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  1. You get “imaging” with good recordings in treated rooms. With my stuff, I’m happy if I get a stable center image without it drifting. “Soundstage” is different. Klipsch excels at this - filling and loading a room with sound, but not without some volume. I do think small monitors are better at disappearing and pushing the sound off of the baffle for a quasi three dimensional experience at modest volume levels.
  2. Yup, but more like $400 in parts now if you use the litz air cores.
  3. Good advice but no easy feat since every connection is soldered, both at the network end and the driver end. All of these should be rewired using clean wire and disconnects.
  4. We’ll find out soon enough. This can be no charges filed or a nightmare for this guy.
  5. It’s like going for your conceal carry firearm when someone just wants your wallet. Be careful with this kind of thinking. My uncle says prison sucks pretty bad. No one was brandishing a weapon, threatened him, or tries to attack him. A jury does not deal in what ifs. They will see an idiot jumping a counter for some vape cartridges and this guy making a beeline for him like Jason Bourne.
  6. Slow it down. Those were all tactical strikes. Even though he jumps the counter, he’s going after merchandise, not attempting to attack the store owner. The store owner is technically the aggressor and there is no equal force. He also doesn’t look afraid in the least. Everything he does is tactical - like when to pick up the knife, when to open it - and concealing it. This really can go either way.
  7. Casually dragging him to the other side of the room like game before calling 911 is also not a good look. “Feared for my life” are not always the magic words people think they are.
  8. It will come down to Nevada statutes regarding use of deadly force. I’m inclined to say that once he jumped the counter, all bets are off. OTOH, he looked way too comfortable using that knife.
  9. I read this and thought about the plotters I used to work with as a computer operator in the late 70's. Programmers used to complain about it as the data points weren't always on spot.
  10. I did not know The Man, but I am pretty sure he threw a healthy fit.
  11. I do most of my music listening with IEMs - Klipsch x20i and Sennheiser IE800s. I'm usually upstairs, and that system is ATC scm20psl mk 2, dual SVS SB2000's, Cambridge Audio CXA-81, Panasonic DP-UB9000, and a LG 65” C1. This system is dialed in pretty good for the kind of stuff I like to listen to. Yesterday it was Pantera. I do have another system in the nether region, which is a pair of RB-61 II, Dayton Audio Titanic 15", and a Topping 60 wpc amp running off of an Integra processor. The speakers were a gift from Michael Colter, and they are engineering samples from the Klipsch lab in Indy. Thinking hard about some Forte IV's.
  12. Yeah, it's the crossover region. Until recently, that's pretty much what all of the Khorn plots looks like.
  13. I like them at very low volumes. I pretty much used the AA for over 15 years.
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