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  1. @geodr I stopped responding to your emails because of your email spam blocker. I’m sorry, but I will not be filling out an online form request to send email to you. You either want to communicate or you don’t. 40 years is a long time. Since the speakers are still operating, the capacitors aren’t “bad”, but they are aging out. You also need to be able to test ESR/DF to know whether or not you should change them. By the time you go through the trouble of doing that, you might as well change them out.
  2. That mindset is what someone else used and it ultimately resulted in a lot of confusion, which still persists. So, I don’t agree. The specifications and resultant behavior of the parts are used in the voicing process. If that causes a slightly tipped down response, then it is by design, and the prerogative of the manufacturer. As for tube amps, many prefer a minimalist approach to audio and don’t want or use equalizers and tone controls. Many don’t even use preamps.
  3. @chuckears I believe if the capacitors are having issues, ANY new set of capacitors will net a noticeable change. So, why not use parts that put them to factory spec first to see where you’re really at. It sure leaves a lot of money left over for other things.
  4. When you start replacing tweeters, horns, and networks - then I would agree that it’s not Klipsch anymore. It wasn’t done by Klipsch and it doesn’t sound like Klipsch, so how can it be Klipsch? Making a change and calling it a mod, that one happens to like, is not the same as making a change and calling it an “upgrade”, which often carries with it unsubstantiated claims of technical improvement. In some cases, the change is a technical degradation that one just happens to like the sound of.
  5. Ever notice how anything that sounds different is an “upgrade”? What constitutes an upgrade?
  6. Zero feedback design? The amp’s frequency response is tracking the impedance of the loudspeaker.
  7. That’s what “Platt” is. It is a dialect, sometimes a mish mash of several. My Opa did not like me speaking it. I just realized I don’t even know why. Maybe Heinz knows. High German is German proper.
  8. My Mom is German. I lived in Speicher until I was 10. I was born in Savanna, Georgia, but was only there six weeks. When we moved back to the states, I spoke fluent high German and Platt. My English was terrible. I can sometimes still understand it, but can no longer speak it.
  9. My first system was my Mom’s Grundig, which she gifted to me - it looked almost just like that. It sounded stupid good in my smallish bedroom. I think it may have been all downhill after that, lol.
  10. It will be a few days before I even see them. Hopefully by Saturday so I can ship them back on Monday.
  11. I will use this thread to document the work using pictures. People deciding to do this should have decent desoldering/soldering skills, and be prepared to do some out of the box thinking. Replacement parts rarely just fall into place.
  12. I was hoping I could be the one to ruin them. 🙂
  13. UPS quoted me $133.46, plus he has to pay VAT. DF between all of these different Mylar/polyester capacitors is basically the same. What is probably not the same is tolerance.
  14. I thought it was about trying to help someone in Italy who doesn’t want to pay $150.00 in shipping costs.
  15. @ampedI hope it’s not too late - don’t use that adhesive on that material. If you ever have to remove anything, it’ll destroy the board. Also, long cure time, and I wouldn’t get any real heat near it for at least 24 hours. If you send me the networks I will do them for free, just pay for shipping both ways. You would actually be doing me a favor because when the kits were announced, I knew these might be a major pain. It gives me a chance to work the puzzle and to help out Jim (JEM).
  16. Don’t say “cheap”, you’ll scare the children.
  17. Nothing wrong with that. Saves him the trouble of diaphragm replacements.
  18. I thought he could do Mouser for the capacitors? Jantzen is Danish, and they’re part of the EU. Their products should be everywhere over there.
  19. Been a while since I worked on those. Aren’t there two PCB versions, one that is double stacked and one that’s single? Doesn’t that 6uF mount vertically? It doesn’t matter which way they are oriented, it’s AC. I do cave to my OCD and orient them the same on both networks. I like that adhesive, but once it’s on that’s it. I would let it cure at least 24 hours before getting any heat near it. Could I please see a good pic. Thanks, Dean
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