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  1. hey I would be interested in purchasing the RF-7s, where do you live in South Louisiana. I could even come pick them up!
  2. Haha you guys are just way too funny!
  3. Actually I just bought an HDMI cable and a SPL meter. I hope to get it all hooked up and do some calibrating this weekend!
  4. I have a Yamaha Rxv-2600 reciever and a Sony XBR3 LCD 46 tv. I just finished hooking up my home theater and am trying to access the onscreen menu for the reciever. My question is to get this to come on my tv. What should I have hooked up? Would it be montior out(Hdmi) on the back of my reciever to the Hdmi IN on the back of my tv? Thanks for the help!![]
  5. thanks for your opinions, in previous systems I had always used optical. I am willing to try something new. I may go with coax this time, due to the fact that it cant be broken!
  6. Which one do you guys recommend to use for home theatre use? I am thinking of using the "Better Cables" name brand?
  7. Can anyone recommend a quaility surge protector for home theatre use? What are you using and experiences with the product. Please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all your support, I am loving my new RT-12d, it rocks.
  9. I have the new RT-12d and it rocks. I used to own a RSW-12 and it beats it in the lower range hands down. If you get a chance to play with one, go on the digital menu and play the DEMO 2 and watch it shake the room.
  10. This is my first post since losing all of my ht since Hurricane Katrina. I did live in St. Bernard Parish, La my home recieved 9 ft. of flood water. But that was over a year ago, after living with in-laws and fema trailer for over a year, I have relocated my family and job to Lucedale, Ms. I should be safe from any flood waters here, but still close enough to my OLD home. I have found a hi-fi shop in Mobile that had RF-7s, RC-7, and Rs-7 all still with boxes and manuals in new condition for a price that I could not pass up! I added a Yamaha RXV-2600 reciever and a RT-12d sub that rocks. I am in the market shopping for the new 46" Sony Lcd XBR2 and DVD player. So anyhow still loving Klipsch and enjoying my new life in Mississippi. Lata[]
  11. http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=123
  12. Just wanted to wish everyone in my Klipsch family a Happy Holiday and also a Happy New Year.
  13. Klipsch speakers are very efficient, and don't need a crap-load of power to push. I would suggest the Klipsch Synergy series for budget systems, or try out ebay for quality epuipment. Also try out the end of the year gear for recievers out with the old in with new models, you can pick up last model for cheaper prices. Good Luck.
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