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  1. A sensible post. I feel the same. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy recordings.
  2. Make sure it comes with a legally licensed OS.
  3. La Scala II - plywood build with AL-4 network?
  4. They have their statement piece. At this point you could almost leave the Klipschorn just the way it is. Has anyone heard the AK-6 Klipschorn or AL-5 La Scala and Cornwall IV in the same room? @Shakeydeal
  5. You need a chain of custody, maybe a letter or note. Man, don’t you guys watch Antiques Roadshow. To get that kind of money, he’s going to need more than, “I ended up with a folder full of stuff that used to belong to Paul Klipsch.”
  6. If they started with PK and Hunter doesn't have them, that means Valerie had them. She may have gifted them to someone who then passed. This is conjecture, I have no idea. At any rate, she was pretty bitter with Fred about where he was taking the company, and some of us heard that complaint first hand. There is more, but I can't share because of personal reasons, lol.
  7. lol. Well, I had this problem once and a month later the amp had a catastrophic failure and my loudspeakers caught on fire. If you are going to use "deoxit", make sure you buy the right kind. Caig makes several different types depending on what you are trying to do. Vintage gear developing issues should always be serviced.
  8. Looking at the other things he is selling, he doesn't strike me as hard core Klipsch guy. He just came across something at an estate sale and knows he has something of value. There is only one person I know of where these might have come from, that may not have wanted Klipsch to end up with them.
  9. I cringe when I read my old posts - the wild claims. It's not a sign that someone has been doing something for 20 years, but a tell. People who have been modding for a while tend to temper their language regarding audible improvements or changes. The actual work looks terrible. My favorite eBay ad is the one he is running for RF-7's, with a Forte III crossover in the picture.
  10. Buy Daves’s SMAHL It sounds better, and it will probably buy you more room too.
  11. His webpage says his crossovers are Y2K compliant, and I was really relieved to hear that.
  12. You get “imaging” with good recordings in treated rooms. With my stuff, I’m happy if I get a stable center image without it drifting. “Soundstage” is different. Klipsch excels at this - filling and loading a room with sound, but not without some volume. I do think small monitors are better at disappearing and pushing the sound off of the baffle for a quasi three dimensional experience at modest volume levels.
  13. Yup, but more like $400 in parts now if you use the litz air cores.
  14. Good advice but no easy feat since every connection is soldered, both at the network end and the driver end. All of these should be rewired using clean wire and disconnects.
  15. We’ll find out soon enough. This can be no charges filed or a nightmare for this guy.
  16. It’s like going for your conceal carry firearm when someone just wants your wallet. Be careful with this kind of thinking. My uncle says prison sucks pretty bad. No one was brandishing a weapon, threatened him, or tries to attack him. A jury does not deal in what ifs. They will see an idiot jumping a counter for some vape cartridges and this guy making a beeline for him like Jason Bourne.
  17. Slow it down. Those were all tactical strikes. Even though he jumps the counter, he’s going after merchandise, not attempting to attack the store owner. The store owner is technically the aggressor and there is no equal force. He also doesn’t look afraid in the least. Everything he does is tactical - like when to pick up the knife, when to open it - and concealing it. This really can go either way.
  18. Casually dragging him to the other side of the room like game before calling 911 is also not a good look. “Feared for my life” are not always the magic words people think they are.
  19. It will come down to Nevada statutes regarding use of deadly force. I’m inclined to say that once he jumped the counter, all bets are off. OTOH, he looked way too comfortable using that knife.
  20. I read this and thought about the plotters I used to work with as a computer operator in the late 70's. Programmers used to complain about it as the data points weren't always on spot.
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