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  1. Yes, I was very impressed with the Alluras, but didn't get a chance to chat with Greg Roberts.
  2. Hi, haven't been on the forums in quite a while, but was graced by a friend with a weekend pass to AXPONA. 5 floors worth of 2 channel mayhem at the Westin O'hare in Rosemont, IL. Unfortunately, I didn't see a single Klipsch product... Was hoping someone would've had a pair of P-39's set up, as I haven't had a chance to hear them yet. We tallied up the cost of everything in one single suite, and was somewhere in the ballpark of $480,000! Was anyone here, able to attend?
  3. WilsonArt also manufactures some nice stuff. [:|]
  4. Hi, yes, there is such an animal. An SPL(Sound Pressure Level) meter. Radio Shack has 2 models; anolog and digital. Around $40-50 respectably, and often on sale. Although there are better, but more expensive ones out there.
  5. Not jealous, but I'd feel better giving speakers away, than submitting to such low-ball offers. Though obviously some people bite. [:$]
  6. Possibly the wire ties that hold the chain-link fence to the upright posts broke away, letting the vehicle squeeze underneath? [H]
  7. A bit different here, ...........r o l l it, p r i c k it, and mark it with a ( use 1st initial of childs name. In this case> "T"), put it in the oven, for (Toddy) and me. Us southerners are more personable.[H]
  8. " I am NOT a dealer, collector, or audiophile and these will NOT be for resale." Fire wood? [:|]
  9. Hey, that's really 3, but all relative. Maybe eleven? How Long is a Chinese name. Considering the gear in the sig, yer ears should tell ya when enuff znuff, ...........and Yes, they do appreciate input. []
  10. About the only thing you could do, is make sure you have a clean, tight crimp on those bananas, and maybe clean them up once or twice a year with a di-oxidation spray of some sort. If the bananas in question are of the reusable type, strip an inch or two of insulation off to expose bright wire every now and then, so an extra foot at installation would be enough for 6 to 12 years.[W] I suppose you could also fit them with some heat-shrink tubbing.
  11. Hey, what type of input options are available on the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value?
  12. Hey, I'll agree that given their small size, they're a nice sounding speaker. If they still have the original capacitors, you may want to consider a replacement, as they're on the upside of 20 years. A fairly easy task, ifin' yer going to be pokin' around inside anyways. Are you using the OEM(or equivalent)angled risers? Being close to the floor will help to provide for the most bass. What finish do they currently have?
  13. This Philips on Audiogon and posted in 2-channel looks like a great deal. No HDMI, but might be something you can live with for a while, plus leaves 5 C's for a reciever. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/773003.aspx
  14. IMO, local used equipment can be the best bang for buck, as people get rid of their 5 channel equipment and move into 6/7.1. As far as new, I think the usual A/V reciever('cause you want a tuna) suspects to look at would be gear from Yamaha(RXV), Denon, Harmon Kardon(HK), Onkyo(Integra), Sony(ES line) and Pioneer. You'll want something with onboard *DTS and Dolby Digital* capabilities. Combo CD/DVD players from any of the above, plus Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Philips, Samsung and JVC. This may be worth some time investigating if you're planning on an HDTV, as you'll want compatible video output jacks on this player to go to the TV. I believe *HDMI* to be the best current trend, but chances are slim to find used gear with this option. Lots of used gear shows up here, and I would put trust in a transaction with *most* other forum members that have been with us for a while. I suppose the best way to go about this, would be to get out and audition some of this stuff, do some after hours research on the net and produce a short list to make a final descision. You may want to get more specific and post any more related questions in the Home Theater section of this forum. I don't know how dedicated you'll want to get, but other forums you may want to query could include the Audio Asylum and AVS.
  15. So right now all you have are those speakers and nothing to power them with? If you have any other gear, list it in yer "System Profile" [click on yer User Name("signed in as Marestail") at the top], so we have something to work with, and a general direction to head in. IMO, it's only junk when it no longer works. I wouldn't consider most seperates to be in the Bang for Buck category. A deal is a deal, but may take time to achieve, and is part of the *eternal* upgrade process. Proper placement and room treatments can help make any system sound it's best. We'd need a price point on each component you're considering, along with the most important features that appeal to you.
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