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  1. I recently aquired a pair of KG 5.5's. My quest is to find a nice amplifier for them. I have not heard a tube amp in person, but I have heard great things about them. I have heard good things about the Scott 299-D as well, but I have no idea how this would match up with my KG 5.5's? Opinions on an amp? Solid state of tube? Thanks!
  2. I just aquired a pair of Medium Oak KG 5.5's, and I hope to someday expand this into a home theatre setup. Researching the forum on center channel speakers matching the KG 5.5's turns up mixed results, but I would like a seamless blend between the front three speakers, so I have decided to build my own custom enclosure with KG 5.5 components, allowing horizontal placement under my tv with the woofers flanking the horn. QUESTION ONE: I may create an enclosure with different dimensions than the original 5.5, but with the same internal volume. Will this have any effect on the sound? QUESTION TWO: Given that I create an enclosure with the same volume, if I place the port in a different location will this have any effect on sound? I have also considered the KG 4,2 components for the center channel, as the horn is the same K-85, which should keep a seamless blend between the three speakers, and the advantage is I would not need to worry about locating a place for the port as these components use a passive radiator. OPINIONS on which components you would use? Thanks! Jordan
  3. I recently purchased the Custom-3. I feel that my iPod's amp just doesnt do these things justice, so I have purchased a Headstage Lyrix Pro pocket amplifier from Penguin Amp.com. My amp has not arrived yet, and I plan on writing a full review on the combination of the Klipsch IE's, amp and using the "line out" from the iPod, but for right now I am curious if there are any people out there who have used their Custom-3's with a pocket amp, and if so what opinions they have on that combination vs. straight out of the iPod.
  4. I work at Gemini, we make sign letters out of just about any material imaginable, but my job is designing and editing the customer's sign, then I operate high powered lasers which cut the job out of acrylic "plexi-glass". You should see the Klipsch logo signs i have made for my room!!! As well as some signs for DTS, THX, and Dolby Digital. Ill eventually post pics.
  5. That is exactely what I would do. Towers around, bookshelf center rear, and center for front, as well as the SVS sub. Good decisions!
  6. Ok, I have been looking at this Denon DVD2200 player, and the Pioneer Elite DV45a player. As far as specs, these two players are the same, so which one would you choose? They also cost the same.
  7. Hey, I am very inspired by the two DIY subs I see on this post. I have a couple of questions for you guys though. If I decided to make my own box, where could I get the information on how to build one? Such as how big, how much volume it would need to work with a particular driver, how to brace the structure, and just basic building techniques? I consider myself a good DIY, and have many skills with all tools that I would ever need to use for a project like this, "plus my father is a master carpenter and use to build cabinets, so I have help too". I do not yet have a driver or amp in mind, but if there is some web sites I could go from, that would be great.
  8. I am curious to know if there are any Klipscher's in the Northern Iowa area? I live in Decorah, and would like to do the same sort of thing with showing off each others systems.
  9. I am looking at buying a Pioneer Elite DV-45A Universal DVD Audio/Video player. I have a couple of questions: I have heard a lot of people talking about the player not having good or "full" bass management for SACD and DVD-Audio. So, since I own a Harman/Kardon AVR525 reciever which I believe has full bass management for SACD and DVD-Audio, would I be able to just not use the bass management on the player, and use the management on my reciever instead? Also, how noticable is the Chroma-bug when watching a movie? Lastly, I see that there might be another DVD player coming out called the DV-45Ai, does anybody know anything about it?
  10. I have come down to 2 subs so far based on specifications alone. They are the Klipsch RW-12 and the SVS PCi 20-39. I want to know if it is worth it to spend an extra 125 for the SVS? I have found the RW-12 for about $500 w/ shipping, and the SVS goes for $625 w/ shipping. The amps are about the same, "around 300 watts RMS" The drivers are the same, "12 inches" The frequency is about the same, "20-hz" My system components are in my sig. below, and my room is small, "12x9", but I want a very loud and very low sub for $600 or less. Has anybody had a chance to compare the two subs?
  11. Here are some general facts I know about IMAX theatres: The seats are on a 30-degree angle, "thats like a flight of STEEP stairs". There are typically 72 speakers. 15,000 watts of power or more to the speakers. The screen wraps around you to the sides and above and below you. The screen is typically 80 feet diagonally, or 8 STORIES tall! The projector lamp is typically 15,000 watts, AND could spontaniouslly combust a large log! ANd if it were put on the moon, you could see it with the naked eye! I got all this information from an IMAX theatre site. I have been to about 3 different IMAX theatres, "all as a kid" and it was probably the coolest experiences of my life. When you have a scene where you are flying, you R E A L L Y feel like you are moving, and you can look in about any direction and still see screen or picture, so while looking foreward, you get images in your periferal vision, making the experience extremely close to being right there with the camera. I cant wait till Friday when I get to go to see the MATRIX RELOADED at an IMAX theatre, and also for the MATRIX Revolutions movie!
  12. Has anybody seen this movie at an IMAX theatre? I am planning to take a few of my friends to it in a week or so, and want to know what people thought of it at an IMAX theatre.
  13. I would go for Infinity Kappa or Cove Audio speakers inside, and I personally would go for Audiobahn subs beacuse of their high-quality, awesome looks, and high sensitivity, meaning they will go louder with less power. As well as Audiobahn amps b/c they look awesome and would match the subs. As far as a head unit I would pick the Pioneer DEH-P8500MP. Thats what I would do.
  14. Ok, well do those "BAD" convergence chips apply to both the auto convergence button and manual converging the set? Or just the auto convergence? Do you think that I should contact TOSHIBA?
  15. I have a TOSHIBA 42H81 42" Widescreen HD Rear Projection TV that is just over one year old, and I am having major problems getting my TV to converge. It has an auto convergence button, but it doesnt do a very good job. When I do the manual convergence, which has 10 points to converge, I get the middle ok, but the outside foot perimeter of the screen, especially the first 3 inches of perimeter is bad. When there is a white object or line on the screen, I see red or blue lines to the side of it. When manual converging the TV, the blue and red lines are almost totally hidden behind the White thingy, so why do they appear when using the darn thing. I do wait a half hour to see if it gets better, AND till I do any converging adjustments. Is this a common thing for RPTV's? I have my RF-3II tower and SB-1 main speakers about one and a half feet away from the sides of the TV, but I dont have any room to move them farther, and my RC-3II center is atop the TV. Dont think they are too close though. I purchased an extended 4-year warrenty with the TV, so do you think that would cover me having a technician come in and professionally converge it for me? Thanks
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