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  1. Huh error "EX0" trying to view my profile. I am screwing the place up already!
  2. The last time I came back it lasted about 15 minutes due to some really rude insanity... looking forward to seeing if any of the other old-schoolers are still here.
  3. I just got an alienware 14x, arrives Thursday.
  4. Finally came out on BluRay! I can't wait to watch this bad boy this weekend.
  5. When are the palladium-level PC speakers coming out? My promedia 5.1s are wearing out and I can't stomach buying non-Klipsch speakers.
  6. My photography skills are poor, but here you go http://www.flickr.com/photos/damonrpayne/2709922985/in/photostream
  7. I was unfamiliar with the comics & back story but I really enjoyed this movie. The sound was fantastic on blu-ray, I may have to buy this for reference material.
  8. Game is tons of fun except for Seth. Maybe I'm just old and out of practice.
  9. http://trainhorns.net/sound/
  10. ALL other things equal, though, increasing the strength of the motor is only creating potential extra loudness right? Hooked up to the same amp and in the same enclosure?
  11. damonrpayne

    Dark Knight

    Finally got around to watching this on BD. The whole mix seemed very quiet compared to some of my other reference material, had to turn it up quite a bit more, but absolutely great video, sound, and movie.
  12. Someone asked me a question I wasn't comfortable even guessing on. Here goes: I have a 1-woofer speaker. All other things equal, if I were to put a much stronger magnet in there, what would the noticable effects be? * Would the speaker be more "dynamic" (can move woofer in & out faster?) * Would it draw more current? * Would its effciency change? Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. See if your AVR supports Dolby Volume. If not, see about just setting "stereo" or "direct" on your AVR, but I don't know if that will help your volume levels.
  14. We don't have ours on the projector. The Wiimotes are only accurate within certain ranges, and with the throw I have on mine, I'd have to stand in front of the image (partially blocking it) in order to play well. Check the throw of your projector & all that.
  15. The first discrete 7.1 I knew of was 3:10 to Yuma back in January 2008, it was 7.1 LPCM. There have been several since then, but I don't know of a good way to search/list them all.
  16. Thanks for posting back with your thoughts. I should really get around to having another event at my place.
  17. I'm barely 20 minutes into it, not enough to comment on yet!
  18. Anyone want to play through the co-op campaign?
  19. The sound was excellent. I've had the soundtrack for a while, but the sound on the BD blew it away. Awesome movie and I love the songs.
  20. Interesting, Dave. What are the output resolution (480i?) and audio codecs supported?
  21. We'd appreciate any attendees reporting back with their thoughts!
  22. Well if you do buy it, use the links on http://www.klipschcorner.com/Reviews/DeadSpace.aspx It's for a good cause...
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