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  1. For those who are a bit of a drive from me: I'm willing to drive a modest distance to meet you for delivery.
  2. Will try to check width tonight. Don't resist! Adopt my chairs and give them a good home!
  3. Had these sold back in the spring but my buyer's WAF seemed to get in the way... So, I'm bumping the ad to give my friends in the Klipsch forum first crack at 'em before they go on craigslist locally. These chairs would be a fine addition to most any home theater.
  4. Thanks, Tasdom. Yes, the seats are pretty comfortable, especially when you recline them and use the little lumbar pillow behind your head. I'm sad to see them go but we'll replace them oneday.
  5. We have recently moved and unfortunately I don't see having the time to build a new theater in the near future so I'm selling our seating. I have 7 iJoy-100 massage chairs that we used in our theater for sale. They are black in color and have a cloth finish. Please note that the chairs do NOT come with any of the massage motors, etc but will manually recline. Additionally, the backrest folds all the way to the seat, which makes moving them a bit easier (ask me how I know ). Each chair comes with a small lumbar pillow. I would say all of the chairs are in extremely good condition. A couple may have a minor amount of wear on the armrests but nothing that will catch your eye. I have a pic attached but don't have anything closer up. Please e-mail me with any questions you may have. Price is $125/chair. Here's a link that will give you some closer up pictures of a SIMILAR chair (not mine): http://www.amazon.com/HT-100-Human-Touch-Massage-Chair/dp/B000BDG83Y -David Edit to add: Item location SE MI
  6. My theater is also in my basement. The dimensions are approximately 17 x 24, although one side opens up to a planned bar area that is about 11 x 13. If I were doing it over (and staying in my home for some time) I would make sure I ran conduit to every spot where cable either enters/exits the wall or where there are speaker terminations. I did run one conduit but it 1) isn't quite large enough and 2) only runs to the projector. The conduit running to the projector is obviously more important than the ones that would run to the speakers as this is one area that is likely to undergo a number of upgrades over the years and having the ability to swap out the video signal cabling is very handy. You may also consider putting in a riser in the event you are planning on a second row of seating.
  7. Amen to that. I started out with my RF-7s running a receiver at 75wpc. Shortly thereafter I picked up a B&K AVR 307 which is 125 wpc. Both of these units were receivers but the B&K is built like a tank and was sonically much closer to separates. My next step was running separates, also by B&K at 200wpc. There was a dramatic difference in the sound with each equipment upgrade, especially when I got the separate amplification. Your original question was regarding bass output at lower listening levels. This was one of the most improved aspects of my listening experience. I haven't been very active on the forum in a few years but if you run a search for RF-7 recommended amplification you will see CECAA850's comments (and mine) stated very emphatically. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  8. Your room looks great. Watching a movie on a screen like the ones you are considering is such a step up from watching on a television screen, even a large one. There's just no substitute to the BIG screen for getting that theatrical feeling! Good luck on the project. In addition to the Panny you may want to take a look at the Epson 8350. This projector has a stunning image and sells for about $700 less than the Panny. Here's an article where it was named 2010 projector of the year as well as a shootout with the Panny model you are looking at (Projector Central did the shootout). To boil it all down, the Epson was rated in all aspects about the same as the Panny although it does not have a couple of the features such as the powered zoom, etc. The comparison is a few pages back. I've seen this projector a number of times and have always been impressed. http://www.projectorcentral.com/epson_home_cinema_8350_projector_review.htm
  9. Microphones?! Shoot, I thought the young buck finally found a hair on his chest! []
  10. I would ask the seller to tell you what he is looking to get from them and then negotiate from there. Never negotiate against yourself. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  11. Happy birthday, Glenn! I hope your day was exceptional!! [^][ip][<)]
  12. Just another word of support from the troops.... Will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  13. I want to keep the boat in front of it; 4 each 225 hp outboards. So is it necessity or money that is the, "mother of all ingenuity?" [] I spent the afternoon with my Dad a week or so ago near the US/Canadian border and went past a Border Patrol boat that was powered by four 300HP Mercs. Dad's comment, "I'll bet they can troll at about 80mph!"
  14. Congratulations! One of life's greatest treasures just arrived.
  15. JB, I believe you must be violating some sort of internet protocol by posting a picture of, "The Batman," without his mask. C'mon, man, what are you thinking?
  16. Yeah, that threw me a bit, too. I shot a bit with one of the local police departments last week and their range officer gave me the remainder of a box of hollow points by Hornandy which was also marked TAP. Not quite sure what that means but it's a heckuva price on that ammo. Steel-cased ammo voids the warranty on my AR but at that rate of savings I'm seriously thinking about it anyway. (CMMG gas-piston)
  17. I found 55 grain steel-cased .223/5.56 ammo from Hornandy for $270/case of 1000. Link below. Ah, shoot, I can't access the page due to a firewall here at the office. Website is www.ammunitiontogo.com. The ammo is Hornandy TAP.
  18. Evidently third times a charm. We changed out the thermostat again this time using a Delco product. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the thermostat itself but rather the gasket that was creating these issues. The gasket has a groove on the inside that seats the thermostat. Unfortunately, we didn't realize this and had simply been placing the gasket on top of the thermostat. I'm guessing that our method of installation did not provide a good seal and coolant was then bypassing the thermostat. So we changed both the brand of product being used and put the gasket on the right way and things are working properly now. I took the van in to get the rear heater core flushed out and will be picking it up this morning. Thanks for all of the help. I posted this on two automotive forums before posting here and my Klipsch buddies came through first! Nice job, guys!!
  19. I'm thinking the issues with the front and rear are distinct from one another. We had an issue with the rear heat/cooling some time ago and had to have some work done. If memory serves, I believe he simply flushed it out but I may be way off on that. I'm going to take it in this afternoon to have the rear hear issue addressed. I'm thinking it may have some air in the line back there which would be more difficult to get out.
  20. Carl-I was getting a temperature decrease when driving. That issue seems to have resolved itself.
  21. Just got home. Van has been running for a little over an hour now. I drove it about 15 miles (had lunch w/my mom). Got home, same deal. Upper hose connected to the radiator on the driver's side is very warm. Lower hose on pass. side is pretty cool. The warm air coming out of the vents feels about right, very nice and warm. However, back is still cool, except one vent has lukewarm air coming out. I left the van running while I had lunch and when I came out noticed that the guage read about 195 degrees. As soon as I started moving it dropped a fair amount, maybe to 172 or so, but the warm air stayed warm. I admit that I have not watched the temp guage too closely in the past so I cannot state for certain that that much of a drop is normal. Outside temp today is 23 degrees. I am going to remove the battery terminal for a half-hour or so to see if that resets the engine light. Will keep you posted and thanks for the help.
  22. USNRET: Thanks for the info.! My good buddy who has been helping me through this is a retired navy corpsman. Thanks for your service. Ok, van has been running about 10 minutes now. High hose on driver's side is nice and warm. Lower hose on pass. side is very cool. I'm thinking you're on to something here. I'm going to take it for a drive and get things circulating and then I'll let you know.
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