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  1. the jackets lacoste LG and it has a big POO POO stains in the side from my 9month old kid LOL oh yeah surrounnd are rb25's
  2. fronts: RF3 II center RC3 subs rw12 & cerwin vega amp is rotel 976 and preamp is sony v333 ES , Toshiba HD dvd hdx a1 Projector: sony cineza VPL-hs60
  3. hey this is my current set-up !!, flame away![]
  4. what would be a better replacement for the rw12? for info purposes my room is medium to almost big medium, my fronts are rf3II's and center are rf3II. I was looking at a $500 budget here so i guess my selections are very limited
  5. i'm sorry but I posted the same thing on home theater but here's the spill, should i replace my trusted rw12 with a svs pb10? with a medium room
  6. is it wise to replace my trusted rw12 with a svs pb10? i keep on hearing good thing about this little but powerful sub!
  7. Virginia beach VA!! i'm still kinda scared cuz the Navy will move me and they are known for breakin stuff or missing stuff
  8. it's going to be a while before i can hear these babies again, i will miss them for now
  9. iam gonna go with jacksonbart pretty tempting but the selling my rf3II and center got me thinking hmmmmmmmm? rf 7's and a rc7 would be a great addition
  10. denon 1604 doesn't have a 5 channel output just inputs I know it sucks!!!
  11. I currently have some leftover money to spend (finally) just like the title says: fronts-----rf3 II center---rc3II surrounds---rb25 rear----rc25 sub----rw12 receiver----denon 1604 dvd player-----denon 910 tv-----50inch samsung dlp the room is about 600 sq feet
  12. well it's not really a stand but sanus systems has one that goes on top of your tv to holds a center channel
  13. mannn good thing you guys told me before I totally regret it!!
  14. will it make a difference if I put a rsw12 woofer to an rw12 box? my brother has a rsw 12 that's in bad shape due to water damage but it's just cosmetic damage.
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