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  1. Gallo has a set called Home Theater in the Round. Its what I chose for my room and you can get it for 995.00. www.roundsound.com Not as good as my Refs, but for under 1K, and 4 inch diameter speakers, they are not bad indeed. Chinoloco
  2. ---------------- On 12/26/2004 5:14:24 PM atomicskiier01 wrote: . I am considering RB-35's but I know that I would be getting into purchasing the RC-35 and RS-35 to go with it, and that is bringing it up to another price bracket. ---------------- Welcome to this never ending money sucking hobby of ours. I had the same set up as you, upgraded to the 35s in less then a year, and I will seriously consider the ultras. if you can though, go 35s, more full and even sound. Good luck!
  3. Go Pioneer. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get into the ES line of Sony. NAD has alot of good words too, but for me, I will always stick with Pioneer Elite for this price level. chinoloco
  4. You should go straight to a RF-35. the 8 inch speaker is more full sounding, better rounded speaker. I used to own the RF-15s which were good but very bright. There is a difference going from the 5.25 to the 6.5 to the 8 inch speakers Chinoloco
  5. You would probably get much better luck on Ebay. I think you would get much better coverage especially if you need the money fast.
  6. chinoloco

    Bi Wire

    Hey gang, I know that cables and bi-wiring can be a sore spot on the BB and the debate rages on, but I liked the results from my bi-wired center channel. I bought monster z series from good guys because it was local and easy. NO need for shipping and waiting. However, I do hate the idea of paying for Monster's incredible marketing machine ( I mean they are the BOSE of cables ) and was looking for alternatives that the gang can recommend. I live in the Bay Area so I like to pick up instead of ordering online if possible, but of course, if you have a source on the net for bi wire cabling at a great price, I am interested. Help! chinoloco
  7. ---------------- On 12/23/2004 9:24:40 PM Griffinator wrote: Why do you think I got out of that gawdawful place. My boss patted me on the back for selling this poor guy $300 worth of Monster cables to go with a $500 HTiB. I didn't sleep very well that night. ---------------- I think its almost human nature to think if you pay more, you get better performance. I always hated "the gold connectors for a printer cable" push. Its like, parallel is so slow anyways, no amount of gold will improve the speed.
  8. ---------------- On 12/21/2004 1:11:00 AM nicholtl wrote: I second this. Pioneer Elite is a terrific receiver when mated with the RF-35's. Chinoloco, where the hell you been? You've been gone for over a year!!! Welcome back! ---------------- Its been a hell of a year. Separated from the wife, back with the wife, changed careers, moved three times. Hell I bought a new sound system about a year ago and I didn't even hook it back up until I just returned to the BB. Chinoloco
  9. My friends and I are going to attempt a LOTR Extended edition Marathon. Thats what, about 720 minutes of movie watching? I have a feeling its going to take 14 hours to complete including breaks and meals and stuff. Even if we started at 9AM, we wouldn't be done until 11PM. Damn...thats some serious movie time.
  10. I dunno.. for me.. these type of movies always end up dissappointing.
  11. 50 extra minutes makes this a completely different movie then the ones in the theater.
  12. chinoloco

    I, Robot

    I first watched this movie on the Plane to Hong Kong. I wonder how much better it will be on DVD at home...
  13. I have a Panamax 5100 Seems similar to a Monster line condition/power filter. It seems to work. I don't notice much difference. I never have any humming which is a good thing. Sounds are still clean at low volumes. chinoloco
  14. ---------------- On 12/21/2004 3:08:56 AM nicholtl wrote: Without this forum, I'd be a lot richer! ---------------- I'd second that. Richer, not quite as happy, less problems with the wife. All I need is a "there you go again, buying more stuff". chinoloco
  15. ---------------- On 12/14/2004 4:42:38 AM myriadcorp wrote: Go buy the Philipps 642 Player from walmart for $68. It will play everything your sony wont. I have a sony and it plays nothing but dvd movies. Nothing extra like dvd mp3's, divx, svcd, or other good things that you can burn. ---------------- And if you need Region Free, there is a very good "hack" that can make this player region free in seconds. Chinoloco
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