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  1. I only said China as a joke...but that is where 70+ LED exist and they are big $$$.. The Panny 65.. I think they call it S2 or something is probably the cheapest going in 65".. yes no 3D... The Panny VT25 is 3D but cost more. LG new PX950 is a 60 inch plasma with 3D. MSRP is 2600.. so you figure it might street for a litte less. Most if not all 65 LCD's will be over you budget...Like I said before give Mitsu DLP's a look.. they go as big as 82..
  2. bigger then 65 you have to look at Mitsubushi DLPs in that price range. $2500 is not much Sammy C8000 63" plasma ~3K Panny 65 VT25 -~3.5K+ Sammy C8000 65 LCD 5k+ if you are in in china or GER you might be able to find the 72" LG LED.. probably 10K
  3. Well thanks but im getting whole 7.2 kit.. If i go 9 then i will most likely go in wall as well. Im been on a size saving stealth kick lately. Those lightspeaker in the kitchen that klipsch has are totally cool and work great.
  4. And. I am considering going 650 instead on my lascala.. I dont want to go 3 across since i dont have a projector
  5. My room is approx 2200cf.. so much smaller then you have. Lascala I know are actually a little big but they sound so nice. I'm sure 650's will fill the room just fine..atleast 3 of them and 2 subs and 2 thx surrounds as well. So they are warmer huh ? that is a good thing. Uually I listen to music using a tube amp, because the lascalas sound warmer with tube amplication then my receiver. I just worried for music I might lose something going away from the La Scalas. I generally dont listen very high volume.. maybe like -50db on the dial max and my tube amp rarely goes above 4 which is quite loud even at 33wpc. I only have one RW-12 for a sub... so going to 2 THX sub will be dramactic improvement I'm sure.
  6. Nice message.. I'll counter with if she (ellen) brings Portia whatever with her, I might ok with it.
  7. La Scala upfront... ok I've done Cornwall and Heresy (in 5.1) but honestly the space requirements are a bit much. It seems most rear surrounds from klipsch at not in wall.. RS52II, THX 525's ect. I dont mind one pair of those...but if I decide to go 9.1...I'd like atleast 1 pair of rears to be inwall. Thus the main question : Is anyone using different brand speakers that have a considerably lower dB then klipsch. For instance I'm interested in using a pair of PSB CW260 as rear surrounds but they are only 88 dB. Sounds not using something like audessey fix the dB issue ? ok maybe timbre wont be perfect, but I'm thinking move for movies anyways. thanks in advance..
  8. I going to turn to the lascalas a little, till this point as was just adjusting the center. Yes this is only for movies.. 2 channel audio only goes though a tube amp thanks all.
  9. yeah more reason for me to get my custom center plans ( lascala mid and tweeter drivers w/10 inches JBL woofers) going.. I already have the center at +10db but I have to turn the volume up high to hear all the dialog, then the explosions happen and it's earth shattering which I admit is sometimes cool.
  10. so what's the best way or another way?... I've played with settings on the receiver and have never been totally satisfied. I know the issue is probably my small center channel (academy) combined with LaScala fronts. I hate it when people in movies whisper []
  11. Parasound sells something in there Z classic series..ZFD ??? that is their HDMI controller..
  12. I'd get the S301 from costco (same as s300).. you get a free hdmi cord and the 5 movie offer.. The S1 does have some better features, but the s300 is a faster machine. The S1 is extremely slow in load times etc....the s300 also has 1080p/24 so you cant go wrong.. at the same price I would still by the S300.
  13. I use the academy as the center for my lascala's... it's acceptable but eventually will move to the rear if and when I even get my custom center done.. which is the lascala mid/tweeter horns with 10 inch JBL woofers, I have all the parts just need to get around to having somebody build me a box.
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