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  1. STV_Keith

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    That's a pretty good hike from Vegas. Bummer. I'll keep looking. I scored my set of KLF-30's locally...more stuff is bound to come up eventually. $300 for a set of CF-4's is awesome!
  2. STV_Keith

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    So, I figured I'd post this here on this thread...from my FB post in the Klipsch Fanatics group. I finally got the living room to the point where I could put together some of the system and compare the CF-4 v3's to the KLF-30's. Each pair were connected to a Yamaha MX-800u amp, running off the speaker A output. They are 170w RMS / 270w peak, per channel, driven from a Yamaha RX-A2050. Overall, I have to pick the CF-4's for 2-channel use, if you can only have one pair. The CF-4's have more low bass where the KLF's seemed to be a little tighter, but didn't go as low. The CF-4's also had more in the lower mid range and more at the very top from what I heard. The KLF-30's had more in the midrange, were more vocal, but not as bright on the very top. The KLF-30's will make an excellent center channel speaker in my HT setup though, once I get to that in this house. I will say that having both pairs running at once sounds FANTASTIC. The two models complement each other very well.
  3. STV_Keith

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    So you're looking for some CF3 v1's and want to trade off some CF4 v3's. I've got a pair of CF4 v3's now and would love another set. Where are you located?
  4. That sounds great too. Did your @JRH tag him or something, or does someone need make him aware of this thread and his requested brilliance on the subject?
  5. Love the brochure pic you chose (CF-4's, which I have). All great idea...see, I knew you guys would be able to suggest how to make it better.
  6. That's a helluva start! I took all those and started a spreadsheet. What say you, so far? Can you guys fill in any of the gaps? Klipsch Speakers.xlsx
  7. Yes, but that group only focuses on the Epic line, made for 3 years. I'm still looking for a list of all the lines Klipsch has made over the years, when they were built, basic specs, etc. When I see a set of KG3.5's, it would be nice to be able to look up what the specs of them were, when they were build and what was build before/after them, all in one place.
  8. I was thinking something more like: 1994-1996: Epic CF-1, CF-2, CF-3, CF-4; KV-1,KV-2, KV-3, KV-4 1996 - 200?: Legend KLF-10, KLF-20, KLF-30 ???? -????: KG-3, KG-3.5 And then some specs like 2-way/3-way, what horns, woofers, woofer size and quantity, etc.
  9. That's great! Thanks for sharing! That only covers the Heritage lines though, right? What about all the other stuff? Like my Epic CF-4's and the newer stuff like Reference and Reference Premier, etc?
  10. I can't find anything by searching, but I would love to see a timeline list of all the models of speakers released by Klipsch over the years. Does something like this exist already?
  11. STV_Keith

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    Nice looking setup. There's a guy on Ebay trying to sell a KV-4 in Snohomish right now, if you're looking for one of those. He's a bit high on the price IMO, but it's for sale and close to you. I have a pair of the CF-4's as well. Currently have an old Infinity Video 1 center that doesn't do justice. I've been watching for a KV-4 for a long time, but none come up in what I'm willing to pay. How do you think the CF-3 compares to a KV-4? How about dual CF-3's as centers? My Yamaha DSP-A1 has dual center outputs and there's a pair of CF3 V2 or V3's locally that I could pick up.
  12. STV_Keith

    Crossover to bi-amp...

    Well, I'm happy with how they sound, just want to put both my amps to use. If I go with an active crossover, I can still cross it at the same point they are crossed at stock, right? Should sound the same, just easier for the amp to give them what they want. Oh, and a sub isn't an issue. My Yamaha processor has a sub-out which goes to a Crown CE2000 powering a Resonant Engineering XXX 15.
  13. STV_Keith

    Replacement woofer for CF-4

    Ended up sending the driver to http://www.nealspeakerrepair.com to be fixed. They received it last Friday and called me today to say it was shipping out. I'll let you know how it turned out.
  14. I currently have my CF-4's bi-wired and want to go to a true bi-amp setup. This will require an active crossover to do so. Can anyone make a recommendation/suggestion on what is decent out there. Not looking to spend a fortune, but want to put both of my amps to good use. Thanks!
  15. STV_Keith

    Replacement woofer for CF-4

    I'm running a Yamaha M-65 (which runs the highs) and a Yamaha MX-800 (which runs the lows). They are bi-amped - a nice feature with these speakers. Both amps are rated for 170w/channel with 2.7db headroom at 8ohms.