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  1. the insides of the left and right cornwalls are the same, pretty much. Should I rope caulk the squawker? rewire the innards? anything else??
  2. Right Cornwall with grill removed. I think this has been a modification (the removable grill) ..?? Is this correct?
  3. The bottoms of the cornwalls. I've read where I should take off those metal 'nubs' and sit the speakers directly on the floor for better low end response. Good advice?
  4. Sitting in the back row, center of the church, and looking left, There you see a Heresy. .. I'll not post the backview right pic since it is really dark and is more or less just like this view.
  5. Sitting in the back of the 'sanctuary' .. lecturn in center, Cornwalls to the left and right. I know I should have them further apart, but this is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Heard a friend's heresy's in 1983 and thought that ... 'someday I'll have some of those'. Well, I kinda went overboard. Plus I need some advice. I'm the music guy for a Unitarian Church, and until recently, the sound system consisted of a smallish onkyo amp and some 30 year old Technics SB-5000 speakers. Our group recently moved to a larger, much nicer building, and they also decided to pay me a little bit of $$, so I decided to put those dollars back into sonic improvements. I purchased a pair of 1980 Heresys at the beginning of June and then a pair of 1976 Cornwalls a tad later. I think I made the right decisions as I really REALLY like the sound and clarity of the setup now. I'm going to put up the pictures (smallest resolution files I could manage, took the pics tonight) and pray that you will overload me with your opinions. I use this system for personal enjoyment as well as to play keyboards through as well as vocal amplification. It is not a P.A. system, per se, as I never really have to (or want to) drive it very hard. In fact, I think I might be using too much power since these babies are so efficient. Anything you could tell me about the speakers would be appreciated as well. I've read enough posts from HDBR (I think that's his name) who worked at Klipsch during 1976 on to know that these Cornwalls have been changed a bit, but I would appreciate any observations. :-) I'll put comments by the pictures, and thanks for indulging me. Seems like there's quite a few music afficianados about these forums. I've seen references to some of my favorites (from the organist Virgil Fox to the Grateful Dead, Bill Evans to Alan Parsons)... so I kinda feel at home already. first, a bit about the room these are in.. it holds about 100 - 130 folks, very high ceilings. It has a wet acoustic that I do not want to change although I realize this is not the best for speakers to 'hang out' in. (tough, but I like the texture it provides to some of the choruses and vocal jazz ensembles I direct and take part in). I'll put a few pics up of the room too.. there are very few parallel surfaces, so virtually no 'slap back' echo, just a smooth 1.5 sec reverberation. soo..... follow the jpgs.. Forrest
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