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  1. thanks dtel.... funny you mention that, as my kg4's are already willed to my son-in-law and the kg'2 to my son!
  2. thanks mark.... what you describe is what I'm finding.... my pair are from early on in their availability.... I've also got a pair of kg4's that include the badges you have on your 2's.... thanks again.... holding out for some luck....
  3. My pair of kg2's still going strong after over 30 years. During a recent move, I lost one of the badges. If anyone has one or knows where to buy, I would appreciate hearing about it. me_vernon@yahoo.com
  4. Bumble-fingers hit the enter key.... doh! kg2 fan who sold his prized possessions to his father 15 years ago.... Dad has been so happy with 'em, that he won't sell 'em back. Have been looking on eBay, but am hesitant. Any recommendations, whether to continue to look for kg2's, or if there's a current Klipsch model that I would be happy with. One last thing ~ am on a strict budget, but have champagne taste when it comes to speakers. Thx.
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