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  1. Do you have a sound meter, such as the one available from Radio Shack? If so have you calibrated your system with it? Since you've boosted the output of the center, has it helped at all? Some movies are simply not recorded as well others, IMHO, w/ respect to dialog balance. For example, the LOTR series is done exceptionally well in this regard. No matter how loud the action gets, the dialog is always loud and clear. However, Godsend was atrocious. I had the volume turned up to unprecedented levels that would shake the house normally. I was praying that nothing "loud" would happen quickly I currently use an RB/C/S-25 system, which replaced my Quintet system. The Quintet center wasn't nearly as good as my RB-25, however, w/ the system calibrated, I never had issues hearing the dialog either. The last suggestion I can think of is make sure your center is set to "small" in the receiver's menu so that it's not sounding "muffled" by trying to produce low frequencies that it's not very good at doing. John
  2. Check out the link below for a great demonstration of exactly how amps clip and why that can be damaging to your speakers. It has really been very informative. John http://soundandvisionmag.com/idealbb/view.asp?mode=viewtopic&topicID=36214&num=20&pageNo=1
  3. My KSW-10 did the same thing once. Mine was fairly simple to fix. It was simply a blown fuse. The fuse is on the back near the bottom. It's a "standard" sized glass fuse, BUT it's a 0.63A 250V slow-blow fuse . I wasn't able to find the exact fuse I needed, but I did find a 0.60A 250V fuse and it's worked fine ever since. Good Luck, John
  4. Of the two subs you mentioned, I prefer the Klipsch. The RSW-12 suggestion is also a good one, but only if its in your budget. John
  5. GlennG, Is this the remote that came w/ the 7500? John
  6. I'm glad to hear that you like the 7500. I have loved my 7400 since the day I brought it home. What kind of remote came w/ the 7500? Is it the same as the one w/ the 7400 or is it improved? (I'm not quite sure how much better they could make it.) John
  7. Are you saying you erased the review because nobody replied? I really hope that's not the case. I for one haven't seen it yet and am very interested in hearing someone's opinions on this unit. Please post the review as soon as possible. John
  8. yromj

    new system??

    5 RB-25s (MSRP $1,000) Denon 1905 (MSRP $499) Sub ($500) I don't know the prices of the RW subs, so I don't know what you can get for $500. I DO know you can get a 25-31PCi for $575 shipped, but I also saw you ruled out SVS. John
  9. I honestly believe the SVS is the better bang for the buck sub. John
  10. Yea, the RB-10s should do fine. The RB-15s would be a little better though, and I think they're only ~$50/pair more. John
  11. I'd really recommend either RB-10s or RB-15s for all four surrounds. If you can afford it or have the space, the RB-25s even, but they may be a little much given the close proximity. I just finished an HT where I installed 5 RB-15s and an RW-8 and the RB-15s sound pretty good all around. The sub is a little weaker than what I'd like, but they (the owners) weren't too interested in big bass. As far as the proximity goes, are you going to be able to get the speakers raised a little? If not, then it shouldn't be TOO bad, but you will want to use a sound meter and a calibration disk to properly calibrate the system. If people are going to be sitting VERY close, then remember they're going to be in the "line of fire" for part of the RS speakers, but not the rest. Sound mixes now are being done w/ direct radiating speakers in mind for proper stereo imaging, even between the corner speakers (front left to left rear). I would strongly consider the RB-10/5s if I were in your shoes. John
  12. yromj

    Got My SR7500

    ---------------- On 11/4/2004 10:09:26 AM GlennG wrote: If you Guys could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated. ---------------- It's a real shame the other one suddenly burst into flames like it did. Are you sure all your other gear is OK? Let us know about the 7500. I love my 7400 and have been wanting to read up on the replacement. John
  13. ---------------- On 11/3/2004 11:10:04 AM Swerv wrote: "I doubt if he/she has ever heard anything below about 50Hz.) " Actually in a small room with "room reinforcements" it can play to a solid 28-29 hz with hardly any loss.(-3dB) It can also belt out 110dB at 35hz in my room with ease thats also without correction numbers from the radioshak meter. with "room reinforcements" ---------------- If this all the case, then he doesn't need a new sub. In fact anyone looking for a new HT sub at a bargain price ought to consider one of these. However, there's much more to a sub's output than an SPL reading at a (supposed) single frequency. For example, you can't tell how much of that output is THD or the pure tone w/ just your ears and an SPL meter. John
  14. ---------------- On 11/3/2004 12:16:53 AM xcjago wrote: The Ultra sub can play strongly to <35hz. ---------------- MAYBE w/ room reinforcements. If you include those for that sub, you'll need to include them for PB12-ISD and it's going to down almost another octave below that. I'd really like to see a plot of that sub hitting 35Hz, too. John
  15. ---------------- On 11/2/2004 2:10:10 PM CAS wrote: ...because I can't see how you could properly employ a large sub to compliment the promedias unless the gain was very, very low. Maybe I'm underestimating the promedia's abilities, but as it is my Klipsch Reference and Synergy home theater floor-standers can be out-done by the SVS's ability. ---------------- I agree w/ this sentiment. If someone REALLY wants to go get a PB12-ISD strictly for a computer sub, more power (literally) to them. I really don't think the gain is going to be justifiable in this case. First of all, SVS subs are known for going deeeep, not slam. (I realize the starter of this thread requested deep bass, but I doubt if he/she has ever heard anything below about 50Hz.) Secondly, as pointed about previously, only about 10% of this sub's output is going to get used. If you REALLY want to improve the bass in the way you described, I'd look for a KSW-12 or an RW-10. The latter may very well be more than you're willing to spend, though. Finally, I have a question about this, how are going to hook this thing up to your Promedias? Are you going to use speaker level connections or does that sub have a pre-out allowing you to make a line level connection? John
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