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  1. took 'em apart today. Here's way too many pics of the innards http://s140.photobucket.com/albums/r21/woodogs-world/Patrician%20800/03182012/ Forrest here: made the link clickable
  2. I can't believe how fortunate you are!! The tax rate in California is around 10%!!! I can't believe how thin you've gotten! How DO you find hats? F
  3. Larry, Hi! Long time no see... hope the classical listening is going well! The model is 30W, the 30' monster. I think these were some of the last ones made, being purchased new in 1968/1969. Also, the crossovers are not potted, which gave me (and Bob Crites) great relief. MUCH easier to rebuild. From reading around the internets, earlier woofers had foam surrounds which would rot out. These have cloth surround and the woofer itself is styrofoam. Forrest
  4. Here's some pics of the innards. The three attenuators are housed in aluminum, and they are the reason the speakers sound like junk. Oxdized to the point of failure. thankfully the crossover isn't potted. The woofer appears to be made out of styrofoam. HUGE! Forrest
  5. Got into the cabinets last night, looks like the attenuators are full of junk, which is why the speakers sound like junk. twisting them around brought all drivers except one - a T350. The crossovers are not potted as was feared. All drivers are free of blemishes. The speakers appear to be some of the last manufactured as they were probably bought new in 1968 or 1969 when the building was completed. I'll take some pics this evening. I took my Scott 299B out there and hooked them up. they will sound nice with a bit of care. Not speaker related, but definitely music related... another purchase for me at the auction was a 1954 Baldwin Model L 6'3" grand piano. I haven't had an acoustic instrument to play on regularly in 20+ years. This one will reward study, which is why I'm signing back up for lessons! (I was a piano major). Heya Colter! good to hear from you as well. How's the speaker museum coming? [] peace, Forrest
  6. Nah, still around. Life changes and all that. This place makes me want to spend money! when I hang out here I find myself wanting SET amps, expensive 12ax7 and long ago rare things from Western Electric! to think I was a happy guy with Bose 901's and high power Onkyo amplification. Then I heard a pair of heresys... and then... The reality is that the system I ultimately built is super sweet and satisfying. By way of comparison - I'm a happily married man and this is a college campus. I did let Fini and Seti in on the score first, had to gloat to someone. :-) I pop into this forum from time to time and find the conversations cyclical, like any community, variations on a theme if you will, an audio fugue. This place led me to audio ecstacy. Khorns with ALK crossover, an Ostby rebuild on my Scott amps (yes, for all the ornery - Hi Craig - the dude knows his stuff!) and Bob Crites crossovers in my Cornwalls. (yes, I'm sending you an email Bob... I've seen your name ALL over the place with regards to audio excellence, I see you are still smelling my old Cornwall crossovers in your avatar). that night was a revelation in sound! My life these days is making music (church, my band, and i'm taking piano lessons again), riding my bicycles (I sold my car in 2008, so the bicycles are how I get around for the most part), working and thankful to have employment as the world is getting weird. 2007 rolled around and I found myself loved and in love after being single for 15 years. So far fewer hours in general to poke around the internets. I'm excited to have a chance to bring these big ole babys back to sonic glory, if possible. I knew where to come! ;-) I'm going to document the process which will involve the brain trust here and me with a soldering gun, screwdrivers and tung oil. When you don't know your butt from a hole in the ground it's good to have folks around you who CAN tell you where you can find a: your butt, b: the hole in the ground, and c: what to do with either. peace, Forrest I tried to edit this (update, this is an edit try in IE, maybe? so it would come across in a more readable form (i.e. paragraph indentations, etc... but it's still a big block of text. Sorry about that)
  7. I scored a beat up pair (but not too beat up) for $74.20 (that's $70 with 6% KY sales tax) backstory: August of 2011 a coworker comes to me (the resident audio snob) and tells me they are renovating the theater in our building at Western Kentucky Universiry. He wants me to see something. Takes me to where they are putting in a new sound system and shows me these great big boxes. E-V Patrician 800. hmmmmmm.... I poke around the internets and find out they are good. So I go to Charlie Pride (no kidding, that's his name) and inquire what will become of them. He says they will most likely be thrown away. Can I have 'em? Sure, he says. I don't need speakers, but great. I get to thinking and compose the following email to David Emerson and Charlie Pride on 8/27 ------------------------------------------ From :Halford, Forrest Subject: E-V Patrician 800 speakers If you are planning to sell them, sell them here: www.audiogon.com or www.klipsch.com (garage sale area) These are both high-end audiophile speaker forums and the folks there will know what they are