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  1. Thoughts and prayers to his family and many friends. Bill
  2. They should not last long; if they were closer I would pick them up myself. Just don't have the time to go get them right now.
  3. I lost track of the topic of discussion once Faith Hill was brought up. She has a lovely..... Bill GO HOGS I've been to Texas one time; took a wrong turn in Texarkana and wound up on the wrong side of town. I was scared because I did not have a passport to get back into the United States. Still think it is strange you don't need one to get back across the border.
  4. Hello Peter: I know Apple has an adapter that goes from the 30 pin to the 8 pin lighting connnector port. It does not look like it will be very stable using the adapter; seems that the phone will loose a lot of support from the device it is plugged into. Still debating on whether to buy extra cables at $20 each or the connector for $30 each. May just get one of each to start with, I need a spare cable to charge the 5 when away from home. Bill
  5. I would say that is too high as they have been going for the $1,000 +/- range, all depends on the finish, condition and if they have matching boxes. Bill GO HOGS
  6. Wonder if he bought them or not. I really enjoy the cherry 7's I purchased from Fish a couple of months ago. Bill GO HOGS
  7. The big issue with riding these days is the general public driving while talking or texting on the phone; they have no idea anyone else is around much less a motorcycle. Bill GO HOGS
  8. Keep them all. Pull the Belles out of storage and put the Khorns in. Down the road you will wish you still had what ever you decide to sell. Bill GO HOGS
  9. Yard sale time. What ever goes out for the sale does not come back in. Bill GO HOGS
  10. Best friends son has one; I took him for his 1st bike ride back in the '80's. I have turned down his offer to take it for a ride everytime he has offered. 2 guys at work have them; one has a blower on his; totally insane ride. I took a Harley for a short ride a few years ago; haven't been on 2 wheels since. Bill GO HOGS
  11. Good to hear you are doing better. I have cut back on the smokes in a effort to quit. Tried the pills but had a reaction to them; made my hands and feet itch like crazy. Had to take Benadryl for 2 weeks until it had flushed out of my system. Bill GO HOGS
  12. Very Cool. I would still be trying to remember my name if she came over and started talking to me. Bill GO HOGS
  13. Yes they are the best thing every. You may as well stop trying to fool yourself; you are already owned just go ahead and accept the fact. You could tell your kids no; but you can't tell the grand children no Wonder if there is a support group for grand parents; there sure needs to be; on the other hand everyone would be showning pictures and telling stories to each other. Bill GO HOGS
  14. Congrats on the 7's. Yes that is a killer deal. That's what I paid for just a set of RF 7's last month and I picked them up. By the label in the E bay add they are the black satin models; the color does not affect the sound. They do require plenty of power, I had a set of Belle's prior to getting the 7's, have to turn the volume up a considerable amount to get close to what the Belle's sounded like. A good friend has had a set for years; he has not held back on the volume level, we know his teen age son had several parties with them blaring for hours. They sound just as good now as they did when they were new. You will be very pleased with them espically with the deal you got. Bill GO HOGS
  15. A bag of lime works wonders on stuff like that. With this heat I have been taking the household trash to the dumpster at the son-in-laws shop just as soon as a bag is full. It's a lot better than waiting for the weekly trash pick up. With 2 grand kids in diapers coming over everyday it gets ripe pretty fast. Bill GO HOGS
  16. My daughter and son-in-law are in Huntington WV. Power is still out at there house, his parents got power back on late Saturday; so they have been staying with them since. The kids got home from his graduation from nursing school Friday evening to find the power out at the house. Our daughter said the power was off and on during graduation but they managed to wrap up before the lights went out. We were there 3 weeks ago for a week long visit/vacation/speaker road trip; weather was great then, a little warm in the day time but great at night. We feel for everyone that is suffering thru this heat wave; we have had record temps here in Center Arkansas, most of the state is under a burn ban. Bill
  17. Mid 80's in Little Rock at Custom Audio. They had the full line on display at both stores if I remember correctly; NLR store for sure. The KHorns were driven by McIntosh. Bill GO HOGS
  18. Congrats: we are waiting on the announcement of the arrival. Bill GO HOGS
  19. Pretty cool; watched it sometine in the last couple of weeks. Bill GO HOGS
  20. Hello everyone: I picked up a set of RF 7's in Indiana late last week. With 3 grandkids and pets in the house; I am looking for suggestions on protecting the grills. I am sure some of you have come up with some very interesting ways of protecting them. Bill
  21. I believe in Magic. Sometimes everything just falls into place like it is supposed to. IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT. Bill
  22. Great deal on the LaScala's. Room placement makes a big difference in their sound. In the corners would be best if possible, if along a flat wall; toe them in to the listening position. Give them room to breath pull them out about a foot from the wall where ever they are positioned. Bill Go HOGS
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