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  1. This new look definitely kicks butt! Darker moodier colors, sleeker front page, awesome stuff! and the new products like the cinema 6 or reference 10's (for a moment I thought they ousted the RF-7's!) are even cooler. Klipsch just keeps getting better! Oh, and I bought a pair of RB-5II's on sale at goodguys for $300 for a pair.
  2. Picky! Dude, your room is sicker than sick! What a killer eye for lighting too! Man! Your home theater pad is friggin off tha heezy fo sheezy!
  3. Hey Ken. I too agree that for the optimum experience, you have to isolate yourself from the outside world and just melt away into your audio/video haven. Problem is, most of us can't afford to have a dedicated such room. Also, maybe it's just me, but I've always been one of those people who can't really walk down the street listening to my walkman...simply cause I hate being totally cut off from the world. I don't like the thought of being oblivious to the outside world should something important or terrible or hilarious happen. So along those lines, I'd probably want a phone or something nearby, even if I could afford a dedicated pleasure nest. Anyway, here's a bunch of pics PAKO put together in a mural for me, and it shows my whole apartment, basically. It kind of lists everything you said is what you wanted in your basic home theater room, minus the super expensive recliners. But the wet bar, bathroom, equipment-in-sight, it's all there...
  4. Welcome home, Scooterdog. That's a very nice and cozy downstairs hometheater room you've set up for your family. Looks like your 2 kids didn't waste any time getting down there huh? I like the computer setup too...very professional looking. Like a hacker's hub, haha. Oh, and that's a gorgeous view of the river as well. Damn, I'm so envious.
  5. DREAM SYSTEM: Wilson Audio Alexandra X2's (front mains, center surrounds, back surrounds, and center channel) Mark Levinson No.32 Preamp 2xKrell Master Reference Amplifier 4xSVS B4+ Runco MBX-1 DLP Projector. A gigantic glass pane suspended with invisible wires from the ceiling which will be my pimp screen and all the ladies will be like "I want you."
  6. Haha thanks Jeramiah, although I still don't have a website or cool marine music to go with it!
  7. I agree. Plus, I have Boston Acoustics speakers in my car, and they are transparent as water. I highly recommend that brand.
  8. Perhaps look into Pioneer Elite or Integra also.
  9. Haha I remember the 486 DX. I had that when I was in 6th grade and I was the king of the town. Nobody could step to me!
  10. Yeah, the speed it's churning at now was well worth the wait. I think during the "hiatus," everyone found other forums to join haha. I guess we all just can't get away from the internet enough.
  11. I have a pair of RF-35's as my center surrounds, and they each get 250 watts per. There's NOTHING to worry about.
  12. Are you gonna add an amp to it anytime soon? Cause the 3801 plays pretty sweet as it is...
  13. ---------------- On 7/9/2004 2:10:24 PM formica wrote: I thought a G5 would do that all on it's own... BTW, lots of nice toys... ---------------- lol
  14. HAHAHA! LOL! Thanks Pako! That's tha shiznit! With the cool font and title too! Awesome! And yeah, once I posted those pics I figured out how to rotate and resize. Sorry Picky, I shall not let master down hence forth!
  15. Ok finally I borrowed a friend's digital camera and took some less than spectacular pics, but here they are. I figured I start with some pics of my bedroom (secondary home theater) setup. And here are the pics of my main living room setup. And of course, like Picky knows, what home theater (or for me, bachelor pad haha) is complete without the full bar? If this works, thankyou dantfmly, picky, and skonopa for helping walk me through this!
  16. $535 each? Including shipping? My god that's the deal of the century. Kid, you'd best jump on that shiznit! But hey dude, just be careful they're not black market or nuthin...
  17. Moon, when I was building my home theater, I used to fall into one of three specific phases in terms of how I'd spend my money. There were: 1) Home Theater 2) My truck 3) Clothes That's ALL I spent any money on, and it just kept rotating back and forth. Sounds kinda like you're wanting to supe up your Jeep, but I recommend you don't sell anything. Everything you bought, acquired, and hooked up is all there for a reason, and whether you watch a movie in there once a day or once a year, I think the moment you turn your system on and the magic begins, you'll sit back and realize just what captured you in the first place. Just save up in order to buy the other necessities or pleasures in life, but I think you shouldn't sell your beautiful gear.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Walmart the "badguy" people have been talking about lately?
  19. ---------------- On 7/2/2004 6:51:15 AM Myhamish wrote: size matters ---------------- Hahaha! Gotta love that scotch!
  20. I think it was a good idea for Taylor to create his forum. Whether or not it survives (which I hope it does!) is one thing, but in this past week or two, it was particularly necessary for several of the members here (myself included) to rant and curse and insult and go off at each other regarding issues prohibited here. Now that we've all calmed down somewhat, we are looking for new things to talk about haha
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