worth and treat them right. Label them as Electro-Voice Patrician 800 audio speakers. These are VERY high end units, when used (placed) correctly they outshine most everything out there, with the exception of the Altec Voice of the Theater, which you have down there. I do HOPE you will keep and use that unit somewhere. It’s the kind of system they use in eyemax theaters, for instance. Forrest --------------------------------------------------- Sometime in November I get to poking around the theater and see them still in the back. I go to Charlie Pride again and ask 'what's up?' Charlie says they will be auctioned. Ok, I say, be sure to advertise properly so they end up in the hands of someone who knows what to do with them. In the meantime I offer more $$ for them than I can really afford, and Charlie and David say no, they'll have to go to auction. They ended up advertising them as 'Theater Speakers' in the local paper and Vintage Speakers in a staff-all email. That's all the advertising they did. I figure if they weren't going to pursue due diligence... I went, I bid, I won. Pictures (so far, haven't opened them up yet). Even if totally trashed, which I doubt, I've wasted more money on tobacco in a month. Hey Crites.... if you're reading... feel up to building a set of crossovers? [] again, thanks to this forum, who have led me again and again to good sound. Forrest
  8. I just snapped some photos (of dubious quality) of my ALK crossovers. http://s140.photobucket.com/albums/r21/woodogs-world/ALK/ I love 'em. I got them in 2004 to replace my orginal AA's in my '76 khorns. I also got some Crite's crossovers for my '76 cornwalls at the pilgrimage in 2005. Amazing, immediate difference in sound. woo
  9. bump... maybe somebody here could reply now? woo
  10. I'm in Bowling Green, KY and want to get this working again. Are there service centers near here? I bought the sub used and it has worked well for the past 4 years with my Tannoy SGM10's. It looks like it is an RSW-10 but I'm not sure http://www.klipsch.com/products/discontinued/details/rsw-10.aspx I've done the basic tests, fuse ok, continuity in the power cord okay, line from the preamp okay, etc. Ideas? woo
  11. Double stack like this guy in Germany did with KLF30's I did double stack the Cornwalls in the church for a while... the aesthetics committee (yes, there is such a thing) ultimately pulled the plug and said no. But the sound was kickin'![] woo woo
  12. lordy, what on earth will you do with 2 sets of Klipschorns? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... what fun. good on ya! woo
  13. If it's working as it should, the M502 is a very nice powerhouse. I'm currently using the M501 for a subwoofer application at my church and even though 1 channel doesn't work, the channel that does work is great. [] woo
  14. LOL! I was reading this whole thread amazed that nobody said this earlier. I love the Grateful Dead, but as a 'head' I KNOW foks hate 'em. Then again, not everybody reads the New Yorker either woo
  15. ditto to that. Fantastic craftsmanship. woodog
  16. Me too. Sounds like a good way to spend a weekend. woo
  17. Oh my. Michael Jackson dead at age 50. woo
  18. I was truly sad when I read that yesterday. Absolutely one of the greats, he was able to find a prominent, unique voice in the sound between 3 incredible guitar players without muddying the sound. As a keyboard player I cannot escape his influence, nor do I want to. RIP woo
  19. OH YEAH... Seti giving me the Kama Sutra soundtrack CD (to this day one of my A list demo discs) - and the zoo that was us being quiet so I could listen to a S.E.T. amp for the first time. Sublime.... still a fascinating listen. Whitacre... wow.. pretty heady stuff that! finding out that Fini was'nt an auto-bot was a revelation too. woo
  20. That was a hell of a good time... yes, yes it was. My cornwalls have never sounded so good as they did with Dee's crazy fine amp and SeaD's Scott 130. I still have nightmares involving surreal life forms emerging out of gigantic watermelon-pods. woo
  21. Michael, Thanks for that offer! I had a pair of Heresys (the 'ones') in the attic and after reading what KP201's were, I took them down and hooked them up to the XR684 (falling after missing the last stair and whacking my face - 7 stitches... but I digress). I think I'll use this for now. I'll be careful of the volume to avoid blowing a driver. Forrest
  22. The specs of the EV look to be what need. Did you like the way they handled vocal material?
  23. Thanks Dr! Applications would include smallish rooms with acoustic guitars and vocals, SM 57's and 58's, when I gig with the keyboard (Roland RD-600) as a stage amp to supplement line-in applications, perhaps as monitors on occasion. Vocal clarity would be the biggest desire, however. these don't have to dig that low but some diggin' would be appreciated. thanks again! Forrest
  24. What would you suggest to go with a Peavey XR-684 powered head for around 600-800 dollars. I plan to buy used. I tried a longer winded description but the forum beast ate my post. I'm asking here because once upon a time I had high powered Onkyo amps and Bose 901s and I thought I knew good sound. Now it's khorns and tubes and I know I know good sound. Thanks y'all. Woo
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