. I've had AT&T and Sprint, and Verizon's service and CUSTOMER service are the best. The only problem is that they charge alot of $ for minimal minutes and skimpy plans, plus there's no rollover, like Cingular has. But I think they feel their coverage is so superior that it's worth the extra money.
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