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  1. I read once that that men curse so that they don't put their fist through drywall ????
  2. PS: Your name is spelled Eldon ......correct?
  3. Eldon you are still a youngster to me. Congrats brother! tc
  4. Ah man Dave was one of the good ones. RIP
  5. I really miss Bob. In the early forum days we both had great fun giving each other a hard time. Bob making fun of my lac of length (at 5'7) and me his age. However he wasn't much older than myself. Bob was a smart biz man. He saw and filled gaps for Klipsch lovers. Repairing drivers, new drivers, woofers, and upgrading networks. Cost effective products, service and shipping second to none. But I always drove down there for pickup just to see what he was up to. RIP Bob tc
  6. I love the ghost chilies. If one can get over the heat they have a wonderful flavor. I cook a Mexican dinner once a week and grill Jalapenos with it. The heat in them is very inconsistent. Some are like spicy Bell Peppers and some are real burners. Can anyone tell by the size, time of year , or scent??? tc
  7. Well said Seti. ......And the Cornwall is not a big speaker. It's a large bookshelf. tc
  8. A tube front end is the ticket for me as well tc
  9. Thinking of you OT..... Re-Reading : TERM LIMITS by Vince Flynn
  10. Does anyone know the CF internal volume of the KPT 904? Thanks tc
  11. Yes it is an older thread. JWC had just obtained those subs. Seti, Mark 1101, and I were there and assisted in dialing them in . There are lots of subs out there but few are musical and have IMPACT at the same time. With the strait horn trax mid-bass, K402 -K510'a top end....and those subs. All driven by four bridged Mac 275's and two Mac 1.2KW amps?? Being around audio for fifty years I hesitate in saying something like this........... Top to bottom , That was the best audio system I ever heard !!! tc
  12. I can see that you have a good flank distance and it works for you. I often needed a center and they were in the way.
  13. No matter the location they are ALWAYS in the way....
  14. Just use tin foil and be done with it.......
  15. Tweeker with a gun at Hope as I understood it......
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