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  1. The bass level now with the new x-overs is insane compared to before. I don't need a sub really in this 12x12/15ish room.
  2. Chorus II's and Academy upgraded to Bob Crites Crossovers and titanium tweeter diaphragms :) Great guy and great stuff. I did my Quartets and another Academy several years ago.
  3. Mounted my RP500SA and RP250S, the red is my intended wiring runs (I am hoping 2 strands of 16AWG can fit in cordmate I runs, but I also have cordmate II to use if not). The rest of the system was posted above (Chorus II, Academy).
  4. Going wall mounted...not clear on what setting on the speaker to use. The manual is not clear if wall mounting in front is the ATMOS or SURROUND setting. It shows if lying flat on a speaker the front locations and ATMOS setting on. It shows the wall mounted view for rear and side surrounds and the SURROUND setting on. It doesn't show a wall mounted front option.
  5. I just picked up a set of RP-500SAs for a good price. I am adding them to my Chorus II/Academy/RP-250S setup powered by a Denon AVR-X3500H. The room is smallish (12-15x12) but all I have for now. I don't know if it will be better to have the RP-500SAs firing up from the Chorus IIs or on the wall at the ceiling facing forward/angled down. I am debating whether I can get away with a sub being on the 2nd floor of an apartment...I don't think I can at least based on my experience with my home theatre at my house. My Chorus II are only about 8 inches from the walls so their bass output is not ideal as well. I have some Crites crossovers coming to tune them up and I may then play with placement (angle or not and or try to bring them out a few more inches.)
  6. Stands wont work well since the couches arms extend out a bit. I am going to use flat wire too, but run along the glass doors to the corners and up the one wall and the door jamb on the other with white wire. Are the RP-250's the way to go versus the 502S or RS52-II/62-II or RS35/7? The cost is not the issue, but my space is small for the next year or two then my space will be much better.
  7. Do you find anything you want more from your RS-35s? I don't listen to SACD really and if I am listening to music I usually just go stereo. Still I hear many movies are putting big sound in the rear at times. My room is currently small, but more than likely I will be moving into a bigger place within the next 2 years.
  8. Not sure what to go with...the room is small but if they would work I'd like to go with larger vs smaller surrounds. I am not sure how the RS35/7 vs RS52-II/62-II vs RP502S / RP250S stack up for my setup.
  9. Small listening room (12x12). I need to mount the rear speakers directly to the wall behind and right to the side of our sofa. I can go up to 5' above ear level but no more than about 13" to the side of that sofa. I am debating the RS25/35/7 vs 42/52/62. The preference will probably be leaning to the smaller set ups. I have experience with RS25's but only to the side of the listening area.
  10. WAF factor. I am thinking of a small two channel Class D amp and a wireless dual line out transmitter. I can then just run wires up from the couch. Thinking RS25's, RS42 or RS10's...i'd love to do RS7 or R62 :). My rear area is below about 13-15" on each side of the couch only.
  11. My room is about 12x12 but the back wall is only as wide as my sofa plus a foot on each side (13" on the door side and 15" on the other). It's all tile. I don't want to have ugly wires running all over. We may get a rug for the middle of the room but it will not be wall to wall. What are some good ideas to get surround in here? I thought my Denon AVR-X3500H could do Virtual Surround with 3 speakers but I guess it doesn't. EDIT: I just ordered a set of RP250S and some monoprice planate flat 16AWG wiring...looking for ideas to mount (height and should I go right to the wall and door jamb or inset them as well as a nice wiring channel setup).
  12. I only have three channels now...hoping the Denon 3500H can do decent virtual. I am right back against the wall and only 9' away so I am not sure what viable surround setup would be right. The place is all tile...I could run wire along the glass sliding door.
  13. I still have my Denon AVR-X4100, Klipsch Quarter, Academy (oiled oak) and RS-25's with an Emotiva Ultra 12 in my house...but due to say domestic situations I have my own place now. Denon AVR-X3500H, Klipsch Chorus II and Academy (black). LG UBK90 for Bluray. Vizio PQ65-F1 for LCD. Xfinity X1 for everything else. Viewing distance = 8.5-9'
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