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  1. Hi, I am looking for an impedance curve for La Scala, build 2000, AL-3 crossover. Anybody can help? Thanks in advance Hermann
  2. Hi John, I was busy with other dings but now I am ready and come back to your "... and I can tell you how". My La Scalas are LSBRR-00320009 and they are fitted with AL-3 crossovers. Thanks for your help. Hermann
  3. Anybody having experience with biwiring - not bi-amping - La Scala's? Is there any positive effect that is worth the effort? Can I blow the midrange/tweeter if I feed them bass frequencies directly? I'm using a 2x2W SET amp. Thank you for any efforts, hermann
  4. Thank you all - the last two answers really helped solving the problem - now everything sound great again! hermann
  5. Thank you for that fast response. Hermann
  6. I was satisfied with the sound I get from my La Scalas for quite a while until I checked the wiring of the drivers after a phasing test via phono indicated improper phasing. I found the midrange driver on one speaker to be connected just the opposite way than that on the other speaker. The red cable from the (AL-3) crossover was connected to the right terminal (when looked from the rear of the cabinet) of the midrange driver, the black-red cable goes to the left. Both other drivers are connected red to left side and black-red to right side. Reversing the cables on the midrange (now all drivers in both speakers were connected red to left side and black-red to right side) had a negative effect of the system's sound so I returned to what I had found. I now reversed the cables on the other speaker's midrange to get identical wiring in both speakers and the effect on the sound was positive - better staging of voices and instruments. Just to make sure: Does anybody have a wiring diagram or a description of the wiring of La Scala's drivers as intended by the maker? Thank you for any efforts. Hermann Does anybody
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