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  1. In 79 $630 for the Heresy's. In 2000 paid $1000 for my 78 Lascala's.
  2. They made SQ, QS and CD-4 albums. The SQ and QS were a matrixed quad where you could use a standard turntable. The CD-4 disk had to have a special cartridge. The only album I have is an SQ encoded vinyl of Poco Cantamos. Actually sounds quite good in Pro-Logic.
  3. Back in '79 I was stationed at Lowery AFB in Denver. Went skiing at Breckenridge and they had 8 flying Heresy's in the main lodge. I believe it was installed by Listen Up in Denver.
  4. Still using a TD-145Mkll with an Ortofon mc20. Still spinnin'
  5. The year, 1979 Breckinridge ski resort bar after a hard day of skiing and bunny watching. Look up to find 6 Heresy's hanging from the ceiling playing some Jean Luc Ponty. Already had my Heresy's from overseas in the Air Force so a wry grin was evident.
  6. Still using a PS3 and have been happy with it. Will be very sad when this thing dies. Great music server by the way. Used it for gaming at first, but now just music and movies. Would be interesting as above said to compare the PS3 to the Marantz.
  7. The online version of Stereophile is not to bad, but when you go to the forums it is really fun to read Geoff Kait and Michael Green berate each other. One of the reviewers mentioned power cables and said to put one in your freezer then take it out, attach it and how it magically widened the sound stage. Really. Glad I just like to listen to music.
  8. In microwave communications you use a 50 ohm termination on unused channels. In thick-net communications you also use a 50 ohm terminator. Other than using a Faraday shield around electronics.
  9. Still have an old Sony CD player from back in the 80's and it still play's fine. I decided to put all of my CD's on my PS3 and was done. Although I do comparisons when I do buy a new CD and see how it sounds from the PS3 to CD. I use the analog outputs and optical. No difference in sound to these old ears.
  10. I use a tube amp from an Onkyo reciever pre-outs. Sounds just fine to me. Tube pre-amps can be quite expensive and not have as many features as a solid state reciever with pre-outs.
  11. What would PWK think about all of this? Designing circuits to closer tolerances is always better. After being in the Air Force working with Mil-Spec parts in a Pmel lab, sometimes you have to use a 5% resistor instead of a 1%. Remember the resistor code, Bad boys , etc. don't want to offend anyone these days. lol Same with old Simpson 260 meters, some had mirrored faces for greater accuracy and some would not. How close do you need to see 5v or 12v. Of course digital gives a more accurate presentation but I just love the old d'arsenal movements. To each their own.
  12. Butter Pecan, thats spelled peh-khan to Yankees. Live about 40 miles from the creamery in Brenham. Went to the creamery back in '69 in 5th grade. And every decade since. While at Texas A&M we used to go on friday afternoon after classes. Strawberry Cheesecake is one of my favorites or Banana Pudding. Some flavors they only make for a limited time so get it while it is in store.
  13. Always music first, equipment second. If a good song is playing on the elevator I will listen to it. FM has died here in Houston so there is only Sunday morning when the blues comes on the local Pacifica station. Thank goodness for the internet.
  14. Ahh the day of recording vinyl on to cassette. Putting said cassette in the Pioneer super tuner cassette deck with Jensen 6x9 co-axials in the back of the VW's in homeade plywood boxes. Adjust that equalizer, turn on that little 20WPC power amp and Steely Dan's Aja would sound fantastic. Always used Maxell tapes. They seemed to last longer in the Houston heat. I know stereos sound better in vehicles now, but the sound of those Jensen's would always be crystal clear. Used a Pioneer deck to record on with my current Thorens TT. I wonder how CD's would have sounded on those Jensen's? Sounds like a project to me.
  15. Porcupine Tree - Anesthesize Blu-ray Great live performance with some of the best sound I have ever heard. Steven Wilson is remastering King Crimson and other prog albums. Worth a listen or two.
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