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  1. Here is a good review of Mits 92840 that goes over the pros and cons. http://www.bigpicturebigsound.com/Mitsubishi-WD-92840-Review.shtml Went into a local tv store and they had all the tvs on a HD NFL football game. I walked into a room that had a Mitsubishi 73 tv and sat down watched it for about 5 minutes and then walked around the store looking at about 25 other tvs and the mits looked just as good(sharpnes, color, etc) as most of the other tvs. Those who say the Mits tv don't look as good as other tvs need to see one properly set up like I did. Would some of the other tvs that cost a lot more have a overall better picture, of course but you will pay for it and when cost is your biggest concern then the Mits are great. Just like the Cornwall or La Scalla will give you a sound that is close to the Klipschorn for a lot less money the Mitsubishi tvs are the same. I may buy a 73 inch Mits cause I can get one right now $1000-1300 and can probably get a better deal around the superbowl. Don't get me wrong you have to consider the pros and cons and for me it is the best bang for your buck. In 4-5 years 80 inch tvs will be around the price Mits 82 tvs are now and I can get one of those. Boxx if I do get one I'll see what I can do to take that picture from the top of the ladder.[]
  2. It depends on if you have the money to buy the 7s and compare them side by side to find out which you like better. Keep the ones you like and sell the other or keep one for home theater and the other for 2 channel system.
  3. I would contact Bob first and talk with him and If after the upgrades it is still not working with the Fortes and the Pioneer take them up to your 2 channel system and try them there. If you still feel they don't sound right in your 2 channel system then maybe sell the Fortes. What kind of settings do the Pioneer have for 5.1? Have you gone thru the settings to make sure something is off or sett too low?
  4. I upgraded my Fortes with new (all from Bob Crites) crossovers, mid, and tweeter upgrades and very happy. Give it a try seems like this would be cheaper than the new Klipsch model you menioned. If after the upgrades the Fortes are still not working for you you can sell them and get the new Klipsch.
  5. Not the greatest plot wise and it is a silly movie but for showing off your system it is great!!
  6. Youthman if I remember you got a pretty good deal on your PS3 and extras.[]
  7. So when Oppo comes out with the replacemanet for the 103(113?) find a used 103 cause there are always the people that have to have the latest and greatest and will want to sell their 103.
  8. With the Oppo 103 you can run the HDMI cable to the tv, the opitcal/coaxial to the reciever, and run either stereo or 5.1 analog cables or use optical/coaxial from the Oppo to your reciever for music. I think you would be able to do both for music and switch between the two to find which sounds better for you.
  9. Yes I can use the analog out of the 103(5 cables) to my 4800 or just use optical(1 cable) for movies. The Oppo has 2 hdmi inputs plus the 7 channel outputs so that is a + with the Oppo. I may not even buy the Denon 4520 until 2014 since the 4800 is still working so well. Also the Oppo 103 would handle all the new tech that my 4800 does not allowing me to wait another year or two to upgrade my A/VR.
  10. I bought my Denon 4800 for $2000 back in 2001 and I still use is for movies and music and sounds great! It has been a great AVR and plan to get a Oppo 103 and run the HDMI to the tv and a optical to the 4800 and next year get either the 4311 or the Denon 4520 and maybe a new tv. Enjoy the 4311!![]
  11. Exactly what I thought about doing![Y]
  12. Another thing I like about the 103 is the 2 hdmi inputs and then be able to enhance whatever you run thru them. This may be a tax refund purchase.
  13. Here is another review of the Oppo 103 http://hstrial-jrodriguez996.homestead.com/OPPO-BDP-103-Universal-Network-3D-Blu-ray-player.html?_=1351920348959
  14. Contact Bob at http://www.critesspeakers.com/
  15. Tone Audio mag has a review of the Heresy iii. Link is below download pdf file and go to page 152. I tried to cut and paste from the PDF file but it would not let me. http://www.tonepublications.com/magazine/issue-38/
  16. I liked it cause it answered some questions and added new questions. Alien is still the best!
  17. I had KLF 20s and now have Fortes(new crossover from Bob Crites, new midrange and tweeters from Bob) and think the Forte is much better. Now do some upgrades to the KLF 20s and they could sound very good but for me I still think the Fortes would work better. The Forte bass is better to my ears.
  18. I think I like Band of brothers better also but still enjoyed the Pacific.
  19. I am not sure if this counts a the last 1 or last 5. Next is Band of Brothers
  20. I restored my computer to a earlier date and used Firefox and it works now.
  21. MOG said to install Adobe flash player 10.3 but the Adobe website will not let me install Adobe flash player 10.3. after I uninstalled 11.3. It says 10.3 is not the most current version when I try to download 10.3 and tells me to go to player download center and install 11.4. Any ideas?
  22. This is the website for the distributor of Luxman in the US. http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/ Contact them and they should be able to tell you who the nearest Luxman dealer is to you. Luxman has the latest version of the SQ38U out but it is not cheap since it is imported from Japan and sold thru a US distributor. Back in 2004 I bought a Luxman L-505f 100 watt integrated SS amp from Audio Cubes 2 which imports Luxman from Japan a free heavy duty max 1000W voltage transformer to convert electricity to US. http://www.audiocubes2.com/index.php/manufacturers_id/12?osCsid=e9e4da4e186598e4cde468819e4b7500 Luxman did not have a US distributor at the time so this was the only way to buy new Luxman other than going to Japan. The L-505u replaced my model a few years later and the Audio Cubes 2 price is about $1200 cheaper than the US price. The downside is the manual is in Japanese and if you have any problems with the unit(very, very rare unless damaged in transit) you would have to ship it to Audio Cubes 2.
  23. Yes if I can do it you can do it, I think it took a screwdriver and took my time. I did the crossovers first then a month or two later the tweeter and liked the results. However the midrange did not seem to blend as well as before the upgrades so a couple of months later did the midrange and that balanced out the sound like before. I am not sure aobut the band pass.
  24. I've never had the chance to compare the two. Maybe someday I'll build some CornScalas and try it 2 & 3 way.
  25. What is the advantage of two way over three way?
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