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  1. Was on Youtube using my 103 last night for at least 2 hours no problems. Normally I use the Youtube on my Sony tv. Which Oppo do you have? Do you use wireless?
  2. With Heritage you have to experiment with equipment. What works for someone with H3s may not work for someone else. Above all else have fun!
  3. I have used a Amps and Sound Stereo 15(15 watts) EL-84 tube amp first with Fortes and now Chorus 2s with excellent results! Would love to try it with Forte 3s but that will have to wait. Very nice review!! Welcome!!
  4. I have had both and if the extra cost for Fortes is not a problem then get the Fortes.
  5. Most pre amps with tone controls also has a line straight that defeats the tone controls. This way you can do both.
  6. I live just south of Austin, TX and have been getting a lot of rain and wind since very early Sat but the people on the Texas coast and inland have been hit hard by Harvey!! The storm is just hanging around and dumping rain. The wind here at my house is not that bad but those hit directly by Hurricane Harvey had to deal with 130 mph winds. Just wanted to say keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
  7. I have Chorus 2s(CH2)and had LS(sold due to finacial setbacks I did not want to sell them!!!!!). The LS midrange horn to me is better than the midrange horn on the CH1 but the bass on the CH1 is lower. I would stay with the LS do not buy the CH2 unless you can demo and fell to you they are better than the LS. " I am not into thumping bass but like a good sound stage and realistic sound reproduction. " To me the LS will give you what you want better than the CH1 will.
  8. I am looking to do 5 speakers no sub in a medium room. I have Chorus ii, academy, and RS3 iis. The Marantz NR 1608 is 7.2 with 50 watts which should be more than enough for the sound level I listen at. It has pre out so I should be able to use it as a preamp with my tube amp for 2 channel listening. It is $150 more than you want to pay so you may want to look at the NR 1508 for $550 50 watts 5.2. http://www.us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVReceivers&SubCatId=&ProductId=NR1608 http://www.us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVReceivers&SubCatId=&ProductId=NR1508 you can probably get the NR1506 well below $500 since the newest model NR 1508 just came out. http://www.us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVReceivers&ProductId=NR1506
  9. If you have the money you can try the Forte 3s and return them if they are not a improvement. I have Chorus 2s I think we want to get new toys when the toys we have are perfectly fine. Now if money is not a issue and there is a return policy with F3 then go for it.
  10. Would this make a good center for a pair of F3s?
  11. This looks like what I have been searching for! I have a very good Denon 4800 AVR that I bought back in 2001 that I use as preamp with my Amps and Sound 15 watt stereo tube amp and a Oppo 103 that sounds great together. But the Denon is 16 years old and have been looking for a replacement. I will have to start saving for it.
  12. IB pulling a Forte, any version, 8-10 feet from the wall is taking the passive on the back out and it would not sound very good. By listening to them this way is like pulling Klipschorns 8-10 feet from the corners. The Forte is designed to placed close to a wall. If you meant to put 8-10" then I understand you prefer the Cornwall 3 over Forte 3.
  13. I read a review of the L-550a ii(previous to the AX) and when they tested the how many watts it put out around 70. So Luxman underrates their class A int amps. If you have a large room and listen to concert levels go with the Mac. I have had Luxman int Amp(L-505f) which was a class AB 100 watts with La Scalas and sounded very good! Both are very good int amps. I think since Luxman is imported from Japan the cost may be more so that may also determine your choice if it matters.
  14. I have Chorus 2 and I am thinking about the using the Marantz PM8005 preamp with my tube amp. I think this should make a very good combo.
  15. I have a pair of Chorus ii with a Denon 4800 AVR used as a preamp into a Amps and Sound Stereo 15 tube amp that has outstanding bass! That is with 15 watts from a outstanding amp. One speaker is not in a corner and one is in a corner. The speakers are angled in with the inside corner 12.5 inches from the wall and the outside corner 16.5 inches from the wall, see pic.
  16. Just noticed this and agree with the review of the Stereo 15! I bought one of Justin's first Stereo 15's and have loved it. I was using it with Fortes with great results and just got Chorus IIs and the bass is even better with the Chorus IIs and Stereo 15. I may eventually get the Stereo 15 SE.
  17. About a month ago I picked up a pair of Chorus IIs and have replaced the crossover, midrange and tweeter diaphragms. Before I replaced everything the Ch IIs did not sound very good compared to Forte I(with replaced crossover, midrange and tweeter diaphragms). Now the CH II sound much better but still need to work on their placement. May keep them or sell them and put the Fortes back in the system. I agree, to me the Forte is the most balanced Klipsch speaker I have had.
  18. I have a Academy so with the Fortes as surrounds I can 5.0, just need a subwoofer .
  19. Carpet. Just installed the mid diaphragms. Will give it a week then install the tweeter diaphragms. anone thinking about replacing diaphragms on your speakers a offset screwdriver makes thin much easier.
  20. I have a Oppo 103 so may have to try it that way.
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