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  1. i have a 1984 pair of kg 4's - unlike others i have heard about the back panel says 'nominal impedence 4 ohms' - did they make two versions of this speaker? - and while my fisher 500c will work in 16,8 or 4ohms would the amp perform best in it's 8ohm position as the recent stereophile review of this receiver says it does - would the 8ohm tap damage the speakers performance in any way? - thanks,
  2. as luck would have it i located 2 new in box ($25.00 each) k8k woofers for my $20.00 pair of kg 4 purchased at a garage sale. my question is that the one speaker in which the woofers are working are missing both dustcaps. can i run them without the dustcaps or can i/should i add new dustcaps to them? thanks in advance
  3. the wife returned from a weekend yardsale with a pair of kg 4 speakers. they play but both need new 8' mid/woofers and new passives. in fact one pair of 8's has been replaced with what looks to be a n 8'klh or advent type woofer. can i get replacements through klipsch or some other outlet? are there any alternatives that might work as well or should i stay with the original replacement parts? crossover upgrade? thanks in advance.
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