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  1. How much would a pair of KLF 30 (black) and a pair of KLF 20 (oak) in Excellent condition go for in New York area? Currently I do not see any on eBay so I'm not sure what people are asking?
  2. Hi I'm interested in your KLF-C7s and KLF30s. I would be looking for two of each. Do you have 2 unopened C7s? What condition are you KLF30s? Do you have pictures? I live in New York City how would you ship them? Weldon
  3. I came across this at the audioreview.com site under KLF-20: **** "A quick look at it shows that the parts are ALL VERY LOW GRADE ! Which means that there is a lot of room for improvement. So if you can solder, here is a quick-and-dirty recipe (please, if you don't know, don't take the risk, and don't blame me): - replace the yellow caps in the middle (2 are 2.86 uF 200V 15% in series, 1 is 1.25 uF 250V 15%) with high grade polyprop like Audyn Caps, Hovland Musicaps or Auricaps. - replace the long ferrite self (1.75 mH) with a very large self of the same value from Jantzen audio for ex. (1.7 mH www.jantzen.com), and the smaller self of 0.175mH with a larger one of a close value (0.17 mH). Replace the resistors from T+ (tweeter) by two Philips PR 02 or PR 03 of the same value. Replace the caps in the black box by Elna Silmic II (same or smaller tolerance) for example. " ****** Does a cross-over upgrade exist and would it make much of a difference?
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