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  1. Wow it's been a while since I've been here and posted, but I've been using Klipsch Dolby AE speakers in a 5.2.4 setup for well over 2 years now. I have flat 9 feet high ceilings and didn't want to modify any structures, so I decided to give Dolby AE a shot. Every person who I have done a demo for has come away impressed. Just don't tell them what they're about to experience and then watch them look above them and see that no speakers reside there. It's always a good time.
  2. I'm right at about 8 feet from my eyes to the front of the display. I really can't imagine sitting farther back, to be honest. The seating where it's at, I don't think my TV screen looks bigger than the sweet spot in a movie theater I typically like to try and sit at.
  3. The panning is perfectly fine. It took a little tinkering to get the correct angle (the stand is adjustable), but it works well. For example, using the Atmos Demo "Amaze", the bird flies 360 degrees around my head and it sounds seamless in terms of planar location. As far as ceiling reflections from the center channel, I haven't noticed any from the MLP or even when I set an impromptu row of seats behind the theater chairs. It probably exists at some point in the room, but not noticeable for the audience.
  4. I like them a lot. That being said, if you're going to do it at all, you may as well do all 4. Adding the RP-280FAs (to replace my RS-62IIs) made all the difference in the world. The RP-140SAs up front increase the front sound stage to about 1 o'clock from your MLP if you know what I mean. By adding the surround Atmos speakers, it completed the dome of sound effect. I have totally flat 9'5" foot ceilings, so the environment suits the up-firing modules well. I've had visitors over and played the Atmos demos and they always leave impressed. I don't explain anything to them, I just play them. The other night, I was watching The Expanse on Syfy and there was a missile launch scene where they distinctly flew over my head toward my front wall. That was pretty cool and that was using Dolby Surround Upmixing, not even real Atmos. I'm very happy with the upgrade. I think a lot of us try and push the limits of what our homes can reasonably support (and our wallets!) and I have reached a point where my improvements will be incremental unless I totally replace my front sound stage with something even bigger, which is highly doubtful unless I win the lotto and move .
  5. So tested for a few days, and the combo sounds amazing. The timbre matches well and whether it's movies, 5.1 SACD/DVD-A or multi-channel stereo processing on 2 channel music, absolutely no complaints from me. Going towers for surrounds is a ridiculous upgrade (and it should be for the cost). Anyway, no regrets.
  6. Your surrounds are based upon the RS-62II triangular design, only smaller. Blu-tack fastens (without doing any damage) the bottom of the speaker to the rectangular base. Good luck to you in your search.
  7. Not cheap, but I have my 2 RS-62IIs blu-tacked to these things and they look fantastic and it should place the sounds above ear level. The stands are heavy duty and you can fill the base with sand for more stability.
  8. Pulled the trigger and the speakers are arriving on Wednesday, assuming UPS doesn't completely drop the ball. I'll report back what my thoughts are a few days later
  9. Thanks so much for the response. Just to be clear, my entire setup is remaining the same. RF7IIs (topped with RP140SAs) up front with the RC64II in the center, replacing the RS62IIs with RP280FAs as surrounds. I'm also retiring the RF15 wides to my bedroom.
  10. I have an Atmos setup. They would be the RP280FAs replacing my RS62IIs. What about for multichannel music? Not too different for that as well?
  11. ​I'm curious if anyone on this forum has mixed Reference IIs with RPs. I'm debating on replacing my RS-62IIs with RP-280s, but wonder how different the timbre is in the RPs. Any first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  12. ICYMI.... here is the 140 sitting on my RF-7. It should give you a good preview: Where are the binding posts located, NIsmo? Banana plug compatible?
  13. 103D here. People forget that besides Blu-rays, the Oppo plays just about any file type. Whether it be video wrapper or audio. I have my entire music collection ripped to flac, including multi-channel SACD and DVD-A albums and being able to play those flawlessly is huge. That alone made the purchase worth it for me.
  14. Ironically, I already own those discs in part for the 3D. I didn't even consider the Atmos component until I had my display pro calibrated last week and we talked about it. I own a handful of Atmos discs already, so just need that pesky hardware. ​
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